Finger Print Searcher - Question Paper and Answer Key

 1. What is the actual weight of a body having mass 10 kg ?
 A) 9.8 N
 B) – 9.8 N
 C) 98 N
 D) – 98 N

3. A half wave rectifier produces 80 watts output power when an a.c. power of 200 watts is applied as input. What is the rectification efficiency ?
 A) 80%
 B) 40%
 C) 2.5%
 D) 25%

4. Which of the following electromagnetic radiation is used for producing crystal diffraction patterns ?
 A) Visible light
 B) X-rays
 C) Radio waves
 D) Infrared radiations

5. The self destruction of an unstabilised transistor by thermal run away is caused by
 A) Emitter current
 B) Base current
 C) Collector current
 D) All

6. Oscillator in an electronic circuit is used for
 A) Energy conversion
 B) Energy production
 C) Energy destruction
 D) No effect

7. Identify the reason for getting different colours in the case of oil spread over water.
 A) Non-uniform thickness
 B) Non-uniform inclination
 C) Non-uniform thickness and inclination
 D) None

8. Where do we find maximum cosmic ray intensity ?
 A) Between poles and equator
 B) Equator
 C) Geomagnetic poles
 D) Below sea level

9. Which is the main energy source of sun ?
 A) Organic fuels
 B) Radiation from other galaxies
 C) Fusion reaction
 D) Fission reaction

10. Identify the weakest force.
 A) Weak nuclear force
 B) Strong nuclear force
 C) Electromagnetic force
 D) Gravitational force

11. A particle is executing simple harmonic motion. What fraction of the total energy is kinetic, if the displacement is 1/2 the amplitude ?
 A) 1/2
 B) 0
 C) 1/8
 D) 3/4

12. Which among the following is not the unit of time ?
 A) Parsec
 B) millisecond
 C) lunar month
 D) Solar day

13. Which factor determines the difference between isothermal and adiabatic elasticity ?
 A) Ratio of velocities
 B) Ratio of densities
 C) Ratio of specific heats
 D) Ratio of pressures

14. most probable position of a particle in a box for n = 1 state is at
 A) x = 0
 B) x = L/4
 C) x = L/2
 D) x = 3/4 L

15. How much energy is required to knock out an electron from the innermost orbit ?
 A) 13.6/2 eV
 B) 13.6 eV
 C) 27.2 eV
 D) 0

16. Which observation led to the Discovery of Deuterium by Harold Urey in 1932 ?
 A) difference in mass
 B) difference in wavelength
 C) Difference in field effect
 D) difference in magnetic properties

17. Two charges ‘4e’ and ‘e’ are separated by a distance ‘a’. Where a third charge ‘q’ should be placed to keep the equilibrium ?
 A) a/3 from e
 B) a/2 from e
 C) a/4 from e
 D) at e

18. Identify the quark having greatest rest mass.
 A) Strange
 B) Up
 C) down
 D) Bottom

19. Which among the following is a Three-level laser ?
 A) He-Ne laser
 B) Semiconductor laser
 C) Ruby laser
 D) ND : YAG laser

20. Identify the multivibrator which generates square waves of its own.
 A) Bistable
 B) Astable
 C) monostable
 D) ON stable

21. In an adiabatic expansion, let U1 and U2 be the internal energies of the initial and final state. Which is the correct expression ?
 A) U1 > U2
 B) U1 = U2
 C) U1 < U2
 D) None of the above

22. What is the change in entropy when 341.25 grams of ice at 0°C is converted into water at the same temperature ? latent heat of ice = 80 cal/g.
 A) 100 cal/g
 B) 0.01 cal/g
 C) 27300 cal/g
 D) 4.266 cal/g

24. What is VANTA BlACK ?
 A) Vertically aligned nanotube arrays
 B) Vertical arrays of nanotube alignment
 C) Vertically aligned nanotype arrays
 D) Virtually aligned nanotube arrays

25. What happens to the Gibb’s function in a first order phase change ?
 A) decreases
 B) Increases
 C) Infinite
 D) Constant

26. “It is impossible to transfer heat from a cold body to a hot body without doing external work.” This is
 A) Planck’s statement
 B) Kelvin statement
 C) Carnot’s statement
 D) Clausius’ statement

27. Biogas produced by the anaerobic decomposition of organic materials
 A) Ethane
 B) methane
 C) Carbon dioxide
 D) Ammonia

28. An electrical device that converts the energy of light directly into electricity
 A) Photo detector
 B) laser
 C) Photovoltaic cell
 D) maser


30. Objects which are comprised of even number of Fermions comes under the  category
 A) mesons
 B) Bosons
 C) leptons
 D) Baryons

31. What is the difference between a zone plate and a convex lens ?
 A) Zone plate has one focal length
 B) Convex lens has number of foci
 C) Both have one focal length
 D) Zone plate has number of foci

32. How is the emission of photoelectrons produced ?
 A) Elastic collision between a photon and a phonon
 B) Elastic collision between a phonon and an electron
 C) Inelastic collision between a photon and an electron
 D) Elastic collision between a photon and an electron

 34. The couple per unit twist for a hollow cylinder and a solid cylinder is C1 and C2 respectively. Choose the correct expression.
 A) C1  < or = C2
 B) C1 < C2
 C) C1 = C2
 D) C1 > C2

 35. Which one contributes maximum to the density of universe ?
 A) Visible matter
 B) Solids and liquids
 C) Dark matter
 D) Gases and biomass

 36. Large hadron collider is situated at

 37. ‘little Boy’ is the name of
 A) little planet
 C) Hydrogen bomb
 D) Atom bomb

 38. What is the name given to lines drawn through different places having the same declination ?
 A) Isoclinic lines
 B) Isenthalpic lines
 C) Isogonic lines
 D) Isometric lines

 40. Who received Nobel Prize for the discovery of photoelectric effect ?
 A) louis de Broglie
 B) Albert Einstein
 C) Niels Bohr
 D) max Planck

44. match the following :
 A B
 (i) lyman series (i) Far Infra-red
 (ii) Paschen series (ii) Infra-red
 (iii) Balmer series (iii) Near Infra-red
 (iv) Pfund (iv) Ultra-violet
 (v) Visible
 A) (i) – (i), (ii) – (iii), (iii) – (iv), (iv) – (ii)
 B) (i) – (iii), (ii) – (i), (iii) – (iv), (iv) – (ii)
 C) (i) – (iv), (ii) – (ii), (iii) – (v), (iv) – (i)
 D) (i) – (v), (ii) – (iv), (iii) – (iv), (iv) – (ii)

46. Packing fraction is related to
 A) Nuclear spin
 B) Mass defect
 C) Radioactivity
 D) Atomic number

47. Which of the following is the correct order of bond dipole moment ?
 A) C-Cl > C-Br > C-I
 B) C-I > C-Br > C-Cl
 C) C-Cl < C-I < C-Br
 D) C-Br < C-I < C-Cl

48. Among the following molecule which has the longest C-H bond length ?
 A) Ethene
 B) Ethyne
 C) Ethane
 D) All have same C-H bond length

49. Trimethyl amine is a weaker base than dimethyl amine due to
 A) Inductive effect
 B) Electromeric effect
 C) Resonance effect
 D) Steric effect



51. Entropy is a measure of
 A) Heat content
 B) Free energy
 C) Enthalpy
 D) Randomness

52. Diels-Alder reaction is an example of which type of reaction ?
 A) Electrophilic addition
 B) Nucleophilic addition
 C) Pericyclic reaction
 D) Sigmatropic reaction

53. Compounds HCN and HNC are
 A) Tautomers
 B) metamers
 C) Functional isomers
 D) Conformers

55. The compound which does not show Friedel-Craft’s reaction is
 A) Chlorobenzene
 B) Toluene
 C) Nitrobenzene
 D) Phenol

57. The reagent which may be used to distinguish between starch and cellulose is
 A) Tollen’s reagent
 B) Iodine solution
 C) Acetic anhydride
 D) Fehling’s solution

58. The polysaccharide on hydrolysis give only fructose is
 A) Cellulose
 B) Amylopectin
 C) Amylose
 D) Inulin

59. Glucose and mannose may be obtained by Kiliani synthesis from
 A) D-arabinose
 B) D-xylose
 C) D-ribose
 D) D-lyxose

61. Gamma rays are
 A) Extremely small and fast moving particles of matter
 B) High speed positrons
 C) Electromagnetic radiations
 D) High speed neutrons

62. Among the following which electromagnetic radiation has maximum wavelength ?
 A) Ultraviolet
 B) Radio waves
 C) X-rays
 D) Infrared

63. The half-life period of a radioactive element is 140 days. After 560 days, one gram of the element will reduce to
 A) 1/2 g
 B) 1/4 g
 C) 1/8 g
 D) 1/16 g

64. Splitting of spectral line when atoms are subjected to strong electric field is called
 A) Stark effect
 B) Zeeman effect
 C) Photoelectric effect
 D) decay

65. Which of the following has the largest atomic radius ?
 A) Li
 B) K
 C) Ra
 D) Sr

66. Which among the following is the strongest acid ?
 A) HF
 B) HCl
 C) HBr
 D) HI

67. Halogen which shows highest electropositive character is
 A) F
 B) I
 C) Cl
 D) Br


70. Which of the following compounds has the lowest anion to cation size ratio ?
 A) liF
 B) NaF
 C) Csl
 D) CsF

73. When λmax of a compound shifts to a longer wavelength, the compound is said to have undergone
 A) Hypsochromic shift
 B) Hyperchromic shift
 C) Bathochromic shift
 D) None of the above

74. Which of the following is thermosetting plastic ?
 A) Perspex
 B) Bakelite

75. The acid used in the synthesis of nylon 66 is
 A) Formic acid
 B) Stearic acid
 C) Palmetic acid
 D) Adipic acid

77. Which is the correct order of reactivity of alkyl halides in SN2 reaction ?
 A) RF > RCl > RBr > RI
 B) RF > RBr > RCl > RI
 C) RCl > RBr > RF > RI
 D) RI > RBr > RCl > RF

78. Which of the following is an intensive property ?
 A) Viscosity
 B) mass
 C) Volume
 D) Internal energy

79. The SI unit of Radioactivity is
 A) Curie
 B) Rutherford
 C) Becquerel
 D) Roengten

80. X-rays are used for the study of crystal structure because
 A) X-rays are completely absorbed by the crystal
 B) The wavelength of X-rays is of the same order of magnitude as the interatomic spacing in crystals
 C) The wavelength of X-rays is very small in comparison with the interatomic spacing in crystals
 D) The crystals are completely transparent to X-rays

81. Which of the following is a computer code ?

82. What is FTP ?
 A) File Translation Process
 B) File Transfer Process
 C) Folder Transfer Protocol
 D) File Transfer Protocol

83. A computer can store data on all of the following devices except
 A) Keyboard
 B) Floppy disk

84. Authentication of any electronic record by means of an electronic procedure is called
 A) Two factor authentication
 B) digital signature
 C) Biometric authentication
 D) Cryptography

85. A markup language used for creating web pages and web applications
 C) PL/1

86. Choose the output device.
 A) Sensors
 B) microphone
 C) Scanner
 D) monitor

87. An attack that tricks people into providing sensitive information
 A) Ransomware
 B) Adware
 C) Phishing
 D) DOS attack

88. A ________ is a network security system that uses rules to control incoming and outgoing network traffic.
 A) Key logger
 B) Telnet
 C) Spyware
 D) Firewall

89. Section 66A of Information Technology Act, 2000 is concerned with
 A) Preventing posting of harmful and offensive information
 B) Preventing unauthorised access of computer resources
 C) Controlling domain name service
 D) Controlling internet service providers

90. Which of the following is a Cyber Crime ?
 A) Testing
 B) Ethical hacking
 C) Child grooming
 D) debugging

91. Indian Independence Act, 1947 granted what sort of status to India ?
 A) Republic
 B) Swaraj
 C) dominion
 D) Poorna Swaraj

92. The principle of communal representation in India was first introduced in which Act ?
 A) The Indian Council Act, 1909
 B) The Indian Council Act, 1861
 C) Government of India Act, 1935
 D) Indian Council Act, 1892

93. Who said these words about Cripps Proposals : ‘‘Post-dated cheque on a failing Bank” ?
 A) mahatma Gandhi
 B) Sardar Patel
 C) M. N. Roy
 D) G. Ayyangar

94. Under which Act, Union Public Service Commission was formed ?
 A) 1919 Act
 B) 1909 Act
 C) 1858 Act
 D) 1935 Act

95. When the Constituent Assembly was formed ?
 A) 1944
 B) 1946
 C) 1947
 D) 1945

96. The emergency powers of the President are modelled on the Constitution from which country ?
 A) U.S.A.
 B) Germany
 C) U.K.
 D) South Africa

97. Powers, Privileges and Immunities of Parliament and its members are protected by
 A) President
 B) Speaker
 C) Prime minister
 D) Election Commissioner

98. The final interpreter of the Constitution of India
 A) Cabinet
 B) President
 C) Parliament
 D) Supreme Court

99. Which Amendment Act lowered the voting age from 21 to 18 years ?
 A) 61st
 B) 64th
 C) 65th
 D) 60th

100. All disputes in connection with elections to lok Sabha is submitted to
 A) High Court
 B) Supreme Court
 C) Returning Officer
 D) Election Commission

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