Question Code: 004/2020


Medium of Question-ENGLISH

Date of Test : 11.01.2020 

1. National Mission on Libraries is an initiative of
 (A) The Ministry of Human Resource Development
 (B) The Ministry of Culture
 (C) The Ministry of Youth Affairs
 (D) The Ministry of Finance

2. The Malabar Marriage Association was founded in
 (A) 1879
 (B) 1882
 (C) 1881
 (D) 1886

3. “Jeevitha Samaram” is the autobiography of
 (A) C. Kesavan
 (B) C. Krishnan
 (C) C. Velayudhan
 (D) C. Raghavan

4. Who wrote to Gandhiji, “To walk through the public road is one that even dogs and pigs enjoy everywhere without having to offer any sathyagraha at all” ?
 (A) K. Kelappan
 (B) Narayana Guru
 (C) Ayyankali
 (D) Dr. Palpu

5. VVPAT Stands for :
 (A) Voter Verification of Polling And Turnout
 (B) Voter Verified Polled Attendance Turnout
 (C) Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trial
 (D) Verification of Voting Process and Trial

6. “Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat” was announced on the occasion of the birth anniversary of
 (A) Mahatma Gandhi
 (B) V.D. Savarkar
 (C) B.R. Ambedkar
 (D) Sardar Vallabhai Patel

7. Victoria Memorial Hall is situated at
 (A) Bombay
 (B) Kolkata
 (C) Madras
 (D) New Delhi

8. Athlete Castor Semania belongs to
 (A) Morocco
 (B) Jamaica
 (C) South Africa
 (D) Nigeria

9. Mission “Indradhanush” was a/an
 (A) Health Mission
 (B) Space Mission
 (C) Sports Mission
 (D) Arts Mission

10. Which among the following channels was launched in 2003 ?
 (A) DD India
 (B) DD Urdu
 (C) DD News
 (D) DD Sports

11. 210 GB = ___________
 (A) 1 GB
 (B) 1 PB
 (C) 1TB
 (D) None of these

12. One of the following is not a Main Memory :
 (A) ROM
 (B) RAM
 (D) Hard Disk

13. Pick out an application software from the following :
 (A) MS Word
 (B) DOS
 (C) Windows
 (D) Linux

14. What will happen if we press ‘Ctrl + D’ in MS Word ?
 (A) Document writing
 (B) Date Field
 (C) Double Underline
 (D) Open Font Dialog Box

15. What is the default number of lines to drop in DropCap ?
 (A) 10
 (B) 1
 (C) 3
 (D) 4

16. How many maximum number of text columns can you insert in a word document ?
 (A) 15
 (B) 25
 (C) 35
 (D) 45

17. Maximum ‘Font’ size can provide in MS Word 2007 :
 (A) 1368
 (B) 1638
 (C) 16038
 (D) None of these

18. An operator used to start every formula in MS Excel :
 (A) =
 (B) @
 (C) +
 (D) None of these

19. Which generation of computers are built with Integrated Circuits (ICs) ?
 (A) First Generation
 (B) Second Generation
 (C) Third Generation
 (D) Fourth Generation

20. The arranging of data in a logical sequence is called
 (A) Classifying
 (B) Sorting
 (C) Reproducing
 (D) Summarizing

21. Short cut key for Subscript is
 (A) Ctrl + =
 (B) Ctrl + Shift + =
 (C) Alt + Shift + =
 (D) None of these

22. What will happen when we press Home Key ?
 (A) Moves the cursor beginning of the document.
 (B) Moves the cursor beginning of the paragraph.
 (C) Moves the cursor beginning of the page.
 (D) Moves the cursor beginning of the line.

23. Full form of ISP.
 (A) Internet Security Protocol
 (B) Internet Service Provider
 (C) Integrated Service Provider
 (D) None of these

24. Mozilla Firefox is a/an
 (A) Web Browser
 (B) Grouping Package
 (C) Application Software
 (D) System Software

25. Minimum number of rows and columns can be provided in MS Word document is _____and _____.
 (A) 2 and 5
 (B) 5 and 2
 (C) 2 and 1
 (D) 1 and 1

26. One of the following line space options is not correct in the case of MS Word 2007.
 (A) Single
 (B) Double
 (C) Triple
 (D) Atleast

27. Which Ribbon in MS Word 2007 is used to change Font and Font Size ?
 (A) MS Office Button
 (B) Home
 (C) Insert
 (D) Format

28. Which function key is used to spell check ?
 (A) F5
 (B) F6
 (C) F7
 (D) Alt + F7

29. One of the border option is not available in the driven window of border Button.
 (A) External Border
 (B) Top Border
 (C) Outside Border
 (D) Inside Border

30. Bookmark option is available in which ribbon ?
 (A) Home
 (B) Insert
 (C) Page Layout
 (D) View

31. How can we draw a shape in MS Word 2007 ?
 (A) Insert --> Picture --> Shapes --> Click and Drag
 (B) Insert --> Smart Art --> Shapes --> Click and Drag
 (C) Insert --> Clip Art --> Shapes --> Click and Drag
 (D) Insert --> Shapes --> Click and Drag

32. Minimum Font size can be given by typing in the Font Dialog Box or Tool Bar.
 (A) 1
 (B) 8
 (C) 12
 (D) 11

33. Which of the following is the correct file extension in file names of MS Excel 2007 files ?
 (A) .xls
 (B) .xslx
 (C) .xlsx
 (D) None of these

34. If we create a hyperlink in a word, the word will change in _______ colour.
 (A) red
 (B) green
 (C) blue
 (D) None of these

35. Default tab stops at _____ in MS Word.
 (A) 0.25”
 (B) 0.5”
 (C) 0.1”
 (D) 0.75”

36. Which is the short cut key for delete the selected item permanently without placing the item in the Recycle Bin ?
 (A) Ctrl = Delete
 (B) Shift + Delete
 (C) Alt + Delete
 (D) Delete

37. Key or key combination will move the insertion point to the bottom of your document.
 (A) Ctrl + End
 (B) Page Down
 (C) Ctrl + Page Down
 (D) None of these

38. What is the step to send a word document as an E-mail from the word document ?
 (A) Home --> Send --> E-mail
 (B) Office Button --> Send --> E-mail
 (C) Office Button --> E-mail --> Send
 (D) Home --> E-mail --> Send

39. Maximum Zoom size can be provided in MS Office is
 (A) 500
 (B) 750
 (C) 1000
 (D) None of these

40. Which of the following helps to reduce spelling error in the word document ?
 (A) Auto Forms
 (B) Smart Text
 (C) Auto Word
 (D) Auto Correct

41. Where we can see view buttons ?
 (A) Left of the vertical scroll bar
 (B) Bottom of the vertical scroll bar
 (C) Left of the Horizontal scroll bar
 (D) Bottom of the horizontal scroll bar

42. ‘Change Case’ option available in which Menu of MS Word 2003 ?
 (A) Insert
 (B) Format
 (C) Tools
 (D) View

43. Which of the following do you help to change margins of a word document ?
 (A) Standard Tool Bar
 (B) Paragraph Dialog box
 (C) Page setup Dialog box
 (D) Tab Dialog box

44. What is the full Form of VDU ?
 (A) Visual Display Unit
 (B) Various Display Unit
 (C) Visual Disc Unit
 (D) Various Display Union

45. ________ Key is used instead of the mouse to select tools on the ribbon by displaying the key tips.
 (A) Alt
 (B) Ctrl
 (C) Shift + Enter
 (D) Alt + Enter

46. How can we select a paragraph by using one of the following method ?
 (A) Double click left button of the mouse
 (B) Press ‘Ctrl’ key and double click left button of the mouse
 (C) Triple click left button of the mouse
 (D) Press ‘Ctrl’ and Triple click on the left button of the mouse

47. What will happen if we press Function key F12 ?
 (A) Open Dialog Box
 (B) Close Dialog Box
 (C) Exit Dialog Box
 (D) Save As Dialog Box

48. _______ Key/s will be pressed to erase a word to the right of the insertion point.
 (A) Delete
 (B) Ctrl + Delete
 (C) Alt + Delete
 (D) Back Space Key

49. One of the following page size options cannot be select from the drop-down menu of size button in the Page Layout Ribbon.
 (A) Statement
 (B) Legal
 (C) Letter Small
 (D) Stafloid

50. Gutter position cannot be set in the following positions in MS Word 2003 ?
 (A) Left
 (B) Right
 (C) Top
 (D) Bottom

51. Which is not a non-character Key ?
 (A) Shift Keys
 (B) Back spacer key
 (C) Lean characters
 (D) Tabulator keys

52. Two small rubber rolls underneath the cylinder are called
 (A) Paper bail roller
 (B) Paper plate
 (C) Cylinder knobs
 (D) Feed Rollers

53. Which is the correct abbreviation used to “Respondez Silvous Plait” ?
 (B) PR
 (D) RPS

54. Worn-out dogs are one of the contributing factors for
 (A) Stoppage of carriage
 (B) Jerky movement
 (C) Sluggish movement
 (D) Rhythm

55. Carriage rack and pinion wheel transmit the main spring force to the
 (A) Escapement wheel
 (B) Draw Cord
 (C) Carriage release lever
 (D) Dog block

56. All the type bars are to be struck at
 (A) Middle Point
 (B) Centre guide
 (C) Cylinder
 (D) Card holder

57. The Electronic Typewriter is invented in the year
 (A) 1938
 (B) 1918
 (C) 1931
 (D) 1927

58. There are _______ kinds of line spacing adjustments in a typewriter.
 (A) 3
 (B) 4
 (C) 5
 (D) 2

59. Which one is not included in the common elements ?
 (A) m over “n”
 (B) h over “n”
 (C) o over “ c”
 (D) p over “o”

60. The carriage will have more tension at
 (A) 50 degree
 (B) 80 degree
 (C) Zero degree
 (D) 30 degree

Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given below :
No one knows exactly where or when cricket began, but it is most likely that it began as a children’s game in England, and was played only by children for many centuries. It is believed that the game was invented by children who belonged to the farming families of South-East England. They would play in grass clearing or grass gazed by sheep. A matted lump of sheep’s wool, or even a stone or lump of wood, would be used as ball, a stick or some other farm tool would server as the bat, and a gate or tree stump would be used for the wicket. Earliest written reference to the game was in 1598, where it was called “Creeket”. In, the 17th century, it slowly became a village game and adults began to take part in it. Today cricket is one of the most popular sports of the world and is played and watched by millions.
61. Where did the game cricket begin ?
 (A) India
 (B) England
 (C) U.S.A.
 (D) France

62. Pick out a one word from the passage that means “eat grass in a field”.
 (A) Invent
 (B) Believe
 (C) Graze
 (D) Lump

63. What is the opposite word of “invent” ?
 (A) Imitate
 (B) Imagine
 (C) Find out
 (D) Forge

64. Which is the earliest written reference to the game cricket ?
 (A) Creeket
 (B) Children game
 (C) Wicket
 (D) Lump

65. Pick out the present form of the verb began.
 (A) began
 (B) is begin
 (C) beginning
 (D) begin

Edit the sentences : (66 to 67)
66. A small group of men is waiting in a queue outside the bakery.
 (A) waited
 (B) Waits
 (C) are waiting
 (D) is waiting

67. Women cooks food in their kitchen.
 (A) cook
 (B) cooking
 (C) is cooking
(D) has cooking

68. india is a great country. Punctuate the sentence.
 (A) india is a great Country.
 (B) india is a Great country.
 (C) india is a Great country.
 (D) India is a great country.

69. I want to ______ the Prime Minister today. Fill the blank with correct option.
 (A) met
 (B) is meeting
 (C) meets
 (D) meet

Complete the sentences : (70 to 73)
70. It will harm our children, _________ ?
 (A) will it
 (B) won’t it
 (C) will they
 (D) won’t they

71. You look very tired, you had better ________.
 (A) to take rest
 (B) took rest
 (C) take rest
 (D) taking rest

72. If you invite me, _______.
 (A) I will come
 (B) I would come
 (C) I would have come
 (D) I would came

73. You will be sick unless you ________.
 (A) will stop smoking
 (B) stopped smoking
 (C) will stop smoke
 (D) stop smoking

74. “You are driving me nuts” … means
 (A) You are driving easily.
 (B) You are an efficient driver.
 (C) You make me crazy.
 (D) You make me happy.

75. Feel blue … means
 (A) feel sad
 (B) too tired
 (C) feel lonely
 (D) feel happy

Words are given in jumbled order. Frame sentences (76 to 77).
76. black | she | lovely | is | woman | British | a
 (A) British lovely black is a woman.
 (B) She is a lovely black British woman.
 (C) She is a black lovely British woman.
 (D) she is a British lovely black woman.

77. avoid | and | plastic | save | earth | our | Please
 (A) Avoid Please plastic and save our earth.
 (B) Avoid plastic save our earth and please.
 (C) Please plastic avoid and save our earth.
 (D) Please, avoid plastic and save our earth.

Fill in the blanks : (78 to 81)
78. I will meet you ________ 10 am.
 (A) at
 (B) in
 (C) on
 (D) for

79. We always reading news paper ________ the morning.
 (A) of
 (B) on
 (C) in
 (D) at

80. America is ________ richest country.
 (A) the
 (B) a
 (C) an
 (D) that

81. Sri Lanka is _______ Island.
 (A) a
 (B) an
 (C) the
 (D) for

Use the correct tense form : (82 to 84)
82. When I finished the exam the train ________.
 (A) has left
 (B) left
 (C) is leaving
 (D) had left

83. I ________ English for ten years.
 (A) has been studying
 (B) had been studying
 (C) have been studying
 (D) studied

84. The earth ________ around the Sun.
 (A) is rotating
 (B) rotates
 (C) rotate
 (D) rotating

Complete the sentences using suitable Relative Pronouns : (85 to 86)
85. I know the man ________ inaugurated the function.
 (A) who
 (B) whom
 (C) whose
 (D) which

86. He knows the subject ________ is very difficult.
 (A) there
 (B) which
 (C) what
 (D) who

87. If you had invited me, __________. (Complete the sentence)
 (A) I would come
 (B) I would had come
 (C) I will come
 (D) I would have come.

Use correct phrasal verbs for the underlined words : (88 to 90)
88. The oldman met his enemy yesterday.
 (A) put across
 (B) put off
 (C) put on
 (D) came across

89. The teacher could not tolerate the disturbing attitude of the student.
 (A) put aside
 (B) put up with
 (C) put through
 (D) get down

90. The stranger wore his shirt and started his journey.
 (A) put on
 (B) put in
 (C) put up
 (D) go on

Pick out correctly spelt word : (91 to 93)
91. (A) Mosquito
 (B) Mosquto
 (C) Mosquieto
 (D) Moskuito

92. (A) Anonimous
 (B) Anonymous
 (C) Annonimous
 (D) Annomamos
93. (A) Compitition
 (B) Compitation
 (C) Combitition
 (D) Competition

Change Active voice into Passive voice : (94 to 95)
94. Mr. John made the cage.
 (A) The cage is made by Mr. John.
 (B) The cage was made by Mr. John
 (C) The cage is making by Mr. John
 (D) The cage will be made by Mr. John.

95. He is writing a story.
 (A) A story is being written by him.
 (B) A story was being written by him.
 (C) A story is writing by him.
 (D) A story was writing by him.

 Read the dialogues and complete the sentences : (96 to 97)
 Mr. Stephen : What did you do ?
 Mr. Raj : I gave a complaint to the police.
96. Mr. Stephen asked Mr. Raj …
 (A) What he is doing ?
 (B) What did you do ?
 (C) What he had done ?
 (D) What he has done ?

97. Mr. Raj replied that …
 (A) I had given a complaint to the police.
 (B) He had given a complaint to the police.
 (C) He gave a complaint to the police.
 (D) He has given a complaint to the police.

98. What is the one word of the phrase, ‘easy to read’.
 (A) Edible
 (B) Epic
 (C) Legible
 (D) Incredible

99. The peacock dances gracefully. Pick out the adjective.
 (A) peacock
 (B) dances
 (C) the
 (D) gracefully

100. The students _______ found to be free. Fill in the blanks with correct form of “ be”.
 (A) being
 (B) been
 (C) were
 (D) was

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