Pharmacist Gr II Question Paper and Answer Key (Question Code: 041/2020)

Question Code: 041/2020

Medium of Question- English

Name of Post: Pharmacist Gr II  

Department: Health Services & Medical Education

Cat. No: 529/2019 & 313/2019

Date of Test: 04.11. 2020


  1. Caustic soda is

 A) Sodium hydroxide

 B) Sodium chloride

 C) Sodium carbonate

 D) Sodium bicarbonate


2. Which among the following preparation is used as a source of iodine in iodine deficiency ?

 A) Weak iodine solution

 B) Strong iodine solution

 C) Aqueous iodine solution

 D) Iodine tincture

 3. In the assay of boric acid, glycerin is added to boric acid to

 A) Dissolve boric acid

 B) Increase basicity

 C) Increase acidity

 D) Decrease acidity


4. In cyanide poisoning, sodium nitrite is used as an antidote along with which compound ?

 A) Sodium metabisulphite

 B) Sodium thiocyanate

 C) Potassium iodide

 D) Sodium thiosulphate


5. An antiseptic solution generally used for cleaning wounds and ears is

 A) Hydrogen peroxide solution

 B) Lugol’s solution

 C) Ammonia solution

 D) Potassium permanganate solution

 6. Drugs which help in eliminating exudations from bronchi are known as

 A) Emetics

 B) Expectorants

 C) Astringents

 D) Cathartics

 7. Calcium gluconate is assayed by

 A) Acid – base titration

 B) Redox titration

 C) Complexometric titration

 D) Non-aqueous titration

 8. Chlorinated lime and boric acid solution is known as

 A) Eusol

 B) Lysol

 C) Lugol’s solution

 D) Dakin’s solution

 9. Bleaching powder is

 A) Chlorinated lime

 B) Soda lime

 C) Sodium bicarbonate

 D) Calcium carbonate

 10. Nutritional deficiency of calcium leads to

 A) Hypercalcaemia

 B) Hypokalemia

 C) Hypocalcaemia

 D) Hyponatremia

 11. In radiation sterilization, the gamma rays were obtained from

 A) Cobalt – 60

 B) Iodine – 131

 C) Gold – 198

 D) Selenium – 80

 12. Which among the following method is used for the sterilization of surgical dressings ?

 A) Dry heat sterilization

 B) Moist heat sterilization

 C) Gaseous sterilization

 D) Radiation sterilization

 13. Which among the following method represent the chemical cold sterilization method ?

 A) Sterilization using gases

 B) Sterilization by filtration

 C) Sterilization using radiation

 D) Sterilization using moist heat

 14. The membrane filters used for sterilization has the pore size of

 A) 0.02 +- 0.01 µm

 B) 0.22 +- 0.02 µm

 C) 0.11 +- 0.01 µm

 D) 0.65 +- 0.02 µm

 15. The optimum moisture content of the capsule shell is ranged between

 A) 12 – 15%

 B) 2 – 6%

 C) 8 – 12%

 D) 18 – 22%

 16. The unequal distribution of colour on the surface of the tablet is known as

 A) Orange-peel effect

 B) Twinning

 C) Bloom

 D) Mottling

 17. Which among the following material is used for enteric coating of tablet ?

 A) Cellulose acetate phthalate

 B) Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose

 C) Methylhydroxy ethyl cellulose

 D) Polyethylene glycols

 18. The flow properties of the granules from hopper to die of the tablet machine is improved by the addition of

 A) Disintegrants

 B) Binders

 C) Glidants

 D) Diluents

 19. Which among the following capsule number represent the maximum capacity of the capsule ?

 A) 000

 B) 5

 C) 4

 D) 0


20. The plasticizer used in capsule shell is

 A) Silicones

 B) Glycol ester

 C) Talc

 D) Glycerol

 21. Cupraloin test is used for the identification of

 A) Aloe emodin

 B) Arabinose

 C) Aloesin

 D) Isobarbaloin

 22. Give an example of Antidiabetic drug.

 A) Picrorhiza

 B) Pterocarpus

 C) Punarnava

 D) Ipecac

 23. Reagent used in Ergotoxine test

 A) Paramethyl amino benzaldehyde, sulphuric acid and ferric chloride

 B) Amino ethyl benzaldehyde, sulphuric acid and ferric chloride

 C) Paradimethyl amino benzaldehyde, sulphuric acid and ferric chloride

 D) Diethyl amino benzaldehyde, sulphuric acid and ferric chloride

 24. Rhubarb belongs to the family

 A) Rhamnaceae

 B) Polygonaceae

 C) Rosaceae

 D) Combretaceae

 25. Steroid found in the flowers and leaves of Digitalis purpurea

 A) Digoxigenin

 B) Digitoxose

 C) Digitalose

 D) None of the above

 26. Which of the following is the substitute of cinchona bark ?

 A) Cuprea bark

 B) Peruvian bark

 C) Jesuits bark

 D) Countess bark

 27. Senna consists of the

 A) Dried leaflets of Cassia auriculata belongs to the family Liliaceae

 B) Dried leaflets of Cassia acutifolia belongs to the family Leguminosae

 C) Dried leaflets of Cassia fistula belongs to the family Liliaceae

 D) Dried leaflets of Cassia auriculata belongs to the family Leguminosae

 28. Gum resin derived from incision given on the stem of Commophora mukul is

 A) Myrrh

 B) Benzoin

 C) Tolu

 D) Guggul

 29. Which of the following is the purest form of Asafoetida ?

 i) Paste ii) Mass iii) Tear

 A) Only ii and iii

 B) Only i and ii

 C) Only i and iii

 D) All of the above i, ii and iii

 30. Raw opium that has been treated to render it for smoking and that contains about eight percent of morphine is known as

 A) Poppy straw

 B) Hemp

 C) Opium residue

 D) Prepared opium

 31. Surfactants having HLB values between seven and nine (7 – 9) are

 A) Antifoaming agents

 B) W/O emulsifying agents

 C) Wetting agents

 D) Detergents

 32. Water attack test is used for the detection of

 A) Type II glass

 B) Type I glass

 C) Type III glass

 D) Type NP glass

 33. Give an example of indiffusible solid.

 A) Light Kaolin

 B) Phenolphthalein

 C) Aromatic chalk powder

 D) Light magnesium carbonate

 34. Green colour cap coding is used for packing of ophthalmic products containing

 A) Non-steroids

 B) Steroids

 C) Mydriatics

 D) Miotics

 35. Give an example of Cryoprotectants used in Parenterals.

 A) Tween 80

 B) Polyethylene glycol

 C) Propyl para hydroxyl benzoate

 D) Span 20

 36. The sediment consists of loosely packed particles possessing a scaffolding like structure is seen in

 A) Flocculated suspension

 B) Newtonian suspensions

 C) Non-flocculated suspension

 D) All of the above

 37. Which of the following is used as an antiperspirant ?

 A) Selenium sulphide

 B) Aluminium chlorohydrate

 C) Sodium lauryl sulphate

 D) Triethanolamine

 38. Example for a cationic emulsifying agent

 A) Dioctyl sodium sulphosuccinate

 B) Polyoxyethylene sorbitan mono-oleate

 C) Cetyl trimethyl ammonium bromide

 D) Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose

 39. Intravenous administration of calories, nitrogen and other nutrients in sufficient quantities to achieve tissue synthesis is called

 A) I.V. admixtures

 B) I.V. fluids

 C) Total oral nutrition

 D) Total parenteral nutrition

 40. Depilatories are used as

 A) Hair removers

 B) Hair waving preparations

 C) Hair dressings

 D) Brilliantines

 41. The stabilising agent used in making formaldehyde solution

 A) Methanol

 B) Ethanol

 C) Propanol

 D) Ascorbic acid

 42. Which chemical is given in conjugation with Isoniazid to avoid its neurotoxicity ?

 A) Ascorbic acid

 B) Riboflavin

 C) Pyridoxine

 D) Thiamine

 43. Which therapeutic inactive compound is formed when beta lactamase hydrolyses the beta lactum ring ?

 A) Penicillic acid

 B) Penicillinase

 C) Penicillamine

 D) Phenethicillin

 44. Which of the following is a polyene antifungal antibiotic ?

 A) Amphotericin

 B) Tolnaftate

 C) Undecylenic acid

 D) Cephalothin

 45. Fully substituted pyrimidine nucleus is found in

 A) Chloroquine

 B) Primaquine

 C) Proguanil

 D) Pyrimethamine

 46. Which butyrophenone compound with therapeutic actions and uses are similar to phenothiazine ?

 A) Haloperidol

 B) Chlorpromazine

 C) Diazepam

 D) Lorazepam

 47. Which form of adrenaline is having maximum biological activity ?

 A) Dextro

 B) Levo

 C) Cis

 D) Trans

 48. Which salt of hyoscine is most stable and popularly accepted ?

 A) Methonitrate

 B) Butylbromide

 C) Hydrobromide

 D) Methobromide

 49. The substitute position of chlorine in chlorthiazide diuretic is

 A) 6

 B) 5

 C) 7

 D) 3

 50. The antineoplastic drug containing pyrimidine nucleus

 A) Cisplatin

 B) Busulphan

 C) Mitomycin

 D) Fluorouracil 

 51. Paracetamol overdosage is treated with

 A) N-Acetyl Cysteine

 B) Calcium Disodium EDTA

 C) d-Penicillamine

 D) Dimercaprol

 52. Inhibition of GABA transaminase enzyme is mainly done by

 A) Sodium valproate

 B) Phenobarbitone

 C) Phenytoin

 D) Carbamazepine

 53. The antiviral agent also used in treatment of Parkinsonism

 A) Levodopa

 B) Amantadine

 C) Selegiline

 D) Carbidopa

 54. Diagnostic agent used in Myasthenia gravis

 A) Pralidoxime

 B) Neostigmine

 C) Physostigmine

 D) Edrophonium

 55. The most potent mydriatic agent with longest duration of action

 A) Homatropine

 B) Tropicamide

 C) Atropine

 D) Cyclopentolate

 56. Which of the following is not a second generation Antihistamine ?

 A) Astemizole

 B) Promethazine

 C) Cetrizine

 D) Loratidine

 57. The cardiac glycoside commonly given by parenteral route in emergency

 A) Ouabaine

 B) Digitoxin

 C) Digoxin

 D) Milrinone

 58. The angiotensin receptor antagonist used in hypertension

 A) Captopril

 B) Enalapril

 C) Losartan

 D) Nifedipine

 59. Insulin is usually given to diabetic patients by which route ?

 A) Oral

 B) Intravenous

 C) Intraspinal

 D) Subcutaneous

 60. The drug of choice for treatment of Typhoid fever is

 A) Erythromycin

 B) Amoxycillin

 C) Chloramphenicol

 D) Nafcillin 

 61. The licence for wholesale of drugs specified in Schedule X is issued in

 A) Form 20 A

 B) Form 20 B

 C) Form 20 F

 D) Form 20 G

 62. Anyone who contravenes any provision of the Drugs and Magic Remedies Act shall on first conviction be liable to

 A) 1 month of imprisonment or fine or both

 B) 3 months of imprisonment or fine or both

 C) 6 months of imprisonment or fine or both

 D) 1 year of imprisonment or fine or both

 63. Offences committed under NDPS Act, 1985 shall be triable by the Special Court +-constituted under the Act, where the punishment is

 A) More than 5 years

 B) More than 3 years

 C) More than 2 years

 D) More than 1 year

 64. Intra-uterine devices are tested at

 A) Central Research Institute, Kasauli

 B) Central Drugs Testing Laboratory, Thane

 C) Central Drugs Laboratory, Calcutta 

 D) Indian Pharmacopoeial Laboratory, Ghaziabad

 65. Loan licence is issued under Drugs and Cosmetics Act for the manufacture of drugs other than those specified in

 A) Schedule C

 B) Schedule C1

 C) Schedule X

 D) All of the above

 66. Drug inspectors should intimate the purpose of taking drug samples to the person concerned in

 A) Form 15

 B) Form 16

 C) Form 17

 D) Form 18

 67. The first Central Council was constituted by the Central Government in

 A) 1947

 B) 1948

 C) 1949

 D) 1950


68. The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Order came into force in

 A) 1983

 B) 1985

 C) 1993

 D) 1995

 69. If a drug contains any harmful or toxic substance, which may render it injurious to health, it is called

 A) Adulterated drug

 B) Spurious drug

 C) Misbranded drug

 D) Not of standard quality drug

 70. The number of nominated members to the State Pharmacy Council are

 A) 3

 B) 4

 C) 5

 D) 6

 71. Inventories moving temporarily because of seasonal production are called

 A) Obsolete items

 B) Surplus items

 C) Dormant items

 D) Scrap items

 72. A modern drug store should fulfil all minimum requirements as specified in ___________ of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 and Rules 1945.

 A) Schedule M

 B) Schedule N

 C) Schedule P

 D) Schedule S

 73. One among the following is not a source of secondary data for market research

 A) Sales turnover

 B) Annual report

 C) Trade journals

 D) Market research

 74. The method in which a code is assigned to stored items for easy identification is called

 A) Block method

 B) Mnemonic method

 C) Combination method

 D) Alphanumeric method

 75. The inventory carrying cost is represented by items like

 (i) Cost of insurance

 (ii) Cost of paper work

 (iii) Cost of taxes

 (iv) Cost of posting

 A) (i) and (ii)

 B) (i) and (iii)

 C) (ii) and (iii)

 D) (ii) and (iv)

 76. The capital necessary to maintain a minimum level of stock and for payment of regular expenses is called

 A) Fixed capital

 B) Revolving capital

 C) Temporary working capital

 D) Permanent working capital

 77. The bank launched in India for promoting the export and import of goods and services is




 D) Exim Bank

 78. The lower limit below which the stock of any item, should not normally be allowed to fall is

 A) Lead stock

 B) Average stock

 C) Buffer stock

 D) Reorder stock

 79. The items which consume 70% of the total budget of inventories, but represent only 10% of the total inventory are called

 A) A items

 B) B items

 C) C items

 D) None of the above

 80. Pre-determined scrap is refered to as

 A) Anticipated scrap

 B) Administrative scrap

 C) Legitimate scrap

 D) Defective scrap

 81. The efficiency of HEPA filter can be tested using

 A) Sterility test

 B) Clarity test

 C) Dioctyl phthalate smoke test

 D) Particle counter

 82. Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committee has role except in

 A) ADR monitoring and reporting

 B) Preparation of drug list and emergency supplies

 C) Medical record services

 D) Drug utilization review

 83. MEDLINE is a drug information resource categorised under

 A) Primary resource

 B) Secondary resource

 C) Tertiary resource

 D) Primary literature

 84. Test for water holding capacity is stated in Indian Pharmacopoeia for

 A) Adhesive tape

 B) Elastic bandage

 C) Crepe bandage

 D) Absorbent cotton wool

 85. ‘Clean room area’ means

 A) Socially clean area free from particulate matter

 B) Socially clean area

 C) Aseptic area

 D) Area with high standards of cleanliness and hygiene

 86. Satellite pharmacy a mode of drug distribution system under

 A) Charge floor stock system

 B) Centralised unit dose dispensing system

 C) Decentralised unit dose dispensing system

 D) Individual prescription system

 87. Automatic stop order is used for

 A) OTC drugs

 B) Dangerous drugs

 C) Orphan drugs

 D) Counterfeit drugs

 88. Absorbable suture is

 A) Nylon suture 2/0 (revere cutting)

 B) Silk suture braided 2/0

 C) Cotton

 D) Catgut chromic 2/0

 89. Tuberculin syringe is available in

 A) 1 ml

 B) 2 ml

 C) 3 ml

 D) 5 ml

 90. Which one is used for aspiration of stomach contents ?

 A) Endotracheal tube

 B) Ryle’s tube

 C) Metal catheter

 D) Rubber catheter

 91. Withdrawal symptoms of opioids can be managed with

 A) Oxycodone

 B) Meperidine

 C) Methadone

 D) Heroin

 92. Bioavailability increases when drugs are in

 A) non-ionised form

 B) ionised form

 C) crystalline form

 D) hydrated form

 93. Insulin induced hypoglycaemia is classified under

 A) Type A Adverse Drug Reaction

 B) Type B Adverse Drug Reaction

 C) Type C Adverse Drug Reaction

 D) Type D Adverse Drug Reaction

 94. A method to improve patient compliance is

 A) Patient counselling

 B) Proper packaging and labelling

 C) Simplification of medication regimens

 D) All the above

 95. Serum sodium level is

 A) 3.4 – 4.5 mmol/L

 B) 2.2 – 2.6 mmol

 C) 135 – 145 mmol/L

 D) 110 – 120 mmol/L

 96. Metoclopramide if given with paracetamol

 A) Increase metabolism of paracetamol

 B) Decrease analgesic effect

 C) Decrease onset time for analgesia

 D) Combination is pharmacologically inactive

 97. Fatigue, weight loss, chronic cough, night sweats, chest pain are clinical symptoms of

 A) Angina pectoris

 B) Tuberculosis

 C) Hypertension

 D) Diabetes mellitus

 98. HBsAg testing is done to detect the presence of

 A) Hepatitis A virus

 B) Chickenpox virus

 C) Hepatitis B virus

 D) Hepatitis C virus

 99. Amphetamine poisoning can be treated with

 A) Thiamine

 B) Ascorbic acid

 C) Sodium bicarbonate

 D) Ammonia

 100. If two or more dosage forms of same drug contain same labelled quantities of the drug, they are

 A) Therapeutic equivalent

 B) Chemical equivalent

 C) Clinical equivalent

 D) None of these

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