Analyst Gr III - Drugs Control Question Paper and Answer Key

Question Code: 045/2020

Medium of Question- English

Name of Post: Analyst Gr III

Department: Drugs Control

Cat. No: 133/2019

1. Which of the following disease is treated with Penicillamine?
A) Crohn's disease
B) Alzheimer's disease
C) Wilson's disease
D) Carrion's disease

2. Aluminium hydroxide gel is assayed by
A) lodimetric titration
B) Complexometric titration
C) Redox titration
D) Non-aqueous titration

3. An important ingredient used in commercial sun-tan preparation is
A) Titanium dioxide
B) Zinc oxide
C) Magnesium oxide
D) Calcium oxide

4. Which of the following drug is used in cough mixtures?
A) Potassium iodide
B) Potassium bromide
C) Sodium bromide
D) Magnesium sulphate

5. Gutzeit test is used for the limit test for
A) Lead
B) Chloride
C) Iron
D) Arsenic

6. Alkaline potassium mercuric iodide is known as
A) Hager's reagent
B) Nessler’s reagent
C) Wagner's reagent
D) Marqui’s reagent

7. Which of the following is used in antidandruff preparations?
A) Bentonite
B) Calamine
C) Selenium sulphide
D) Cetrimide

8. The reddish purple colour formed in limit test for iron is
A) Ferroin
B) Ferric thioglycollate
C) Ferric ferrocyanide
D) Ferrous thioglycollate

9. What is Epsom salt?
A) Ferrous sulphate
B) Magnesium sulphate
C) Copper sulphate
D) Barium sulphate

10. Which of the following drug is used as antidote in arsenic poisoning?
A) Dimercaprol
B) Penicillamine
C) Pralidoxime
D) Desferrioxamine

11. Which of the following is a tropane alkaloid?
A) Hyoscyamine
B) Physostigmine
C) Quinine
D) Vincristine

12. Which of the opium alkaloid is used to suppress unproductive cough?
A) Thebaine
B) Morphine
C) Papaverine
D) Codeine

13.  Chemical name of Heroin is
A) Dimethyl morphine
B) Diethyl morphine
C) Diacetyl morphine
D) Dimethoxy morphine

14. Artemisinin is a
A) Diterpene lactone
B) Sesquiterpene lactone
C) Triterpene lactone
D) Tetraterpene lactone

15. An example for indole alkaloid is
A) Quinine
B) Atropine
C) Ephedrine
D) Strychnine

16. Cholesterol on Oppenauer oxidation gives
A) Cholest-4-en-2-one
B) Cholest-4-en-3-ol
C) Cholest-4-en-3- one
D) Cholest-4-en-2-ol

17. Which of the following is the starting material for the synthesis of Vitamin A?
A) Menthol
B) Citral
C) Thymol
D) Eugenol

18. Which of the following xanthine derivative has bronchodilator action?
A) Theophylline
B) Theobromine
C) Caffeine
D) 1 Methylxanthine

19. Major blood sugar in insects is
A) Maltose
B) Sucrose
C) Trehalose
D) Raffinose

20. An example for an aromatic amino acid is
A) Cysteine
B) Valine
C) Methionine
D) Tryptophan

21. Which of the following is used as a stabilizer in diethyl ether?
A) Chlorocresol
B) Propyl gallate
C) Phenyl mercuric nitrate
D) Sodium metabisulphate

22. An example for halogenated hydrocarbon type of general anaesthetic drug is
A) Halothane
B) Diethyl ether
C) Cyclopropane
D) Thiopentone

23. Which of the following drug is an amide type of local anaesthetic?
A) Cocaine
B) Procaine
C) Benzocaine
D) Lignocaine

24. Toxic effects of isoniazid can be minimized by administering with
A) Pyridoxine
B) Folic acid
C) Nicotinic acid
D) Pantothenic acid

25. Benzodiazepine overdosage is treated with
A) Flumazenil
B) Fluophenazine
C) Fluopenthixol
D) Fluodrocortisone

26. In which category of the antipsychotic drugs chlorpromazine belongs to?
A) Butyrophenone
B) Phenothiazine
C) Thoxanthene
D) Indole derivative

27. Drug used to treat filariasis is
A) Albendazole
B) Mebendazole
C) Thiabendazole
D) Diethyl carbamazine citrate

28. An alkaloidal drug used as anticholinesterase agent is
A) Pyridostigmine
B) Neostigmine
C) Physostigmine
D) Edrophonium

29. Which vitamin is used to treat beriberi?
A) Pyridoxine
B) Riboflavine
C) Nicotinic acid
D) Thiamine

30. An example for 8-aminoquinoline derivative used as antimalarial drug is
A) Chloroquine
B) Primaquine
C) Proguanil
D) Amodiaquine

31. Activation of TLC plates is the process in which is _______ done.
A) Dipping in developing solvent
B) Increasing the chirality
C) Heating at high temperature
D) Adding fluorescent dye

32. _________ are used in qualitative analysis to find out whether the compounds belong to homologous series.
A) Rx values
B) Rm values
C) Rf values
D) Ra values

33. The visualizing reagent for cardiac glycosides is
A) Ferric chloride
B) 2, 4 Dinitro phenylhydrazine
C) Ninhydrin
D) 3, 5 Dinitro benzoic acid

34. The non-polar stationary phase used in gas-liquid chromatography is
A) Poly dimethyl siloxane
B) Polyethylene glycol
C) Polypropylene glycol
D) Polyvinyl pyrrolidone

35. _________ is a hypothetical functional unit of a column in gas chromatography.
A) Stationary phase
B) Theoretical plate
C) Mobile phase
D) Activated plate

36. The fingerprint region of IR spectroscopy is
A) 100 cm-1 to 150 cm-1
B) 4000 cm-1 to 1600 em-1
C) 1500 cm-1 to 400 cm-1
D) 6000 em-1 to 4000 em-1

37. ________ is the father of quality circles, a voluntary group of employees who work on similar tasks.
A) Joseph M. Juran
B) Philip Crosby
C) Edwards Deming
D) Kaoro Ishikawa

38. International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) Q 1B guidelines describes
A) Pharmacopoeial harmonization
B) Photostability testing of new drug substances
C) Evaluation of stability data
D) Quality risk management

39. Hollow Cathode Lamp is a source in _________ spectroscopy.
A) Atomic absorption spectroscopy
B) Flame photometry
C) Infrared spectroscopy
D) Ultra-violet spectroscopy

40. Potassium metal when excited in a flame emits ________ colour.
A) Red
B) Green
C) Lilac
D) Orange

41. Indeterminate errors are also called as
A) Systemic errors
B) Random errors
C) Additive errors
D) Personal errors

42. _____ is an aprotic solvent used in non-aqueous titrations.
A) Toluene
B) Hydrogen fluoride
C) Sulphuric acid
D) Acetic acid

43. The example of fractional Precipitation is
A) Gay Lussac’s method
B) Adsorption indicator method
C) Volhard’s method
D) Mohr’s method

44. ________is a demasking agent used in complexometric titrations,
A) Cyanide
B) Chloralhydrate
C) Calcium
D) Cadmium

45. The water content of glacial ethanoic acid for non-aqueous titrations may be in the range
A) 0.5-2%
B) 1-2%
C) 0.1-1%
D) 0.2-5%

46. is an indicator electrode used in potentiometric experiments.
A) Quinhydrone electrode
B) Calomel electrode
C) Silver-Silver chloride electrode
D) Mercurous electrode

47. In polarography, the current which is directly proportional to concentration is
A) Migration current
B) Kinetic current
C) Diffusion current
D) Limiting current

48.________ added in modified Volhard’s method for determination of
chlorides to form an insoluble layer over the precipitate.
A) Toluene
B) Benzene
C) Nitrobenzene
D) Xylene

49. The colour change interval of Phenol red indicator is
A) 1.2-2.8
B) 3.4-4.4
C) 8.2-10
D) 6.8-8.4

50. The theory which states that the colour change of indicators are due to structural changes is
A) Quinonoid theory
B) Oswald's theory
C) Arrhenius theory
D) Lewis theory

51. The alkaloid containing imidazole ring structure
A) Hygrine
B) Arecoline
C) Pilocarpine
D) Cocaine

52. The alkaloid which is derived from phenyl alanine is
A) Papaverine
B) Codeine
C) Ephedrine
D) Atropine

53. ______is found in the aneural branchial hearts of Pacific Hog Fish used as potent cardiac stimulant.
A) Eptatretin
B) Laminine
C) Saxitoxin
D) Anthopleurim

54. _______ is the antibiotic principle obtained from Red algae.
A) Variablin
B) Ircinin
C) Cycloeudesmol
D) Artemisinin

55. _________ are living micro-organisms when taken, improve the intestinal microbial balance.
A) Antibiotics
B) Probiotics
C) Antioxidants
D) Polyunsaturated acids

56. Green Hellebore is
A) Kurchi
B) Ephedra
C) Veratrum
D) Ergot

57. The crude drug microscopy reveals sunken stomata for
A) Ephedra
B) Datura
C) Rauwolfia
D) Cinchona

58. ________ is a blue-green algae possessing immunostimulant activity.
A) Royal Jelly
B) Spirulina
C) Collagen
D) Gelatin
59. The medicinal preparations processed by soaking the drugs in the powdered form in a solution of sugar or jaggery is called
A) Arka
B) Kvatha
C) Asava
D) Dravaka

60. Fine powder of drugs are called as _______ in Ayurveda.
A) Lehya
B) Choorna
C) Kshavas
D) Lepa

61. The neurotransmitter released at Autonomic ganglia
A) Dopamine
B) Noradrenaline
C) Acetylcholine
D) Adrenaline

62. Penalty imposed for falsely claiming to be a Registered Pharmacist on first conviction as per the Pharmacy Act
A) Imprisonment for 3 months
B) Fine up to Rs. 1,000
C) Imprisonment for 6 months
D) Fine up to Rs. 500

63. Analysis and testing of samples of vaccines are carried out at
A) Indian Pharmacopoeia Laboratory, Ghaziabad
B) Central Research Institute, Kasauli
C) Pasteur Institute of India, Coonoor
D) Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar

64. The bacterium that is most commonly used in genetic engineering
A) Protius
B) Escherichia Coli
C) Klebsiella
D) Shigella

65. Monoclonal antibodies are produced by
A) Fermentation technology
B) Hybridoma technology
C) Biotechnology
D) Bioinformatics

66. The immunoglobulin which is seen most abundant in breast milk
A) IgM
B) IgG
C) IgA
D) IgD

67. Drug license for the retail sale of Schedule C and C1 drugs are issued in
A) Form 21
B) Form 20A
C) Form 20
D) Form 21B

68. Most prokaryotes do not possess
B) Cell wall
C) Cytoplasm
D) Histones

69. Teichoic acid is present in the cell wall of
A) Gram positive bacteria
B) Gram negative bacteria
C) Both Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria
D) Actinomycetes

70. The nitrogenous base which is absent in RNA
A) Guanine
B) Thymine
C) Adenine
D) Uracil

71. Which among the following is not a bactericidal agent?
A) Cephalosporins
B) Fluoroquinolones
C) Vancomycin
D) Tetracyclines

72, Which one of the following is not used for the evaluation of disinfectants?
A) Rideal - Walker Test
B) Chick - Martin Test
C) Ziehl — Neelsen Test
D) Kelsey — Sykes Test

73. The microscope which gives the highest magnification
A) Optical Microscope
B) Electron Microscope
C) Fluorescence Microscope
D) Stereo Microscope

74, The process by which very large protein molecules permeates into cells
A) Lipid diffusion
B) Aqueous diffusion
C) Endocytosis
D) Carrier mediated transport

75. Which of the following drugs has maximum chances of absorption from the gastric mucosa?
A) Morphine hydrochloride
B) Quinine hydrochloride
C) Phenobarbitone sodium
D) Amphitamine sulphate

76. Which of the following statements regarding the Bioavailability of a drug is not true?
A) It is a fraction of administered drug that reaches the systemic circulation in an unchanged form
B) Bioavailability of an orally administered drug is always less than that of IV administration
C) Bioavailability can be determined from plasma concentration or urinary excretion data
D) Low oral availability always and necessarily means poor absorption

77. Manner of labeling of drugs are specified in the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945 as per
A) Rule 96
B) Rule 90
C) Rule 105
D) Rule 106

78. Which one of the following drugs does not undergo hepatic first pass effect?
A) Lidocaine
B) Theophylline
C) Pethidine
D) Insulin

79. Time for peak plasma concentration (Tmax) indicates
A) The rate of elimination
B) The rate of absorption
C) The duration of action
D) The intensity of action

80. All of the following except one cross the Blood Brain Barrier
A) Morphine
B) Physostigmine
C) Dopamine
D) Atropine

81. Any preparation of coca containing more than the following amount of cocaine is considered as a dangerous drug
A) 0.1%
B) 0.5%
C) 0.2%
D) 0.02%

82. Which one of the following is not a prodrug?
A) Enalapril
B) Acyclovir
C) Clonidine
D) Clopidogrel

83. The drug which is an inhibitor of Cytochrome P450 enzyme
A) Ketoconazole
B) Phenytoin
C) Griseofulvin
D) Phenylbutazone

84. Which one of the following drugs is not metabolized by acetylation?
A) Isoniazid
B) Dapsone
C) Metoclopramide
D) Procainamide
85. The Prevention of Cruelty of Animals Act was enacted in the year
A) 1960
B) 1970
C) 1965
D) 1971

86. The drug which is excreted in saliva
A) Lithium
B) Doxycycline
C) Penicillin
D) Phenytoin

87. Co-administration of the following drug can result in oral contraceptive failure
A) Isoniazid
B) Ciprofloxacin
C) Erythromycin
D) Rifampicin

88. The clearance and volume of distribution of a drug are 1.5 L/hr and 60 L respectively. What is the predicted half-life of that drug?
A) 40 hrs  
B) 27.72 hrs
C) 17.32 hrs
D) 1.732 hrs

89. Percentage of drug remaining in the body after three half lives
A) 12.5%
B) 75%
C) 90%
D) 87.5%

90. Which of the following is not a Protease inhibitor?
A) Ritonavir
B) Abacavir
C) Atazanavir
D) Netfinavir

91. As per the Patents Act 1970, the term of every patent from the data of filing of application of patent shall be
A) 10 years
B) 15 years
C) 7 years
D) 20 years

92. Long term administration of glucocorticoids can cause all of the following except
A) Hypertension
B) Hyperkalemia
C) Cataract
D) Hyperglycaemia

93. The most effective group of drugs for the healing of Non-Steroidal Anti Inflammatory Drug (NSAID) induced gastric ulcer
A) Proton pump inhibitors
B) H2-receptor antagonists
C) Antacids
D) Prostaglandin analogues

94. Which one of the following anti-asthma drug is not a bronchodilator?
A) Formoterol
B) Theophylline
C) Ipratropium bromide
D) Nedochromil

95. An incorrect statement regarding histamine is
A) Bronchoconstriction
B) Release of catecholamines from adrenal medulla
C) Direct action on vascular smooth muscles causing vasodilatation
D) Release of EDRF from vascular endothelium resulting in vasodilatation

96. Hemodialysis is useful in all of the following except
A) Digoxin poisoning
B) Barbiturate poisoning
C) Methanol poisoning
D) Salicylate poisoning

97. Apparent Volume of Distribution (Vd) is more than total body fluid, if the drug is
A) Poorly soluble
B) Slowly eliminated
C) Poorly plasma protein bound
D) Sequestered in tissues

98. The anticonvulsant drug that produces weight loss on prolonged use
A) Valproate
B) Topiramate
C) Gabapentin
D) Carbamazepine

99. The propellant generally used for topical pharmaceutical aerosols
A) Dichloro tetrafluoro methane
B) Nitrogen
C) Propane
D) Dichloro difluoro methane

100. Type I glass used in pharmaceutical packaging is also known as
A) Regular Soda-lime glass
B) Borosilicate glass
C) Treated Soda-lime glass
D) Non-parenteral glass

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