Electrician/ Lineman - Question Paper and Answer Key


 Name of Post: Electrician/ Lineman

 Department: KAMCO Ltd/ PWD

Cat. No: 100/2020, 117/2020 & 118/2020

Date of Test: 19/01/2021

Question Code: 015/2021

1. How many electrons are in a Aluminum atom ?
 (A) 13
 (B) 18
 (C) 29
 (D) 43

2. What is unit of the quantity of electricity ?
 (A) Coulomb
 (B) Mho
 (C) Ohm
 (D) Ampere

3. What is the working temperature of electrician solder ?
 (A) 185 °C
 (B) 212 °C
 (C) 215 °C
 (D) 315 °C

4. Out of the following which composition of tin and lead used in fine solder ?
 (A) 50%, 50%
 (B) 60%, 40%
 (C) 63%, 37%
 (D) 90%, 10%

5. Which one is equal to one mega ohm ?
 (A) 1000000 Ω
 (B) 10000 Ω
 (C) 0.10000000 Ω
 (D) 100000000 Ω

6. Which effect of electric current is used for soldering iron ?
 (A) Chemical effect
 (B) X-ray effect
 (C) Light effect
 (D) Heating effect

7. How many electrons are in the outer most orbit of intrinsic semi conductor atom ?
 (A) Two
 (B) Three
 (C) Four
 (D) Five

8. The normal current carrying capacity of 1.5 sq: mm copper cable is 16A. What is the current carrying capacity of a cable when protected by coarse excess current protection ?
 (A) 13A
 (B) 14A
 (C) 11A
 (D) 9A

9. What is the conductivity of aluminum conductor when compared to copper conductor of the same size ?
 (A) 45%
 (B) 55%
 (C) 60.6%
 (D) 40%

10. What is the expansion form of XLPE cable ?
 (A) Zero loss polyethylene
 (B) Zero lead polyethylene
 (C) Cross linked polyethylene
 (D) Cross line polyethylene

11. Find the value of resistance in a circuit having current 2.5A and voltage applied 230V ?
 (A) 100 Ω
 (B) 50 Ω
 (C) 92 Ω
 (D) 98 Ω

12. Which law states that in each closed circuit the sum of all voltage drops is equal to zero ?
 (A) Ohm’s law
 (B) Kirchhoff’s First law
 (C) Current law
 (D) Kirchhoff’s Second law

13. What is the temperature co-efficient of resistance of a semi conductor ?
 (A) Negative
 (B) Positive
 (C) One
 (D) Zero

14. In electrolysis the positive electrode is called
 (A) Terminal
 (B) Cathode
 (C) Anode
 (D) Glass jar

15. What is the value of resistivity of copper ?
 (A) 2.4 micro ohm meter
 (B) 0.017 micro ohm meter
 (C) 1.64 micro ohm meter
 (D) 7.8 micro ohm meter

16. What is the average e.m.f of Leclanche cell ?
 (A) 2V
 (B) 1.12V
 (C) 1.5V
 (D) 1.3V

17. What is the total output voltage if five cells of 1.5V are connected in parallel ?
 (A) 7.5V
 (B) 1.5V
 (C) 5V
 (D) 8V

18. Which one of the harmful gas evolutes at the time of charging a lead acid battery ?
 (A) Neon
 (B) Oxygen
 (C) Nitrogen
 (D) Hydrogen

19. What is the method of charging the battery is called when the battery is charged at very low rate ?
 (A) Constant voltage method
 (B) Trickle charge method
 (C) Constant current method
 (D) Diode method

20. The bending of electrodes of lead acid cell due to overcharging and discharging, improper electrolyte and temperature known as
 (A) Sulphation
 (B) Sedimentation
 (C) Buckling
 (D) Local action

21. What kind of magnetic substance is Water ?
 (A) Ferro magnetic
 (B) Non magnetic
 (C) Para magnetic
 (D) Dia magnetic

22. In what direction internally the magnetic lines of force travel in bar magnet ?
 (A) North to south
 (B) South to north
 (C) South to south
 (D) North to north

23. What will happen if a bar magnet is broken in to two pieces ?
 (A) Magnetic property will be destroyed
 (B) Each piece will become a separate magnet
 (C) One pieces will have only North Pole
 (D) None of these

24. What is the directional indication of middle finger according to Flemings Right Hand Rule ?
 (A) direction of Induced emf
 (B) direction of flux
 (C) direction of motion
 (D) direction of force

25. Which law states that the magnitude of the induced emf is directly proportional to the rate of change of flux linkage ?
 (A) Faraday's First Law of Electromagnetic Induction
 (B) Lenz's law
 (C) Faraday's Second Law of Electromagnetic Induction
 (D) End rule

26. What is the expansion form MMF as regarding of electromagnetism ?
 (A) magneto moto force
 (B) magnetic moto force
 (C) magneto motive force
 (D) magnetic motor force

27. The property of magnet which opposes magnetic flux through is called
 (A) Permeability
 (B) Residual magnetism
 (C) Reactance
 (D) Reluctance

28. What is the unit of magnetic flux density ?
 (A) Ampere-turns
 (B) Weber
 (C) Ampere/cm2
 (D) Web/m2

29. Three capacitors 25 mfd, 125 mfd and 150 mfd are connected in parallel, find the value of total capacitance.
 (A) 25 mfd
 (B) 150 mfd
 (C) 125 mfd
 (D) 300 mfd

30. What is the correct relationship between capacitance (C), voltage (V) and electric charge (Q) ?
 (A) C = Q/V
 (B) C = V x Q
 (C) Q = V/C
 (D) V = C x Q

31. Which of the following average value of AC sine wave ?
 (A) 0.637 Imax
 (B) 6.37 Imax
 (C) 0.707 Imax
 (D) 7.07 Imax

32. The ratio of effective value to average value of half cycle is called as
 (A) Q factor
 (B) Form factor
 (C) Power factor
 (D) Rating factor

33. What is the unit of susceptance ?
 (A) Henry
 (B) Ohm
 (C) Mho
 (D) Volt

34. In which of the following load power factor is unity ?
 (A) Capacitive load
 (B) Pure Resistive load
 (C) Inductive reactance with resistance
 (D) Non capacitive with inductive load

35. What is the minimum dimension of copper earth plate as per Indian standards ?
 (A) 60 cm x 60 cm x 3.15 mm
 (B) 60 cm x 30 cm x 6.38 mm
 (C) 60 cm x 60 cm x 6.38 mm
 (D) 40 cm x 40 cm x 6.18 mm

36. What is the minimum internal diameter of G.I pipe for pipe earthling as per Indian standards ?
 (A) 32 mm
 (B) 38 mm
 (C) 28 mm
 (D) 25 mm

37. What is the expansion form of RCCB ?
 (A) Residual current control breaker
 (B) Residual control circuit breaker
 (C) Residual current circuit breaker
 (D) Residual circuit current breaker

38. As per IE Rule 48, the maximum permissible voltage drop in a power industrial circuit should not more than
 (A) 10% of the declared supply voltage
 (B) 9% of the declared supply voltage
 (C) 15% of the declared supply voltage
 (D) 5% of the declared supply voltage

39. What is the maximum load in a sub-circuit as per IE Rule regarding internal wiring ?
 (A) 800 W
 (B) 900 W
 (C) 1000 W
 (D) 700 W

40. According to Indian standards, the insulation resistance of any wiring installation should not be less than ________.
 (A) 10 MΩ
 (B) 18 MΩ
 (C) 20 MΩ
 (D) 1 MΩ

41. Working principle of DC generator based on
 (A) Fleming’s Left Hand Rule
 (B) Fleming’s Right Hand Rule
 (C) Faraday’s laws of electromagnetic induction
 (D) Lenz’s law

42. In DC machine of number of commutator segments is equal to
 (A) no. of poles
 (B) no. of conductors
 (C) no. of armature coils
 (D) two times of no. of poles

43. In DC generators lap winding is used for
 (A) low voltage, low current
 (B) high voltage, low current
 (C) high voltage, high current
 (D) low voltage, high current

44. Which type generator used for ARC welding ?
 (A) Over compound
 (B) Under compound
 (C) Differential compound
 (D) Level compound

45. As per BIS of the minimum value of insulation resistance required for low and medium voltage rated machines
 (A) 0.1 mega ohm
 (B) 10 mega ohm
 (C) 1 mega ohm
 (D) 0.5 mega ohm

46. What happened if the field flux of a DC motor reduced to half ?
 (A) Speed remains same
 (B) Speed decreased
 (C) Speed decreased two times
 (D) Speed increased to two times

47. The direction of rotation of DC series motor can be changed by
 (A) Interchanging supply terminals
 (B) Interchanging field terminals
 (C) Either (A) or (B) of above
 (D) None of the above

48. Which starter used for control the speed of DC motor above rated speed
 (A) Four point starter
 (B) Three point starter
 (C) Either (A) or (B)
 (D) Two point starter

49. The yoke of a DC generator is usually made of
 (A) Cast Iron
 (B) Stainless Steel
 (C) Copper
 (D) Silicon steel

50. In over compound generator full load terminal voltage is
 (A) equal to no load terminal voltage.
 (B) more than no load terminal voltage.
 (C) less than.
 (D) almost Zero.

51. Why the double cage rotor of a 3-phase squirrel cage induction motor is short circuited ?
 (A) To reduce the slip
 (B) For quick starting
 (C) For pulling more load
 (D) To maintain good torque

52. Why the rotor bars of a 3 phase squirrel cage induction motor are mounted in a slightly skewed position ?
 (A) To avoid magnetic locking
 (B) To maintain constant speed
 (C) To run with more load than rated
 (D) To increase the efficiency of motor

53. Why starter is necessary for the operation of 3 phase induction motors ?
 (A) To protect the motor from leakage
 (B) To protect the motor from over load
 (C) To protect the motor from over voltage
 (D) To protect the motor from under voltage

54. What is the rating of backup fuse to be provided for a 10HP AC 3 phase squirrel cage induction motor ?
 (A) 16 Amps
 (B) 20 Amps
 (C) 25 Amps
 (D) 63 Amps

55. What is the amount of torque reduced while the motor is running in star connection compared to delta connection ?
 (A) 1/6 Times
 (B) 1/3 Times
 (C) 3 Times
 (D) 3 Times

56. Which type of the starters are suitable for three phase squirrel cage induction motor from 20 to 150 HP ?
 (A) Rotor - resistance starter
 (B) Auto Star - delta starter
 (C) Auto transformer starter
 (D) Manual star delta starter

57. Which type of single phase motor is having a commutator ?
 (A) Stepper motor
 (B) Repulsion motor
 (C) Shaded pole motor
 (D) Permanent capacitor motor

58. Which places capacitor start, capacitor run induction motor are used ?
 (A) Wet grinders
 (B) Compressors
 (C) Water pump motor
 (D) Washing machines

59. Which motor is used in ceiling fan ?
 (A) Universal Motor
 (B) Shaded Pole motor
 (C) Permanent capacitor motor
 (D) Capacitor start, capacitor run motor

60. Which type of motors develops more horse power per Kilogram weight ?
 (A) Universal motor
 (B) Repulsion motor
 (C) Reluctance motor
 (D) Shaded pole motor

61. Which method of power generation has low production and maintenance cost ?
 (A) Tidal
 (B) Hydro Electric
 (C) Nuclear
 (D) Wind

62. Which method of power generation is most complex ?
 (A) Nuclear
 (B) Water
 (C) Fuels
 (D) Solar

63. An example for conventional type power generation
 (A) Hydro
 (B) Wind
 (C) Tide
 (D) Sun

64. Economiser used to heats
 (A) Air
 (B) Steam
 (C) Fuel
 (D) Feed Water

65. In nuclear reactor which material used as a moderator ?
 (A) Uranium
 (B) Graphite
 (C) Cadmium
 (D) Sodium

66. Which is not a major considerable point in site selection of Hydro electro power stations ?
 (A) Availability of Water
 (B) Transportation Facilities
 (C) Cost and type of land
 (D) Load Centre

67. Which turbine is used in high head ?
 (A) Reaction turbine
 (B) Kaplan turbine
 (C) Impulse turbine
 (D) Francis turbine

68. A Low head Hydroelectric plants has an operating head
 (A) 50 mtr
 (B) Below 30 mtr
 (C) Above 30 mtr
 (D) Above 300 mtr

69. Which condition is not cause for power loss in solar panels ?
 (A) Loading
 (B) Tilt angle
 (C) Temperature
 (D) Light intensity

70. The major disadvantage of wind power generation is
 (A) Long time to construct
 (B) Require high technology
 (C) Polluting
 (D) Wind power is not constant and steady

71. Which system is universally adopted for power transmission ?
 (A) DC system
 (B) AC Single Phase System
 (C) AC Two Phase System
 (D) Three Phase Three Wire System

72. Primary distribution Voltage is
 (A) 33 kV
 (B) 415 V
 (C) 3.3 kV
 (D) 11 kV

73. Disadvantage of DC transmission system
 (A) Requires two wire
 (B) Problem of Inductance and capacitance in transmission lines
 (C) Generation of high DC Voltage is difficult
 (D) High corona loss

74. In terminating on corner poles which insulator is used ?
 (A) Stay insulator
 (B) Suspension Insulator
 (C) Shackle insulator
 (D) Pin type insulator

75. Minimum height required usage of strain insulator
 (A) 2 m
 (B) 4 m
 (C) 3 m
 (D) 5 m

76. Minimum vertical clearance required between two live conductors in LT lines on the same support is
 (A) 30 cm
 (B) 20 cm
 (C) 8 cm
 (D) 45 cm

77. Galvanized steel wires used in ACSR conductors to increase
 (A) Conductivity
 (B) Durability
 (C) Tensile strength
 (D) Strength

78. As per IE rules medium line voltage is
 (A) below 250V
 (B) below 440V
 (C) below 11000V
 (D) below 650V

79. Which factor is not affect the corona ?
 (A) Line voltage
 (B) Line current
 (C) Conductor size
 (D) Atmosphere

80. Permissible span length of wooden poles is
 (A) 50-80 mtr
 (B) 60-100 mtr
 (C) 30-50 mtr
 (D) 40-50 mtr

81. Which of the following is not an indicating instrument ?
 (A) Voltmeter
 (B) Ammeter
 (C) Ampere hour meter
 (D) Wattmeter


 85. Which instrument is used to measure only DC values ?
 (A) M1 Voltmeter
 (B) PMMC instrument
 (C) MI ammeter
 (D) Dynamometer type instrument

86. Tangent galvanometer is a/an ________ instrument.
 (A) recording
 (B) indicating
 (C) integrating
 (D) absolute

87. _________ causes the moving system of the instrument to move from its ‘zero’ position, when the instrument is connected to the supply.
 (A) Deflecting torque
 (B) Gravity control
 (C) Spring control
 (D) Damping torque 

89. Efficiency of a transformer is usually
 (A) 70 – 80%
 (B) 60 – 70%
 (C) Above 90%
 (D) 50 – 80%

90. In a/an ________ instrument the pointer will oscillate before coming to final deflected position.
 (A) Over-damped
 (B) Under-damped
 (C) Critical damped
 (D) Dead beat

91. To obtain more holes, a pure silicon crystal is doped with ________.
 (A) Arsenic
 (B) Antimony
 (C) Phosphorous
 (D) Boron

92. ________ gas is filled in incandescent lamp.
 (A) Argon
 (B) Sodium
 (C) Mercury vapour
 (D) Neon

93. Unit of luminous flux
 (A) candela
 (B) flux
 (C) candle power
 (D) lumens

94. Illumination of a surface is inversely proportional to _________.
 (A) square of the distance from source
 (B) distance from source
 (C) square root of the distance from source
 (D) cube of the distance from the source

95. Barrier potential of silicon diode is approximately
 (A) 0.3V
 (B) 0.4V
 (C) 0.7V
 (D) 0.9V

96. Atomic number of Germanium
 (A) 38
 (B) 30
 (C) 32
 (D) 34

97. Luminous efficiency is measured in
 (A) Lumens/Wh
 (B) Candle Power/Watt
 (C) Candela/Watt
 (D) Lumens/Watt

98. Which is an active component ?
 (A) Resistors
 (B) Diodes
 (C) Capacitors
 (D) Inductors

99. The emitter of a transistor is __________.
 (A) moderately doped
 (B) heavily doped
 (C) lightly doped
 (D) not doped

100. Visible light is the radiation in that part of the spectrum between approximately _______.
 (A) 250 nm to 375 nm
 (B) 340 nm to 630 nm
 (C) 380 nm to 740 nm
 (D) 480 nm to 940 nm






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