Tradesman Carpentry Question Paper and Answer Key

Question Code: 055/2024
Medium of Question- English
Name of Post: Tradesman Carpentry
Department: Technical Education Department
Cat. Number: 419/2023
Date of Test : 09.05.2024


1. Which of the following is not a general discipline in the institute?
(A) Be interest in all the training activities
(B) Do not be late to the theory, practical classes
(C) Ensure adequate light in the workshop
(D) Avoid any malpractice during examination

2. Which of the following is not a workshop discipline?
(A) Clean the machine when it is not in motion
(B) Prepare well before writing an examination
(C) Keep the tools at their proper place
(D) Sweep away the wood cutting

3. Which of the following PPE protects the body from hot particles?
(A) Goggle
(B) Leather apron
(C) Ear muff
(D) Safety shoes

4. Which of the following PPE protects the eye from UV rays?
(A) Goggles
(B) Leather apron
(C) Face shield
(D) Ear plug

5. Which of the following PPE is used during working in wet area?
(A) Hand gloves
(B) Leather apron
(C) Gum boots
(D) Goggles

6. What is the full form of BIS?
(A) Bureau of Industry Standard
(B) Bureau of Indian Standard
(C) Bureau of International Standard
(D) None of the above

7. Which is not an element of housekeeping?
(A) Waste disposal
(B) Dust and dirt removal
(C) Employees facilities
(D) Improper maintenance

8. What is the safety precautions observed in a wood working workshop?
(A) Always use loose clothing
(B) Maintain your tools
(C) Use of stocks with knot
(D) Use a stock less than 30 cm length

9. Which is an element of housekeeping?
(A) Lighting
(B) Spill control
(C) Flooring
(D) All of these

10. Which of the following is not an example of PPE?
(A) Ear muff
(B) Goggles
(C) Apron
(D) Pincer

11. Which part of the tree cross-section cannot be seen without microscope?
(A) Medullary ray
(B) Annular ring
(C) Bark
(D) Cambium layer

12. Which seasoning method is most suitable for rapid seasoning of timber on a large scale?
(A) Water seasoning
(B) Kiln seasoning
(C) Boiling seasoning
(D) Air seasoning

13. In which conversion process of timber, the boards are cut with their width in the direction of medullary rays?
(A) Tangential cut
(B) Parallel sawing
(C) Radial sawing
(D) Back sawing

14. What is another name of hot air seasoning?
(A) Air seasoning
(B) Water seasoning
(C) Boiling seasoning
(D) Kiln seasoning

15. Which part of the tree serve to store sap food and convey it into inner growing parts of tree?
(A) Annular ring
(B) Cambium layer
(C) Bark
(D) Medullary rays

16. Which tree has straight tall trunk having short branches?
(A) Kail
(B) Deoder
(C) Shisham
(D) Babul

17. Which of the following statements are correct for heart shake in timber?
(i) Severe heat
(ii) Severe frost
(iii) Over matured trees
(iv) Quick drying of central part of tree
(A) Only (i) and (ii)
(B) Only (ii) and (iii)
(C) Only (iii) and (iv)
(D) All of the above

18. Which of the following statements are correct about star shake in timber?
(i) Over matured trees
(ii) Quick drying of central part of tree
(iii) Severe heat
(iv) Severe frost
(A) Both (ii) and (iii)
(B) Both (i) and (ii)
(C) Both (iii) and (iv)
(D) All of these

19. Which insect attack the standing tree or recently felled timber?
(A) Termite
(B) Powder post beetles
(C) Pinhole borers
(D) White ant

20. Which part of the cross section of tree indicates its age?
(A) Bark
(B) Medullary rays
(C) Annular ring
(D) Cambium layer

21. The base unit of length as per system international is :
(A) Milli meter (mm)
(B) Centimeter (cm)
(C) Meter (m)
(D) Kilometer (km)

22. The Accuracy of digital micrometers are :
(A) 0.001 mm
(B) 0.01 mm
(C) 0.02 mm
(D) 0.0001 mm

23. Which statements are correct in the case of Centre punch?
(i) The angle of point is 90 degree
(ii) The angle of point is 60 degree
(iii) The punch is used for locating the centre of holes
(iv) The divider point will get a proper seating in the punch mark
(A) (i) and (ii)
(B) (ii) and (iii)
(C) (iii) and (i)
(D) (iv) and (i)

24. In the case of Flexible Hack saw blade, which statement is correct?
(A) The full length of the blade between the pins is hardened
(B) Only the teeth are hardened
(C) Flexible blades should be thicker than all other hard blades
(D) The full length of blades are hardened and tempered

25. Which chisel is commonly used for separating metal after chain drilling?
(A) Flat chisel
(B) Cross cut chisel
(C) Half round nose chisel
(D) Web chisel

26. The name of these type outside micrometer is :

(A) Interchangeable Anvil Micrometer
(B) Tube Micrometer
(C) Flange Micrometer
(D) Concave micrometer

27. The Helix angle of Twist drill is :
(A) 27½ Degree
(B) 118 Degree
(C) 22½ Degree
(D) 60 Degree

28. The angle of Counter sinking tool for countersink head screw and deburring is :
(A) 75 degree
(B) 80 degree
(C) 90 degree
(D) 120 degree

29. In coarse knurling the pitch of the knurl is :
(A) 0.75 mm pitch
(B) 1.2 mm pitch
(C) 1.50 mm pitch
(D) 1.75 mm pitch

30. In grinding operation truing process is need before use new grinding wheel due to :
(i) The new wheel is not concentric with axis of machine spindle
(ii) The new grinding wheel hub is stick with spindle
(iii) The cutting surface of the wheel may run out slightly
(iv) For adhere the abrassive compounds not properly
(A) (i) and (ii)
(B) (i) and (iii)
(C) (ii) and (iv)
(D) (iii) and (iv)

31. The Universal surface gauge the scriber can clamped at any position of spinle with help of
(A) Rocker Arm
(B) Snug
(C) Guiding Pin
(D) Gudgion pin

32. Square head of the Combination set is used to marking angle, angle check and set workpiece
on the machine, in which following statements are correct?
(i) The square head has one measing face used to mark 90 degree angles
(ii) The square head has one measing face used to mark 60 degree angles
(iii) Square head has one measing face used to check 45 degree angles
(iv) Square head has one measing face used to mark 30 degree angles
(A) (i) and (ii)
(B) (ii) and (iii)
(C) (iii) and (iv)
(D) (iii) and (i)

33. For cutting materials like tool steel, high carbon, high speed steel etc., the pitch of hacksaw blade used as :
(A) 1.4 mm pitch
(B) 0.8 mm pitch
(C) 1.8 mm pitch
(D) 0.6 mm pitch

34. The rake angle of single point cutting tool, which statements are correct?
(i) Angle is ground on top of the tool and the slope formed is from the back of the tool towards front of the cutting edge.
(ii) Angle is ground on top of the tool and the slope formed is from the front of the cutting edge towards back of the tool.
(iii) It controls the cutting action of tools.
(iv) Positive Rake angle have more strength than Negative rake angle.
(A) (i) and (ii)
(B) (ii) and (iii)
(C) (iii) and (iv)
(D) (iii) and (i)

35. Which type of Hammer is used for spreading of metal in one direction only?
(A) Ball peen Hammer
(B) Straight peen Hammer
(C) Planishing Hammer
(D) Cross peen Hammer

36. Table scarf joint are used :
(A) in door
(B) in chairs
(C) in table
(D) in beam

37. Which joint uses the wooden nails?
(A) Dowel pin joint
(B) Mitre joint
(C) Cross lap joint
(D) Tongue and groove joint

38. What is the upward height of dowel pin after inserting in a dowel pin joint?
(A) Full height upwards
(B) 3th/4 height upwards
(C) 1/2 height upwards
(D) 1/4 height upwards


39. What is the purpose of haunch in mortise and tenon joint?
(A) For strength
(B) For finishing
(C) For prevent rail twisting
(D) Supporting joint

40. How to calculate the joining length in lengthening joint?
(A) 1-2 times of thickness
(B) 2-3 times of thickness
(C) 4-5 times of thickness
(D) 6-7 times of thickness

41. How to get additional strength in bevel scarf joint on the edge of thickness?
(A) Glue used between joints
(B) Apply putty in between joint
(C) Secure with dowel pin
(D) Secure with screws or nail

42. Which category of joints is used for windows and doors?
(A) Box joints
(B) Framing joints
(C) Circular joints
(D) Lengthening joints

43. What is the purpose for lengthening joint?
(A) Support the loads
(B) Size of wood
(C) Types of timber
(D) Fine texture timber

44. What is the application of wooden dowel?
(A) Strengthen bevel scarf joint
(B) Strengthen box joint
(C) Strengthen table scarf joint
(D) Strengthen widening joints

45. What is the purpose of haunch in mortise and tenon joint?
(A) For strength
(B) For finishing
(C) For prevent rail twisting
(D) Supporting joint

46. How to calculate the thickness of socket in a bridle joint?
(A) 1/3rd thickness of stock
(B) 2/3rd thickness of stock
(C) 1½ thickness of stock
(D) Full thickness of stock

47. Which type of joint is used for fixing shelves?
(A) Housing joint
(B) Scarf joint
(C) Bridle joint
(D) Halving joint

48. Why common dovetail joint is used for making boxes?
(A) Strong joint
(B) Easy make
(C) Easy transport
(D) Large size

49. What is the another name of corner bridle joint?
(A) Open mortise and tenon joint
(B) Haunched mortise and tenon joint
(C) Scribed joint
(D) Dove tail joint

50. How to calculate the thickness of socket in a bridle joint?
(A) 1/3rd thickness of stock
(B) 2/3rd thickness of stock
(C) 12th thickness of stock
(D) Full thickness of stock

51. What are the different thickness of 9 ply board?
(A) 9, 12, 15 and 16 mm
(B) 12, 15, 16 and 19 mm
(C) 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 mm
(D) 19, 22 and 25 mm

52. The thickness of face veneers size from :
(A) 1.3 to 1.6 mm
(B) 0.2 to 1.5 mm
(C) 0.3 to 1.6 mm
(D) 0.3 to 1.8 mm

53. What is the material used for making wire nail?
(A) High speed steel
(B) High carbon steel
(C) Mild Steel
(D) Steel

54. The Central layer of plywood is called :
(A) Main ply
(B) Face ply
(C) Cross ply
(D) Core ply

55. Which bottom rail size is used for stool?
(A) 40 mm × 30 mm
(B) 50 mm × 30 mm
(C) 60 mm × 30 mm
(D) 60 mm × 40 mm

56. Which type of grain on wood is suitable for furniture?
(A) Cross grain
(B) Waye grain
(C) Straight grain
(D) Interlock grain

57. _____________ are made up of country wood strips of various sizes ranging from 18 mm to 38 mm thickness.
(A) Hard Board
(B) Block board
(C) Ply Wood
(D) Chip board

58. The type of plywood is designated by :
(A) one letter
(B) two letter
(C) three letter
(D) four letter

59. “DECOLAM” is an another trade name of :
(A) Plywood
(B) Sunmica
(C) Manufacturing board
(D) Veneer

60. What is the thickness for stool top plank?
(A) 10 mm
(B) 25 mm
(C) 37 mm
(D) 40 mm

61. What is the wood selected for the ornamentation work?
(A) Twisted timber
(B) Natural grain of figured timber
(C) Hard Wood
(D) Used knot timber

62. What is the definition of ornamentation?
(A) Good quality
(B) Good finishing
(C) Decoration of wood article
(D) Uniform colour

63. The process of cutting a series of recesses or pockets with sides which slope into the wood at angle to the surface is :
(A) inlaying
(B) wood carving
(C) chip carving
(D) relief carving

64. Who relies chiefly on figure, grain colour of timber?
(A) Hard worker
(B) Good designer
(C) Special man for works
(D) Unskilled person

65. It is one of the oldest method of ornamentation of timber :
(A) relief carving
(B) wood carving
(C) inlaying
(D) figured timber

66. _____________ are paste and liquid forms it gives furniture a silky feel, protects from moisture, protection from stains, suitable for all types of flooring.
(A) Polish
(B) Spirit Varnish
(C) Oil
(D) Wax based wood polish

67. Sand paper is used for wood surface preparation. It is available in various grades. 150, 200, 220 are _____________ types sand paper.
(A) Coarse grit
(B) Medium grit
(C) Fine grit
(D) Very Fine grit

68. These materials are many types available in the market. The purpose of this is fill cavities, dents, large cracks and holes undulations and surface roughness.
(A) Paint application
(B) Primer application
(C) Putty application
(D) Polish application

69. Prepare the wooden surface; Apply varnish after enough drying mix the colour powders with varnish/polish, apply it with the use of application just similar to the grains, polish the wooden surface after drying. This procedure followed ______________ work.
(A) Varnishing
(B) Staining
(C) Painting
(D) Stopping

70. It is manufactured by gum, resins like shellac in methylated spirit. This type varnish is leads to rich finish on plywood, wooden furniture. It is also called sheenlac polish :
(A) French Polish
(B) Oil Varnish
(C) Water Varnish
(D) Turpentine Varnish

71. Paint binders may be referred as convertible and non-convertible type resins, Nitro cellulose, chlorinated rubber and vinyl resins are _________________ type.
(A) Convertible
(B) Non-convertible
(C) Natural
(D) None of the above

72. Paint ingredients are pigment, binder, solvent additives _____________ is an example of pigment.
(A) Acrylic
(B) Titanium dioxide
(C) Toluene
(D) Shellac

73. _____________ paints are flexible, water proof, less odour, dries quickly, not flammable, it is safe for human health irritation.
(A) Enamel paint
(B) Emulsion paint
(C) Lacquer paint
(D) Oil based paint

74. ______________ has long lasting, water proof, chemical resistant to offer good coverage. It is used for interior, exterior, wood, concrete and metals.
(A) Enamel paint
(B) Emulsion paint
(C) Cement paint
(D) Aluminium paint

75. _____________ may be organic and inorganic material including, colour, opacity, durability and mechanical strength of paint.
(A) Solvent
(B) Pigment
(C) Additives
(D) Driers

76. What is the size of blade suitable for cutting 3” dia curves in band saw machine?
(A) 6 mm
(B) 12 mm
(C) 9 mm
(D) 20 mm

77. Which one of the following thickness of the blade used in a circular saw machine?
(A) 4 mm to 6 mm
(B) 5 mm to 8 mm
(C) 2 mm to 5 mm
(D) 3 mm to 9 mm

78. What is the operation of cutting the timber length wise along the grain on a circular saw machine?
(A) Ripping
(B) Cross cutting
(C) Mitre cutting
(D) Rebating

79. In a circular saw machine ______________ saw blades are used for splitting boards with very little waste in the cut.
(A) Swage saw
(B) Hollow ground saw
(C) Plate saw
(D) Taper saw

80. In a planning machine ______________ covers the cutting knives.
(A) Cutter head
(B) Guard
(C) Fence
(D) Infeed roll

81. A quick helix drill should never be used on _____________ metal.
(A) Copper
(B) Aluminium
(C) Gun metal
(D) Brass

82. Name the chisel which is similar to ordinary firmer chisel and is used for scraping cylinders in a wood turning lathe :
(A) Facing chisel
(B) Skew chisel
(C) Parting tool
(D) Gouge chisel

83. Which part is used to support the work piece (job) in a hollow chisel mortise machine?
(A) Table
(B) Fence
(C) Vice
(D) Chuck

84. Which part of drilling machine is controlling the feeding of the drill bit into work and move the spindle up and down?
(A) Feed handle
(B) Spindle
(C) Pully
(D) Chuck

85. Which type of sanding machine is used for sanding hollows and irregular curves?
(A) Belt sander
(B) Orbital sander
(C) Drum sander
(D) Spindle sander

86. Which pattern are used for soil and water pipes, valve bodies and pipe bends ect.?
(A) Sweep pattern
(B) Segmental pattern
(C) Skeleton pattern
(D) Follow board pattern

87. Contraction steel rule is also known as :
(A) Collapsible rule
(B) Shrinkage rule
(C) Zig zag rule
(D) Foot rule

88. Description of an object can be read by :
(A) Drawing
(B) Picture
(C) Layout
(D) Blue print

89. Which one of the statements is not an advantage of wooden pattern?
(A) It is cheap and easily available
(B) It can be repaired and reused
(C) It is easily affected by moisture
(D) It can be shaped easily into different forms and designs

90. Which one of the statements is an advantage of wooden pattern?
(A) Wooden patterns are used small number of castings to be
(B) It wears out quickly as a result of sand abrasion
(C) It has low strength and tend to break when used roughly
(D) The cost of workmanship is less than other materials

91. Which of the following statement is/are correct about Mansard roof truss?
(i) Combination of King post truss and Queen post trusses
(ii) Two-storey truss with upper portion consist of King Post truss and the lower portion of Queen post truss
(iii) Upper pitch of truss varies from 60° to 70° and the lower pitch varies from 30° to 40°.
(A) only (i) and (iii)
(B) only (i) and (ii)
(C) only (i)
(D) All of the above (i), (ii) and (iii)

92. The strip of wood, usually moulded or splayed, which is fixed around the sides and head of opening and thus helps in giving a descent appearance to the joint of door frame with the masonry is :
(A) Jamb
(B) Reveal
(C) Rebate
(D) Architrave

93. Type of lock used for securing doors when aldrop bolts or hasp and staple bolts are employed :
(A) Pad lock
(B) Peg stay
(C) Mortice lock
(D) Rim lock

94. Which of the following statement is/are correct about Wooden partition?
(i) Common partition consists of vertical members known as studs
(ii) Nogging pieces are introduced to make the studs more stiff
(iii) A stud of short length, as on an opening, is known as puncheon
(A) only (i) and (ii)
(B) only (i) and (iii)
(C) only (ii)
(D) All of the above (i), (ii) and (iii)

95. The small triangular wooden blocks, provided at the inner angle formed between a tread and a riser of wooden or timber stair, to give additional strength to a wooden step is :
(A) Soffit
(B) Scotia block
(C) Glue blocks
(D) String

96. Type of hinge used for ledged and braced door is
(A) Garnet hinge
(B) Back flap hinge
(C) Butt hinge
(D) Strap hinge

97. Match List 1 with List 2 and select the correct answer by using codes given below the lists :
 List 1
(a) Roof slopes in two direction and slope meets at ridge
(b) Roof slopes in one direction
(c) Roof slopes in two directions, but there is break in each slope
(d) Roof slopes in four directions but a plane surface is formed at the top
List 2
(i) Aisle roof
(ii) Deck roof
(iii) Gable roof
(iv) Gambrel roof
(A) (a)-(ii), (b)-(iv), (c)-(i), (d)-(iii)
(B) (a)-(iii), (b)-(i), (c)-(iv), (d)-(ii)
(C) (a)-(ii), (b)-(i), (c)-(iv), (d)-(iii)
(D) (a)-(iv), (b)-(ii), (c)-(iii), (d)-(i)

98. Match List 1 with List 2 and select the correct answer by using codes given below the lists :
 List 1
(a) Windows which are provided on the sloping surface of a pitched roof
(b) Windows which are fixed on the flat roof to provide the inner portion of building
(c) Vertical windows built in sloping side of pitched roof
(d) Shutters of window open like doors in
 List 2
(i) Lanterns
(ii) Dormer Window
(iii) Casement window
(iv) Sky light window
(A) (a)-(ii), (b)-(iv), (c)-(i), (d)-(iii)
(B) (a)-(iv), (b)-(i), (c)-(ii), (d)-(iii)
(C) (a)-(iv), (b)-(iii), (c)-(ii), (d)-(i)
(D) (a)-(ii), (b)-(i), (c)-(iv), (d)-(iii)

99. Which of the following statement is/are correct about hexagonal nut?
(i) Theoretically thickness of nut is equal to the diameter of bolt
(ii) Width of nut is 1.5 diameter + 8 mm
(iii) Corner to corner is twice the diameter of bolt
(iv) Angle of chamfer is 30°
(A) only (i) and (iv)
(B) only (i), (ii) and (iii)
(C) only (i), (iii) and (iv)
(D) only (ii) and (iv)

100. Match List 1 with List 2 and select the correct answer by using codes given below the lists :
 List 1
(a) Vertical member which is employed to subdivide window opening vertically
(b) Vertical wall face of an opening which supports the frame of door
(c) Depression or recess made inside the door frame to receive the door shutter
(d) Horizontal member which is employed to subdivide a window opening horizontally
List 2
(i) Rebate
(ii) Mullion
(iii) Transom
(iv) Jamb
(A) (a)-(iii), (b)-(iv), (c)-(i), (d)-(ii)
(B) (a)-(iv), (b)-(iii), (c)-(ii), (d)-(i)
(C) (a)-(iv), (b)-(iii), (c)-(i), (d)-(ii)
(D) (a)-(ii), (b)-(iv), (c)-(i), (d)-(iii)

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