Junior Lab Assistant Question Paper and Answer Key



 Name of Post: Junior Lab Assistant

Department: Medical Education Service

Cat. No: 011/2022, 076/2022

Question Code: 006/2023

Medium of Question- English

Final Answer Key

 1. Acid present in chromic acid solution is
 A) Phosphoric Acid
 B) Nitric Acid
 C) Hydrochloric Acid
 D) Sulphuric Acid

 2. Beer-Lambert law is applied in the instrument
 A) Microscope
 B) Colorimeter
 C) pH meter
 D) Incubator

 3. Laboratory incubator is usually set with a temperature of
 A) 8°C
 B) 56°C
 C) 100°C
 D) 37°C

 4. Which of the following is used to keep chemicals free from water ?
 A) Hot air oven
 B) Desiccators
 C) Incubator
 D) Seitz filter

 5. Bleaching powder is prepared from
 A) Benzaldehyde
 B) Gluteraldehyde
 C) Hypochlorite
 D) Sodium chloride

 6. Solution in which no more salt is able to dissolve is
 A) Saturate solution
 B) Percent solution
 C) Molar solution
 D) Standard solution

 7. Which of the following is an inflammable chemical ?
 A) Xylene
 B) Chloroform
 C) Alcohol
 D) All the three

Question Deleted

 8. Reverse osmosis is used to prepare
 A) Disinfectants
 B) Deionised water
 C) Distilled water
 D) None of these

 9. Example for a chemical that is kept under water
 A) Sodium
 B) Picric acid
 C) Calcium carbonate
 D) Sodium hypochlorite

 10. Hospital wastes like used syringe, needle etc. are stored in which coloured bin ?
 A) Red
 B) Yellow
 C) White
 D) Blue

Question Deleted

 11. ABO blood group system was introduced by
 A) Antonie Van Leeuwenhoek
 B) Robert Frost
 C) Louis Pasteur
 D) Karl Landsteiner

 12. In ACD solution erythrocytes get energy from
 A) Glucose
 B) Citric acid
 C) Citrate
 D) Haemoglobin

 13. Which of the following is not investigated during donor selection in blood bank ?
 A) Hb
 B) Weight of donor
 C) Relationship with patient
 D) Pulse

 14. Vaccutainer with red top containg
 A) Heparin
 C) No anticoagulant
 D) Sodium citrate

 15. Which anticoagulant inhibit thrombin ?
 A) Double oxalate
 C) Citrate
 D) Heparin

 16. Which type of the cells present in a healthy adult as 3 lakhs/cu mm of blood ?
 B) Platelets
 C) Neutrophils
 D) Agranulocytes

 17. Leishman stain is an example for
 A) Romanowsky stains
 B) Acidic stains
 C) Basic stains
 D) Supravital stains

 18. RBCs are lysed by acetic acid in
 A) Piolets fluid
 B) Hinglemans fluid
 C) Turkes fluid
 D) Dacies fluid

 19. In a centrifuged blood sample, WBC appear
 A) As a top layer
 B) As a bottom layer
 C) Between RBC and platelet
 D) Below the plasma and above the platelets
20. Reticulocytes are
 A) Immature RBC
 B) Immature WBC
 C) Antibody producing cells
 D) Cells help in blood clotting

 21. Length of westergrens pipette is
 A) 100 cm
 B) 10 cm
 C) 100 mm
 D) 300 mm

 22. For CBC, blood is collected with anticoagulant
 A) No anticoagulant is used
 B) Sodium citrate
 D) Double Oxalate

 23. Coulter counter is used for
 A) ESR determination
 B) Prothrombin time
 D) Blood smear preparation

 24. In case of blood glucose estimation, delay in separation of serum from blood results in
 A) High glucose level
 B) Low glucose level
 C) No change
 D) None of the above

 25. In Diabetes Mellitus, fruity odour of urine is due to the presence of
 A) Glucose
 B) Protein
 C) Pus cells
 D) Acetone

 26. Esbach’s reagent is
 A) Picric acid and citric acid
 B) Acetic acid and picric acid
 C) Acetic acid and citric acid
 D) None of the above

 27. Ketonuria is seen in
 A) Diabetes Mellitus
 B) Alkalosis
 C) Von Gierke’s disease
 D) All the above

 28. HbA1C level reveals the mean glucose level over a period of
 A) Previous 12-14 weeks
 B) Previous 8-10 weeks
 C) Previous 2-3 weeks
 D) Previous 5-10 days

 29. Renal threshold of glucose is
 A) 120 mg%
 B) 80 mg%
 C) 180 mg%
 D) 140 mg%

 30. Multiple myeloma patient shows
 A) Haemoglobinuria
 B) Alkaptonuria
 C) Myoglobinuria
 D) Bence – Jones proteinuria

 31. Reference value of creatinine clearance in female is
 A) 120-160 ml/minute
 B) 80-115 ml/minute
 C) 75 ml/minute
 D) 15-40 ml/minute

 32. Tumour marker of ovarian cancer is
 A) T24
 C) CA 19.9
 D) CA 125

 33. Enzyme that shows marked increase in obstructive liver disease is
 A) Alkaline phosphatase
 B) Creatine kinase
 C) Lactate dehydrogenase
 D) Alanine amino transferase

 34. Non-enzymatic addition of any sugar to protein is called
 A) Glycosylation
 B) Glycogenation
 C) Glycation
 D) Glycolysis

 35. Test to the assess excretory function of liver is related to
 A) Cardiac Green Test
 B) PSP Test
 C) SGOT Estimation
 D) Serum Bilirubin

 36. Dry chemistry system, the reaction is measured by
 A) Flow cytometry
 B) Emission spectroscopy
 C) Reflectance spectrophotometry
 D) Nephalometry

 37. Leibermann-Burchard reaction is related to
 A) Sugar
 B) Albumin
 C) Creatinine
 D) Cholesterol

 38. Conn’s syndrome is
 A) Hyper aldosteronism
 B) Hyper thyroidism
 C) Hypo thyroidism
 D) Hypo pituitarism

 39. Chinese letter pattern is a characteristic feature of
 A) Vibrios
 B) Corynebacteria
 C) Spirilla
 D) Streptococci

 40. Holding period of hot air oven is
 A) 120°C for 15 minutes
 B) 72°C for 15-20 seconds
 C) 160°C for 1 hour
 D) 160°C for 15 minutes

 41. An example of indicator culture medium is
 A) Stuart’s medium
 B) McLeod’s medium
 D) VR medium

 42. Reagent for oxidase reaction of bacteria is
 A) P-dimethyl amino benzaldehyde
 B) Nessler’s reagent
 C) α-naphthol in ethanol
 D) Tetra methyl p-phenylene diamine hydrochloride

 43. Acid fastness of bacteria is due to the presence of
 A) Mycolic acid
 B) Flagellin
 C) Carboxylic acid
 D) Slime layer

 44. The parasite of benign tertian malaria is
 A) P. ovale
 B) P. vivax
 C) P. falciparum
 D) P. malariae

 45. In P. malariae infection, infected RBC shows
 A) Jame’s dots
 B) Maurer’s dots
 C) Ziemann’s dots
 D) Schuffner’s dots

 46. An example of clearing agent used for tissue processing in histopathology laboratory is
 A) Cedar wood oil
 B) Ethanol
 C) Paraffin wax
 D) Isopropyl alcohol

 47. Cold acetone is an example of
 A) Nuclear fixative
 B) Vapour fixative
 C) Histochemical fixative
 D) Cytoplasmic fixative

 48. __________ is used as preservative in Mayer’s haematoxylin stain.
 A) Sodium azide
 B) Sodium iodate
 C) Glycerol
 D) Chloral hydrate

 49. Stain used for hormonal evaluation in cytology is
 A) Cresyl violet
 B) Shorr’s stain
 C) Acetic orcein
 D) H and E stain

 50. Routinely used cytological fixative is
 A) Carbowax
 B) Carnoy’s fixative
 C) 10% formalin
 D) 95% ethanol-ether mixture

 51. If the percentage error in radius is 1% and the percentage error in length is 3%, what is the percentage error in calculating the volume of a cylinder ?
 A) 4%
 B) 2%
 C) 3%
 D) 5%

 52. A particle moves with velocity 3 m/s towards East for a time t and with a velocity 2 m/s for a time 2t along North. Find the average velocity.
 A) 4/3 m/s
 B) 5/3 m/s
 C) 5/2  m/s
 D) 5 m/s


 Correct Answer: A

  54. A body weighs 50 N on the surface of the earth. What is the gravitational force on it due to the earth at a height equal to half the radius of the earth ?
 A) 25 N
 B) 50 N
 C) 10 N
 D) 0

Question Deleted

 55. Which of the following is correct for an adiabatic process ?
 (i) No heat exchange between system and surrounding.
 (ii) No temperature change.
 (iii) Slow process.
 (iv) Fast process.
 A) (i) and (iv)
 B) (i) and (iii)
 C) (ii) and (iii)
 D) (i)

Correct Answer: A

 57. What is the force needed to lift a car, if a force of 50 N is applied to the smaller piston of radius 5 cm ? The radius of the larger piston is 15 cm.
 A) 520 N
 B) 450 N
 C) 750 N
 D) 400 N

 58. The resistance of the carbon resistor with colour code red, yellow, red, gold is
 A) Range from 2120Ω to 2600Ω
 B) Range from 2280Ω to 2520Ω
 C) Range from 2283Ω to 2550Ω
 D) Range from 2191Ω to 2590Ω

 59. The capacitance of a parallel plate capacitor is 10 μF. What happens to the  capacitance, if the distance between the plates is reduced by half and the medium between the plates is filled with a medium of dielectric constant, 6 ?
 A) 20 μF
 B) 60 μF
 C) 120 μF
 D) 10 μF

 60. The uses of microwaves are
 A) used in radar systems
 B) used in electrical heaters
 C) used in medical imaging
 D) used in fibre optic communication

 61. Find the value of the shunt resistance, if a galvanometer is converted to ammeter. The galvanometer resistance is 10Ω and it requires 5% of the main current as the current for full-scale deflection.
 A) 10/19 Ω
 B) 10/11 Ω
 C) 10/20 Ω
 D) 10/13 Ω

 62. The value of Bohr radius is
 A) 6.29 × 10–11 m
 B) 5.29 × 10–11 m
 C) 5.29 × 10–10 m
 D) 6.12 × 10–11 m

 63. The half-life period of a radioactive substance is 30 days. What is the time for 3/4th of the original mass to disintegrate ?
 A) 90 days
 B) 60 days
 C) 45 days
 D) 50 days

 64. Two lenses of powers +6D and –2D are combined. The focal length of the combination is
 A) .12 m
 B) .25 m
 C) .15 m
 D) .5 m

 65. If the input frequency is 50 Hz, what is the output frequency in a full-wave rectifier ?
 A) 50 Hz
 B) 75 Hz
 C) 100 Hz
 D) 25 Hz

 66. Which of the following contains the greatest number of molecules ?
 A) 1g O₂
 B) 1g H₂O
 C) 1g H₂
 D) 1g NH3

 67. The total number of orbitals in an energy level designated by principal quantum number n is equal to
 A) n – 1
 B) n²
 C) 2n²
 D) 2n

 68. Which of the following has lowest pH ?
 A) 1M HCl
 B) 0.1M HCl
 C) 0.01M HCl
 D) 0.001M HCl

 69. Which of the following is a secondary cell ?
 A) Dry cell
 B) Nickel-Cadmium cell
 C) Mercury cell
 D) None of these

 70. Smoke is an example of
 A) Foam
 B) Sol
 C) Gel
 D) Aerosol

 71. Which among the following element has largest atomic radius ?
 A) Na
 B) Mg
 C) K
 D) Al

 72. An antiseptic sold in the market as perhydrol
 A) SO₂
 B) Dettol
 C) Phenol
 D) Hydrogen peroxide

 73. Which ion is required for the coagulation of blood ?
 A) Copper
 B) Calcium
 C) Magnesium
 D) Zinc

 74. Name the gas formed when concentrated Nitric acid is added to copper.
 A) NO₂
 B) N₂O
 C) H₂
 D) N₂

 75. Which of the following alloys contain Copper, Tin and Zinc ?
 A) Brass
 B) Bronze
 C) Gun metal
 D) German silver

 A) 4-Oxopentanoic acid
 B) 1, 4-Dioxopentanol
 C) 1-Hydroxypentane 1, 4-dione
 D) 1-Hydroxypentane 1, 5-dione

 77. Which of the following gives silver mirror with Tollen’s reagent ?
 A) CH3 – CH2 – OH
 B) CH3 – CHO
 C) CH3 – CH2 – CO – CH2 – CH3
 D) CH3 – COOH

 78. Which of the following vitamin deficiency causes convulsion ?
 A) Vitamin B1
 B) Vitamin B2
 C) Vitamin B6
 D) Vitamin B12

 79. Arsenic containing medicine used for the treatment of syphilis is
 A) Streptomycin
 B) Novalgin
 C) Chloroquine
 D) Salvarsan

 80. Terylene is a condensation polymer of ethylene glycol and
 A) Phthalic acid
 B) Terephthalic acid
 C) Adipic acid
 D) Benzoic acid

 81. From the following plants, which one is a Dioecious plant ?
 A) Coconut
 B) Cucurbita
 C) Date Palm
 D) Hibiscus

 82. Seeds of certain flowering plants contain perisperm. What is perisperm ?
 A) Persistent Endosperm
 B) Persistent Nucellus
 C) Cotyledon
 D) Unused Endosperm

 83. Ability of a plant cell to generate as a whole plant is known as
 A) Totipotency
 B) Pleuripotency
 C) Biopotency
 D) Innate Potency

 84. From the following find out a selectable marker.
 A) Eco R1
 B) ori
 C) rop
 D) amp

 85. The process of Elution during electrophoresis is
 A) Loading DNA
 B) Restriction digestion
 C) Staining
 D) Separated DNA fragments are cut out from agarose gel and extracted from gel piece

 86. A single stranded DNA or RNA which is tagged with a radioactive molecule used in molecular diagnosis is known as
 A) Probe
 B) Primer
 C) cDNA
 D) RNAi

 87. Name the Ecological Interaction between orchid and mango tree.
 A) Amensalism
 B) Mutualism
 C) Commensalism
 D) Parasitism

 88. Name the ecological pyramid which is always upright.
 A) Number pyramid
 B) Biomass pyramid
 C) Both A) and B)
 D) Energy pyramid

 89. Function of the nucleolus is
 A) Controlling cell activities
 B) Biosynthesis of ribosome subunits
 C) Motility of cell
 D) Formation of basal bodies

 90. Terminalisation of Chiasmata occur at which stage of Prophase I ?
 A) Diplotene
 B) Diakinesis
 C) Leptotene
 D) Zygotene

 91. The transmission of HIV infection in human being generally not occurs
 A) By sharing infected injection needles
 B) From infected mother to her child
 C) By drinking water using the same glass
 D) By sexual contact with infected person

 92. Pseudocoelom is found only in animals belonging to the phylum
 A) Cnidaria
 B) Aschelminthes
 C) Mollusca
 D) Echinodermata

 93. Which factor is not favourable for the formation of oxyhaemoglobin in human being ?
 A) high PO2
 B) low PCO2
 C) high temperature
 D) low H ion concentration

 94. Name the cells which synthesize and secrete testacular hormones called androgens.
 A) Leydig cells
 B) Sertoli cells
 C) Male germ cells
 D) Spermatids

 95. ‘Carbohydrates are not digested in the stomach of human being.’ The reason for this is
 (i) Pepsin can digest only small amount of carbohydrates.
 (ii) There are no carbohydrates in gastric juice.
 (iii) Salivary amylase becomes denatured by the HCl in stomach.
 A) statement (i) is correct
 B) all statements are correct
 C) all statements are wrong
 D) statements (ii) and (iii) are correct

Question Deleted

 96. The QRS complex in an ECG of a man represents
 A) Ventricular depolarisation
 B) Atrial depolarisation
 C) Ventricular repolarisation
 D) Arial repolarisation

 97. Name the chromosomal disorder in which the affected individual expresses
 A) Down’s Syndrome
 B) Klinefelter’s Syndrome
 C) Turner’s Syndrome
 D) Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome

 98. In a transcription unit of DNA, the strand which acts as a template for RNA synthesis is known as
 A) Coding strand
 B) Intron
 C) Exon
 D) Template strand

 99. An increase blood flow to atria of human heart stimulates the release of Atrial Natriuretic Factor (ANF) will leads to
 (i) Vaso dialation
 (ii) Increase GFR
 (iii) Increase urine formation
 (iv) Decrease blood pressure.
 A) Statement (ii) is correct
 B) Statements (ii) and (iii) are correct
 C) Statement (i) is correct
 D) Statements (i) and (iv) are correct

 100. One of the following organism is not included in the phylum Mollusca.
 A) Chaetopleura
 B) Aplysia
 C) Ophiura
 D) Loligo


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