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>>Tiger Survey related with the emblem of
Ans: Pugmark

>>“Great Dark Spot”, the huge spinning storm in the southern atmosphere of which Planet ?
Ans: Neptune

>>Who among the following Indian-origin girl secured two points higher than Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking in the British Mensa IQ Test (162 Points). ?
Ans: Rajgauri Pawar

>>Who was the Father of Punched card processing ?
Ans: Dr. Herman Hollerith

>>International Date line is located along :
Ans: 180 longitude

>>Who is Author ‘Development as Freedom’ ?
Ans: Amartya Sen

>>Which of the following statement is false ?
Ans: A person between the age of 18 - 65 years can donate blood.

>>Who said, “In the long run, we are all dead”?
Ans: J.M. Keynes

>>The length between the two rails of broad gauge is
Ans: 1676 mm

>>Monsoon is caused by
Ans: Seasonal reversal of wind

>>The term Regur is used for
Ans: Black soil

>>Which term is not related to democracy ?
Ans: Absolutism

>>Who discovered the South-West Monsoon ?
Ans: Hippalus

>>George Eliot was the pen name of __________.
Ans: Mary Ann Evans

>>Calligraphy is __________.
Ans: The art of beautiful and stylised writing

>>Petrology deals with __________.
Ans: Study of rocks in the Earth’s crust

>>Which one of the following is not a form of precipitation __________.
Ans: Fog

>>Name the Super cluster of galaxies discovered by Indian astronomers :
Ans: Saraswathi

>>Saturn’s largest moon :
Ans: Titan

>>The study of flags is known as
Ans: Vexillology

>>Boudoun Test check the purity of
Ans: Ghee

>>Which type of soil is suitable for cotton cultivation?
Ans: Black soil

>>Tsunami is a word of
Ans: Japanese

>>Lalgudi Jayaraman is a master of
Ans: Violin

>>Name the soil which has low fertility ?
Ans: Laterite soil

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