Mannathu Padmanabha Pillai

Mannathu Padmanabhan was born on 2nd January 1878
The birthplace of Mannathu Padmanabhan Perunna (Kottayam)
Father name - Eeshwaran Namboothiri
Mother name - Parvathiamma
Wife name - Thottakadu Madhaviamma
NSS was formed on 31 October 1914
The founder of NSS Mannath Padmanabhan
The Headquarters of NSS is situated at Perunna (Kottayam)
NSS was earlier named as Nair Brithyajana Sangam
NSS was formed on the model of Servants of India Society (Gopala Krishna Gokhale)
The mouthpiece of NSS?  Service
Service started its edition from? Karukachal (Kottayam)
The year which NSS was registered under Indian Companies Act? 1925
The name Nair Brithyajana Sangam was suggested by? Kappana Kannan Menon
The first President of NSS? K.Kelappan
The first Secretary of NSS? Mannath Padmanabhan
The first treasury of NSS? Panagattu Kesavapaniker
Nair Brithyajana Sangam took the name NSS in? 11 July 1915
The name NSS was suggested by? K.Paramupillai
The first school of NSS started in? Karukachal ( Kottayam)
The first College of NSS started in? Perunna (Kottayam)
The first principal of Karukachal NSS School? K.Kelappan
The first Karayoga of NSS started in?  Thattayil (Pathanamthitta)
The song "Akhilandamandalam" is written by?  Panthallam K.P.RamanPillai
The year in which All Kerala Nair Meeting was started? 1916
Mannath Padmanabhan was nominated to Sree Moolam prajasabha in? 1921
Savarna Jadha was led by? Mannath Padmanabhan
Savarna jadha conducted from? Vaikom to Trivandrum
Savarna Jadha was organised as a part of?  Vaikkom agitation
Vaikom Memorial was submitted to? Rani Lakshmi Bhai
The President of Guruvayoor Sathyagraham Committee?  Mannath Padmanabhan
Mannath Padmanabhan become INC member in? 1947
The Secretary of Guruvayoor Sathyagraham Committee? K.Kelappan
Mannath Padmanabhan become a member of Travancore Legislative Assembly in? 1949
The first President of Travancore Devasaom Board? Mannath Padmanabhan
Vimochana Samaram(Liberation Struggle) was in the year? 1959
Who leads the Jeevasikha Yatra as a part of Vimochana Samaram? Mannath Padmanabhan
Jeevasikha Yatra conducted from? Angamali to Thiruvananthapuram
The causes of Vimochana Samaram(Liberation Struggle)? The introduction of an education bill
The name Vimochana Samaram suggested by? Panampalli Govinda Menon
The leader of Vimochana Samaram(Liberation Struggle)? Mannath Padmanabhan
The movement caused the dismissal of the first Communist Government (31 July 1959)? Vimochana Samaram(Liberation Struggle)
The party formed by Mannath Padmanabhan and R.Shankar were? Democratic Congress Party
The association founded by Mannath Padmanabhan with the help of R.Shankar? Hindu Mahamandalam
Who is known as "Bharath Kesari"? Mannath Padmanabhan
Who got the degree of "Bharath Kesari" from the Indian President? Mannath Padmanabhan (1959)
Mannath Padmanabhan got Padma Bhushan in? 1966
Where is Mannath Samadhi situated?  Perunna (Kottayam)
Who is known as Madhan Mohan Malavya of Kerala?  Mannath Padmanabhan
Who gave the title of Madhan Mohan Malavya of Kerala? Sardar K.M.Paniker
The founder of Nair Samajam? Mannath Padmanabhan
The founder of Kerala Nair Samajam?  C.Krishna Pillai
The party started by NSS? National Democratic Party
The Present General Secretary of NSS? G. Sukumaran Nair
The Autobiography of Mannath Padmanabhan? Ente Jeevitha Smaranakal
The novel was written by Mannath Padmanabhan? Snehalatha
Mannam Jayanti is celebrated on? 2nd January
Njangaluda F.M.S Yatra was the work of? Mannath Padmanabhan
He only social reformer to speech in Malayalam on British Broad Casting Corporation (BBC)? Mannath Padmanabhan
The year which Indian Postal Department published postal stamp of? 1989
The first women member of Kochi legislative assembly? Thottakadu Madhaviamma
Mannam Sugar Mills is situated at? Panthallam (Pathanamthitta)
Mannath Padmanabhan Died on? 25th February 1970

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