Climate of Kerala

There are 4 seasons in Kerala. They are as follows
  •  Winter season (January - February)
  •  Summer season (March-May)
  •  South - West Monsoon season (Kalavarsham/Edavapathi) (June - September)
  •  North - East Monsoon season (Thulavarsham) (October - December)

Monsoon was invented by a traveller named Hippalus
Average annual rainfall in Kerala is 300 cm
January month receives the least rainfall in Kerala
July is the wettest month
January is the driest and the coldest month
Nariamangalam  in Ernakulam district receives the most rainfall in Kerala
Lakkidi in Wayanad is known as the Chirapunji of Kerala
Least rainfall in Kerala is in Chinnar of Idukki district
It is because Chinnar is a rain shadow region and the only one of its kind in Kerala.
Kozhikode district in Kerala receives the highest rainfall and least  rainfall in Thiruvananthapuram district
The highest rainfall in Kerala was received in the year 2007
The hottest district in Kerala is Palakkad
However, the hottest place in Kerala is Punalur in Kollam district
Atmospheric temperature of Palakkad and Punalur rises to more than 40 degrees during the summer
These are because of the hot wind that blows from the east through Palghat gap
Meteorological Center at Thiruvananthapuram was founded by Swathi Thirunnal
Pre-Monsoon summer rains of Kerala is known as Mango shower

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