Junior Instructor (Painter General) - Industrial Training Question Paper and Answer Key

Question Code: 050/2020 

Name of Post: Junior Instructor (Painter General)

Department: Industrial Training

Cat. No: 087/2019, 320/2019 & 365/2019

Date of Test: 16.11. 2020

1. The process of converting a vector graphic to a bitmap is also known as
 A) Rasterizing
 B) Dithering
 C) Lab colour
 D) Contour

 2. Flammable liquids and Liquifiable solids such as Turpentine, Kerosene, Paint, Paint thinner are the causes of fire are classified into which class fire ?
 A) Class D fire
 B) Class C fire
 C) Class B fire
 D) Class A fire

 3. Bronze is an alloy of
 A) Tin and Silver
 B) Copper and Tin
 C) Zinc and Tin
 D) Copper and Zinc

 4. The angle of pencil to the drawing surfaces should be between
 A) 45° and 90°
 B) 30° and 60°
 C) 40° and 60°
 D) 30° and 45°

 5. __________ are used for testing the flexibility of paint and varnish. Which instrument is this ?
 A) Mandrel
 B) Hegman gauge
 C) Comb gauge
 D) Ford cup viscometer

 6. Dry film thickness is measured in
 A) Micron
 B) Seconds
 C) Centimetre
 D) Inches

 7. The discolouration and loss of gloss is known as
 A) Flaking
 B) Fading
 C) Flashing
 D) Saponification

 8. Artist brush are used for
 A) Paint large flat surfaces
 B) Paint curve surfaces
 C) To remove dust from surfaces
 D) Letter writing and art work

 9. Zinc oxide, zinc sulphide, antimony oxide are the example of
 A) Yellow pigment
 B) Green pigment
 C) White pigment
 D) Black pigment

 10. Solvent wiping process is one of the method of removing ________ on the surface to be painted.
 A) Rust
 B) Old paint
 C) Mud or dust
 D) Oil or grease

 11. An image composed of grids of pixels or dots is known as
 A) Vector graphic
 B) Docker
 C) Bitmap
 D) List box

 12. Combination of fire stands for
 A) Fuel, Oxygen, Light
 B) Fuel, Carbon dioxide, Light
 C) Fuel, Carbon dioxide, Heat
 D) Fuel, Oxygen, Heat

 13. Which chisel is used to cut in key ways, grooves and slots ?
 A) Half round nose chisel
 B) Cross-cut or cape chisel
 C) Diamond point chisel
 D) Web chisel/punching chisel

 14. The surface area of the A0 size drawing sheet is
 A) 1 m2
 B) 2 m2
 C) 3 m2
 D) 4 m2

 15. The Dry film thickness of paint is always __________ than Wet film thickness.
 A) Equal
 B) Higher
 C) Lower
 D) None of these

 16. While using roller brush for wall painting the viscosity of the paint is generally
 A) 50 to 70 seconds
 B) 35 to 45 seconds
 C) 20 to 30 seconds
 D) 10 to 15 seconds

 17. Mostly on sprayed surface an uneven finish resembling the peel off of an orange. This defect is
 A) Orange peel
 B) Flashing
 C) Flaking
 D) Saponification

 18. This type of brush is used to paint curved or irregular surface. Which brush is this ?
 A) Dust brush
 B) Roller brush
 C) Wire brush
 D) Curve brush

 19. __________ is an example of water base paint.
 A) Emulsion
 B) Enamel
 C) Nitro-Cellulose
 D) None of these

 20. The most commonly used _________ are Sodium hydroxide, Trisodium phosphate, Silicate.
 A) Acid cleaners
 B) Phosphate cleaners
 C) Alkaline cleaners
 D) Pickling materials

 21. ________ is used to draw symmetrical polygons and stars in coreldraw.
 A) Polyline Tool
 B) Polygon Tool
 C) Pen Tool
 D) Free hand Tool

 22. PPE Stands for
 A) Poly Protective Equipment
 B) Protective Personal Equipment
 C) Personal Protective Equipment
 D) Protection of Personal Equipment

 23. The reading accuracy of the steel rule is
 A) 0.05 mm
 B) 0.50 mm
 C) 0.5 cm
 D) 0.5 mm

 24. The hues from green to violet including blue are known as
 A) Warm colours
 B) Dull colours
 C) Cool colours
 D) Dark colours

 25. The Ford cup viscometer is an instrument used to check __________ of paint.
 A) Viscosity
 B) Adhesion
 C) Density
 D) Hardness

 26. _____________ painting are more suitable to use when we repeatedly want numbers, matters, names in different locations.
 A) Brush
 B) Air-less
 C) Stencil
 D) Spray

 27. In this defect paint film lifting from the underlaying surface in the form of flaks or scales. Which defect is this ?
 A) Flaking
 B) Flashing
 C) Orange peel
 D) Chalking

 28. This type of brush is used to clean the metal surface from tightly adhered rust. Which brush is this ?
 A) Dust brush
 B) Roller brush
 C) Wire brush
 D) Curve brush

 29. Polyamide is a curing agent used in two pack system epoxy paint. What is the properties of this curing agent ?
 A) Longer pot life
 B) Best flexibility and water resistance
 C) Best chemical resistance
 D) Low temperature cure

 30. In hot phosphating process pickling is used to remove ___________ from the metal surfaces.
 A) Rust
 B) Surface roughness
 C) Oil or grease
 D) Mud or dust

 31. EPS stands for
 A) Encapsulated Print Script
 B) Encapsulated Post Spot
 C) Encapsuled Print Script
 D) Encapsulated Post Script

 32. The colour code of the Stem Pipeline is painted as ________ colour.
 A) Aluminium to IS 2339
 B) Sea green
 C) Sky blue
 D) Smoke gray

 33. Which one of the following saw having a reinforcing strip on back is provided ?
 A) Dovetail saw
 B) Compass saw
 C) Tenon saw
 D) Hand saw

 34. The hues from yellow to red including orange, pink, brown are known as
 A) Light colour
 B) Warm colour
 C) Cool colour
 D) Dull colour

 35. Which instrument is used to determine the specific gravity (density) of the paint ?
 A) Mandrel
 B) Viscosity cup
 C) Weight per gallon cup
 D) Comb gauge

 36. In spray painting gun _________ is used to operate fluid needle and air valve.
 A) Trigger
 B) Airinlet
 C) Compressed air
 D) Spreaded knob

 37. The failure of adhesion, rupture of paint film usually the top layer being removed as a skin. This defect is called
 A) Sagging
 B) Blooming
 C) Bleeding
 D) Peeling

 38. Chisel knife is used to _________ from surface.
 A) Remove oil and grease
 B) Cut stencil
 C) Remove old paint
 D) Apply putty

 39. Before formulating a paint we should know about PVC. What is PVC stands for ?
 A) Poly Volatile Calculation
 B) Poly Volume Calculation
 C) Pigment Volatile Calculation
 D) Pigment Volume Concentration

 40. Etch primer are mainly used for ___________ surfaces.
 A) Ferrous metallic
 B) Non-ferrous metallic
 C) Wall
 D) Wood

 41. __________ is used to lighten a portion of an image.
 A) Sponge tool
 B) Pen tool
 C) Dodge tool
 D) Brush tool

 42. The colour code of the Air Pipeline is painted as __________ colour.
 A) Canary yellow
 B) Sea green
 C) Black
 D) Sky blue

 43. Which type of joint is mainly used in fixing shelves or divisions ?
 A) Housing joint
 B) Bridle joint
 C) Half lap joint
 D) None of these

 44. Primary colours are
 A) Green, Red, Yellow
 B) Violet, Yellow, Blue
 C) Blue, Red, Yellow
 D) Orange, Green, Red

 45. The IC gauge is an instrument used to check
 A) Adhesion
 B) Wet film thickness
 C) Viscosity
 D) Hardness

 46. In suction feed spray gun paint container is positioned at the __________ of the spray gun.
 A) Top
 B) In chamber
 C) Bottom
 D) Middle

 47. The presence of high unsaturation appears to be the cause for ___________ defect. It occurs mostly in oil paint.
 A) Thinning
 B) Yellowing
 C) Bleeding
 D) Peeling

 48. This knife is used to remove unwanted particles at curved or irregular surface. Which knife is this ?
 A) Putty knife
 B) Stencil knife
 C) Pallet knife
 D) Moulding knife

 49. The brush is to be held at an angle of __________ at normal brush painting.
 A) 45°
 B) 60°
 C) 90°
 D) 120°

 50. In hot phosphating process __________ chemical is used to deposit a phosphate layer on the job.
 A) Trisodium phosphate
 B) Hexa meta phosphate
 C) Zinc phosphate
 D) Sodium tetra phosphate

 51. ______________ is the brain of Computer.
 D) CU

 52. The colour code of the Alkalies Pipeline is painted as ________ colour.
 A) Light brown
 B) Dark violet
 C) Sky blue
 D) Smoke gray

 53. Which tool is used for laying out larger circles and arc ?
 A) Marking tool
 B) Marking gauge
 C) Trammel point
 D) Chisels

 54. Secondary colours are
 A) Violet, Orange, Blue
 B) Violet, Green, Yellow
 C) Blue, Red, Green
 D) Green, Violet, Orange

 55. In Scrach hardness test, use the varying hardness value of ________ to evaluate coating’s hardness.
 A) Graphite pencils
 B) Crayons
 C) Nails
 D) Needle

 56. The downward movement of a wet paint film on a vertical surface is an uneven coating, it is called
 A) Chalking
 B) Sagging
 C) Bleeding
 D) Blooming

 57. TIES’ related with
 A) Stencil making
 B) Powder coating
 C) Air-less spraying
 D) Dipping

 58. This instrument is used to measure the gloss value of dry paint film. Which instrument is this ?
 A) Comb gauge
 B) IC gauge
 C) Mandrel
 D) Gloss meter

 59. Nitro-Cellulose paint and Lacquers paint has been applied by surfaces
 A) Dipping
 B) Roller
 C) Spray
 D) Brush

 60. French polish is based on
 A) Poppy oil
 B) Shellac
 C) Tung oil
 D) Boiled linseed oil

 61. ____________ is useful for duplicating image or removing defect in images in Photoshop.
 A) Clone stamp tool
 B) Crop tool
 C) Move tool
 D) Marquee tool

 62. Which colour are used in symbols and background in mandatory signs ?
 A) Red symbol on Yellow background
 B) White symbol on Blue background
 C) White symbol on Green background
 D) Red symbol on Blue background

 63. This is also called engineers hammer, which hammer is this ?
 A) Claw hammer
 B) Cross pein hammer
 C) Carpenter’s hammer
 D) Ball pein hammer

 64. ___________ colour scheme combines three colours obtained by placing and equilateral triangle on the colour wheel.
 A) Tertiary
 B) Traid
 C) Tetrad
 D) Double complementary

 65. The abrasion instrument is used to test __________ of specimen paint coating.
 A) Adhesion
 B) Flexibility
 C) Resistance
 D) Scrach hardness

 66. The diffusion of colouring matter from the undercoat through the top coat resulting in undesirable effect. This is called
 A) Flaking
 B) Sagging
 C) Peeling
 D) Bleeding

 67. __________ is used to determine the effective dispersion grind and check the particles size of the pigment in the paint.
 A) Comb gauge
 B) IC gauge
 C) Fineness of grind gauge
 D) Mandrels

 68. Compressed high pressure air pushes the paint via hose pipe to the spray gun. Which spray gun is this ?
 A) Pressure feed gun
 B) Gravity feed gun
 C) Suction feed gun
 D) None of these

 69. Anti-Setting agents, Anti-Skinning agents, Wetting and Dispersing agents are the examples of
 A) Binder
 B) Additives
 C) Pigments
 D) None of these

 70. The colour code of acids pipeline is painted as __________ colour.
 A) Dark violet
 B) Sky blue
 C) Black
 D) Smoke gray

 71. TIFF stands for
 A) Tag Image Format File
 B) Tagged Image Format File
 C) Tagged Image File Format
 D) Tagged Intel File Format

 72. What is the shape of warning signs ?
 A) Circular
 B) Square
 C) Rectangle
 D) Triangular

 73. P.V.C. stands for
 A) Poly Vinyl Chloride
 B) Poly Vinyl Carbide
 C) Poly Vinyl Carbon
 D) Poly Vinyl Chromate

 74. These colours are directly opposite to each other on the colour wheel. Which colour is this ?
 A) Monochromatic colour
 B) Complementary colour
 C) Tertiary colours
 D) Intermediate colour

 75. In powder coating what is the distance between guntip and the job, for maximum coverage and transfer efficiency
 A) 100 mm to 120 mm
 B) 350 mm to 450 mm
 C) 10 cm to 12 cm
 D) 150 mm to 300 mm

 76. This defect is caused by liquids and gases present under the paint film. Which defect is this ?
 A) Blistering
 B) Bleeding
 C) Blooming
 D) Chalking

 77. Brush painting is generally used on
 A) Metal surfaces only
 B) Wood surfaces only
 C) Wall surfaces only
 D) All of these

 78. In air-less spray application method the materials like water based PVA paints can automized at which pressure ?
 A) 800psi
 B) 1000psi
 C) 2500psi
 D) 500psi

 79. Varnish, Paints, Enamels and Lacquers are the examples of
 A) Cathodic coatings
 B) Organic coatings
 C) Inorganic coatings
 D) Anodic coatings

 80. Sulphides of Zinc, Calcium, Barium and Cadmium are the examples of _________ Pigment.
 A) Fluorescent
 B) Metallic
 C) Phosphorescent
 D) Brown

 81. __________ is an example of output device.
 A) Mouse
 B) Keyboard
 C) Scanner
 D) Plotter

 82. Which type of fire extinguisher must not be used on electrical equipment is involved ?
 A) Dry powder type
 B) Foam type
 C) Halon type
 D) Carbon dioxide type

 83. This tool is used for holding small diameter jobs. Which tool is this ?
 A) Bench vice
 B) Caliper
 C) Pin vice
 D) Hand taps

 84. Medium grade _________ pencil are used for general line work and lettering.
 A) H and 2H
 B) HB and H
 C) HB and 2B
 D) 2H and 3H

 85. Thermoplastic powder and Thermosetting powder are used for ________ Painting.
 A) Wall
 B) Powder coating
 C) Roller
 D) Spray

 86. Is the defect occurred to cured film as formation of powdery form over the surface. Which defect is this ?
 A) Blooming
 B) Sagging
 C) Saponification
 D) Chalking

 87. These type of paint hold a large quantity of paint. Which brush is this ?
 A) Flat brush
 B) Round brush
 C) Artist brush
 D) Curve brush

 88. Water based paint and many paints with metallic pigments _________ applied by electrostatic hand gun.
 A) Can be
 B) May be
 C) Cannot be
 D) None of these

 89. Sand or grit blasting is used for metal surface to remove
 A) Rust
 B) Oil or grease
 C) Mud or dust
 D) All of these

 90. These sheet is used for finishing the wet metal surface
 A) Sand paper
 B) Water proof emery
 C) Cloth emery
 D) None of these

 91. DTPO stands for
 A) Desk Top Publishing
 B) Desk Top Printing
 C) Desk Top Process
 D) Desk Top Photoshop

 92. An example of a Prohibition sign is
 A) Wear head protection
 B) Wear hand protection
 C) Wear foot protection
 D) No smoking

 93. Elbows and bends provide deviation of _________ in pipe work systems.
 A) 45° and 95°
 B) 90° and 45°
 C) 40° and 60°
 D) 90° and 60°

 94. These papers have rough surfaces and not used for regular work, but are meant for charts. Which paper is this ?
 A) MiII-made paper
 B) Art paper
 C) Mapilitho paper
 D) Hand made paper

 95. 100% non volatile, non pollution problems, not necessary of primer, filler and under coat these are the advantages of __________ painting.
 A) Spray
 B) Roller
 C) Powder coating
 D) Stencil

 96. The formation of soap which lead to adhesion failure is termed as _______ defect.
 A) Saponification
 B) Blooming
 C) Sagging
 D) Bleeding

 97. This type of brush is available in size of 30 cm, 45 cm, 60 cm. It used to paint large flat surface. Which brush is this ?
 A) Flat brush
 B) Round brush
 C) Roller brush
 D) Wire brush

 98. Zinc chromate is a
 A) Finishing coat
 B) Under coat
 C) Clear coat
 D) Primer

 99. Blow lamp or LPG gas torch can be used to remove __________ from the metal surface.
 A) Rust
 B) Old paint
 C) Mud or dust
 D) Oil or grease

 100. __________ is a dangerous form of corrosion.
 A) Pitting corrosion
 B) Bacteriological corrosion
 C) Both A) and B)
 D) None of these

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