General English Questions - 1

>>A polite or gentle way of saying something nasty.
Ans: Euphemism

>>Choose the correct form:
Ans: Attachable

>>Choose the mis-spelt word:
Ans: Irresistable

>>Choose the misspelt word:
Ans: Analize

>>Choose the opposite of Despair”:
Ans: Hope

>>Express one’s opinion without evidence or full knowledge:
Ans: Speculate

>>Find the correctly spelt word:
Ans: Conscious

>>Find the correctly spelt word:
Ans: Occurrence

>>He _____ his father:
Ans: takes after

>>He congratulated me ____ my success in the selective test.
Ans: on

>>He discussed the matter ____ the phone.
Ans: over

>>He filled the glass with water to the ____.
Ans: brim

>>He goes ___ school at 9 a.m. every day.
Ans: to

>>He is senior ____ me, though he is younger.
Ans: to

>>He spends hours looking ___ the birds.
Ans: at

>>He took ____ with his work.
Ans: pains

>>He was pleased ___ the boy.
Ans: with

>>He would not have written this if he _____ the news.
Ans: had not heard

>>I can write a book ____ grammar
Ans: on

>>I can’t help you _____ you tell me the truth.
Ans: unless

>>I was delighted ___ his unexpected arrival:
Ans: at

>>If I meet him _______
Ans: I shall tell him

>>Metals _____ when they are heated.
Ans: Expand

>>One who does not believe in God:
Ans: Atheist

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