Junior Instructor (Turnor)-Industrial Training Department - Question Paper and Answer Key

Provisional Answer Key for the exam Junior Instructor (Turnor)-Industrial Training Department held on 05/10/2018.

1. What is the name of the political party founded by former Pakistan Cricket team captain Imran
Khan ?
 (A) Pakistan Muslim League
 (B) Tehrik-i-Insaf
 (C) Pakistan Awami League
 (D) Pakistan People’s Party

2. The city which is known as the Cultural Capital of Kerala
 (A) Thiruvananthapuram
 (B) Kannur
 (C) Thrissur
 (D) Kollam

3. Headquarters of Asian Development Bank is in
 (A) Manila
 (B) Kuala Lumpur
 (C) Jakarta
 (D) Hanoi

4. World Press Freedom Day is on
 (A) 14th April
 (B) 3rd May
 (C) 15th August
 (D) 21st October

5. The newspaper “Dawn” is published in
 (A) China
 (B) Sri Lanka
 (C) Pakistan
 (D) Bangladesh

6. The national leader who described the Non-Co-operation Movement as a Himalayan Blunder
 (A) C.R. Das
 (B) Jawaharlal Nehru
 (C) Dr. Ambedkar
 (D) Mahatma Gandhi

7. The police officer from Kerala, who served as the Director of Research and Analysis Wing
 (A) Jacob Thomas
 (B) Rishiraj Singh
 (C) Hormiz Tharakan
 (D) T.P. Senkumar

8. The Taluk in Kerala which has the longest coastline
 (A) Thalassery
 (B) Ponnani
 (C) Ambalapuzha
 (D) Cherthala

9. Which is the smallest neighbouring country of India ?
 (A) Burma
 (B) Bhutan
 (C) Nepal
 (D) Sri Lanka

10. Gold coast is the old name of
 (A) Kenya
 (B) Zambia
 (C) Ghana
 (D) Nauru

11. The first foreigner to become the President of Indian National Congress
 (A) William Wedderburn
 (B) George Yule
 (C) William Dighby
 (D) C.F. Andrews

12. Who coined the slogan “India For Indians” ?
 (A) Raja Rammohan Roy
 (B) Swami Vivekananda
 (C) Swami Dayananda Saraswathi
 (D) Jyotiba Phule

13. “Tsunami” is a word in which language ?
 (A) Arabic
 (B) Japanese
 (C) Korean
 (D) Chinese

14. The state which is known as the “Grannary of India”
 (A) Telangana
 (B) Uttar Pradesh
 (C) Punjab
 (D) Rajasthan

15. National Book Trust was founded in the year
 (A) 1952
 (B) 1957
 (C) 1961
 (D) 1968

16. Who is known as the Father of Internet ?
 (A) Glen Raikort
 (B) Charles Babbage
 (C) John Biard
 (D) Remington

17. The planet which remains very close to the Earth
 (A) Mercury
 (B) Mars
 (C) Venus
 (D) Neptune

18. The British Governor-General who prepared the first census of India
 (A) Lord Curzon
 (B) Lord Mayo
 (C) Lord Hardinge
 (D) Lord Ripon

19. Panama Canal acts as a link between which of the following oceans ?
 (A) Atlantic and Pacific
 (B) Mediterranean and Pacific
 (C) Arctic and Pacific
 (D) Red Sea and Pacific

20. The freedom fighter who was a close associate of Mahatma Gandhi during the Bardoli Satyagraha
of 1928
 (A) Lal Bahadur Shastri
 (B) Rajendra Prasad
 (C) Vallabhbhai Patel
 (D) Jawaharlal Nehru

21. The shape of an information sign is __________
 (A) Circular
 (B) Triangular
 (C) Square
 (D) Oval

22. Which one of the fire extinguishers is suitable for a live electrical fire ?
 (A) Halon
 (B) Water
 (C) Foam
 (D) Liquefied Chemical

23. Which colour code used to waste bin for segregation of plastic material ?
 (A) Blue
 (B) Green
 (C) Red
 (D) Yellow

24. A nut is to be made for a screw of M 10 ¥ 1.5. What should be the size of drilled hole ?
 (A) 8.5 mm
 (B) 9.0 mm
 (C) 9.5 mm
 (D) 10.5 mm

25. If the zero graduation of thimble division of an outside micrometre is below the datum line, when
the measuring face of the micrometre are in contact, the error is __________
 (A) Positive
 (B) Negative
 (C) Zero
 (D) None of these

26. The tailstock barrel has an internal taper, which are the following standard taper ?
 (A) Metric taper
 (B) Morse taper
 (C) Jerno taper
 (D) Brown and sharp taper

27. Which among the following parts of a lathe should have high compressive strength ?
 (A) Main spindle
 (B) Lead screw
 (C) Lathe bed
 (D) Sliding gears in head stock

28. To hold irregularly shaped workpiece on a lathe which accessories used ?
 (A) Three jaw chuck
 (B) Driving plate
 (C) Clutch plate
 (D) Face plate

29. Which of the following is not a part of a centre lathe ?
 (A) Feed rod
 (B) Saddle
 (C) Arbor
 (D) Lead screw

30. Which type of rule is used for making and measuring patterns and hot jobs handled by
blacksmith ?
 (A) Narrow rule
 (B) Shrink rule
 (C) Hook rule
 (D) Short rule

31. Which type of chip formation would be the best for turning mild steel ?
 (A) Long curly chip
 (B) Segmented chips
 (C) I shaped chip
 (D) Spiral chip

32. The function of the cutting fluid in the lathe operation is
 (A) Cleaning and lubricating
 (B) Chip removal and lubricating
 (C) Better finish and lubricating
 (D) Cooling and flushing chip away from the cutting tool

33. Which type of a chisel is used for squaring material at the corner of a job ?
 (A) Web chisel
 (B) Cross cut chisel
 (C) Round nose chisel
 (D) Diamond point chisel

34. Punch used for punching on marking line is
 (A) Bell punch
 (B) Prick punch
 (C) Dot punch
 (D) Centre punch

35. A file card is used for
 (A) Cleaning the workpiece
 (B) Cleaning the file teeth
 (C) Renewing the file teeth
 (D) Cleaning the chip

36. By using taper turning attachment taper can be turned with a setting angle upto
 (A) 10°
 (B) 20°
 (C) 25°
 (D) 30°

37. Which one of the following standard taper is self holding type ?
 (A) Morse taper
 (B) Metric taper
 (C) Brown and sharp taper
 (D) Jerno taper

38. How the blank size for external thread is decided ?
 (A) Blank diameter greater than 1/10 of the pitch of the thread
 (B) Blank diameter equal to the nominal diameter of the thread
 (C) Blank diameter is less than 1/10 of the pitch of the thread
 (D) Major diameter of the thread

39. Least count of Vernier Bevel protractor is __________
 (A) 1 MSD – 1 VSD
 (B) 1 VSD – 1 MSD
 (C) 1 VSD – 2 MSD
 (D) 2 MSD – 1 VSD 

40. The different diameters are turned on different axis, it is said to be _________.
 (A) Eccentric
 (B) Concentric
 (C) Taper
 (D) Plane

41. The distance from one point of the thread to the other point of next corresponding thread is called
 (A) Lead
 (B) Angle
 (C) Crest
 (D) Pitch

42. A fixture is used for _________
 (A) Grinding the tool
 (B) Holding the workpiece
 (C) Setting the workpiece
 (D) None of the above

43. The least count of Vernier height gauge in the metric system is _________
 (A) 0.05 mm
 (B) 0.1 mm
 (C) 0.02 mm
 (D) 0.001 mm

44. What kind of welding machine are used in site welding ?
 (A) DC welding generator
 (B) AC welding generator
 (C) AC/DC welding generator
 (D) Oil cooled generator

45. The electrode holder is made of __________
 (A) Copper
 (B) Fibre
 (C) Plastic
 (D) Rubber

46. Which type of thread are used for transmitting power ?
 (A) ‘V’ thread
 (B) BSW thread
 (C) Square thread
 (D) BA thread

47. In lathe form tools are used to produce __________.
 (A) Cylindrical surface
 (B) Tapered surface
 (C) Thread
 (D) The surfaces which are neither cylindrical nor tapered

48. The chemical formula of Acetylene is __________
 (A) C2H4
 (B) CH3
 (C) C2H6
 (D) C2H2

49. For making purpose, a vernier height gauge must be used on the __________.
 (A) Bed of machine tool
 (B) Square block
 (C) Surface plate
 (D) Any flat surface

50. The purpose of chasing dial on lathes is to achieve __________
 (A) cutting on tapered threads
 (B) picking up the thread accurately at the beginning of each cut
 (C) cutting on multiple threads
 (D) plunge cut

51. The melting point of copper is _________
 (A) 1083 °C
 (B) 1150 °C
 (C) 659 °C
 (D) 850 °C

52. Which of the following tools is most suitable for very hard and brittle material ?
 (A) H.S.S.
 (B) Cast-Cobalt alloy
 (C) Carbide
 (D) None of the above

53. A soldering iron bit is made of __________
 (A) Brass
 (B) Tin
 (C) Steel
 (D) Copper

54. High speed steels are most suitable for __________.
 (A) High positive rake angle tools
 (B) High negative rake angle tools
 (C) Zero rake angle tools
 (D) None of the above

55. Ceramic tools are made of __________ in a mould.
 (A) Chromium, vanadium and molybdenum
 (B) Aluminium oxide powder
 (C) Carbon, cobalt and tungsten
 (D) None of these

56. Which of the top rake angle of cutting tool, cutting in bronze ?
 (A) 30°
 (B) 13°
 (C) 8°
 (D) 10°

57. The lathe cutting tool is set above the centre line of the job. What is the reason ?
 (A) Smooth finish
 (B) Rough finish
 (C) Fine smooth finish
 (D) None of these

58. Segmental chips are formed during machining ?
 (A) Mild steel
 (B) High carbon steel
 (C) High speed steel
 (D) Cast iron

59. Which type of cutting tools have wide application on lathes ?
 (A) Single point
 (B) Multi point
 (C) Both single point and multi point
 (D) None of the mentioned

60. The flux commonly used in brazing is
 (A) Zinc chloride
 (B) Borax
 (C) Rosin
 (D) Ammonium chloride

61. As per BIS TCVM 12 03 06 is the standard specification of carbide inserts, in this letter C stands
 (A) Shape of inserts
 (B) Tolerance class
 (C) Chip breakers characteristics
 (D) Clearance angle

62. An example of splash feed lubrication system
 (A) Wick feed lubrication
 (B) Oil cup
 (C) Ring oiling
 (D) Grease gun

63. Which grinding wheel used grind hard material ?
 (A) Soft grade wheel
 (B) Medium grade wheel
 (C) Hard grade wheel
 (D) None of these

64. As per BIS A16P5VBE is standard marking of grinding wheel, in this letter P stands for
 (A) grade of wheel
 (B) type of bond
 (C) structure of wheel
 (D) abrasive type

65. Glazing is the one of the defects found while grinding, cause of this defects is
 (A) using soft grade wheel on hard material
 (B) using hard grade wheel on hard material
 (C) using hard grade wheel on soft material
 (D) None of these

66. An example of semi fluid lubricant
 (A) Graphite
 (B) Soluble oil
 (C) Grease
 (D) Wax

67. To convert the linear motion of the plunger of a dial test indicator to rotary motion of the pointer,
which one of the following mechanisms used ?
 (A) Quick return mechanism
 (B) Rack and pinion mechanism
 (C) Screw thread mechanism
 (D) Hydraulic mechanism

68. Which of the following is a type of maintenance ?
 (A) Preventive
 (B) Predictive
 (C) Corrective
 (D) All of the above

69. Lead of the 3 start thread is 4.5 mm; Pitch of the thread is _________
 (A) 1.5 mm
 (B) 4.5 mm
 (C) 3 mm
 (D) 13.5 mm

70. While using a three point internal micrometre, before taking measurement the zero setting has to
be done with __________
 (A) Slip gauge
 (B) Setting ring
 (C) Dial test indicator
 (D) Setting spanner

71. Which screw is used to hold the tool makers button in position on the workpiece ?
 (A) Self tapping screw
 (B) M8 screw thread
 (C) 4 BA thread screw
 (D) All of above

72. Vice like device which can be set in place of compound rest. It has vertical feed and graduated
dial for swivelling
 (A) Grinding attachment
 (B) Taper turning attachment
 (C) Copying attachment
 (D) Milling attachment

73. For getting high degree of positional accuracy while boring ___________ device used for setting
the job.
 (A) Dial test indicator
 (B) Surface gauge
 (C) Tool makers button
 (D) Plunger dial

74. By which method multi start thread cuts on lathe ?
 (A) split die
 (B) using chaser
 (C) die
 (D) single point tool

75. Which operation cannot performed with copying attachment in lathe ?
 (A) Thread cutting
 (B) Forming turning
 (C) Taper turning
 (D) Radius grooving

76. The microstructure generally found in hardened steel is
 (A) Austenite
 (B) Martensite
 (C) Pearlite
 (D) Cementite

77. To obtain fine grains and uniform structure cold worked steel and casting are subjected to which
heat treatment process ?
 (A) Normalizing
 (B) Annealing
 (C) Tempering
 (D) Case hardening

78. In which of the following heat treatment process localized heating is possible ?
 (A) Annealing
 (B) Hardening
 (C) Induction hardening
 (D) Austempering

79. The surface roughness value of 12.5 microns indicates by the corresponding roughness grade
 (A) N12
 (B) N1
 (C) N10
 (D) N11

80. A steel which contains just 0.8% carbon is called
 (A) Eutectoid steel
 (B) Hypoeutectoid steel
 (C) Hypereutectoid steel
 (D) Ferrite steel

81. When irregular shaped workpiece mounted in the lathe spindle with the help of a face plate, the
work has to be properly balanced otherwise it will result
 (A) Poor surface finish of the job
 (B) Excessive vibration
 (C) Excessive power consumption
 (D) Both (A) and (B) 

82. Dead stops and trips on Capstan and Turret lathes are used to
 (A) Control the movement of the cutting tools
 (B) Increase the cutting speed
 (C) Reduces the tools needed
 (D) Improve the surface finish

83. The type of tool holder used for external diameter turning with good surface finish in a Capstan
and Turret lathe is
 (A) Knee turning tool
 (B) Roller steady turning tool holder
 (C) Flanged tool holder
 (D) Quick acting tool holder

84. Name the Turret lathe tool holder, which can hold a boring bar, drill, reamer etc.
 (A) Box steady turning tool holder
 (B) Straight cutting tool holder
 (C) Multiple cutter holder
 (D) Flange tool holder

85. The component of surface texture on which the roughness is super imposed is called
 (A) Surface finish
 (B) Secondary texture
 (C) Primary texture
 (D) Waviness

86. Which of the following collet can maintain exact length of component while machining on
Capstan and Turret lathe ?
 (A) Draw back type
 (B) Push out type
 (C) Push length type
 (D) Master collet

87. Gun metal widely used for making bearing, it contains
 (A) Copper, Tin and Zinc
 (B) Copper, Lead and Zinc
 (C) Copper, Aluminium and Zinc
 (D) Copper, Nickel and Zinc

88. The action not possible in Manual Data Input (MDI) function mode in a CNC machine is
 (A) Execution of M. Code
 (B) Axis movement
 (C) Spindle rotation
 (D) Automatic operation of any machining program

89. The preparatory function code G03 indicates
 (A) Linear interpolation
 (B) Circular interpolation CCW
 (C) Circular interpolation CW
 (D) Automatic return to reference point

90. The auxiliary function M05 indicates
 (A) Program stop
 (B) Work clamp
 (C) Spindle rotation stop
 (D) Spindle stop

91. Which of the following is not available in the CNC Lathe machine ?
 (A) Re circulating ball bearing
 (B) Non-metallic liners
 (C) Servo motors
 (D) Tail stock

92. The dimensional value entered to position tool cutting edge in relation to programmed point in a
CNC machine program is called
 (A) Tool offset 
 (B) Machine offset
 (C) Machine home position
 (D) Operator offset

93. Which of the following work holding device helps to bring each hole accurately below the drill
spindle axis one by one for drilling operation in a pillar type drilling machine ?
 (A) Box type table
 (B) Machine vise
 (C) Plain table with T slots
 (D) Compound table

94. The cylindrical enlargement to a certain depth of a drilled hole to accommodate socket head screw is called
 (A) Counter boring
 (B) Spot facing
 (C) Counter sinking
 (D) Reaming

95. Normally the length of a spanner is about
 (A) 8 times the width of jaw opening
 (B) 10 times the width of jaw opening
 (C) 12 times the width of jaw opening
 (D) 15 times the width of jaw opening

96. The type of screw driver preferred to use in limited space and have little access areas :
 (A) Ratchet screw driver
 (B) Philips screw driver
 (C) Stumpy screw driver
 (D) Light duty screw driver

97. When two parts are joined with an adhesive bonding, the strength of the adhesive bond depends
 (A) Adhesion
 (B) Cohesion
 (C) Both (A) and (B)
 (D) Amount of heat applied

98. Which of the following bolt is used in machine tool tables ?
 (A) Hexagonal headed bolt
 (B) T-Headed bolt
 (C) Hook bolt
 (D) Eye bolt

99. Set screws used to prevent relative movement between two pieces have thread
 (A) throughout its length
 (B) on bottom half portion only
 (C) at the top, bottom and plain middle portion
 (D) on the top half portion only

100. The nut widely used in steam engines and locomotives which are subjected to sudden shock loads
 (A) Slotted nut
 (B) Simmon’s lock nut
 (C) Castle nut
 (D) Grooved nut

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