Hospitality Assistant Question Paper and Answer Key

Question Code: 051/2024
Medium of Question- English
Name of Post: Hospitality Assistant
Department: Tourism
Cat. Number: 132/2023
Date of Test : 03.05.2024

1. Hotels located near the airport are known as :
(A) Suburban hotels
 (B) Downtown hotels
(C) Transit hotels
 (D) None of these

2. Which hotel has the largest chain hotels?
(A) Holiday Inn
 (B) Marriott
(C) Hyatt
 (D) Accor

3. In which type of Catering establishment dietary requirements are considered?
(A) Armed force catering
 (B) School and college catering
(C) Hospital catering
 (D) None of these

4. Coffee, tea etc. are prepared from which section?
(A) Garde manger
 (B) Pastry
(C) Still room
 (D) None of these

5. The person who controls the hot plate and announce the dish name :
(A) Tournant
 (B) Aboyeur
(C) Trancheur
 (D) Sommelier

6. Which is the largest Cruise ship in the world?
(A) Wonder of the sea
 (B) Icon of the seas
(C) Symphony of the seas
 (D) None of these

7. Who is the world’s largest flight catering?
(A) Emirates Flight Catering
(B) Saudi Airline Catering
(C) LSG group
 (D) China Eastern Air Catering

8. Which type of bacteria can be found on human hands and other parts of the skins if hygiene is not properly maintained?
(A) Clostridium perfringens
 (B) Salmonella
(C) Staphylococcus
 (D) Arsenic

9. Hygiene is the science or art of preserving good :
(A) Grooming
 (B) Discipline
(C) Health
 (D) None of these

10. A large trucks with good interior like hotels room or Hotels on wheels are known as :
(A) Floatels
 (B) Rotels
(C) Motels
 (D) None of these

11. What is the another name for trolley?
(A) Pantry
 (B) Valet
(C) Cart
 (D) None of these

12. Which type of trolley is used for serving Fromage?
(A) Horsdoeuvre trolley
 (B) Cheese trolley
(C) Pastry trolley
 (D) None of these

13. For having Escargot, which type of tongs are used?
(A) Scissor tongs
 (B) Pasta tongs
(C) Snail tongs
 (D) None of these

14. Who is the father of first aid?
(A) Friedrich Esmarc
 (B) Auguste Escoffier
(C) Kemmons Wilson
 (D) None of these

15. Among the following which one belongs to Hollow ware?
(A) Tea cup
 (B) Full plate
(C) Ashtray
 (D) Coffee pot

16. Which type of knife is used for having Chateaubriand?
(A) Steak knife
 (B) Butter knife
(C) Joint knife
 (D) Dessert knife

17. In which type of silver cleaning method aluminum metal sheet are used?
(A) Silver Dip
 (B) Burnishing
(C) Polivit
 (D) None of these

18. Dispense bar is located near :
(A) Kitchen
 (B) Restaurant
(C) Reception
 (D) None of these

19. The container used to keep the food as warm is :
(A) Rechauffer
 (B) Chafer
(C) Microwave
 (D) None of these

20. The equipment used for serving soup to large number of guests is :
(A) Sauce boat
 (B) Platter
(C) Tureen
 (D) None of these

21. Bill of fare in a restaurant is :
(A) Tariff Card
 (B) Consumer Bill
(C) Menu
 (D) Hornbill

22. Poisson in Classical French Menu stands for dishes made from :
(A) Vegetables
 (B) Chicken
(C) Lamb
 (D) Fish

23. This menu in a restaurant sometimes have longer waiting times as some dishes are cooked or finished to order :
(A) Table d hote Menu
 (B) A la carte Menu
(C) Function Menu
 (D) Fast Food Menu

24. Which of the following is not an accompaniment for Caviar?
(A) Blinis
 (B) Lemon
(C) Chopped Shallots
 (D) Cream of Mushroom

25. Items like Steamed fillet of Haddock, Grilled Herring, Fish Cakes, Corn Flakes, Eggs to order... etc. are mostly a part of :
(A) Continental Breakfast
 (B) Korean Breakfast
(C) English Breakfast
 (D) South Indian Breakfast

26. EPNS is associated with :
(A) European Service
 (B) Tableware
(C) Champagne Bottle
 (D) European Serviette

27. Doilies are placed on :
(A) Underplates
 (B) Cruet Sets
(C) Butterdish
 (D) Carafe

28. This plan includes American Breakfast plus room rent :
(A) American Plan
 (B) European Plan
(C) Bermuda Plan
 (D) Continental Plan

29. Bishop’s Mitre is an example for :
(A) Red Wine
 (B) Sherry
(C) Glassware
 (D) Napkin Folding

30. Pre-plated service is also called as :
(A) American Service
 (B) English Service
(C) French Service
 (D) Russian Service

31. Which of the following is not an example of single point service?
(A) Vending
 (B) Kiosks
(C) Carvery Service
 (D) Take Away

32. A trancheur is primarily response for the :
(A) Bread Toasting and Service
(B) Wine Decanting and Wine Service
(C) Carving Trolley and Carving of Joints
(D) Trainees

33. What is used to indicate the physical stock of each separate stock line held in the cellar?
(A) Requisition
 (B) Ullage Book
(C) Transfer Book
 (D) Bin Card

34. Which of the following equipment is commonly used for food service and display in a buffet?
(A) Gueridon Trolley
 (B) Chafing Dish
(C) Sabre
 (D) Waiter’s Friend

35. In carvery service, chilled foods must be kept below :
(A) 8 degree celcius
 (B) 62 degree celcius
(C) 24 degree celcius
 (D) 37 degree celcius

36. A humidor is used to store :
(A) Humid Food Items
 (B) Wine
(C) Preserves
 (D) Cigar

37. What is added to wine as a preservative?
(A) No preservative needed
 (B) Sulphur dioxide
(C) Hydrogen sulphide
 (D) Carbon monoxide

38. An example for overhead cost is :
(A) Salaries
(B) Fuel cost
(C) Cost of raw food items
(D) Cost of imported fruit items

39. Total Revenue – Cost of Sales =
(A) Net profit
 (B) Gross profit
(C) Operating profit
 (D) Non operating profit

40. Automatic Sensors in modern hotel Minibars that activate when items are lifted from the fridge reduces :
(A) Theft
 (B) Cost
(C) Wastage
 (D) Electricity Usage

41. How many courses are there in Continental Breakfast?
(A) 4
 (B) 5
(C) 3
 (D) 6

42. Which breakfast is called as Heavy breakfast?
(A) South Indian
 (B) North Indian
(C) American
 (D) English

43. Board Meeting comes under what type of function?
(A) Semiformal
 (B) Informal
(C) Formal
 (D) American casual

44. Most revenue department of Food and Beverage Service department is :
(A) Bar
 (B) Room service
(C) Banquet
(D) Speciality Restaurant

45. Timings of Room service is :
(A) 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.
(B) 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
(C) 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 7 p.m. to 11 p.m.
(D) 24 hours

46. Length of Banquet cover is :
(A) “24 × 15’’
(B) “24 × 16’’
(C) “27 × 15’’
(D) “27 × 16’’

47. High Tea means :
(A) Tea with light snacks
(B) Tea with medium snacks
(C) Tea with heavy snacks
(D) Tea with no snacks

48. What is meant by Decentralized Room Service?
(A) Hotel with only one kitchen
(B) Hotel with multiple kitchen
(C) Hotel without kitchen
(D) Hotel without bar

49. Accompaniment for stewed fruits :
(A) Butter
(B) Jam
(C) Castor sugar
(D) Maple syrup

50. Accompaniment for Omelette :
(A) Bacon
(B) Grilled tomato
(C) Hash brown potato
(D) All the three

51. What method of distillation is done for Scotch whisky?
(A) Pot twice
(B) Patent twice
(C) Pot and patent
(D) Pot thrice

52. Wine made out of Apple is called :
(A) Cider
(B) Mead
(C) Perry
(D) Applejack

53. Corona beer is from which country?
(A) South Africa
(B) India
(C) Australia
(D) Mexico

54. Russian tea is made up of :
(A) Regular tea and Lemon
(B) Regular tea and Fig
(C) Black tea and Lemon
(D) Black tea and Orange

55. Bud Weiser beer is from which country?
(A) America
(B) Africa
(C) U.K.
(D) Germany

56. Wine made out of Pear :
(A) Cider
(B) Perry
(C) Slivovitz
(D) Poirre William

57. Perrier is from which country?
(A) India
(B) Kenya
(C) France
(D) Australia

58. What is meant by Krausening?
(A) Adding sugar to must
(B) Adding ferment work to beer
(C) Adding salt to must
(D) Adding yeast to must

59. Capacity of Beer Tankard glass is :
(A) 8 ounce
(B) 10 ounce
(C) 12 ounce
(D) 14 ounce

60. What is Hawaiian Coffee?
(A) Black cold coffee with Pineapple juice and cream
(B) Regular Coffee with milk
(C) Black cold coffee with lime and honey
(D) Black coffee with fig and honey

61. The grape variety used to make white wines that can be smooth and sweet :
(A) Merlot
(B) Riesling
(C) Burgundy
(D) Shiraz

62. Wines that are made from grapes of a single year’s harvest and are accordingly dated are called :
(A) Premium wines
(B) Table wines
(C) Vintage wines
(D) Dry wines

63. The term on wine label used to denote the sweetness level of wine with more than 50 grams of sugar per liter of Sparkling wine is :
(A) Brut
(B) Extra brut
(C) Brut Natural
(D) Doux

64. The process in which the wine undergoes a secondary fermentation in bulk tanks and is bottled under pressure :
(A) Degorgement
(B) Transversage
(C) Vinification
(D) None of the above

65. Which of the following statements is/are correct?
(i) Rhone valley is primarily a white wine region in France.
(ii) Loire valley is primarily a red wine region in France.
(iii) In Burgundy region of France, red and white wines are equally important.
(iv) Pinot noir in a grape variety used for making white wine.
(A) (i) and (ii)
(B) (i) only
(C) (iii) only
(D) (iii) and (iv)

66. Franconia is a wine producing region of :
(A) France
(B) Germany
(C) Italy
(D) Spain

67. Which is odd one?
(A) Champagne
(B) Sherry
(C) Marsala
(D) Vermouth

68. Choose incorrect statement :
(A) Consume red wine before white wine
(B) Champagne works well with sweets and puddings
(C) Port is accepted as being ideal for serving with cheese and dessert
(D) Most of the white wine can be served with any appetizer

69. DO labeled wines are quality wines from specified region of :
(A) France
(B) Spain
(C) Italy
(D) America

70. Vin mousseux is a
(A) Fortified wine
(B) Aromatised wine
(C) Distilled wine
(D) Sparkling wine

71. A non-matured distilled beverage from grain or potatoes :
(A) Brandy
(B) Rum
(C) Whiskey
(D) None of the above

72. A double distilled brandy from France, made from fermented apples :
(A) Hennessy
(B) Calvados
(C) Kirsch
(D) Delord

73. Dragon Blue is a :
(A) French brand of Vodka
(B) Chinese Brandy
(C) Dry gin
(D) American Whiskey

74. A liquor made from agave plant :
(A) Cider
(B) Vermouth
(C) Perry
(D) None of the above

75. Sambuca is a liqueur from :
(A) Italy
(B) France
(C) Mexico
(D) Jamaica

76. Which of the statement is correct?
(A) All alcoholic beverages contain ethanol
(B) Scotch whiskey is made from wheat
(C) An aperitif is usually served at the end of a meal
(D) Proof of an alcoholic beverage is the measure of its age

77. A general French term for fermented and distilled juice of fruit :
(A) Cognac
(B) Brandy de Jerez
(C) Eau-de-vie
(D) Armagnac

78. Juniper is the principal flavouring agent used in the production of :
(A) Tequila
(B) Gin
(C) Vodka
(D) None of the above

79. A brandy based liqueur orange flavor :
(A) Kummel
(B) Tia Maria
(C) Cointreau
(D) Chartreuse

80. Which of the statement is correct?
(A) Vodka is a beverage originated from Mexico
(B) Bourbon whiskey is made from malted barley
(C) A liqueur brandy is a liqueur with brandy as a base
(D) Quetsch is a colourless spirit with plums being the main ingredient

81. What is used for making drinks that require purèed fruits?
(A) Stirrer
(B) Mixer
(C) Bar liquidiser
(D) None

82. The ideal utensil for mixing ingredients that will not normally blend together well by stirring in making cocktail :
(A) Mixer
(B) Blender
(C) Cocktail shaker
(D) None

83. Which is a material like a glass jug without handle, has a lip used for mixing clear drinks which do not contain juices or cream?
(A) High ball
(B) Mixing glass
(C) Water Goblet
(D) None

84. A simple Drink that is quickly prepared; spirit with ‘mixer’ called ‘American’ :
(A) Egg Noggs
(B) Cooler
(C) Flips
(D) High ball

85. A fruit flavoured drink :
(A) cordial
(B) wine
(C) cocktail
(D) None

86. A mocktail served in an Old fashioned glass garnished with Lime Twist, dash of Angostura bitters and sugar syrup :
(A) Lemonade
(B) Corona
(C) Virgin Mojito
(D) Blue Lagoon

87. Hot weather drinks, spirit based served with plenty of ice :
(A) Fixes
(B) Juleps
(C) Collins
(D) None

88. Small version of Julep
(A) Toddies
(B) Smashes
(C) Swizzles
(D) None

89. The outer covering of a Cigar :
(A) Filler
(B) Filter
(C) Wrapper
(D) None

90. A good quality Cigar produce :
(A) black ash
(B) white ash
(C) Firm grey ash
(D) None

91. Where are the Ullages returned?
(A) Kitchen
(B) Restaurant
(C) Cellar
 (D) Brewery

92. The temperature required to keep wines in the cellar :
(A) 12.5 C
(B) 12 C
(C) 13 C
(D) 15 C

93. Which is the method used to cure Tobacco?
(A) Evaporation method
(B) Distillation method
(C) Fermentative method
(D) Sublimation method

94. The aromatic and expensive tobacco in the world :
(A) Pipe Tobacco
(B) Cigar Tobacco
(C) Turkish cigarettes
(D) None

95. What is the name given to the cigarette tips?
(A) Filler
(B) Filters
(C) Perique
(D) None

96. Spot the Indian cigar from the options given below :
(A) Kasauli
(B) Cheroot
(C) Torpedor
(D) None

97. The ideal temperature for storing cigars and cigarettes is between :
(A) 14°C and 15°C
(B) 19° and 30°C
(C) 18°C and 32°C
(D) 25°C and 35°C

98. A type of cigarettes appreciated after a meal :
(A) Latakia
(B) Perique
(C) Australian
(D) Russian

99. Which country produces the best quality Tobacco leaves for the production of Cigars?
(A) India
(B) Germany
(C) Cuba
(D) Italy

100. Spot the name of the Cigar where the length of it is 14 cms :
(A) Monarch
(B) Petite Minor
(C) Royal Corona
(D) None

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