Constitution Previous Questions - 2

>>Which constitutional amendment is done to pass the GST bill ?
Ans: 101

>>Minority rights are given in :
Ans: Article 29 to 30

>>Among the following which is regarded as the protecter of Indian Constitution ?
Ans: Supreme Court

>>The fundamental duties of the Constitution were incorporated on the recommendations of :
Ans: Swaram Singh Committee

>>The idea of the suspension of Fundamental Rights during the emergency is taken from which of the following constitution ?
Ans: German

>>Who among the following is known as ‘Modern Manu’ ?
Ans: Dr. B.R. Ambedkar

>>The Preamble of Indian Constitution prepared by __________.
Ans: Jawaharlal Nehru

>>How many schedules are there in the Right to Information Act ?
Ans: 2 schedules

>>The protection of woman from domestic violence act was passed in the year :
Ans: 2005

>>Section which provide punishment for sending offensive messages through communication services :
Ans: Section 66 A

>>Find out which Legislation is enforce in India to prevent terrorist activities.

>>The idea of constitution for India was first expressed by whom ?
Ans: M.N. Roy

>>Under Art : 321 of the Constitution of India, the power to extend functions of the Union Public Service Commission has been vested in the :
Ans: Parliament

>>Salient feature of Indian Constitution have been borrowed from various sources. Which of the following is wrongly matched ?
Ans: Bicameralism and relation between executive and legislature - Canadian Constitution

>>Under Indian Constitution which is not a ground on which the state can place restriction on freedom of religion ?
Ans: Economic justice

>>What is the time span mentioned in the RTI Act, 2005 for making orders, for removing difficulties in giving effect to the provisions of the RTI Act, 2005 ?
Ans: 2 years from the commencement of the Act

>>State the amendment that added the word ‘secular’ in the preamble to the Constitution.
Ans: 42nd amendment act, 1976

>>Right to practice any profession can be reasonably restricted on the ground of :
Ans: In the interest of the general public

>>Which article can be amended by a simple majority in the Parliament ?
Ans: Article 4

>>Which authority is competent to make decision on question as to disqualification of Member of Parliament under article 102 ?
Ans: President

>>Under Indian Constitution who is empowered to make a proclamation of financial emergency ?
Ans: President

>>Under Right to Information Act (RTI Act), what is the time limit prescribed for giving reply to the applicant ?
Ans: 30 days

>>Which provision of the RTI Act, gives exemption from disclosure of information regarding confidential matters ?
Ans: Section 8

>>Which of the following is not regarded as a salient feature of Indian constitution ?
Ans: Dual Citizenship

>>The term ‘integrity’ in the preamble of Indian Constitution was inserted by the :
Ans: 42nd Amendment Act

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