General English Grammar Questions - 02

>>One who studies insects:
Ans: Entomologist

>>People make vine ____ grapes.
Ans: from

>>Pick out the incorrectly spelt word:
Ans: Excellant

>>Scientific study of the body or body parts of people and animal:
Ans: Physiology

>>She was accustomed ___ the moods of her husband:
Ans: to

>>The collective noun for Cattle’:
Ans: herd

>>The collective noun for mountains’:
Ans: chain

>>The collective noun for ‘soldiers’:
Ans: crew

>>The countryside is suited ___ healthy life:
Ans: for

>>The feminine gender of Bachelor’:
Ans: Spinster

>>The idiom ‘From hand to mouth’ means:
Ans: Live without saving money

>>The idiom ‘To hit the nail on the head’ means:
Ans: Say exactly the right thing

>>The opposite of ‘Indigenous’:
Ans: Exotic

>>The phrase ‘Let off’ means:
Ans: to excuse from penalty

>>The phrase ‘Take in ‘means:
Ans: to deceive

>>The police accused him ____ murder.
Ans: of

>>The synonym of ‘Audacious:
Ans: Bold

>>The synonym of ‘Conversant’:
Ans: familiar

>>The synonym of ‘Precarious:
Ans: Dangerous

>>The word ‘Authentic’ means:

>>The word opposite in meaning to the word ‘DILIGENCE’:
Ans: Laziness

>>To lead somebody to do something:
Ans: Persuade

>>To make something more important than it really:
Ans: Exaggerate

>>To surprise somebody greatly
Ans: Astonish

>>Which of the following is most opposite in meaning to the phrase ‘break down’:
Ans: Construction

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