Catalogue Assistant - Question Paper and Answer Key

 Question Code: 142/2023 (A)

Name of Post: Catalogue Assistant

Department: Kerala Legislature Secretariat

Cat. Number: 311/2022

Date of Test : 07/08/2023

1. In which year Imperial library Act was passed ?
 A) 1901
 B) 1919
 C) 1902
 d) 1920

2. The Kerala Grandhasala Sangham was established in
 A) 1950
 B) 1940
 C) 1947
 d) 1943

3. directory of Indian Public libraries is published by
 A) IlA
 d) IASlIC

4. Who was the Chairman of National Knowledge Commission ?
 A) dr. S. R. Ranganathan
 B) Peter drucker
 C) Sam Pitroda
 d) A. K. mukherjee

5. UNESCO was founded in the year
 A) 1948
 B) 1950
 C) 1949
 d) 1945

6. The headquarter of IASlIC is located in
 A) Tiruvananthapuram
 B) New delhi
 C) mumbai
 d) Kolkata

7. According to S. R. Ranganathan’s law library is a growing
 A) Organism
 B) Organization
 C) Institution
 D) Office

8. dr. S. R. Ranganathan started work as librarian on
 A) 4th January 1924
 B) 1st October 1924
 C) 11th February 1924
 d) 24th december 1924

9. IIA founded in USA in 1968 stands for
 A) Integrated Industry Association
 B) Information Industry Association
 C) Integrated Illiteracy eradication Association
 d) Institute of Information Association

10. ASlIB is founded in
 A) India
 B) England
 C) U.S.A.
 d) France

11. POSdCORB was adopted from who’s concept ?
 A) Fayol
 B) luther Gulick
 C) S. R. Ranganathan
 d) melvil dewey

12. The basic principle of Scientific Management is
 A) Centralization
 B) decentralization
 C) Higher Authority
 D) Group of Officials

13. Practical procedure for preparing the budget is based on
 1. By comparison with past expenditure
 2. By budgeting in accordance with the work programme
 3. By using widely accepted standards and norms
 4. Zero based budget
 A) 1 only
 B) 2 only
 C) 1, 2 and 3
 d) None of the above

14. The International Organization for Standardisation (ISO) headquarter at
 A) Switzerland
 B) Netherland
 C) Ireland
 d) Greenland

15. TQM in libraries influences the concepts are
 A) Every process
 B) Every job
 C) Every person
 d) All the above

16. According to staff formula, which section of University library needs to have “one person for every 50 readers using the library in a day of the year” ?
 A) Circulation
 B) Reference
 C) Infonet lab
 d) Periodical

17. Henry Fayol, who was a successful _________ industrialist.
 A) U.S.A.
 B) France
 C) England
 d) Russia

18. The budgetary expenditure can be classified into the _______ patterns.
 A) Classification by character
 B) Classification by object
 C) Classification by departments
 d) All the above

19. The principles of management by Objectives (mBO) was propounded in the year _________ by Peter drucker.
 A) 1945
 B) 1964
 C) 1954
 d) 1974

20. PERT technique is used to evaluate the
 A) Cost
 B) Time
 C) labour
 d) None of the above

21. The first version of the Colon classification was only
 A) Faceted classification
 B) Non-faceted enumerative classification
 C) Analytico-synthetic faceted classification
 d) None of the above

22. An enumerative scheme for classification according to Dr. S. R. Ranganathan consists essentially of
 A) large schedule enumerating
 B) Single schedule enumerating
 C) large and single schedule enumerating
 d) None of the above

23. After the first World War the FID became responsible for the central organization of the
 A) CC
 B) ddC
 C) UdC
 d) lC

24. How many categories of Schedules are there in UdC ?
 A) One
 B) Two
 C) Three
 d) Four

25. Apart from the primary basic subjects, how many modes of formation of subjects ?
 A) One
 B) Two
 C) Three
 d) Four

26. Father of library movement in USA
 A) Ranganathan S. R.
 B) melville louis Kossuth dewey
 C) Ellis, Brain
 d) Kaula, P. N.

27. dr. S. R. Ranganathan recognized______________ planes of work.
 A) One
 B) Two
 C) Three
 d) Four

28. Who is the first person made a systematic attempt to formulate a theory of library classification ?
 A) Shiyali Ramamirtha Ranganathan
 B) melvil dewey
 C) Peter drucker
 d) Ernest Cushing Richardson

29. There is no class number contains more than one species of digits is called
 A) mixed Notation
 B) Faceted Notation
 C) Non-faceted Notation
 d) Pure Notation

30. In Cannons of array, each array of classes in a scheme for classification should satisfy the following cannons
 A) Cannon exhaustiveness
 B) Cannon of consistent sequence
 C) Cannon of exclusiveness and helpful sequence
 d) Above the all cannons

31. According to lancaster communication in science technology can be by in ___________ ways.
 A) One
 B) Two
 C) Three
 d) Four

32. Invisible college relates to
 A) Authors working in same institutions with different field
 B) Authors working in different institutions with different field
 C) Authors working in different institutions with same field
 d) None of the above

 33. Knowledge can be classified into
 A) Tacit knowledge and Explicit knowledge
 B) General knowledge and Subject knowledge
 C) Externalised knowledge and migratory knowledge
 d) None of the above

 34. Collections of data or Facts are called
 A) Knowledge
 B) Content
 C) Subject
 d) Information

 35. Information defined as “a collection of statements, facts and the figures” by
 A) Haufman
 B) J. Becker
 C) Bacon
 d) mittal R. l.

 36. The concept of Information society emerged in the year
 A) 1969
 B) 1970
 C) 1971
 d) 1972

 37. INIS stands for
 A) Indian National Information System
 B) Indian Nuclear Information System
 C) International Nuclear Information System
 d) None of the above

 38. Satellite communication has a very high capacity and speed of operation matched by only
 A) Twisted Pair Cable
 B) Coaxial Cable
 C) Optical Fiber Cable
 d) None of the above

 39. All good information has the following characteristics
 A) Subjectivity
 B) Relevance
 C) Timeliness
 d) All the above

 40. Which one is related to Shannon-Weaver model ?
 A) Communication
 B) Psychology
 C) Institution
 d) None of the above

41. Research Report comes under the category of
 A) Primary Source
 B) Secondary Source
 C) Tertiary Source
 d) None of the above

42. Which one is the search engine from the following ?
 A) ChatGPT
 B) MS Office
 C) Java
 d) Unix

43. Expansion of the KWlC is
 A) Knowledge-in-context
 B) Keyword-in-context
 C) Keyword-in-countries
 d) Keyword-in-communication

44. Annual Report comes under the category of
 A) Primary Source
 B) Secondary Source
 C) Tertiary Source
 d) All the above

45. Which one is the Primary Source ?
 A) Guides
 B) Standards
 C) Reference Book
 d) Bibliography of Bibliographies

46. An OPAC is related to
 A) Indexing Service
 B) Catalog Service
 C) Abstracting Service
 d) None of the above

47. The Encyclopaedia Britannica was first published in
 A) 1768
 B) 1968
 C) 1868
 d) 1978

48. BNB stands for
 A) British National Bibliography
 B) British National Books
 C) British National Boundary
 d) British National Broadcast

49. Enquiry desk comes under
 A) Current Awareness Service
 B) Ready Reference Service
 C) SdI Service
 d) long Range Reference Service

50. Example of long Range Reference Service is
 A) Help desk Service
 B) Selective dissemination of Information Service
 C) Translation Service
 d) All the above

51. Who said reference service as the personal assistance given by the libraries to individual readers in pursuit of information ?
 A) dr. S. R. Ranganathan
 B) margaret Hutchins
 C) Samuel Rothstein
 d) James I. Wyer

52. The term Information literacy was coined by Paul Zurkowski in
 A) 1970
 B) 1974
 C) 1873
 d) 1874

53. User studies were first conducted by
 A) S. R. Ranganathan
 B) J. d. Bernal
 C) C. d. deshmukh
 d) Kris. Subramanyam

54. display of new arrivals is ____________ service.
 B) SdI
 C) Reference
 d) Circulation

55. Who propounded information need as a state of uncertainty recognized by the individual ?
 A) Chen and Hernon
 B) James Krikelas
 C) Paisley
 d) marchionini

56. Which of the following is not considered as service ?
 A) Bibliographic service
 B) Trend reports
 C) digest service
 d) Reviews

57. Which of the following is not alerting service ?
 B) SdI
 C) document delivery Service
 d) Electronic Clipping Service

58. The National Knowledge Resource Consortium (NKRC) was established by

59. Indian Science Abstract is published by
 d) CSIR

60. Touchpoint end user discovery service is provided by
 A) AlA
 B) SlA
 C) lC
 d) OClC

61. Which budgeting technique has the element of inflexibility in it ?
 A) Performance budget
 B) Program budget
 C) line-item budget
 d) Planning Programming Budgeting System (PPBS)

62. The process of planning, allocating, organizing, and evaluation library tasks and activities within the framework of major objectives, mission and policy refers to
 A) Functional control
 B) Functional classification
 C) Functional approach
 d) Functional authority

63. For acquisition of 600 books in a library in a year, S. R. Ranganathan in his staff formula has recommended
 A) One professional staff
 B) Two professional staff
 C) Three professional staff
 d) Four professional staff

64. Bringing two mathematically related but classificatory separated books together is called
 A) Classified arrangement
 B) Block arrangement
 C) Broken order arrangement
 d) Arrangement by access number

65. The network charging system was introduced in the year
 A) 1886
 B) 1900
 C) 1929
 d) 1940

66. The Browne charging system does not include
 A) Readers’ Ticket
 B) Book Card
 C) date Slip
 d) Transaction Slip

67. Theory X and Theory y related to
 A) Planning
 B) motivation
 C) Innovation
 d) Budgeting

68. library building expenditure is
 A) debit charges
 B) Recurring expenditure
 C) Contingency expenditure
 d) Capital outlay/non-recurring

69. In libraries, the financial allocation made towards purchase of furniture and equipment came under the budget head
 A) Recurring budget
 B) Non-recurring budget
 C) Endowment budget
 d) Annual budget

70. The staff formula for university and college libraries in India has been formulated by
 A) Indian library Association
 B) B. S. Kesavan
 C) S. R. Ranganathan
 d) IASlIC

71. Sci-finder-a curated database of chemical and bibliographic information first launched in
 A) 1994
 B) 1995
 C) 1996
 d) 1997

72. Which of the following is not based on FRBR model ?
 A) libsol
 B) Virtua IlS
 C) RedlightGreen
 d) BIBSyS

73. Resource description Access (RdA) is divided into how many sections ?
 A) 9
 B) 10
 C) 11
 d) 12

74. Which one in the rules of AACR-2 reflects the canon of ascertain ability ?
 A) levels of details in the description
 B) Statement of responsibility
 C) Chief source of information
 d) Gmd

75. Which of the following is related with distributed cataloguing ?
 A) Z 39.85
 B) ISO 2709
 d) Z 39.50

76. Nancy B. Oslon’s Cataloguing Internet Resources : A manual and practical guide is based on  
 A) AACR-2 & mARC
 B) CCF & mARC 21
 C) ISO 6902 & ISO 2709
 d) FRBR & RdA

77. Which of the following indexes is not found in Thesauri ?
 A) Hierarchal Index
 B) Permuted Index
 C) Graphical Index
 d) Author Index

78. Who developed classaurus - a vocabulary control tool ?
 A) S. R. Ranganathan
 B) P. N. Kaula
 C) A. K. mukherjee
 d) G. Bhattacharya

79. In UdC, the sign used for the common auxiliaries of language is
 A) Ampersand
 B) Hyphen
 C) Equals
 d) Comma

80. ldentify the dublin Core metadata element that is not related to the resource as intellectual property.
 A) Creator
 B) Publisher
 C) Title
 d) Contributor

81. Which of the following library automation software is developed by Softlink ?
 A) Koha
 B) E-granthalaya
 C) Alice
 d) New Genlib

82. Chitraksharika is a
 A) An optical character recognition tool
 B) An image software
 C) An e-book reader
 d) None of the above

83. Which of the following is not a switching system ?
 A) Packet
 B) Circuit
 C) Router
 d) message

84. New delivery application software ‘SaaS’ (Software as a Service) is
 A) Running remotely on a web server which the user can access by using a web browser
 B) Installed and run on a user’s computer
 C) Available only through a gateway
 d) A hardware required for a WAN

85. Which of the followings helps in consistently identifying an electronic object ?
 A) dOl
 B) URl
 C) Web address
 d) Email Id

86. Which of the following database program is used in dSpace ?
 A) PostgreSQl
 B) mSSQl
 C) mySQl
 d) None of the above

87. The other name of HaaS is
 A) SaaS
 B) IaaS
 C) PaaS
 d) Web 2.0

88. One drive is operated by
 A) Alphabet
 B) microsoft
 C) Google
 d) WhatsApp

89. Which of the following is a file format for e-documents ?
 d) HTml

90. dOS, UNIX, lINUX and Windows are example of
 A) Application software
 B) System software
 C) Computer language
 d) Operating system

91. Haptics is a form of non-verbal communication that uses
 A) Facial expression
 B) Touch to communicate
 C) Interpersonal space
 d) Interpretation of symbols

92. Chronemics is the study of
 A) Interpersonal study
 B) Time in communication
 C) Signs and symbols in communication
 d) Facial expression

93. Who proposed 7 traditions of communication theory ?
 A) david Berlo
 B) Robert T. Graig
 C) Claude E. Shannon
 d) George Gerbner

94. didactic communication is
 A) Intra-personal
 B) Organizational
 C) lnter-personal
 d) Relational

95. main cause of plagiarism in students
 A) lack of writing skills
 B) Good language skills
 C) Excellent research skills
 d) Good understanding about terminology

96. Report on the development of digital libraries of the past decade is categorized as
 A) Review report
 B) Trend report
 C) Research report
 d) State of the art report

97. during 1963-1969, ________ conducted a series of studies on users’ behaviours.
 A) The modern language Association (mlA)
 B) The Chicago Style
 C) The American Psychological Association (APA)
 d) None of the above

98. The word Semiotics was introduced in the English language as a synonym for
 A) doctrine of signs
 B) doctrine of syllables
 C) doctrine of syntax
 d) doctrine of spelling

99. An exposition of a subject, giving account of the general direction of research in the subject is called as
 A) Annual report
 B) State of the art report
 C) Trend report
 d) market report

100. Bibliometric mapping is basically based on
 A) Papers published in scientific journals
 B) Technical reports
 C) Book chapters
 d) Book review

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