Junior Public Health Nurse Gr II - Question and Answer Key

Name of Post: Junior Public Health Nurse Gr II 

Department: Health/ Medical Education

Cat.No: 339/2020, 378/2020

Date of Test: 14.11.2021

Question Code: 106/2021

1. The goal of every human being is to achieve :
(A) Optimum Health
(B) Physical Health
(C) Mental Health
(D) Social Health

2. For the community diagnosis and community treatment, the entire community is considered as :
(A) Group
(B) Patient
(C) Individual
(D) Family

3. National health policy started on :
(A) 1974
(B) 1978
(C) 1983
(D) 1986

4. In Plain area primary health centre covers an average population of :
(A) 20,000
(B) 5,000
(C) 80,000
(D) 30,000

5. Rehabilitation comes under –––––––––– level of prevention.
(A) Primary prevention
(B) Tertiary Prevention
(C) Secondary prevention
(D) None of the above

6. Which of the following is not a factor for counselling?
(A) Maintain eye contact with Client
(B) Keep Right body language
(C) Use technical Language
(D) Listen carefully to the problems

7. In communication process the content is converted to codes is known as :
(A) Feedback
(B) Channel
(C) Decoding
(D) Encoding

8. Which of the following is not a criteria for the selection of ASHA?
(A) Age group above 50 yrs
(B) Being a woman volunteer
(C) Minimum education up to 8th class
(D) She would be a resident of the Village

9. World Health Day is celebrated every year on :
(A) July 8th
(B) June 5th
(C) April 7th
(D) April 22nd

10. Basic unit of society is :
(A) Group
(B) Community
(C) Population
(D) Family

11. Which one of the following is a one way method of communication?
(A) Lecture
(B) Seminar
(C) Symposium
(D) Group Discussion

12. Judicial organ of the Gram sabha is :
(A) Gram Panchayat
(B) Nyaya Panchayat
(C) Village Panchayat
(D) Panchayat samati

13. The headquarters for UNICEF is :
(A) Geneva
(B) Delhi
(C) New York
(D) France

14. Anganwadi teacher comes under –––––––––– scheme.

15. One anganwadi teacher covers a population of :
(A) 5,000
(B) 1,000
(C) 20,000
(D) 3,000

16. Municipal corporation is headed by :
(A) Commissioner
(B) Collector
(C) Chairman
(D) Mayor

17. The most popular and most commonly used AV Aid is :
(A) Black board
(B) Flash card
(C) Flip chart
(D) Bulletin board

18. Which food does not contain Vit C?
(A) Peppers
(B) Tomatoes
(C) Egg
(D) Kiwi

19. Vit. B3 deficiency results :
(A) Pellagra
(B) Scurvy
(C) Rickets
(D) Beri beri

20. All are fat soluble vitamins except :
(A) Vit. A
(B) Vit. B
(C) Vit. D
(D) Vit. E

21. Longest cranial nerve is :
(A) Facial nerve
(B) Vagus nerve
(C) Auditory nerve
(D) Olfactory nerve

22. The temperature of water used for sponge bath of an adult person is :
(A) 100°F to 105°F
(B) 105°F to 110°F
(C) 110°F to 115°F
(D) 115°F to 120°F

23. Atmospheric air contains ––––––––––% of oxygen.
(A) 20.93%
(B) 16.40%
(C) 79%
(D) 0.03%

24. The amount of bleaching powder needed to disinfection of well :
(A) 15 gms/1000 L of water
(B) 10 gms/1000 L of water
(C) 5 gms/1000 L of water
(D) 2.5 gms/1000 L of water

25. The test used to measure the residual chlorine after disinfection of water :
(A) Dechlorination
(B) Residual chlorination
(C) Orthotolidine test
(D) Breakpoint chlorination

26. The normal GFR is :
(A) 100 ml-105 ml/min
(B) 105 ml- 125 ml/min
(C) 100 ml- 105 ml/hour
(D) 105 ml - 125 ml/hour

27. The islets of langerhans secretes hormone :
(A) Aldosterone
(B) Oestrogen
(C) Insulin
(D) Progesterone

28. The defense mechanism in which the individual tries to make excuses and justification for his behaviour is called :
(A) Supression
(B) Displacement
(C) Projection
(D) Rationalization

29. The ECT was discovered by :
(A) Bini
(B) Maxwell
(C) Ericson
(D) Freud

30. Split personality is otherwise called :
(A) Mania
(B) Schizophrenia
(C) Depression
(D) Paranoia

31. Absolute contraindication for ECT is :
(A) Catatonia
(B) Depression
(C) Brain tumour
(D) Severe psychosis

32. Trust VS Mistrust occurs in which period of life :
(A) Preschool age
(B) School age
(C) Toddler
(D) Infancy

33. In India the Mental health care act came into force from :
(A) 7th April 2017
(B) 29th May 2018
(C) 19th August 2013
(D) 7th July 2018

34. Fresh air is blown into the rooms by centrifugal fans to create a positive pressure to displace vitiated air is called :
(A) Plenum ventilation
(B) Exhaust ventilation
(C) Stalk driven ventilation
(D) Cross ventilation

35. The ability of an infectious agent to invade and multiply(produce infection) in a host is known as :
(A) Pathogenicity
(B) Infectivity
(C) Virulence
(D) Disability

36. The constant presence of a disease or infectious agent within a given geographic area or population group is :
(A) Endemic
(B) Epidemic
(C) Sporadic
(D) Pandemic

37. The only class of immunoglobulin which is transported across the placenta is :
(A) IgE
(B) IgD
(C) IgG
(D) IgA

38. The level of resistance of a community or group of people to a particular disease is :
(A) Cellular immunity
(B) Passive immunity
(C) Active immunity
(D) Herd immunity

39. Vaccines which must be stored in the freezer compartment are :
(A) Polio and measles
(B) DPT and measles
(C) Rabies and tetanus
(D) BCG and hepatitis

40. The most reliable method of physical sterilization is :
(A) Flaming
(B) Radiation
(C) Heat
(D) Filtration

41. Pleomorphism is a characteristic feature of rash in :
(A) Small pox
(B) Chicken pox
(C) Measles
(D) Rubella

42. The antituberculosis drug which causes peripheral neuropathy is :
(A) Rifampicin
(B) Pyrazinamide
(C) Streptomycin
(D) Isoniazid

43. Pulse polio immunization programme was launched in India in the year :
(A) 2000
(B) 1995
(C) 1990
(D) 1985

44. The causative agent of malaria is :
(A) Wuchereria
(B) Mansonella
(C) Plasmodium
(D) Brucella

45. Night blindness is caused by deficiency of :
(A) Vit A
(B) Vit B
(C) Vit C
(D) Vit D

46. The position given to the patient to relieve dyspnoea is :
(A) Prone
(B) Supine
(C) Fowler’s
(D) Lithotomy

47. Rice water stool indicates :
(A) Typhoid
(B) Cholera
(C) Dysentery
(D) Colitis

48. Waste water which does not contain human excreta is called :
(A) Sullage
(B) Sewage
(C) Sludge
(D) Effluent

49. The most common fracture seen in children is :
(A) Depressed
(B) Comminuted
(C) Greenstick
(D) Complicated

50. Over stretching of a muscle due to a sudden effort or twisting of the part is :
(A) Subluxation
(B) Sprain
(C) Dislocation
(D) Strain

51. Severe body response to an allergic substance is termed as :
(A) Cardiogenic shock
(B) Anaphylactic shock
(C) Neurogenic shock
(D) Septic shock

52. Wounds caused by moist heat such as boiling water, hot tea, coffee and steam is :
(A) Burns
(B) Heat exhaustion
(C) Scalds
(D) Abrasion

53. Drugs which increase the flow of urine is :
(A) Carminatives
(B) Emetics
(C) Expectorants
(D) Diuretics

54. The most commonly used muscle for intramuscular injection in children under two years is :
(A) Quadriceps
(B) Gluteal
(C) Deltoid
(D) Soleus

55. The ‘rights of children’ was declared by
(B) World Health Organization
(C) United Nations

56. The main focus of ICDS scheme is to improve the nutrition and health status under
(A) 0-4 years of age
(B) 0-3 years of age
(C) 0-8 years of age
(D) 0-6 years

57. Which of the following is a live attenuated vaccine?
(A) BCG vaccine
(B) Rabies vaccine
(C) Diphtheria vaccine
(D) Hepatitis B vaccine

58. Integrated management of childhood illness (IMNCI) is a new strategy developed by

59. Measles vaccine is administered at the age of
(A) six weeks
(B) ten weeks
(C) six months
(D) nine months

60. Weaning should be started at the age of
(A) 6-8 months
(B) 7-9 months
(C) 4-6 months
(D) 5-7 months

61. Normal average length of a newborn baby should be
(A) 45-50 cm
(B) 48-53 cm
(C) 40-48 cm
(D) 52-55 cm

62. Normally, a neonate passes urine and meconium within
(A) one hour
(B) five hours
(C) 12 hours
(D) 24 hours

63. The anterior fontanelle normally closes by
(A) 12-18 months
(B) 12-18 weeks
(C) 6-8 weeks
(D) 10-12 months

64. According to WHO, adolescence is a period of life from
(A) 12-18 years
(B) 12-19 years
(C) 10-15 years
(D) 10-19 years

65. The first sign of puberty in adolescent girls is
(A) Menarche
(B) Appearance of breast buds
(C) Appearance of acne
(D) Growth of pubic hair

66. No menstrual period for more than six months is called
(A) Dysmenorrhoea
(B) Menorrhagia
(C) Menarche
(D) Amenorrhea

67. Normally, birth weight of a baby doubles by
(A) 3 months
(B) 6 months
(C) 9 months
(D) 12 months

68. What is the normal shape of female pelvic brim?
(A) Round
(B) Oval
(C) Heart shaped
(D) Kidney shaped

69. Which is the part of the reproductive system where fertilization takes place?
(A) Uterus
(B) Cervix
(C) Ampulla
(D) Isthmus

70. Umbilical cord consists of :
(A) 2 arteries and 2 veins
(B) 1 artery and 1 vein
(C) 1 artery and 2 veins
(D) 2 artery and 1 vein

71. Deficiency of –––––––––– Causes neural tube defects.
(A) Iron
(B) Calcium
(C) Vit D
(D) Folic Acid

72. Average weight gain during pregnancy :
(A) 10 kg
(B) 12 kg
(C) 8 kg
(D) 16 kg

73. Effacement of cervix means :
(A) Dilatation of cervix
(B) Taking up of cervix
(C) Tear of cervix
(D) Rupture of cervix

74. Normal fetal heart rate is :
(A) 60 to 100
(B) 80 to 120
(C) 100 to 140
(D) 120 to 160

75. Uterus is palpable at how many weeks of gestation :
(A) 4 weeks
(B) 6 weeks
(C) 12 weeks
(D) 8 weeks

76. Normal labour is otherwise known as :
(A) Parturition
(B) Eutocia
(C) Dystocia
(D) Shoulder dystocia

77. A surgical incision into the perineum to enlarge the outlet :
(B) D & C
(D) Episiotomy

78. Fine downy hair on shoulder and back of newborn is :
(A) Milia
(B) Lanugo
(C) Mangolian spots
(D) Vernix

79. Vaginal discharge during puerperium :
(A) Lochia
(B) Blood
(C) Amniotic fluid
(D) Meconium

80. Hydatidiform mole is otherwise known as :
(A) Multiple pregnancy
(B) Molar pregnancy
(C) Teenage pregnancy
(D) Intra uterine death

81. In twin pregnancy division occurs after the development of embryonic disc :
(A) Monozygotic Twin
(B) Dizygotic Twin
(C) Conjoined Twin
(D) Quadruplets

82. Newborn before 37 weeks gestation :
(A) Term
(B) Preterm

83. Occiput posteriorly over right sacroiliac joint :

84. The capacity of a couple to conceive :
(A) Infertility
(B) Fertility
(C) Subfertility
(D) Conception

85. The woman start taking birth control pills on about day –––––––––– of cycle.
(A) 1
(B) 5
(C) 10
(D) 14

86. What does census provide us?
(A) Information regarding population
(B) Information regarding resources
(C) Information regarding agricultural income
(D) Information regarding crops

87. HIV can be spread through infected persons
(A) Urine
(B) Sweat
(C) Blood
(D) Tears

88. Which is the most common STI caused by Bacteria?
(A) Gonorrhea
(B) Syphillis
(C) Chlamydia
(D) Genital warts

89. A woman is considered to be in menopause after she has missed –––––––––– menstrual
(A) 3
(B) 6
(C) 9
(D) 12

90. Which strategies help women become more socially and economically empowered?
(A) Women working together to challenge discrimination
(B) More income sources for women
(C) Improved access to education
(D) All of the above

91. Organogenesis is complete at :
(A) 2 weeks after ovulation
(B) 6 weeks after ovulation
(C) 8 weeks after ovulation
(D) 18 weeks after ovulation

92. World breastfeeding week is :
(A) August 1-7
(B) September 1-7
(C) October 1-7
(D) November 1-7

93. Total Bishops score is :
(A) 10
(B) 8
(C) 6
(D) 13

94. There are –––––––––– fontenells in fetal skull.
(A) 1
(B) 2
(C) 3
(D) 4

95. JSSK launched in India on
(A) June 2011
(B) April 2005
(C) May 1962
(D) June 1953

96. Which is the peripheral unit available at village level to take care of health needs of the Community?
(A) Primary Health Centre
(B) Community Health Centre
(C) Sub centre
(D) Taluk Hospital

97. Committee gave the concept of primary health centre :
(A) Kartar singh committee
(B) Bhore committee
(C) Mukerjee committee
(D) Shrivastav committee

98. Which is the executive organ of the Gram Sabha?
(A) Executive officer
(B) Gram panchayat
(C) Nyaya panchayat
(D) Zilla parishad

99. National mental health program was launched during which five year plan?
(A) 3rd five year plan
(B) 4th five year plan
(C) 6th five year plan
(D) 7th five year plan

100. Stock of goods known as :
(A) Report
(B) Inventory
(C) Record
(D) Stock

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