Current Affairs Questions from Previous PSC Exams 02

>>World Yoga day is on
Ans: 21st June

>>Urjit Patel, our Previous Reserve Bank Governor belongs to
Ans: Gujarat

>>‘Sarvodaya Day’ is observed every year on __________.
Ans: 30th January

>>The 14th President of India is __________.
Ans: Ram Nath Kovind

>>‘International Migration Day’ by United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs observed on
Ans: December 18

>>The Chairman of the committee on innovation and entrepreneurship setup by NITI Aayog
Ans: Tarun Khanna

>>Name the satellite, which launched by ISRO as its 100th satellite from Satheesh Dhawan Space Centre, Sreeharikotta on 12th January, 2018
Ans: PSLV – C40

>>Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahyan was the chief guest of 68th Republic day celebration. He was the crown prince of
Ans: United Arab Emirates

>>Which of the following day observed as “World Asthama Day” in 2017 ?
Ans: May 2

>>The World Alzheimer’s day is observed on
Ans: September 21

>>Which day is observed as Zero Emissions Day ?
Ans: 21st September

>>Which day is observed as ‘International Women’s day’?
Ans: March 8

>>Which day is observed as ‘World Health Day’?
Ans: April 7

>>Kim Jong-un is the president of which country?
Ans: North Korea

>>World Yoga Day observes on :
Ans: June - 21

>>Which is the Merriam-Webster dictionary’s word of the year for 2017 ?
Ans: Feminism

>>The 15th Trilateral Meeting of foreign ministers of Russia-India-China (RIC) took place in :
Ans: New Delhi

>>Operation launched by India to provide assistance for Rohiangya refugees in Bangladesh is named as :
Ans: Operation Insaniyat

>>E C George Sudarshan who died recently was a famous :
Ans: Physicist

>>Who is the brand ambassador of Harithakeralam mission ?
Ans: K. J. Yesudas

>>The theme of World Cancer Day 2016 was
Ans: We can I can

>>National Sports Day of India is
Ans: August 29

>>BRICS Summit 2017 was hosted by
Ans: China

>>The 2018 National Girl Child Day (NGCD) is celebrated on which date in India ?
Ans: January 24

>>Which day is observed as World Population Day ?
Ans: July 11

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