Facts About World - Previous Questions Part 01

>>Which country has successfully launched Satellite- carrying rocket "Simorgh" into space ?
Ans: Iran

>>________ has become the first country in the world to prohibit deforestation
Ans: Norway

>>The book ‘Half Earth: Our Plant's Fight for Life’ written by
Ans: Edward O Wilson

>>World Tsunami Awareness Day observed on
Ans: Nov. 5, 2016

>>The book Silent Spring written by
Ans: Rachel Carson

>>Which is known as the capital of King Cobra?
Ans: Agumbe

>>The code name “Operation Barbarosa” is associated with the following countries in the Second World War :
Ans: Germany and Soviet Union

>>Name the intercontinental ballistic missile successfully launched by North Korea on 4th July 2017 that added a new dimension to the crisis between USA and North Korea :
Ans: Hwasong - 14

>>Libreville is the capital city of __________.
Ans: Gabonese Republic

>>Name Japan’s men-only island recommended by UNESCO to its World Heritage list in May 2017.
Ans: Okinoshima

>>Which is the currency of Republic of Kiribati ?
Ans: Australian Dollar

>>Who coined the term ‘PAKISTAN’ for the first time ?
Ans: Choudhry Rahmat Ali

>>The Rohingyas were the natives of :
Ans: Rakhine

>>AMAZON - The largest Internet based Retailer in the world was founded by :
Ans: Jeff Bezos

>>As per the Chinese New Year, every 12 years there is a :
Ans: Rooster Year

>>G S T (Goods and Service Tax) was introduced at first in :
Ans: France

>>Pakisthan’s Mother Teresa :
Ans: Ruth Pfau

>>Which is the first nation in the world to implement the R.T.I. ?
Ans: Sweden

>>Which is the land of ‘thousand lakes’ ?
Ans: Finland

>>Which Country is known as Junior America ?
Ans: Canada

>>Which country outside India has Indians as the majority of its population ?
Ans: Mauritius

>>Which American country signed in Paris Climate Change Agreement in October 2017 ?
Ans: Nicaragua

>>The Classical Japanese dance drama.
Ans: Kabuki

>>The largest inland body of water in the world.
Ans: Caspian Sea

>>Official animal of Nepal :
Ans: Cow

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