Junior Health Inspector GrII - Health Services Question Paper and Answer Key

 Name of Post: Junior Health Inspector GrII

Department: Health Services  

Cat.No: 172/19,173/19/174/19,175/19,421/19

Date of Test: 12/01/2021

Question Code: 011/2021

Medium of Question- ENGLISH


1. The true nerve of hearing which is the portion of auditory nerve.
 (A) Abducens
 (B) Cochlear nerve
 (C) Vestibular nerve
 (D) Trochlear nerve

2. The average life span of RBC
 (A) 130 days
 (B) 7 – 14 days
 (C) 120 days
 (D) 30 days

3. The organ in which the grey matter can be seen in the form of letter ‘H’.
 (A) Spinal cord
 (B) Cerebrum
 (C) Medulla oblongata
 (D) Cerebellum

4. The hormone that stimulates the formation of spermatozoa in testes of males.
 (A) Luteinising hormone
 (B) Prolactin
 (D) FSH

5. The pacemaker of heart
 (A) Chordae tendinae
 (B) S.A. Node
 (C) Bundle of His
 (D) Papillary muscles

6. The specially altered sweat glands in the skin of ear
 (A) Brunner’s gland
 (B) Sebaceous gland
 (C) Meibomian gland
 (D) Ceruminous gland

7. The volume of air that can be passed in and out of lungs by forcible inspiration and expiration.
 (A) Tidal air
 (B) Cardiac impulse
 (C) Vital capacity
 (D) Pulse pressure

8. The area which receives images and impressions for interpretation in the occipital lobe of cerebrum
 (A) Motor area
 (B) Auditory area
 (C) Sensory area
 (D) Visual area

9. The insensible water loss which is a simple diffusion of water through skin
 (A) Perspiration
 (B) Sweat
 (C) Sebum
 (D) None of these

10. A person with blood group A can receive blood of the following blood groups.
 (A) B & AB
 (B) A & AB
 (C) B & O
 (D) A & O

11. Which of the following statement is/are correct about Teeth-hygiene ?
 (i) Periodontal disease is the commonest cause of tooth loss.
 (ii) Enamel can repair by itself.
 (iii) Dental plaque is protecting teeth from caries.
 (iv) Halitosis is the term for bad breath.

(A) Only (i) & (ii)
 (B) Only (i) & (iv)
 (C) Only (ii) & (iii)
 (D) Only (iii) & (iv)

12. The following are ‘essential’ amino acids, except
 (i) Phenylalanine
 (ii) Threonine
 (iii) Methionine
 (iv) Valine
 (A) (i)
 (B) (ii)
 (C) (iii)
 (D) None of the above

13. Which of the following statement is/are wrong about vitamins ?
 (i) Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) deficiency results in Beriberi.
 (ii) Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) deficiency results in Pellagra.
 (iii) Vitamin B12 deficiency results in Pernicious Anemia.
 (iv) Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) is essential for wound healing.
 (A) Only (i)
 (B) Only (ii)
 (C) Only (iii)
 (D) None of the above

14. Which of the following tests are used to assess the quality of pasteurized milk ?
 (i) Phosphatase test
 (ii) Standard plate count
 (iii) Shick test
 (iv) Coliform count

 (A) Only (i), (ii) & (iv)
 (B) Only (ii), (iii) & (iv)
 (C) Only (i), (ii) & (iii)
 (D) All of the above

15. Which of the following bacteria are gram negative ?
 (i) Pneumococci
 (ii) Gonococci
 (iii) Meningococci
 (iv) Streptococci

 (A) Only (i) & (ii)
 (B) Only (i) & (iv)
 (C) Only (ii) & (iii)
 (D) All of the above

16. Which of the following methods of sterilization are working using the technique of dry heat ?
 (i) Hot air oven
 (ii) Autoclave
 (iii) Incinerator
 (iv) Hospital sterilizer

 (A) Only (i) & (iii)

 (B) Only (i) & (iv)
 (C) Only (ii) & (iv)
 (D) Only (ii) & (iii)

17. Which of the following statement is/are correct about functions of Sterile Supplies Department (CSSD) in a hospital ?
 (i) Supply of sterile linen for operation theatre
 (ii) Supply of potable drinking water
 (iii) Supply of oxygen gas for operation theatre
 (iv) Disinfection of equipments such as ventilators

 (A) Only (i) & (ii)
 (B) Only (i) & (iii)
 (C) Only (ii) & (iii)
 (D) Only (i) & (iv)

18. Which of the following statements are wrong about different types of infection ?
 (i) First infection by a parasite is known as primary infection.
 (ii) The infection caused by a parasite in a patient suffering from a disease caused by another parasite is known as cross infection.
 (iii) Hospital Acquired infection is known as endogenous infection.
 (iv) Infection in a particular organ is called focal infection.
 (A) Only (i) & (iv)
 (B) Only (ii) & (iv)
 (C) Only (ii) & (iii)
 (D) None of them

19. Which of the following is not a zoonotic disease ?
 (A) Japanese Encephalitis
 (B) Kyasanur Forest Disease
 (C) Brucellosis
 (D) Dracunculiasis

20. Which of the following drugs are used to treat Covid-19 ?
 (i) Dexamethasone
 (ii) Favipiravir
 (iii) Remdesivir
 (iv) Tocilizumab
 (A) All of them

 (B) Only (ii) & (iii)
 (C) Only (i) & (iii)
 (D) Only (i), (iii) & (iv)

21. The state of semi unconsciousness in which casualty responds to external stimuli or loud noise.
 (A) Coma
 (B) Stupor
 (C) Fainting
 (D) Somnolent

22. The condition in which the blood is coughed out mixed with air or sputum.
 (A) Epistaxis
 (B) Malena
 (C) Haemoptysis
 (D) Haemetemesis

23. When fever is present only for several hours during the day, it can be termed
 (A) Continuous fever
 (B) Remittent fever
 (C) Moderate fever
 (D) Intermittent fever

24. The first aid for fractures includes the following group :
 (i) Avoid all unnecessary movements
 (ii) Reduce the fracture and bring bones to normal position
 (iii) Apply splints
 (iv) Prevent infection

 (A) (i), (iii), (iv)
 (B) (ii), (iii), (iv)
 (C) (i), (ii), (iii)
 (D) (iii), (iv)

25. Expand OCHA.
 (A) Office for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.
 (B) Office for Coordination of Health Affairs.
 (C) Organisation for Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.
 (D) Organisation for Coordination of Health Affairs.

26. A person who met a motor bike accident has a spinal fracture. He is unable to sit and stand following injury. This inability can be termed as.
 (A) Handicap
 (B) Disease
 (C) Disability
 (D) Impairment

27. Rehabilitation in which restoration of capacity to earn livelihood is aimed.
 (A) Vocational Rehabilitation
 (B) Medical Rehabilitation
 (C) Social Rehabilitation
 (D) Psychological Rehabilitation

28. The World Disaster Reduction Day is observed on
 (A) 2nd Wednesday of December
 (B) 2nd Wednesday of October
 (C) 13th October
 (D) December 3rd

29. A victim of drowning is rescued. In order to drain out water from the body, the following first aid measures should be taken, except
 (A) Force out water from stomach
 (B) Place the victim in prone position
 (C) Raise the middle part of body
 (D) Clear the airway and mouth

30. When a flood is over, the instruction to be followed is
 (A) Can use all consumables
 (B) Can use canned foods
 (C) Wait until the water is declared safe before drinking
 (D) The people should return to home immediately

31. Which is the right option regarding health problems associated with Obesity ?
 I Obesity can lead to gall bladder diseases and sleep apnea
 II It moderately increases the risk of osteoarthritis and gout
 III There is slightly increased risk of breast, endometrial and colon cancers in obese persons

 (A) I and II correct, III incorrect
 (B) II and III correct, I incorrect
 (C) I and III correct, II incorrect
 (D) I, II and III correct

32. Read the statements and choose the correct option regarding accidents and injury prevention
 I Safety helmets reduce the risk of head injury by 30% and fatalities by 40%
 II There should be a basic reporting system of all accidents
 III Drugs such as barbiturates, amphetamines and cannabis can improve the driver's concentration ability
 (A) I and II correct, III incorrect
 (B) II and III correct, I incorrect
 (C) I and III correct, II incorrect
 (D) I, II and III correct

33. Which is the correct option regarding causes of childhood blindness ?
 I Leading causes are Xerophthalmia, Congenital cataract, and Congenital glaucoma
 II Other causes include uncorrected refractive errors, optic atrophy and retinopathy due to prematurity
 (A) I correct, II incorrect
 (B) II correct, I incorrect
 (C) Both correct
 (D) Both incorrect

34. Pick the right option after reading the statements on geriatrics
 I The 3 major ailments reported by elderly persons are visual impairment, locomotive disorders and neurological complaints
 II Biological age of an elderly person is identical with his chronological age

 (A) I is correct, II is incorrect

 (B) II is correct, I incorrect
 (C) Both incorrect
 (D) Both correct

35. Read the following statements about non modifiable risk factors of Hypertension :
 I Blood pressure increases with age in both sexes.
 II Children of hypertensive parents have 45% chance of developing hypertension.
 III Population studies have shown that blood pressure is higher in white ethnic communities.

 (A) I and II are incorrect, III is correct
 (B) II and III are incorrect, I is correct
 (C) III is incorrect, I and II are correct
 (D) I and III are incorrect, II is correct

36. Which is the right option related to maternal diabetes ?
 I Offsprings of diabetic pregnancies including gestational diabetes are often small babies
 II Offsprings of diabetic pregnancies including gestational diabetes often tend to develop obesity in childhood
 III Children born to mothers after they developed diabetes have a 3 fold higher risk of developing diabetes than those born before
 (A) I, II and III are correct
 (B) I incorrect, II and III correct
 (C) II incorrect, I and III correct
 (D) III incorrect, I and II correct

37. Choose the correct option related to proper bio-medical waste management
 I Waste items in yellow bag are treated by autoclaving
 II Waste items in black bag are disposed in secured land fill
 (A) I is correct, II incorrect
 (B) I and II correct
 (C) I incorrect, II correct
 (D) I and II incorrect

38. Regarding Stroke, which is correct ?
 I Transient Ischemic attacks (TIA) are episodes of irreversible focal and neurological deficit lasting for more than 24 hours
 II First priority in stroke prevention goes to control of arterial hypertension
 III Previously it was considered as an inevitable part of aging, focus is now on primary prevention through community activation
 (A) II and III are correct
 (B) I and III are correct
 (C) I and II are correct
 (D) All are correct

39. Which is true considering tobacco use and cancers ?
 I Worldwide, cigarette smoking is responsible for more than one million premature deaths each year
 II Tobacco use leads to cancer of larynx, bladder, pancreas
 (A) I is true, II is false
 (B) II is true, I is false
 (C) I and II are true
 (D) I and II are false

40. Which is the correct option ?
 I According to WHO a healthy person aged 18 to 64 years should try to achieve 50 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic physical activities every week
 II Physical activities also include leisure time activities like dancing, playing and gardening
 (A) I correct
 (B) II correct
 (C) Both correct
 (D) Both incorrect

41. Public Health concept born in
 (A) Japan
 (B) England
 (C) America
 (D) China

42. Which of the following disease is caused by Bacteria ?
 (A) Chicken pox
 (B) Measles
 (C) Mumps
 (D) TB

43. The concept of Primary Health care came into lime light at a conference held at
 (A) Alma Ata
 (B) New Delhi
 (C) Rio de Janeiro
 (D) Vienna

44. Identify the correct combination below providing primary health care services in India.
 (i) Sub Centres
 (ii) Primary Health Centres
 (iii) Community Health Centres
 (iv) Rural Hospitals

 (A) Only (i)
 (B) (i) & (ii) only
 (C) (i), (ii) & (iii) only
 (D) All of the above (i), (ii), (iii) & (iv)

45. Vasectomized persons should be advised not to lift heavy objects or ride bicycles for_____ days after the operation.
 (A) 5
 (B) 15
 (C) 25
 (D) 35

46. The day on which the World Health Organization came into force.
 (A) 6th March, 1947
 (B) 7th April, 1948
 (C) 8th May, 1949
 (D) 9th June, 1950

47. The system of Registration of Births & Deaths in India is far from satisfactory due to –(Identify the right combination below)
 (i) Lack of Uniformity
 (ii) Lack of Completeness
 (iii) Lack of Accuracy
 (iv) Ignorance of People

 (A) Only (i)
 (B) Only (i) & (ii)
 (C) Only (i), (ii) & (iii)
 (D) (i), (ii), (iii) & (iv)

48. Eligible Couple means –
 (A) Currently married couple where wife is in the age group of 15 to 50 years.
 (B) Currently married couple where wife is in the age group of 15 to 45 years.
 (C) Currently married couple where wife is in the age group of 18 to 50 years.
 (D) Currently married couple where wife is in the age group of 18 to 45 years.

49. The Tag line of World Health Day 2020.
 (A) Support Health Workers
 (B) Support Health System
 (C) Support Nurses & Midwives
 (D) Support Doctors

50. Dosage of TT-1 for a woman in early pregnancy is
 (A) 0.05 ml
 (B) 0.01 ml
 (C) 0.5 ml
 (D) 1 ml

51. In excreta disposal, Effluent forms in
 (i) Septic Tank
 (ii) Sewage treatment plant
 (iii) Oxidation pond

 (A) Only (i) & (ii)
 (B) Only (ii) & (iii)
 (C) Only (i) & (iii)
 (D) (i), (ii) & (iii)

52. Average amount of sewage which flows through the sewage system in 24 hours
 (i) Average scum flow
 (ii) Average sewage flow
 (iii) Dry weather flow

 (A) Only (ii)
 (B) Only (i)
 (C) Only (iii)
 (D) (i), (ii), & (iii)

53. Back washing process introduced with
 (i) Slow sand filter
 (ii) Rapid sand filter
 (iii) Grit chamber

 (A) Only (i) & (ii)
 (B) Only (ii)
 (C) Only (i)
 (D) Only (iii)

54. Heart of sewage treatment plant
 (i) Sedimentation tank
 (ii) Trickling filter
 (iii) Aeration tank

 (A) Only (i) & (ii)
 (B) Only (ii)
 (C) Only (i)
 (D) Only (iii)

55. Method for refuse disposal
 (i) Dumping
 (ii) Sanitary land fill
 (iii) Manure pits
(A) Only (iii) & (i)
 (B) Only (ii) & (i)
 (C) Only (i)
 (D) (i), (ii) & (iii)

56. Estimated volume of water in one cubic metre of a well
 (i) 1000 litres
 (ii) 10000 litres
 (iii) 100 litres

 (A) Only (i)
 (B) Only (ii)
 (C) Only (iii)
 (D) None of these

57. Different name of oxidation pond
 (i) Waste stabilization pond
 (ii) Redox pond
 (iii) Sewage lagoons

 (A) Only (ii)
 (B) Only (i)
 (C) Only (iii)
 (D) (i), (ii) and (iii)

58. Commonly using larvicides for chemical control
 (i) Mineral oils
 (ii) Malathion
 (iii) Lindane

 (A) Only (i) & (ii)
 (B) Only (ii)
 (C) Only (i)
 (D) Only (iii)

59. Heart of the slow sand filter
 (i) Vital layer
 (ii) Zoogleal layer
 (iii) Biological layer

 (A) Only (iii)
 (B) Only (i) & (ii)
 (C) Only (ii) & (iii)
 (D) (i), (ii) & (iii)

60. The disease associated with rodents
 (i) Salmonillosis
 (ii) Plague
 (iii) Leishmaniasis

 (A) Only (ii)
 (B) Only (i), (ii) & (iii)
 (C) Only (i) & (ii)
 (D) Only (ii) & (iii)

61. In communication “Technical Know-how” is
 (A) Channel
 (B) Message
 (C) Source
 (D) Feed back

62. Television is an example of
 (A) Audio aid
 (B) Video aid
 (C) Audio-video aid
 (D) All of the above

63. Cognitive level of communication is based on
 (A) Attitude
 (B) Skill
 (C) Psychomotor
 (D) Knowledge

64. Public Health Act is _____ approach in Health Education.
 (A) Educational
 (B) Regulatory
 (C) Service
 (D) None of these

65. The concept of ‘Microteaching’ put forward by
 (A) W. Allen
 (B) Edgar Dale
 (C) Maslow
 (D) Piaget

66. The process of ‘Sociometry’ was put forward by
 (A) Skinner
 (B) J.L Moreno
 (C) C.H. Coolle
 (D) Freud

67. ‘Individual Methods’ in health communication is
 (A) Workshop
 (B) Exhibition
 (C) Seminar
 (D) House visit

68. _____ consist of series of meetings.
 (A) Seminar
 (B) Workshop
 (C) Role play
 (D) All of the above

69. Expand DAVP
 (A) Department of Advertising and Visual Publicity
 (B) Department of Audio Visual Publicity
 (C) Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity
 (D) None of these

70. In Communication “the Cone of Experience” theory put forward by
 (A) Sigmund Freud
 (B) Charles McIntyre
 (C) Skinner
 (D) Edgar Dale

71. Expand ‘MBO’.
 (A) Management Behaviour Objectives
 (B) Management By Objectives
 (C) Model Behaviour Organization
 (D) Management Behaviour Organization

72. In “POSDCORB”, ‘D’ means
 (A) Developing
 (B) Designing
 (C) Directing
 (D) Deviating

73. “Determining what is to be done” is
 (A) Organizing
 (B) Co-ordinating
 (C) Monitoring
 (D) Planning

74. PERT is a _____ technique.
 (A) Communication
 (B) Management
 (C) Budgeting
 (D) Organizing

75. The Fourteen Principles of Management put forward by
 (A) Maslow
 (B) Pearson
 (C) Eric Erickson
 (D) Henry Fayol

76. Panchayathi Raj Bill adopted by Parliament in 1992 by _____ amendment.
 (A) 73rd
 (B) 70th
 (C) 72nd
 (D) 74th

77. Panchayathi Raj System initially introduced in
 (A) Kerala
 (B) Sikkim
 (C) Punjab
 (D) Rajasthan

78. In Covid-19 Awareness Campaign “SMS” means
 (A) Safe Method Surveillance
 (B) Soap Mask Sanitizer
 (C) Soap Mask Social Distance
 (D) Safety Mask Service

79. In India “The Air (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act” enacted in
 (A) 1961
 (B) 1981
 (C) 1971
 (D) 1991

80. The Epidemic Disease Act, 1897 amended on
 (A) April 2020
 (B) May 2020
 (C) June 2020
 (D) July 2020

81. Name the Swiss Psychiatrist who divided personalities into two types extrovert and introvert.
 (A) Henry Dunant
 (B) Carl Jung
 (C) Rock Feller
 (D) James Braid

82. Which of the following is obtained by dividing the mental age by chronological age and multiplying by 100 ?
 (A) Emotional Quotient
 (B) Spiritual Quotient
 (C) Physical Quotient
 (D) Intelligence Quotient

83. Instead of accepting failure and correcting himself, the individual tries to make excuses and justifies his behaviour. What is it ?
 (A) Projection
 (B) Displacement
 (C) Regression
 (D) Rationalization

84. To prepare couple for child birth and child rearing
 (A) Adulthood
 (B) Childhood
 (C) Parenthood
 (D) Elderly

85. An individual is faced with problems, he employs certain ways to achieve health, happiness or success.
 (A) Habit formation
 (B) Learning
 (C) Defence mechanism
 (D) Listening

86. The social group determined by geographical boundaries and/or common values and interests
 (A) Nation
 (B) Family
 (C) State
 (D) Community

87. Condition in which the patient pre-occupied with fears of having serious disease
 (A) Hypochondriasis
 (B) Phobia
 (C) Generalised anxiety disorder
 (D) Dyspnoea

88. The family consists of the married couple and their children
 (A) Three generation family
 (B) Joint family
 (C) Broken family
 (D) Nuclear family

89. Mental Disease descend over from one generation to the other
 (A) Stress
 (B) Schizophrenia
 (C) Anorexia
 (D) Osteomalacia

90. Name the fundamental right that explains the child labour is an offence
 (A) Right to Equality
 (B) Right to Liberty
 (C) Cultural and Educational Right
 (D) Right Against Exploitation

91. Which is the correct statement ?
 I In Hookworm infection, reservoir is man and source of infection is contaminated soil.
 II In Tetanus, reservoir and source are the same that is, soil.

 (A) I correct and II incorrect
 (B) II correct and I incorrect
 (C) Both correct
 (D) Both incorrect

92. Read the statements about types of vaccines:
 I Hepatitis A Vaccine is a killed type vaccine
 II Hepatitis B and HPV are Toxoid vaccines
 III BCG and Rotavirus vaccines are Live attenuated vaccines

 (A) I and II true, III false
 (B) II and III true, I is false
 (C) I and III true, II is false
 (D) All are true

93. Regarding Fixed Dose combination, choose the right option:
 I In DOTS, medicines are now prepared in fixed dose combinations that reduces the number of tablets to be consumed
 II Instead of alternate day regimen, TB patients taking FDC are switched to a daily regimen
 (A) I is correct, II incorrect
 (B) II correct, I incorrect
 (C) Both incorrect
 (D) I and II correct

94. Which is the correct statement regarding ORS ?
 I Composition of Trisodium citrate dehydrate in reduced osmolarity ORS is 4.5 g/L
 II At home it can be prepared by mixing 6 teaspoon of salt and one teaspoon of sugar in one litre of water
 III After each loose stool, children under 2 years of age should be given 50 to 100 ml of ORS
 (A) I and II correct
 (B) II and III correct
 (C) Only I correct
 (D) Only III correct

95. During the first visit of a 9 month old infant, if her mother permits only one injection, which one should be given ?
 (A) DPT vaccine with OPV and vitamin A
 (B) BCG and OPV vaccine with vitamin A
 (C) Measles vaccine and OPV with vitamin A
 (D) Hepatitis B vaccine and OPV with vitamin A

96. Pick the correct option associated with H1N1 Influenza infection
 I Inactivated vaccine is administered as a single dose intramuscular injection in the upper arm
 II Live attenuated vaccines are given via nasal spray
 III Category A patients are at high risk as they have the most severe respiratory symptoms
 (A) I and III correct
 (B) I and II correct
 (C) II and III correct
 (D) All are correct

97. Choose the correct option
 I Syphilis is caused by Treponema pallidum
 II Whooping cough is caused by Haemophilus ducreyi
 III Lymphatic Filariasis is caused by Wuchereria bancrofti
 (A) I and II correct
 (B) II and III correct
 (C) I and III correct
 (D) All are correct

98. Read and choose the correct option:
 I Herd immunity can protect the individual in case of Tetanus
 II Herd immunity is maintained and stepped up by immunization programme
 (A) I is true and II is false
 (B) I is false and II is true
 (C) Both are true
 (D) Both false

99. Which is the correct statement about acute flaccid paralysis (AFP) and polio ?
 I Reporting of all cases of AFP in children under 5 years of age is mandatory
 II Polio vaccine should be stored at sub-zero temperature to prevent inactivation
 III Doses of OPV during PPI are extra doses which supplement and do not replace the doses received during routine immunization service
 (A) I and II correct
 (B) II and III correct
 (C) I and III correct
 (D) All are correct

100. Which is the correct option related to IDSP ?
 (A) It was launched in November 2010.
 (B) Cough more than 1 week comes under IDSP surveillance.
 (C) Classification of surveillance in IDSP is as syndromic diagnosis, presumptive and confirmed diagnosis.
 (D) IDSP does not involve private hospitals and labs.

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