Junior Assistant (Accounts) (SR for ST) Question Paper and Answer Key

Question Paper Code: 6/2023/OL
Category Code: 213/2019
Exam: Junior Assistant (Accounts) (SR for ST)
Date of Test 10-01-2023
Department Travancore Cochin Chemicals Limited
Alphacode A

Question1:-Which river of Kerala is referred as Choornni in Arthasasthra?
Answer:- Option-A

Question2:-Which Ship was used by Vasco da Gama during his first journey to explore India?
A:-Sao Gabriel
B:-Sao Miguel
C:-Sao Raphael
D:-Ei Rei
Answer:- Option-A

Question3:-Name of the group of poets adorned the court of Zamorin
B:-Niranam poets
C:-Pathinettara kavikal
D:-Bhakthi poets
Answer:- Option-C

Question4:-Who was the editor of the newspaper Mitavadi?
B:-C. Krishnan
C:-Ramakrishna Pillai
D:-K.P. Kesava Menon
Answer:- Option-B

Question5:-Who directed the movie Olavum Theeravum?
A:-M.T. Vasudevan Nair
B:-P.A. Beckar
C:-P.N. Menon
Answer:- Option-C

Question6:-Mudiyettu is a traditional theatre and folk art form performing in Kerala, belongs to which belief?
Answer:- Option-C

Question7:-Which inscription of the following is the earliest inscription mentioned about kadamkattu Kacham?
A:-Avittathur Inscription
B:-Vazhappalli inscription
C:-Chokkur Inscription
D:-Rameswaran koil Inscription
Answer:- Option-A

Question8:-No taxation without representation was the motto used in which revolution?
A:-French Revolution
B:-English Revolution
C:-Chinese Revolution
D:-American War of Independence
Answer:- Option-D

Question9:-Who wrote the famous book 21 lesson for the 21st Century?
A:-Yuval Noah Harrari
B:-James Clear
C:-Chetan Bhagath
D:-Bimal Jalan
Answer:- Option-A

Question10:-Which Asian Economy is set to ratify its membership of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) in 2022?
B:-Sri Lanka
Answer:- Option-C

Question11:-Which Institution launched a new saptech initiative named DAKSH?
B:-Niti Ayog
Answer:- Option-A

Question12:-"One could be happy not only without love, but despite it", is the famous quote from which book?
A:-Gabriel Garcia Marquez - Love in the Time of cholera
B:-Gabriel Garcia Marquez - One Hundred Years of Solitude
C:-Gabriel Garcia Marquez - Chronicle of a Death Foretold
D:-Gabriel Garcia Marquez- The Autumn of the Patriarch
Answer:- Option-A

Question13:-Alexis Kerry Ohanian, famous American internet entrepreneur is the co-founder  of which social media site?
Answer:- Option-B

Question14:-Who won the gold medal in the Diamond League Finals 2022, in Javelin throw?
A:-Neeraj Chopra
B:-Shivpal Singh
C:-Johness vetter
D:-Julian Weber
Answer:- Option-A

Question15:-The lower portion of the atmosphere extends upto the height of 90 km from the mean sea level is
Answer:- Option-C

Question16:-Which one of the following is not correctly matched
a.  A belt of low pressure : Doldrum
b.  Tropical cell : Hadley cell
c.  Upper air circulation in a narrow belt of troposphere : Jetstream
d.  Mistral : A warm dry periodic local wind
A:-a and b
B:-d only
C:-c only
D:-c and b only
Answer:- Option-B

Question17:-Identify correct fact
a. remote sensing systems which measure energy that is naturally called passive remote sensing
b.   Visible region dimension is from 0.4  0.7  micrometer
c.   The total width of the area on the ground covered by the scanner is called swath
d.   Frequency is the point on a wave with the greatest positive value
A:-All of the above
B:-a, b and c
C:-b and c
D:-a and d
Answer:- Option-B

Question18:-Which one is not the characteristic features of Northern mountain region (Himalayas)
A:-The shiwalik comprises the outermost range of the Himalaya
B:-The middle or the Lesser Himalaya also called the Himachal or lower Himalaya
C:-Himadri is the innermost of all the Himalayan ranges
D:-The aravalli range is the major physiographic elements of the Himalayas
Answer:- Option-D

Question19:-Which is not the significance of climate of Kerala
A:-The winds in the region of Palghat Gap are predominantly from the cast in the period from November to March
B:-March is hottest month with a mean maximum temperature of about 33°C
C:-The Southwest monsoon is the principal rainy season when the State receives about 70% of its annual rainfall
D:-The temperature starts to decrease with the end of February which indicates the beginning of summer in Kerala
Answer:- Option-D

Question20:-Tri-state sanctuary has been declared as eco-sentive zone (ESZ) recently
A:-National Chambal Sanctuary
B:-Corbett National Park
C:-Kanha National Park
D:-Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary
Answer:- Option-A

Question21:- Find out wrong statement from the given option
A:-Project the society for Assistance to Fisherwomen (SAF), for the empowerment of disability group of coastal community
B:-Smart revenue department aims digital resurvey, unique than dapper smart village. people's committees and e-office system
C:-Jalajeevan Mission of Kerala focuses the safe drinking water map of Kerala
D:-Vegetable and Fruit Promotion Council, Kerala (VFPCK) formed in 2001, support commercial fruit and vegetable growers in Kerala
Answer:- Option-A

Question22:-Which of the following does not come under the benefits of GST?
A:-Reduction in Multiplicity of taxes
B:-Mitigation of cascading effect of taxation
C:-Differential price structure
D:-Transparency in taxation system
Answer:- Option-C

Question23:-Which of the following statement about Niti Aayog's activities is/are correct?
a.   Policy and program Framework
b.  Finalisation of financial resource allocation to states
c.   Knowledge and Innovation hub
A:-Only b and c
B:-Only a and b
C:-All of the above (a, b and c)
D:-Only a and c
Answer:- Option-D

Question24:-The three largest rice-producing states in India are
A:-Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh
B:-West Bengal, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh
C:-Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra
D:-Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala
Answer:- Option-B

Question25:-Which of the following is/are direct taxes?
a.   Income tax
b.   Customs Duty
c.   Central Excise Duty
A:-Only a
B:-Only a and b
C:-Only b and c
D:-All of the above
Answer:- Option-A

Question26:-Security Exchange Board of India was not entrusted with the function of
A:-Investor's protection
B:-Ensuring fair practices
C:-Regulates the securities market
D:-Improving the earnings of equity holders
Answer:- Option-D

Question27:-Grameen Udyami project aims at
A:-Promoting vegetable farming in rural areas
B:-Developing entrepreneurial skill among tribal youth
C:-Promoting skill development and entrepreneurship among tribal youth
D:-Promoting education among tribal women
Answer:- Option-C

Question28:-Which of the following statement about India's Human Development Index in 2021 is/are correct?
a.It is a summary measure of average achievement in key dimensions of human development: a long and healthy life, being knowledgeable and have a decent standard of living
b.The score of India's HDI in 2021 has dropped from 0.645 in 2020 to 0.633
c.India's score places it in the low human development category
A:-Only b and c
B:-Only a and b
C:-All of the above (a, b and c)
D:-Only (a and c)
Answer:- Option-B

Question29:-Suspension of a Government servant can be ordered by which of the following authority/authorities
a.   The appointing authority
b.   (II) Any authority to-which the appointing authority is subordinate (i.e. any superior authority)
c.   Any authority empowered by Government for the purpose
A:-Only a
B:-Only a and b
C:-Only b and c
D:-All the above
Answer:- Option-D

Question30:-Which of the following statement is/are correct regarding the Kerala Administrative Tribunal?
a.  Any person with legal experience is qualified for appointment as the chairman
b.  take up disputes and complains with respect to recruitment, and matters concerning recruitment to any civil service of the state or to any civil post under the state
c.   Advice on Service matters, applications and interpretation of the rules and orders relating to the service matters
d.   Article 323 A contained in Part XIV A stipulate that parliament may, by law, provide for the adjudication or trial by Administrative Tribunals.
Choose the correct option
A:-Only a and b
B:-Only (a, b and c)
C:-Only (b, c and d)
D:-All the above
Answer:- Option-C

Question31:-Our Responsibility to Children (ORC), an innovative initiative of integrated child protection Scheme (ICPS), Kerala, under the Department of Women and Child development  includes the following
a.  Sensitization and training programme
b.   Prevention activities
c.   Social rehabilitation of deviant children
d.   Food supplement of 500 calories of energy and 12-15 gms of protein per child per day as take home ration
Choose the correct option
A:-Only a and b
B:-Only a, b and c
C:-Only b, c and d
D:-All the above
Answer:- Option-B

Question32:-Which of the following statement is/are correct regarding the Kerala State Disaster management Authority?
a.   the first KSDMA was constituted on 4th May 2007
b.   the Chief Minister is the Chairman of KSDMA
c.   Kerala State Disaster Management Authority is a constitutional body
d.  The Chief Secretary is the Chief Executive officer of KSDMA
Choose the correct option
A:-Only a and b
B:-Only a, b and c
C:-Only a, b and d
D:-All the above
Answer:- Option-C

Question33:-Legal entitlements to the job seekers through the provisions of Mahatma Gandhi NREGA Act
a.  Right to a Job Card
b.  Right to Demand and receive work within 15 days
c.  Right to Unemployment Allowance
d.  Right to Plan and Prepare a Shelf of projects
Choose the correct option
A:-Only a and b
B:-Only a, b and c
C:-Only b, c and d
D:-All the above
Answer:- Option-D

Question34:-Which among the following is not a sub division of technical Division of Kerala State Planning Board?
B:-Industry and infrastructure
C:-Administrative Section
D:-Decentralized planning
Answer:- Option-C

Question35:-Consider the following statements on National Food for work programme. Choose the correct answer
a.   Started on 14th November 2004
b.   This scheme was later merged to the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA)
c.  The Sceme provides 100 days of employment with minimum wages for at least one able bodied person from each household
d.   The wages of the workers in this programmed were given only in the form of food grains
Choose the correct answer
A:-Only a and b
B:-Only a, b and c
C:-Only a, c and d
D:-All the above
Answer:- Option-B

Question36:-The programme started by the Government of Kerala with the objective of providing a safe and better living environment to destitute and Homeless widows
D:-Sahaya Hastham
Answer:- Option-A

Question37:-Crime and Criminal Tracking Networks and Systems (CCTNS) aims at
a.  Make the police functioning citizen friendly and more transparent by automating the functioning of police stations
b.   Improve police functioning in various other areas such as Law and Order, Traffic, Management etc
c.  Improve delivery of citizen-centric services through effective usage of ICT
d.  Keep track of the progress of Cases, including in Courts
Choose the correct option
A:-Only a and b
B:-Only a, b and c
C:-Only a, b and d
D:-All the above
Answer:- Option-D

Question38:-Which among the following is/are instruments of exercising legislative control?
a.  Question Hour
b.   Judicial review
c.  Adjournment Debates
d.  Budget Discussion
Choose the correct option
A:-Only a, b and c
B:-Only a, c and d
C:-Only a and c
D:-All the above
Answer:- Option-B

Question39:-Identify the programme initiated by Kerala State Literacy Mission Authority to provide free and continuing education for the Transgender community in Kerala
Answer:- Option-A

Question40:-Which body has ordered to provide dry ration to all sex workers in the country without insisting on ration card during the pandemic?
A:-National Human Rights Commission
B:-The Supreme Court of India
C:-National Commission for women
D:-The parliament
Answer:- Option-B

Question41:-Which of the following aspects is related to 103rd Amendment?
A:-Reservation of Economically weaker sections
B:-Special provisions with respect to Goods and Services Tax
C:-Extended the deadline for the cessation of seats for SCs and STs in the Lok Sabha and states assemblies
D:-Restored state governments power to prepare the socially and Educationally Backward classes (SEBC) list
Answer:- Option-A

Question42:-Consider the following statements with regard to union public service commission
a.   In the case of the Union Commission or a Joint Commission, the president determine the number of members of the commission and their conditions of service
b.   The conditions of service of a member of a public service commission shall not be varied to his disadvantages after his appointment
c.   The chairman of the Union public service commission shall be eligible for further employment either under the Government of India or under the Government of a state
d.  Parliament may provide for the exercise of additional functions by the Union Public Service commission
Choose the correct option
A:-Only a, b and c
B:-Only a, b and d
C:-Only a, c and d
D:-All the above
Answer:- Option-B

Question43:-The writ of prohibition is only available against
A:-Judicial and quasi-judicial agencies
B:-Administrative authority
C:-Legislative body
D:-Private individuals
Answer:- Option-A

Question44:-Which one of the following is not included in the State List in the Constitution of India?
B:-Criminal Procedure code
C:-Law and Order
Answer:- Option-B

Question45:-The Union Executive under Indian constitution consists of which of the following members?
a.   President
b.  Vice-president
c.   The prime Minister and the Council of ministers
d.  Attorney General for India
A:-Only a, b ,c
B:-Only a, c ,d
C:-Only a and c
D:-All the above
Answer:- Option-D

Question46:-Which constitutional Amendment Act provided constitutional status to the National Commission for Backward Classes (NCBC)
A:-86th Amendment Act
B:-102nd constitution Amendment Act
C:-104th Amendment Act
D:-105th Amendment Act
Answer:- Option-B

Question47:-The first state in the country to have a separate Ministry for the disabled?
Answer:- Option-A

Question48:-Part of the human body that directly receives oxygen from the outside air is ________
A:-Central part of tympanic membrane of ear
B:-Sclera of the eye
C:-Inter nasal septum
D:-Central part of the cornea of eye
Answer:- Option-D

Question49:-Spina bifida, a congenital defect of neural tube formation in fetuses can be prevented by the intake of __________ during pregnancy
B:-Folic acid
Answer:- Option-B

Question50:-Syphilis one of the serious sexually transmitted disease is caused by
A:-Treponema Pallidum
B:-Trichomonas vaginalis
C:-Chlamydia trachomatis
D:-Yersinia pestis
Answer:- Option-A

Question51:-David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian were awarded Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine in 2021 for their discoveries of
A:-Receptors for touch and smell
B:-Receptors for temperature and touch
C:-Cancer therapy by inhibition of negative immune regulation
D:-Dendritic cell and its role in adaptive immunity
Answer:- Option-B

Question52:-The welfare scheme initiated by the Health Department, Government of Kerala for permanently bedridden patients is ____________
Answer:- Option-C

Question53:-The formula for calculating Body Mass Index (BMI) and the normal range of BMI are as follows:
        A:-               Weight in Kg
BMI = ___________________    and 18.5-24.9
            Height in centimeter sq.
        B:-             Weight in Kg
BMI = ___________________    and 18.5-24.9
            Height in meter sq.
        C:-             Weight in Kg
BMI = ___________________    and 25.0-29.9
            Height in centimeter sq.
        D:-            Weight in Kg
BMI = ___________________    and 25.0-29.9
            Height in meter sq.
Answer:- Option-B

Question54:-The author of silent spring, the book that alerted the world about the dangers of chemical pesticide overuse, is:
A:-Richard Dawkins
B:-Matt Ridley
C:-Nick Lane
D:-Rachel Carson
Answer:- Option-D

Question55:-From those given below, pick the reasons why convex mirrors are used as rear-review mirrors
a.   They give real images
b.   They have wider field of view
c.   They give magnified images
d.   They give erect images
A:-b and c
B:-b and d
C:-c and d
D:-a and b
Answer:- Option-B

Question56:-The work done is zero when
a.   The force is zero
b.   the displacement is zero
c.   when the force and displacement are perpendicular to each other
A:-a and b only
B:-b and c only
C:-a and c only
D:-a, b and c
Answer:- Option-D

Question57:-Arrange ultraviolet, infrared, microwave and visible radiations in the increasing order of frequency
A:-Visible, infrared, microwave, ultraviolet
B:-ultraviolet, microwave, infrared, visible
C:-ultraviolet, visible, infrared, microwave
D:-Microwave, infrared, Visible, ultraviolet
Answer:- Option-D

Question58:-The Nobel prize for physics in 2021 was awarded to
A:-Giorgio Parisis, Klaus Hasselmann and Syukuro Manabe
B:-Mehran Kardar, Georgio Parisi and Syukuro Manabe
C:-Klaus Hasselmann, Mehran Kardar and Georgio Parisi
D:-Klaus Hasselmann, Mehran Kardar and Syukuro Manabe
Answer:- Option-A

Question59:-Which of the following is an allotrope of carbon
A:-Silicon carbide
C:-Boron Carbide
D:-Calcium Carbide
Answer:- Option-B

Question60:-Which of the following is a metal?
Answer:- Option-A

Question61:-Which alkaloid is used for the treatment of malaria?
Answer:- Option-C

Question62:-Recently launched 'Ni-kshay Mitra Portal' is associated with which disease?
C:-Covid - 19
Answer:- Option-B

Question63:-Which body has ordered to provide dry ration to all sex workers in the country without inserting on ration card?
A:-National Commission on Women
B:-Supreme Court of India
C:-National Administrative Tribunal
D:-National Human rights Commission
Answer:- Option-B

Question64:-Which of the following writs can be used against a person believed to be holding a public office he is not entitled to hold?
B:-Guo Warrants
C:-Habeas corpus
Answer:- Option-B

Question65:-Supreme court of India struck down which section of the information technology Act, 2000 in
A:-S 66 B
B:-S 66 A
C:-S 66 C
D:-S 66
Answer:- Option-B

Question66:-In 1993, national Human Rights commission was established under the
A:-Protection of Human Rights Act
B:-Right to information Act
C:-Habitual offenders of Act
D:-National commission for Women Act
Answer:- Option-A

Question67:-In India, the reckoning date for the determination of the age of the Juvenile is the
A:-Date of offence
B:-Date of Trial
C:-Date of judgement
D:-Date of arrest
Answer:- Option-A

Question68:-Specify the output device from the following
A:-Joy stick
Answer:- Option-D

Question69:-One of the following is an example of an Application Software
A:-Word processor
D:-Operating Systems
Answer:- Option-A

Question70:-Specify the language does not used to develop webpages
B:-Assembly Language
Answer:- Option-B

Question71:-The memory placed inside the CPU is
D:-Magnetic memory
Answer:- Option-C

Question72:-Some of the output devices can be used to generate carbon copies due to the
A:-Printing mechanism used
B:-Paper loading mechanism used
C:-Data transfer mechanism used
D:-Types of ink used
Answer:- Option-A

Question73:-One of the following statement is not true with a laptop computer
A:-A laptop is a portable computer
B:-External Battery is used for power storage
C:-Users can carry while travelling
D:-WiFi can be connected
Answer:- Option-B

Question74:-One of the following is not an octal number
Answer:- Option-B

Question75:-One of the following statement is not the function of operating systems
A:-Memory management
B:-Command interpretation
C:-Program translation
D:-File management
Answer:- Option-C

Question76:-How to include page numbering in the top of a MS WORD document
Answer:- Option-C

Question77:-How to include a note at the end of the MS WORD document?
Answer:- Option-D

Question78:-How to check whether a cell in excel is empty or not?
Answer:- Option-C

Question79:-How to represent contributions graphically to a whole quantity in excel
A:-Column chart
B:-Pie chart
C:-XY chart
D:-Line chart
Answer:- Option-B

Question80:-Which command is wrong to start a slide show in Power point
A:-Press "from Beginning button" of  slide show
B:-Press "from current Slide" of slide show
C:-Press "F5" Button
D:-Press "F6" Button
Answer:- Option-D

Question81:-Specify the concept which do not belong to Object oriented programming
B:-Message communication
Answer:- Option-C

Question82:-Preprocessor statement to cancel the existing definition of macro LIMIT is
A:-#can LIMIT
B:-#undef LIMIT
C:-#defcan LIMIT
D:-#candef LIMIT
Answer:- Option-B

Question83:-Which has the lowest precedence in following visual basic operators?
B:-( )
Answer:- Option-D

Question84:-The method used to display all the dialog box controls at run-time in VB.NET
Answer:- Option-B

Question85:-The following is not belong to the key concept in data base management systems
A:-Primary key
B:-Candidate key
C:-Super key
D:-Principal key
Answer:- Option-D

Question86:-Type of join which returns all rows that satisfies all joint criteria
A:-Outer join
B:-Inner join
C:-Cover join
D:-Cross Join
Answer:- Option-A

Question87:-The aggregate function used to return the lowest value in a particular column of a table
A:-Low( )
B:-Min( )
C:-Less( )
D:-Lowest( )
Answer:- Option-B

Question88:-Which of the following is not a search engine
Answer:- Option-C

Question89:-Specify empty tag listed below
Answer:- Option-B

Question90:-Keyword used to declare a constant data item in java script
Answer:- Option-D

Question91:-One of his friends ___________ settled in France
Answer:- Option-C

Question92:-She barely remembers him,...?
A:-had she?
B:-does she?
C:-has she?
D:-does he?
Answer:- Option-B

Question93:-The company changed its name to evade the tough law [Pick the right option to replace the underlined word)
A:-get up
B:-give in
C:-put up
D:-Get around
Answer:- Option-D

Question94:-Their is granny was hard ____________ hearing
Answer:- Option-A

Question95:-Her drawings are often deemed the only exceptionable part of her work  [Pick the right option to replace the underlined word)
Answer:- Option-C

Question96:-The phrase 'non de plume' means _________
A:-preface for all
B:-pen name
C:-primary nominations
D:-naming feathers
Answer:- Option-B

Question97:-The idiom 'spilled the beans' means ______________
A:-spoiled the vegetables
B:-looked very pleased
C:-revealed the secret
D:-protected the stuff
Answer:- Option-C

Question98:-"Are you liking fish?" can be corrected as ________
A:-" Do you like fish?"
B:-"Do you liken fish?"
C:-"Will you be liking fish?"
D:-"Do you like fishing?"
Answer:- Option-A

Question99:-"The  use of more words than necessary" is called __________
Answer:- Option-A

Question100:-He was bleeding, yet he crawled out of the building -[Identify the sentence]
A:-Imperative sentence
B:-Simple sentence
C:-Complex sentence
D:-Compound sentence
Answer:- Option-D

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