Soils of Kerala

Different types of soils in Kerala are as follows.

Red soil:

The red colour is due to the presence of Iron Oxide in the soil
It has good water absorption capacity but contains no soluble minerals It is found in southern part of Thiruvananthapuram

Laterite soil:

Laterite is the largest soil group in Kerala
It covers an area of about 68% of the total area of the state
Generally formed by weathering of sedimentary rocks.
Rubber, pepper, cashew etc are major crops cultivated in this soil.
It is predominantly found in northern part of Kerala like Kozhikode, Kannur, Malappuram & Kasargode

Coastal Alluvium:

It has low fertility and low water retaining capacity.
Paddy, coconut, plantain and tuber crops are mainly cultivated in this soil.
Sand is the main constituent and is found mainly in coastal areas of Kerala

Forest Soil:

These are formed by weathering of igneous and metamorphic rocks
Forest soils are mainly found in Idukki, Wayanad and Palakkad districts. 
Pepper, rubber, tea, coffee, cardamom are the main crops cultivated in this soil.

Black soil:  

Found in Chittur taluk of Palakkad district.
It contains no humus and sticky in nature.
Cotton, groundnut, sugarcane etc are major crops.

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