Kerala History Previous Questions - Part 1

>>English education started in Travancore at the time of
Ans: Swathy Thirunal

>>Slavery was abolished in Travancore on :
Ans: 1812

>>Thiruvananthapuram Public Library was established during the reign of____
Ans: Swathi Thirunal

>>Who issued Royal proclamation of 1817 introduced free education in Travancore ?
Ans: Rani Gowri Parvathi Bai

>>In which of the following year last Mamankam was held at Thirunavaya ?
Ans: 1755

>>Which ruler of Cochin started “Thrissur Pooram” ?
Ans: Sakthan Thampuran

>>Which British missionary established an English school at Mattancheri with the financial assistance from Cochin Government in the year 1818 ?
Ans: J. Dawson

>>Which of the following townships has a college named after Velu Thampi Dalawa ?
Ans: Dhanuvechapuram

>>Who made primary education compulsory in Travancore ?
Ans: Rani Guri Parvathi Bai

>>An exiled Mappila leader from Malabar by British collector H.V. Conoly :
Ans: Sayyid Fazal Thangal

>>The name given to the Cochlear Implantation Programme of Kerala Government is :
Ans: Sruthi Tharangam

>>The C.M.S Missionary who propagated the idea of primary education in Alleppey.
Ans: Thomas Norton

>>Which year did Queen Gouri Parvathi Bayi issue of the royal rescript under the advice of the Resident Colonel Munro marking the beginning of modern education in Travancore?
Ans: 1817

>>Which among the following is not a Protestant order that was working in Kerala?
Ans: Carmelite Missionaries

>>Who appointed a Director of Public instruction to co-ordinate educational activities in Travancore?
Ans: Sri Mulam Tirunal

>> Last Mamankom was held in the year
Ans: 1755

>>Who is the last Diwan of Travancore ?
Ans: P. G. N. Unnithan

>>Maharaja of Kerala who abolished all restrictions in regard to the dress code
Ans: Uthram Thirunal

>>Which of the following Missionary organization had started a girls’ school at Alappuzha in the first quarter of 19th century ?
Ans: C.M.S.

>>The CMS press, Kottayam, was established in 1821 by :
Ans: Dr. Herman Gundert

>>The Travancore Constitutional Reform Committee was chaired by :
Ans: A.J. John

>>The first Malayalam journal Rajya Samacharam was published in the year
Ans: 1844

>>The priest who introduced the idea of “One school for one Church” (oru pallik oru Pallikkodam) in the Kerala Sabha 1864
Ans: Aagustinose Thevarparambil

>>First Modern factory for the manufacture of coir was opened at Alleppey during the period of
Ans: Utram Thirunal Marthanda Varma

>>Literary criticism on modern lines in Malayalam was started by
Ans: P.K. Narayana Pillai

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