Tradesman (Computer Engineering) Question Paper and Answer Key

Question Code: 056/2024
Medium of Question- English
Name of Post: Tradesman (Computer Engineering)
Department: Technical Education
Cat. Number: 426/2023
Date of Test : 13.05.2024


1. What is a core in the context of a CPU?
(A) A type of memory
(B) The size of the microprocessor chip
(C) A basic computation unit of the CPU
(D) The number of bits in a memory address

2. What is the main purpose of the Windows Start Menu?
(A) To display currently running applications
(B) To provide access to system security
(C) To search for settings and applications
(D) To manage computer drives

3. Which motherboard component is to store the system’s firmware and start-up instructions?
(B) CMOS Battery
(D) BIOS chip

4. What does the DIR /O command do in DOS?
(A) Displays a list of files and directories in the current directory, sorted by size
(B) Displays a list of files and directories in the current directory, sorted by date and time
(C) Displays a list of files and directories in the current directory, sorted by name
(D) Displays a list of files and directories in the current directory, sorted by file type

5. Which of the following is not an example of utility software?
(A) File Management Tools
(B) Spreadsheet Packages
(C) Disk Defragmenter
(D) Disk Cleaner

6. In Windows which keyboard shortcut key is used to open the properties for the selected item?
(C) ALT + F4
(D) ALT + E

7. Which of the following is true about cache memory?
(A) It is slower than RAM
(B) It is used to store data permanently
(C) It is used to store the entire contents of the hard drive
(D) It is more economical than CPU registers

8. Which input device is capable of reading alphabets, characters and numbers printed on paper?
(A) Flatbed digitizer
(B) Optical Character Reader (OCR)
(C) Magnetic Ink Character Recognition device (MICR)
(D) Optical Mark Reader (OMR)

9. Which of the following primary directory contains configuration files in Linux?
(A) /bin
(B) /boot
(C) /etc
(D) /home

10. In Linux, the cat > test command helps to :
(A) view the contents of the test file
(B) creates a new file named test and allows the user to enter text into it
(C) copies the contents of the test file to another file
(D) appends text to the end of the test file

11. In Microsoft Word which of the following options is NOT found on the Page Layout tab?
(A) Spelling & Grammar
(B) Margins
(C) Hyphenation
(D) Columns

12. Which template is used by default in Microsoft Word?
(A) Elegant
(B) Normal
(C) Contemporary
(D) Professional

13. Which of the following is the floating text box that highlights quotes from the Word document?
(A) Hyper link
(B) Display box
(C) Pull quote
(D) Graphics

14. Office Button was introduced in which version of Microsoft Word?
(A) Word 2007
(B) Word 2010
(C) Word 2013
(D) Word 2016

15. To move the left side of the first line of a paragraph leftward, away from the center, which option in Microsoft Word can be used?
(A) Right Indentation
(B) First Line Indentation
(C) Hanging Indentation
(D) Left Indentation

16. In Microsoft Word, the “Print to PDF” feature is used for :
(A) print the document directly to a PDF file
(B) preview the document as a PDF before printing
(C) send the document as a PDF attachment via email
(D) save the document in a printable PDF format

17. To insert an image of text behind the content of the page in a Word document, what feature is used?
(A) Background text
(B) Watermark
(C) Text wrapping
(D) Effects

18. In Microsoft Word, which feature is used to automate repetitive tasks?
(A) Hyperlink
(B) Template
(C) Mail merge
(D) Macro

19. Which of the following is not a main component of mail merge in Microsoft Word?
(A) Main document
(B) Address line
(C) Merge field
(D) Data source

20. Which of the following functions can be accessed from the “Review” tab in Microsoft Word?
(A) Track changes
(B) Insert caption
(C) Insert citation
(D) Dropcap

21. How to set different print section in single EXCEL worksheet?
(A) Page Layout - > print area
(B) Insert - > print area
(C) Edit -> printable area
(D) Review - > printable area

22. Process of sorting data by certain criteria in MS Excel is called :
(A) Sorting
(B) Rearrangement
(C) Filtering
(D) None of these

23. Function in MS EXCEL which return number of cells that satisfies a given criteria?
(C) IF

24. Which of the following is/are data manipulation technique in MS EXCEL?
(A) Pivoting
(B) Sorting
(C) Transposing
(D) All of the above

25. How the cell address is represented in Excel?
(A) Row, Column
(B) Sheet, row
(C) Column, Row
(D) Sheet, Column

26. Which tab in MS Power Point Contains comments?
(A) File
(B) Review
(C) Slideshow
(D) None of these

27. Rehearse Timing is shown in ____________ menu/tab.
(A) Slide show
(B) Home
(C) Review
(D) Design

28. Shortcut key to start slideshow from current slide in MS Power Point :
(A) Alt+F5
(B) Ctrl+F5
(C) F5
(D) Shift+F5

29. In MS Power Point Animation is applied for :
(A) Text Box
(B) Picture
(C) Charts
(D) All of the above

30. Shortcut key for new slide :
(A) Ctrl+N
(B) Shift+N
(C) F1
(D) f3

31. How to add artistic effect in MS Power Point?
(A) Select picture->Picture format->artistic effect
(B) Select home->Picture format->artistic effect
(C) Select Insert->artistic effect
(D) Select Edit->artistic effect

32. Which of the following is not a picture effect in MS power point?
(A) Shadow
(B) Bevel
(C) 3D-rotation
(D) None of these

33. Which is/are Smart Art Types in MS Power Point?
(A) Cycle
(B) Relationship
(C) Matrix
(D) All of these

34. In MS Power Point Transition is applied for :
(A) Content
(B) Picture
(C) Slides
(D) None of these

35. How to add animation in MS Power Point?
(A) From Insert ->Animation
(B) From Home tab->Animation
(C) From Animation tab
(D) None of these

36. How to add picture in MS EXCEL?
(A) Insert->illustrations
(B) Home->Chart
(C) File->illustrations
(D) None of these

37. Which of the following is not considered as range in MS Excel?
(A) C33
(B) A1:C1
(C) A1:D4
(D) None of these

38. When you copy $A$2 using autofill, then :
(A) Column does not change, but row change
(B) Row and column do not change
(C) Column change, but row does not change
(D) None of these

39. The intersection of row and column in Excel is known as :
(A) Cell
(B) Area
(C) Workbook
(D) Sheet

40. Macros are added from which menu/tab in MS excel?
(A) Insert
(B) Developer
(C) Home
(D) Formulas

41. Expanded form of BCNF :
(A) Boy Codd Normal Form
(B) Boyce Codd Normal Form
(C) Boyce Codded Normal Form
(D) Boy Codded Normal Form

42. Which one is DCL command?

43. Which one is not a ACID property?
(A) Concurrency
(B) Automicity
(C) Durability
(D) Isolation

44. In MySQL Count function returns :
(A) Sum of set of values
(B) Average value
(C) Number of records
(D) Maximum value

45. Expanded form of DML :
(A) Data Multiplication Language
(B) Data Manipulation Language
(C) Data Manipulated Language
(D) Data Multiple Language

46. In a relational database, what is a tuple?
(A) Object
(B) Table
(C) Relation
(D) Row

47. In MySQL ‘Select now( )’ command returns :
(A) Table name
(B) Date only
(C) Date and Time
(D) Time only

48. The Database Normalization is developed by :
(A) E F Codd
(B) Boyce
(C) Neumann
(D) J P Eckert

49. Which is not a Transaction Control Language command?

50. JOIN is also known as :

51. In OSI Model which layer provides transparent transfer of data between end users?
(A) Data link Layer
(B) Session Layer
(C) Transport Layer
(D) Presentation Layer

52. In network TCP stands for :
(A) Transport Control Protocol
(B) Test Control Protocol
(C) Transfer Control Protocol
(D) Transmission Control Protocol

53. In which layer of OSI network model bridge works?
(A) Layer 2
(B) Layer 6
(C) Layer 4
(D) Layer 3

54. In network NIC stands for :
(A) Network Internal Card
(B) Network Interface Card
(C) New Internet Card
(D) Network Internet Card

55. Expand DHCP :
(A) Dual Host Configuration Protocol
(B) Dual Host Configurated Protocol
(C) Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
(D) Dynamic Host Configurated protocol

56. The maximum speed supported by category 6 UTP cable is :
(A) 10 mbp
(B) 100 mbp
(C) 100 mbps
(D) 1000 mbps

57. Which protocol is used to deliver electronic mail?

58. Expand URL :
(A) Uni Resource Locator
(B) Uniform Resource Locator
(C) Uniform Resource Location
(D) Uni Resource Location

59. Which is not search engine?

60. In which, both caller and receiver can be seen on screen of both user along with audio?
(A) tel chat
(B) audio chat
(C) spam chat
(D) video chat

61. Which language is primarily used for coding static website?
(A) Java
(B) Javascript

62. Which of the following attribute is used to give a short description of an image in case the image is not loaded in the webpage?
(A) alt
(B) src
(C) des
(D) href

63. The HTML tag used to describe the definition of each term in definition list is :
(A) <td>
(B) <dd>
(C) <dl>
(D) <dt>

64. What is the use of <iframe> in HTML?
(A) To display a webpage in a new tab
(B) To display a webpage with animation
(C) To display a webpage without browser
(D) To display a webpage within a webpage

65. Which one of the following is not links states in CSS?
(A) a:unvisited
(B) a:visited
(C) a:hover
(D) a:active

66. What is the publishing tool of CMS?
(A) Kompozer
(B) Content Delivery Application
(C) Content Management Application
(D) Notepad

67. Which toolbar in Kompozer consists of buttons for the most used major operations?
(A) Format toolbar
(B) Status Toolbar
(C) Edit mode toolbar
(D) Composition toolbar

68. Which database is required WordPress for its installation?
(A) MongoDB
(C) Oracle
(D) MS Access

69. Which of the following is the correct syntax for referring an external style sheet?
(A) <style src = sample.css>
(B) <style src = “sample.css”>
(C) <stylesheet> sample.css </stylesheet>
(D) <link rel=“stylesheet” type=“text/css”href=“sample.css”>

70. Which control can be used with <form> element to define a drop-down list?
(A) checkbox
(B) radio
(C) select
(D) textarea

71. Which one of the following is a client side scripting language?
(A) Perl
(C) Python
(D) JavaScript

72. What will be the type of a variable in JavaScript that has been explicitly declared, but not assigned a value?
(A) integer
(B) NaN
(C) undefined
(D) string

73. Which of the following is not a web server available in market?
(A) SQL Server
(B) Ngnix
(D) Lite Speed

74. When we execute the following JavaScript code segment, what will be the value of y?
var y= 20+5+‘January’+20+24; document.write(y) ;
(A) 25 January 44
(B) 205 January2024
(C) 25January2024
(D) No Output

75. What is the output of the code document.write(typeof(null)); in JavaScript?
(A) boolean
(B) undefined
(C) null
(D) object

76. Which popup box contains a text box used to collect a string of input from the user?
(A) alert
(B) prompt
(C) confirm
(D) input

77. Loops through the properties of an object in JavaScript is :
(B) for
(C) while
(D) do...while

78. Choose the operator which is not a unary operator from the following :
(A) typeof
(B) ++
(C) !
(D) *

79. Which method is used to delete an element from the beginning of an array?
(A) push( )
(B) pop( )
(C) shift( )
(D) unshift( )

80. Which of the following method is used for finding HTML Elements?
(A) document.write(text)
(B) document.createElement(element)
(C) element.setAttribute(attribute,value)
(D) document.getElementById(id)

81. PDoS is also known as :
(A) Non-technical attack
(B) Brute force attack
(C) Smurf attack
(D) Phlashing

82. The scope of e-commerce business platforms like Amazon, eBay, etc. is :
(A) National
(B) Virtual
(C) Local
(D) Global

83. Which e-commerce metrics measure the percentage of website visitors who make a purchase?
(A) Conversion rate
(B) Bounce rate
(C) Click-through rate
(D) Engagement rate

84. What is the name for direct computer-to-computer transfer of transaction information contained in standard business documents?
(A) Transaction information Transfer
(B) Internet Commerce
(C) E-Commerce
(D) Electronic Data Interchange

85. In credit/debit cards, CVV stands for ___________.
(A) Credit Verification Value
(B) Card Verification Value
(C) Credit Verification Visual
(D) Card Validity Value

86. ____________ is the function of specifying access rights to resources related to information security.
(B) Pin
(C) Authorization
(D) Pass Code

87. What is the model in E-Commerce, if the seller and the buyer are both individuals?
(A) C2C
(B) C2B
(C) B2C
(D) B2B

88. What is the term used to describe the practice of selling goods and services directly to consumers over the Internet?
(A) E-business
(B) E-service
(C) E-marketing
(D) E-commerce

89. What does SSL stand for in the context of E-commerce?
(A) Secure Socket Layer
(B) Super Secure Link
(C) Safe Shopping Locator
(D) Secure Sales License

90. Which of the following is a commonly used payment gateway for eCommerce transactions?
(A) PayPal
(B) Facebook Pay
(C) Google Wallet
(D) Apple Pay

91. Which type of Malware is designed to remain undetected on a system and provide unauthorized access to cybercriminals?
(A) Trojan horse
(B) Ransomware
(C) Spyware
(D) Rootkit

92. What is the default port number for HTTPS?
(A) 80
(B) 443
(C) 8080
(D) 21

93. What is the term used to describe the practice of tricking individuals into providing sensitive information such as passwords or credit card numbers?
(A) Hacking
(B) Spoofing
(C) Phishing
(D) DDoS

94. What does the acronym “DDoS” stand for in the context of cybersecurity?
(A) Direct Denial of Service
(B) Decentralized Denial of Service
(C) Distributed Denial of Service
(D) Data Disruption of Service

95. What is the purpose of a Virtual Private Network (VPN) in cybersecurity?
(A) Protecting against malware
(B) Encrypting internet traffic
(C) Filtering spam emails
(D) Monitoring network activity

96. LDAP stands for __________?
(A) Light Weight Directory Access Protection
(B) Light Weight Directory Access Provider
(C) Light Weight Directory Access Protocol
(D) Light Weight Directory Access Program

97. The unauthorized control/access over the computer system and destroys the data is known as :
(A) Defamation
(B) Carding
(C) Hacking
(D) Cyber-stalking

98. Which regulatory compliance standards focus on the protection of personal data and privacy?
(D) ISO/IEC 27001

99. What is the maximum punishment for hacking under the Information Technology (IT) Act, of 2000?
(A) 1 year imprisonment
(B) 3 years imprisonment
(C) 5 years imprisonment
(D) 7 years imprisonment

100. Which of the following is a common method of authentication in cyber security?
(A) Encryption
(B) Biometrics
(C) Firewalls
(D) Phishing

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