Previous Questions - Facts About India - 5

>>Which of the following is considered as the ‘Slack Season’ in Indian Economy ?
Ans: January - June

>> In which Five Year Plan India opted for Mixed Economy ?
Ans: Second

>>Which State’s Tourism Department has tied up with an online travel company ‘Make My Trip’ to promote it’s home stay scheme ?
Ans: Madhya Pradesh

>>The MGNREGA is to be implemented mainly by
Ans: Grama Panchayath

>>The THO Act was passed in India in the year
Ans: 1994

>> India’s first National Rail and Transportation University will be set up at
Ans: Vadodara

>>GUMAR is a dance of
Ans: Rajasthan

>>KARGIL VIJAY DIVAS is celebrated on
Ans: 26th July

>>The President of India who is elected with the lowest victory margin
Ans: V. V. Giri

>>Swami Vivekananda Airport is located in
Ans: Raipur

>>Which among the following States, Constituted a Committee to expedite the possibilities of having its own State flag ?
Ans: Karnataka

>>Central Leather Research Institute is located in
Ans: Chennai

>>“The Nation” is a newspaper published by
Ans: Gopalkrishna Gokhale

>>The only State in India which is having a river named after it is
Ans: Manipur

>>Port Blair is the Capital of
Ans: Andaman and Nicobar Islands

>>Which Five Year Plan is also known as “Mahalanobis Model” ?
Ans: Second

>>Who was called ‘Father of Indian unrest’ ?
Ans: Bala Gangadhara Tilak

>>The Cherambadi Pass connects Kerala with
Ans: Coorg

>>Which day onwards the GST (Goods and Services Tax) was implemented in India ?
Ans: July 1, 2017

>>Which became the first Indian City declared by UNESCO as World Heritage City ?
Ans: Ahmedabad

>>Which of the following State does not adopt the transplantation of Human Organs Act ?
Ans: Andhra Pradesh

>>Asa workers are related with which of the following government mission ?

>>Organisation which took initiative for the implementation of Right to Information Act in India is
Ans: Mazdoor Kisan Sakthi Sanghathan

>>In which case the Supreme Court of India observed that the Governor occupies the same constitutional status as the President at the central level ?
Ans: Ram Jawaya Kapoor Vs The State of Punjab

>>Read the following statements regarding the Union Public Service Commission, bring out the incorrect statement.
Ans: It is concerned with the classification of services and disciplinary matters of the personnel

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