Laboratory Technician- Kerala Dairy Development Question Paper and Answer Key

Medium of Question : ENGLISH

Date of Test : 10/12/2018


Provisional Answer Key

1. The first meeting of Indian National Congress was held in Bombay in December 1885
under the leadership of
A) Dadabhai Naoroji
B) Sir C. Sankaran Nair
C) W.C. Banerjee
D) Badaruddin Tyabji

2. Who among the following was the author of the book ‘Anand Math’ ?
A) Bankim Chandra Chatterjee
B) Ravindranath Tagore
C) Rajaram Mohan Roy
D) Bal gangadhara Tilak

3. Identify the Governor General who introduced the Vernacular Press Act.
A) Sir Ashely Eden
B) Warren Hastings
C) Lord Lytton
D) Lord Stanely

4. Which among the following book was authorised by Mahatma Gandhi ?
A) My Truth
B) Hindu View of Life
C) Discovery of India
D) Hindu Swaraj

5. On which among the following dates ‘Jallianwala Bagh’ massacre took place ?
A) April 16, 1919
B) April 13, 1919
C) April 3, 1919
D) April 14, 1919

6. Which of the following part of India ever-green forest are found ?
A) Assam 
B) Rajastan
C) Odisha
D) Uttar pradesh

7. Which is the Southern most hills in India ?
A) Anamudi hills
B) Nilgiri hills
C) Cardomom hills
D) Ponmudi hills

8. Where is Thattekkadu bird Sanctuary is located ?
A) Kerala 
B) Andhra Pradesh
C) Tamil Nadu
D) Karnataka

9. What is ‘Sex Ratio’ ?
A) Number of females per thousand males
B) Number of females per hundred males
C) Difference between birth rate and death rate
 D) Study of population growth

10. Which of the following migration of population does not change the size of the
population ?
A) External migration
B) Internal migration
C) International migration
D) National migration

11. The Southern most part of Peninsular India, that is Kanyakumari is in
A) North of Tropic of Cancer
B) South of Equator
C) South of Capricon
D) North of Equator

12. The first Railway Line was opened from Bombay to Thana in 1853. Identify the
Governor General who introduced it.
A) Lord Curzon
B) Lord Dalhousie
C) Lord Ripon
D) Lord Wellesley

13. Who started “Prathyaksha Raksha Daiva Sabha” ?
A) Kumaranasan
B) Poykayil Yohannan
C) K.P. Kesava Menon
D) Vaikunda Swamikal

14. Which social reformer of Kerala was honoured with the title of “Bharata Kesari” ?
A) Mannathu Padmanabhan 
B) Karuppan
C) V.T. Bhattathirippadu
D) Swami Sivayogi

15. Who has been hailed as the “Father of Modern Kerala Renaissance” ?
A) Vakkom Abdul Khadar Maulavi
B) Ali Musaliyar
C) Sree Narayana Guru 
D) Ayyankali

16. Which Maharaja of Travancore issued the temple entry proclamation in 1936 ?
A) Ayilyam Thirunal
B) Sree Moolam Thirunal
C) Utram Thirunal
D) Sree Chithra Thirunal

17. Who submitted “Ezhava Memorial” to Travancore Maharaja in 1896 ?
A) Dr. Palpu
B) G.P. Pillai
C) Muhammed Abdul Rahiman
D) Swadeshabhimani Ramakrishnapilla

18. Identify the present Secretary General of U.N.O.
A) Ban Ki Moon
B) Antonio Gutteres
C) Kofi Annan
D) Javier Perez de Cuellar

19. The Parliament of Russia is called
A) Diet
B) Duma
C) Majlis
D) National Assembly

20. Name the present Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India.
A) Venkatachellaya
B) Sadasivam
C) Ranjan Gogoi
D) Justice Chelameswar

21. Dutch Cheese is called
A) Gouda 
B) Cheddar
C) Camembert
D) Roquefort

22. Slower Renneting action during cheese production can be corrected by the addition
A) 0.02 – 0.06% CaCl2
B) 0.04 – 0.06% MgCl2
C) 0.01 – 0.03% HgCl2
D) 0.01 – 0.03% CaCl2

23. Fat content in Indian Butter is
A) 80% 
B) 70%
C) 76%
D) 78%

24. Which among the following milk product have almost similar nutritive value of milk ?
A) Cheese
B) Butter
C) Cream
D) Yogurt

25. The initial pH drop of yogurt mix to 5.0 is with the help of which enzyme ?
A) Lactobacilli
B) Streptococci
C) Leuconostoc Citrovarum
D) None of the above

26. Fat content in Ice cream is
A) 5%
B) 7%
C) 8%
D) 12%

27. Stabiliser’s present in Ice cream include all the given below except
A) Agar 
B) Gelatin
C) Sodium Alginate
D) Guargum

28. Which among the following is a common byproduct from milk ?
A) Ghee
B) Paneer
C) Cheese
D) Whey

29. Percentage of water content in cow milk is
A) 55%
B) 77%
C) 87% 
D) 99%

30. Ca : P ratio in milk is
A) 1 : 1
B) 2 : 1
C) 3 : 1
D) 1 : 2

31. Common sugar present in milk is
A) Glucose
B) Sucrose
C) Lactose 
D) Maltose

32. After collection, milk should be cooled to improve keeping quality at a temperature
A) 0°C
B) 10°C
C) 2°C
D) 5°C

33. Adulteration of milk by addition of cane sugar can be detected by
A) Iodometric method
B) Seliwanoff’s test
C) Benedict test
D) Molisch test

34. Fat percentage of milk can be estimated by
A) Gerber’s method 
B) Resazurin test
C) D-xylose
D) Inhibiters test

35. Normal specific gravity of milk is
A) 1.015 – 1.025
B) 1.028 – 1.035 
C) 1.010 – 1.025
D) None

36. Specific gravity of milk is determined by
A) Lactometer 
B) Densitometer
C) Turbidometer
D) None

37. Average size of fat globules is
A) 2 – 3 micron
B) 3 – 5 micron
C) 4 – 6 micron 
D) 6 – 8 micron

38. In Low Temperature Long Time System (LTLTS) the temperature used for milk
preservation is
A) 50°C for 15 min.
B) 63°C for 30 min.
C) 72°C for 15 sec.
D) 110°C for 30 min.

39. Milk contain following minerals except
A) Calcium
B) Magnesium
C) Iron 
D) Potassium

40. Fat percentage is high in
A) Cow milk
B) Toned milk
C) Buffalo milk 
D) Skimmed milk

41. Definitive test for checking the sterilisation of milk
A) Methylene Blue Reduction test
B) Turbidity test
C) Coliform count
D) Phosphatase test

42. Disease transmitted from animal to man by milk except
A) Leptospirosis 
B) Tuberculosis
C) Q-fever
D) Brucellosis

43. Which among the following is not a normal flora of milk ?
A) Enterococcus faccalis
B) Streptococcus lactus
C) Lactobacilli
D) Listeria monocytogens

44. Urea adulteration of milk can be detected by
A) P-dimethyl Benzaldehyde 
B) Alcohol-alazerin test
C) Methylene Blue Reduction test
D) None

45. pH of milk is
A) 4.6
B) 6.6 
C) 5.2
D) 7.2

46. Which among the time shows that milk is of poor quality ?
A) 2 – 6 hrs.
B) 6 – 8 hrs.
C) 30 min. – 2 hrs. 
D) 4 – 6 hrs.

47. Which machine is used to analyze fat content of milk ?
A) Densitometer
B) Milkoscan 
C) Lactometer
D) None

48. The Babcock test is rapid simple and accurate test for
A) Water in milk
B) Titrable acidity
C) Fat content 
D) Non fat milk solids content

49. The process that reduces the size of fat globules of milk by pumping milk at high
A) Homogenization 
B) Vaceration
C) Pasteurisation
D) Sonication

50. Organic milk contains
A) 120 calories
B) 186 calories
C) 146 calories
D) 165 calories

51. Which among the following contains high amount of Lactose ?
A) Cow
B) Human 
C) Goat
D) Buffalo

52. Disease causing parasite seen in milk
A) Toxoplasma gondii 
B) Hepatic fasciola
C) Diphyllobothrium latum
D) Isospora belli

53. Bad cholesterol is also known as
C) Triglyceride
D) None of the above

54. For the maximum intake of Calcium, one should consume
A) Whole milk
B) 2% milk
C) 1% milk
D) Skim milk

55. __________ is most widely used test for hygiene and the potential keeping quality
of raw milk.
A) Gerber’s method
B) Resazurin test
C) Alcohol test
D) Organoleptic test

56. Name one spore producing bacteria
A) Klebsiella
B) Proteus
C) Bacillus Anthrax
D) Stretococcus pneumonia

57. Freezing point of milk is
A) 0° C
B) – 0.55°C
C) – 0.35°C
D) – 0.25°C

58. Mycology is the study of
A) Bacteria
B) Virus
C) Fungus 
D) Parasite

59. Which one among the following is a gram negative bacilli ?
A) Staphylococcus
B) Bacillus Anthrax
C) E. Coli 
D) Entomoeba histolytica

60. Microscope was invented by
A) Robert Hooke
B) Anton Von Leevenhock
C) Robert Koch
D) Louis Pasteur

61. Largest milk producing country in the world
A) India 
B) Switzerland
C) Brazil
D) America

62. Per capita availability of milk in India
A) 235 gm/day
B) 337 gm/day
C) 369 gm/day
D) 471 gm/day

63. Makkhan is a
A) Frozen dairy product
B) Cereal based pudding
C) Fat rich dairy product 
D) Acid coagulated product

64. Minimum width of dung channel in a cattle shed
A) 10 cm
B) 50 cm
C) 65 cm
D) 75 cm

65. Young female pig
A) Ewe
B) Sow
C) Lamb
D) Gilt

66. Colostrum is rich in Vitamin
A) A 
B) B
C) C
D) E

67. Mule and Hinny are examples for
A) Grading up
B) Inbreeding
C) Species hybridization 
D) Out crossing

68. Milk let-down hormone
A) Progesterone
B) Oestrogen
C) Oxytocin 
D) Adrenalin

69. The percentage of herd replacement recommended per year is
A) 20 
B) 30
C) 35
D) 40

70. Temperature of liquid nitrogen
A) – 196° C
B) – 169° C
C) – 167° C
D) – 691° C

71. Ovulation occurs towards the end of
A) Proestrus
B) Oestrus 
C) Metoestrus
D) Dioestrus

72. Fat percentage of toned milk in India is
A) 3% 
B) 3.5%
C) 4%
D) 4.5%

73. Act of parturition in goat
A) Lambing
B) Farrowing
C) Calving
D) Kidding

74. According to FSSAI, minimum Reichert value of ghee is
A) 19
B) 26 
C) 34
D) 40

75. _____________ is a frozen dairy product.
A) Khoa
B) Paneer
C) Ice cream 
D) Ghee

76. _________ obtained from the seeds of Bixa orellana plant, added as a colouring
agent in butter.
A) Anthocyanins
B) Annatto 
C) Betanin
D) Curcumi

77. Sugar percentage of condensed milk
A) 35 – 40%
B) 40 – 45% 
C) 30 – 35%
D) 25 – 30%

78. A Khoa based product
A) Paneer
B) Butter
C) Peda 
D) Dahi

79. In dairy industry, addition of vitamins to milk is termed as
A) Fortification 
B) Vitamination
C) Homogenization
D) Clarification

80. According to FSSAI, High fat cream contains milk fat not less than ________
percentage by weight.
A) 40
B) 50
C) 60 
D) 70

81. Fat percentage of whole milk powder is not less than
A) 34%
B) 26% 
C) 18%
D) 15%

82. _____________ is obtained as a by-product of Chhana/Paneer/Cheese industries.
A) Dahi
B) Whey 
C) Skim milk
D) Shrikand

83. Expansion of FSSAI
A) Food Supplies and Safety Authority of India
B) Feed Suppliers and Safety Authority of India
C) Food Safety and Standards Authority of India
 D) Feed Standards and Safety Authority of India

84. Launch of Operation flood, Phase – I was in
A) Third Five Year Plan (1961 – 66)
B) Fourth Five Year Plan (1969 – 74)
C) Fifth Five Year Plan (1974 – 79)
 D) Sixth Five Year Plan (1980 – 85)

85. The Dairy Development Department (DDD) of Kerala was started in the year
A) 1962 
B) 1956
C) 1968
D) 1970

86. ___________ is a devis that prevent lateral as well as forward and backward
movement of large animals.
A) Bull holder
B) Trevis 
C) Nose string
D) Mouth gag

87. Temperature used in UHT processing is
A) 72°C for 15 sec.
B) 63°C for 30 min.
C) 135 to 150°C for few seconds
 D) 120 to 135°C for 30 minutes

88. Father of White Revolution in the world
A) Dr. M.S. Swaminathan
B) Mr. Paul Hollins
C) Dr. Varghese Kurien 
D) Dr. Arun Krishnan

89. National Dairy Research Institute is located in
A) Gujarat
B) Bhopal
C) Karnal 
D) Bangalore

90. _____________ is a platform test practiced in dairy plants.
A) Clot on Boiling Test 
B) Iodine Test
C) Coliform Test
D) Phosphatase Test

91. Moisture percentage of cottage cheese is not more than
A) 80% 
B) 40%
C) 60%
D) 70%

92. Stabilizers are added in the ice cream to
A) Produce smoothness in body and texture
B) To improve keeping quality of ice cream
C) To keep ice cream in stable temperature
 D) To improve taste of ice cream

93. _________ contains 10 principles that introduce employees to critical behaviour to
maintain good manufacturing practices in dairy plants.

94. Packaging concept where sterile product is packed in pre-sterilized containers
A) Vacuum Packaging
B) LDPE Packaging system
C) HDPE Packaging system
 D) Aseptic Packaging system

95. _____________ is a leguminous fodder plant.
A) Subabul
B) Congosignal
C) Guineagrass
D) Cowpea

96. Fat percentage of butter
A) 50
B) 70
C) 60
D) 80

97. In dairy industry, a combined culture of Lactobacillus bulgaricus and streptococcus
thermophillus are used in the production of
A) Paneer
B) Acidophilus milk
C) Shrikand
D) Yogurt

98. Milch breed of cattle
A) Hallikar
B) Amrit Mahal
C) Kangayam
D) Gir

99. Calcium hydroxide is used in dairy industry as a
A) Stabilizer
B) Flavour
C) Emulsifier
D) Neutralizer

100. ______________ is a soft unripened cheese obtained by Coagulation of pasteurized
skim milk.
A) Mozeralla Cheese
B) Cheddar Cheese
C) Ricotta Cheese
D) Cottage Cheese

This answer key based on the Provisional Answer Key PSC published on 10/12/2018. If you see any incorrect answer, please report this through PSC website on or before 15/12/2018.

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