A.K.G (A.K.Gopalan)

A.K.G (A.K.Gopalan) Born on 1904 October 1

Born at - Peralasseri (Kannur)

Full name - Ayillyath Kuttiari Gopalan

Father - Rairu Nambiar

Mother - Madhavi Amma

Wife - Susheela Gopalan

Who is known as The Crusader of the Down-Trodden
Answer: A.k.Gopalan

The Volunteer Captain of Guruvayoor Satyagraha
Answer: A.K.G

The leader of "Kshethra Satyagraha Yathra" (In connection with Guruvayur Satyagraha)
Answer: A.K.G

The year in which A.K.G arrested for participation in Salt Satyagraha
Answer: 1930

The year in which A.K.G Joined Indian National Congress
Answer: 1927

The leader of Thiruvannoor Cotton Mill Strike
Answer: A.K.G (1935)

 The leader of Hunger March
Answer: A.K.Gopalan
In = 1936
From = Kannur to Madras

The founders of Calicut Labour Union
Answer: A.K.G and Krishnan Pillai

A.K.G was elected to Loksabha from
Answer: Kasaragod (1952)

The year in which A.K.G become the Secretary of Kerala Communist Party
Answer: 1944

Who played a major role in the formation of Indian Coffee House
Answer: A.K.G

First Indian Coffee House in Kerala was started at
Answer: Thrissur (8 March 1958)

The First Community Opposition leader of the Loksabha
Answer: A.K.G

The Autobiography of A.K.G
Answer: Ente Jeevitha Kadha

Major Works
Answer: For Land
Work in Parliament
Around the World

A.K.G Day
Answer: March 22

A.K.G Memorial Library and Cultural Centre is situated at
Answer: Thalookkara Village (Malappuram)

The National Headquarters of CPI(M)
Answer: A.K.G Bhavan

A.K.G Bhavan is situated in
Answer: Delhi

 The State Headquarters of CPI(M) in Kerala
Answer: A.K.G Center (Thiruvananthapuram)

A.K.G Tomb is situated at
Answer: Payyambalam Beach (Kannur)

A.K.G Statue is situated at
Answer: Kannur

The Malayalam film "AKG - Athijeevanathinte Kanal Vazhi" was directed by
Answer: Shaji.N.Karun

The State Headquarters of CPI(M) in Kerala
Answer: A.K.G Center (Thiruvananthapuram)

The year which Indian Postal Department published postage stamp in the memory of A.K.G
Answer: 1 October 1990

In the film "AKG - Athijeevanathinte Kanal Vazhi" the role of A.K.G was done by
Answer: P.Sreekumar

Died on
Answer: 22 March 1977

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