Overseer (civil) / Overseer Gr II/Draftsman Gr.II/Draftsman Gr I/ Overseer Gr I (civil) - Question and Answer Key



Question Paper Code:101/21

Category Code:  127/20; 213/20; 347/20;

Exam: Overseer (civil) ; Overseer Gr II/Draftsman Gr.II; Draftsman Gr I/ Overseer Gr I (civil)

Date of Test: 12/10/2021

Department: LSGD ; KLDB; KLDC; PWD/Irigation


1. Geologically marble is known as
 A) sedimentary rock
 B) metamorphic rock
 C) igneous rock
 D) foliated rock

2. The function of gypsum in cement is to
 A) retard initial setting time
 B) accelerate initial setting time
 C) impart strength
 D) increase workability

3. The frog of brick is normally laid on its
 A) top face
 B) bottom face
 C) side
 D) longer face

4. linseed oil is used in paint as
 A) base
 B) vehicle
 C) drier
 D) thinner

5. Brass is an alloy of
 A) copper and zinc
 B) zinc and lead
 C) tin and silver
 D) zinc and nickel

6. The brick laid with its breadth parallel to the face of the wall is known as
 A) stretcher
 B) header
 C) king closer
 D) queen closer

7. Flemish bond is a type of bond in which the masonry contains
 A) headers and stretchers are laid alternately in the same course
 B) headers and stretchers are laid in alternate courses
 C) stretchers are laid in every course
 D) headers are laid in every course

8. The under surface of an arch is called
 A) intrados
 B) haunch
 C) key
 D) soffit

9. The highest line of sloping roof where two opposite slopes meet is known as
 A) ridge
 B) rafter
 C) eave
 D) purlin

10. The main principle of surveying is to work
 A) from whole to part
 B) from part to whole
 C) from higher level to lower level
 D) from lower level to higher level

11. A well conditioned triangle does not have any angle less than
 A) 30 degree
 B) 20 degree
 C) 60 degree
 D) 90 degree

12. An imaginary line joining points of equal elevation on the surface of the earth
 A) level line
 B) horizontal line
 C) contour surface
 D) contour line

13. The zero of the graduated circle of a prismatic compass is located at
 A) north end
 B) south end
 C) east end
 D) west end

14. A clinometers is used for
 A) setting out right angles
 B) measuring volume
 C) measuring angle of slope
 D) contour gradient

15. The method of surveying in which field work and plotting work are done simultaneously is called
 A) plane table survey
 B) compass survey
 C) chain survey
 D) leveling

16. Pantagraph is used for
 A) measuring distances
 B) measuring areas
 C) setting out right angles
 D) enlarging or reducing plans

17. The centre of gravity of a plane lamina will not be at its geometrical centre if it is a
 A) right angled triangle
 B) equilateral triangle
 C) circle
 D) square

19. Every material obeys the Hooke’s law within its
 A) shrinkage limit
 B) elastic limit
 C) plastic limit
 D) none of these

20. Strain energy is the energy
 A) energy stored in a body when strained within elastic limit
 B) maximum strain energy stored in a body
 C) energy stored in a body when strained up to breaking of a specimen
 D) proof resilience per unit volume of a material

21. The bending equation is
 A) m/I=F/y=E/R
 B) m/I=y/F=E/R
 C) I/m=F/y=E/R
 D) m/I=F/y=R/E

22. When a cantilever beam is loaded at its free end, the maximum compressive stress develop at
 A) bottom fibre
 B) top fibre
 C) neutral axis
 D) centre of gravity

23. The shear force at the free end of a cantilever beam of length l carrying a uniformly distributed load of w/unit length is
 A) wl/4
 B) wl/2
 C) zero
 D) wl

24. Point of contraflexure occurs in
 A) cantilever beam
 B) simply supported beam
 C) overhanging beam
 D) fixed beam

25. The maximum shear stress developed in a beam of rectangular section is
 A) equal to average shear stress
 B) 4/3 times average shear stress
 C) 2 times average shear stress
 D) 1.5 times average shear stress

26. differential manometers are used to measure
 A) pressure in water channels, pipes etc.
 B) difference in pressure at two points
 C) atmospheric pressure
 D) very low pressure

27. If H is the depth of water retained by a vertical wall, the height of centre of pressure
above the bottom is
 A) H/2
 B) H/3
 C) H/4
 D) 2H/3

28. An ideal fluid
 A) is frictionless and incompressible
 B) obeys Newton’s law of viscosity
 C) is very viscous
 D) similar to gas

30. A piezometer tube is used only for measuring
 A) high pressure
 B) moderate pressure
 C) vacuum pressure
 D) low pressure

31. Symon’s rain gauge is
 A) tipping bucket gauge
 B) weighing type gauge
 C) float recording gauge
 D) non recording gauge

32. The rainfall cycle period in India is taken as
 A) 15 years
 B) 20 years
 C) 30 years
 D) 35 years

33. The fall of moisture from atmosphere to the earth surface in any form is called
 A) precipitation
 B) evaporation
 C) transpiration
 d) condensation

 34. A canal aligned nearly parallel to the contours of a country is known as
 A) side slope canal
 B) watershed canal
 C) contour canal
 D) ridge canal

 35. A solid construction put across the river to raise its water level and divert into the
canal is known as
 A) marginal bund
 B) weir
 C) dam
 D) barrage

 36. Permanent hardness of water can be removed by
 A) adding alum
 B) adding lime
 C) boiling
 D) zeolite process

 37. The maximum permissible chloride content in treated water of public water supplies
should not exceed
 A) 5 ppm
 B) 100 ppm
 C) 250 ppm
 d) 150 ppm

 38. In rapid sand filter air binding is caused due to excessive
 A) negative pressure
 B) pressure
 C) water pressure
 D) turbidity

 39. The gas which may cause explosion in sewers is,
 A) carbon dioxide
 B) methane
 C) ammonia
 d) carbon monoxide

 40. Removal of oil and grease from sewage is known as
 A) screening
 B) skimming
 C) filteration
 D) oxidation

 41. Surge tanks are used to
 A) for storage of water
 B) to increase the velocity in a pipe line
 C) as overflow valves
 D) to guard against water hammer

42. The level of underground water is called
 A) water level
 B) water table
 C) negative level
 D) invert level

43. Talus is the soil transported by
 A) wind
 B) water
 C) gravitational force
 d) glacier

44. minimum size of the particles of silt soil is
 A) 0.002 mm
 B) 0.04 mm
 C) 0.06 mm
 D) 0.08 mm

45. The portion of road surface used for vehicular traffic only is known as
 A) permanent way
 B) carriage way
 C) shoulder
 D) expressway

46. The rate of rise or fall of a road surface along its alignment is called
 A) gradient
 B) super elevation
 C) camber
 d) banking

47. The width of top portion of flat footed rail is
 A) 66.67 mm
 B) 69.80 mm
 C) 73.25 mm
 D) 75.88 mm

48. The track from which train divert is known as
 A) turn out
 B) main line
 C) crossing
 d) point

49. Which one of the following is used to fix flat footed rails on wooden sleepers ?
 A) fish plate
 B) ballast
 C) bearing plate
 D) fish bolt

50. A camber consisting of two straight slopes joining at the centre is called
 A) barrel camber
 B) composite camber
 C) elliptical camber
 D) sloped camber

51. The diameter of longitudinal bars in a column should not be less than
 A) 6 mm
 B) 16 mm
 C) 20 mm
 D) 12 mm

52. In a doubly reinforced beam, steel reinforcement is provided in
 A) tension zone
 B) compression zone
 C) either tension or compression
D) none of the above

53. CPM is
 A) activity oriented
 B) event oriented
 C) time oriented
 D) resource oriented

54. A bar chart is drawn by
 A) time versus activity

 B) activity versus resource
 C) resource versus time
 d) progress versus time

55. Bulk density of a soil is defined as the ratio of
 A) Total mass of soil to the total volume of soil
 B) Weight of water to the weight of solid
 C) Unit weight of solid to unit weight of water
 D) Weight of solid to volume of solid

56. If w is the water content and y is the unit weight of soil mass, then total unit weight
of dry soil yd is equal to
 A) w/y + 1
 B) y/w + 1
 C) y/(1 + w)
 d) (1 + w)/y

57. The section in which concrete is not fully stressed to its permissible value when stress
in steel reaches its maximum value is called
 A) balanced section
 B) over reinforced section
 C) under reinforced section
 D) critical section

58. The longitudinal shearing stress acting on the surface between the steel and concrete
are called
 A) tensile stresses
 B) compressive stresses
 C) bond stresses
 D) hoop stress

59. The spacing of vertical stirrups in a rectangular beam is
 A) minimum near the supports
 B) maximum near the centre
 C) minimum near the centre
 d) maximum near the supports

60. The section of a beam having greater width at the top in comparison to the width below neutral axis is known as
 A) Critical section
 B) T section
 C) l section
 D) None of these

61. The most reliable estimate is
 A) detailed estimate
 B) preliminary estimate
 C) plinth area estimate
 D) cube rate estimate

62. According to ISI method of measurement the order is in the sequence
 A) length, breadth, height
 B) breadth, length, height
 C) height, length, breadth
 D) none of the above

63. The minimum width of septic tank is taken as
 A) 70 cm
 B) 75 cm
 C) 80 cm
 d) 90 cm

64. The height of sink of wash basin above floor level kept
 A) 60 cm
 B) 70 cm
 C) 75 to 80 cm
 D) 90 cm

65. Pick up the sedimentary rock from the following.
 A) slate
 B) gneiss
 C) marble
 D) limestone

66. In living trees the growth is due to
 A) pith
 B) heart wood
 C) cambium
 D) sapwood

67. The percentage of silica in the composition of Portland cement is
 A) 64
 B) 22
 C) 6
 D) 5

68. The external corner of wall surface is known as
 A) corner
 B) stretcher
 C) perpend
 D) quoin

69. line ranger is used for
 A) prolongation of the chain line
 B) setting right angles to the chain line
 C) bisecting the chain line
 D) fixing intermediate points on the chain line

70. If the degree of a curve is 4.5, the radius of the curve is
 A) 372 m
 B) 376 m
 C) 382 m
 D) 390 m

71. The vertical distance between total energy line and hydraulic gradient line represents
 A) static head
 B) velocity head
 C) pressure head
 D) datum

72. Which is the rigid pavement from the following ?
 A) water bound macadam pavement
 B) bituminous pavement
 C) gravel pavement
 D) cement concrete pavement

73. The artificial barrier constructed in sea for making the enclosed area safe for the anchorage of ships
 A) dock wall
 B) Break water
 C) Quay
 D) Harbour

74. lime obtained from stones containing high percentage of aluminium silicate is called
 A) eminently hydraulic lime
 B) semi hydraulic lime
 C) fat lime
 D) kankar lime

75. The material which possesses elastic properties in all directions at any point is called
 A) Homogeneous material 1
 B) Anisotropic material
 C) Aeolotropic material
 D) Isotropic material

76. At the equator the amount of dip in degrees
 A) zero
 B) 45
 C) 90
 D) 60

77. The lines passing through the points of equal magnetic declination
 A) isogonic line
 B) agonic line
 C) isoclinic line
 D) none of these

78. The vertical wells provided along the banks of a river to draw ground water in dry season are called
 A) open wells
 B) tube wells
 C) artesian wells
 D) infiltration well

79. As per Indian standards water consumption per capita per day for domestic purpose is
 A) 85 litres
 B) 100 litres
 C) 135 litres
 D) 110 litres

80. In a shunting signal if the red band is horizontal it indicates
 A) stop
 B) proceed cautiously
 C) proceed
 D) none of these

81. A track assembly used for diverting train from one track to another is known as
 A) turn out
 B) crossing
 C) junction
 d) point

82. A defined area of the airport to accommodate aircrafts for loading and unloading of cargo and passengers, parking, refueling etc. are known as
 A) runway
 B) taxiway
 C) apron
 D) hangar

83. The intermediate supports for the superstructure of a multi span bridge are known as
 A) abutment
 B) piers
 C) wing wall
 d) retaining wall

84. A small bridge having total length of 6 m or less between the faces of the abutment is known as
 A) culvert
 B) sluice
 C) wing wall
 d) coffer dam

85. The granular material spread on the formation of a railway track for the sleeper to rest upon is known as
 A) sleeper
 B) rail
 C) ballast
 D) none of these

86. Road alignment is
 A) position occupied by the centre line of a road
 B) position occupied by cross section
 C) position occupied by the cross slope
 D) none of these

87. The vertical side member of a shutter frame is called
 A) style
 B) rail
 C) reveal
 D) post

88. Couple roof is used for spans
 A) 3.5 m or less
 B) 3.5 m to 5 m
 C) 5 m to 6.5 m
 d) 6.5 m to 8 m

89. In chain surveying a tie line is provided
 A) to check the accuracy of survey
 B) to take offsets
 C) to avoid long offset from chain line
 D) to increase number of chain lines

90. Two contour lines having the same elevation
 A) cannot cross each other
 B) can cross each other
 C) cannot unite together
 D) can unite together

91. For most economical rectangular section of a channel the depth is kept
 A) one fourth of the width
 B) three times the hydraulic radius
 C) half the width
 D) hydraulic mean depth

92. If H is the depth of water retained by a vertical wall, the height of centre of pressure
above the bottom is
 A) H/3
 B) H/2
 C) H/5
 D) H

93. Absolute humidity in air
 A) decreases at higher altitudes
 B) increases at higher altitudes
 C) remains constant
 D) none of these

94. Dicken’s formula for high flood estimate is useful only for the catchment in
 A) Southern India
 B) Northern India
 C) Eastern India
 D) Western India

95. The detention period for plain sedimentation water tank is usually
 A) 4 to 8 hours
 B) 8 to 16 hours
 C) 16 to 24 hours
 D) 24 to 36 hours

96. The soil which contain finest grain particles
 A) coarse sand
 B) fine sand
 C) silt
 D) clay

97. Reynold’s number is the ratio of inertia force to
 A) viscous force
 B) gravity force
 C) surface tension
 d) friction

98. The theodolite is an instrument for measuring
 A) horizontal angles only
 B) vertical angles only
 C) linear measurement
 D) horizontal and vertical angle

99. The anti-siphonage pipe is not required in
 A) one pipe system
 B) two pipe system
 C) single stack system
 D) none of these

100. The construction of a temporary structure required to support an unsafe structure is
 A) underpinning
 B) scaffolding
 C) shoring
 D) none of these

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