Higher Secondary School Teacher in History Question Paper and Answer Key

Question Paper Code: 51/2022/OL
Category Code: 486/2019
Exam: Higher Secondary School Teacher in History
Date of Test 22-07-2022
Department Kerala Higher Secondary Education
Alphacode A

Question1:-Who among the following is not a member of Subaltern Studies project in India?
A:-Dipesh Chakraborty
B:-Ramachandra Guha
C:-Shahid Amin
D:-Ranajith Guha
Answer:- Option-B

Question2:-__________ was not a characteristic feature of Colonialist Historiography.
A:-Oriental Despotism
B:-Racial theory of Indian Civilization
C:-India as a Conglomeration of Nations
D:-Glory of Ancient India
Answer:- Option-D

Question3:-If humanism was the chief merit of Greeco-Roman historiography, its chief defect was
Answer:- Option-C

Question4:-Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using the code given below:
                  List I                                                                                  List II
                  Work                                                                                 Author
1.   The Return of Martin Guerre                                            a)   Simone de Beauvoir
2.   Working Life of women in the Seventeeth Century            b)   Stella Tillyard
3.   The Second Sex                                                             c)   Alice Clark
4.   Aristocrats                                                                     d)   Natalie Zemon Davis
A:-b   c   a   d
B:-b   a   d   c
C:-c   d   a   b
D:-d   c   a   b
Answer:- Option-D

Question5:-Ibn Khaldun explored the causes of change in human societies, considering the influence of the physical environment, state formation, the power of tribal society with its 'asabiyya' which means
A:-natural solidarity or group feeling
B:-national pride or spirit
C:-economic progress
D:-national heritage
Answer:- Option-A

Question6:-If modernist historians can be characterized as those who see the past as conditioning the present, a broad group of ________ scholars might be characterized as those who see the past as conditioned by the present.
Answer:- Option-C

Question7:-Positivism in history was a reaction to
Answer:- Option-B

Question8:-Who defined history 'as the presentation, in chronological order, of successive developments in the means and relations of production'?
C:-Rajendralal Mitra
Answer:- Option-D

Question9:-Which among the following statements are correct about the contributions of Annales School of historiography?
i)     The widening of the spatial horizons of history beyond Europe
ii)    Interdisciplinary and problem oriented analytical approach
iii)   Annales historians opposed to the homogeneous, uniform and linear time
iv)   Political and individual histories are given primary importance
A:-Only i and ii
B:-Only i, ii and iv
C:-Only i, ii and iii
D:-All the above (i, ii, iii and iv)
Answer:- Option-C

Question10:-Which among the following statements are correct about Post Modernist ideas about History?
i)      Post Modernism is opposed to grand narratives of all kind
ii)     It is strongly supported the scientific, universalistic and centristic claims of mainstream history -writing
iii)    Post Modernism promotes 'Micro Histories'
iv)   No access to reality of the past is possible beyond single, disjointed sentences based on disparate evidences.
A:-Only i and ii
B:-Only i, iii and iv
C:-Only i, ii and iii
D:-All the above (i,ii, iii and iv)
Answer:- Option-B

Question11:-Mamankam, the great ancient festival was held at
Answer:- Option-C

Question12:-Which Mahakavya in Sanskrit was composed by Atula, the court poet of King Srikantha, around 1100 A.D.?
A:-Vikramadhithya Charithram
Answer:- Option-B

Question13:-_________ constitute the major remains of Megalithic culture.
B:-Great Bath and Granaries
D:-Burial structure and Grave goods
Answer:- Option-D

Question14:-Which one of the following authorities assisted the Zamorin of Calicut in the discharge of his duties?
Answer:- Option-A

Question15:-The physiographic division or micro eco zones of ancient Tamilakam was known as
Answer:- Option-C

Question16:-Which of the following is not the most widely distributed Megalithic types in Kerala?
A:-Rock-cut chamber tombs
B:-Port-hole cists
C:-Umbrella stones
Answer:- Option-D

Question17:-Who envisaged a protracted military struggle between the two kingdoms-Cera and Cola between 1002 A.D. and 1102 A.D. which he christened as 'Hundred Years War'?
A:-Elamkulam Kunjan Pillai
B:-M.G.S. Narayanan
C:-P.M. Rajan Gurukkal
D:-A. Sreedhara Menon
Answer:- Option-A

Question18:-Which copper plate of the year c.849 show that the necessary occupational families like Ilavas (toddy tappers), Vannar (washermen), Taccar (Carpenters) and Vaniyar,literally merchants but oil mongers in the present context, were handed over to the donee along with the land?
A:-Viraraghava Copper Plate
B:-Tarisappalli Copper Plate
C:-Vazhappalli Copper Plate
D:-Jewish Copper plate
Answer:- Option-B

Question19:-Which of the following is not a form of measurement of grains?
Answer:- Option-D

Question20:-Name the code of conduct governing the relations between the Uralar (proprietors of the village) the Karalar (tenants of the village) and the Pani (workers), that was being followed several gramas from Kolattunatu to Aynatu?
A:-Mulikkalam Kaccam
Answer:- Option-A

Question21:-What was the objective of the Nivarthana Agitation (Abstention Movement) in Travancore?
A:-Fight for temple entry
B:-Fight against untouchability
C:-Fight for greater representation in the Assembly
D:-Fight against the Diwan's misrule
Answer:- Option-C

Question22:-What is the correct sequence of the following events?
i)     Ezhava Memorial
ii)    Vaikom Satyagraha
iii)   Malayil Memorial
iv)   Guruvayur Satyagraha
Select the correct answer using the codes given belo:
A:-i, ii, iii, iv
B:-iv, ii, i, iii
C:-iii, ii, i, iv
D:-iii, i, ii, iv
Answer:- Option-D

Question23:-Which among the following work of Dr. Herman Gundert is the first comprehensive grammatical work in Malayalam?
A:-Kerala Pazhama
C:-Malayala Bhasha Vyakaranam
Answer:- Option-C

Question24:-After the formation of Kerala state the ________ in 1957 was passed to prevent eviction of tenants, Kudikidappukar and certain other classes of cultivating tenants.
A:-Kerala Agriculturists Debt Relief Act
B:-The Kerala Agrarian Relations Act
C:-Kerala Compensation for Tenants Improvement Act
D:-Kerala Stay of Eviction Proceeding Act
Answer:- Option-D

Question25:-The 'Aikya Kerala Convention' in April 1947 was held at
Answer:- Option-D

Question26:-Poykayil Yohannan formed a separate Dalit liberation organization in called ______ in 1909.
A:-Kalyanadayini Sabha
B:-Prathhyaksha Raksha Daiva Sabha
C:-Prabhadha Chandrodaya Sabha
D:-Sudharma Sooryodaya Sabha
Answer:- Option-B

Question27:-Which organisation published the official journal, Thozilali in 1924?
A:-Travancore Labour Association
B:-State Congress
C:-All Travancore Youth League
D:-All Travancore Ezhava Political League
Answer:- Option-A

Question28:-Which women organisation was formed at Kozhikode on 13 June 1931 with Mrs Pavamani as its President?
A:-Kerala Mahila Desa Sevika Sangham
B:-All Kerala Women's League
C:-Harijan Balika Sadan
D:-Women Teachers Association
Answer:- Option-B

Question29:-Which one among the following grouping is not correct?
            List I                            List II
            Author                          Work
A:-V.T. Bhattathiripad     -     Adukkalayil Ninnu Arangathekku
B:-Makti Thangal            -     Makti Manaclesam
C:-Pandit Karuppan        -     Jathikummy
D:-Vagbhatananda         -     Vedadhikara Nirupanam
Answer:- Option-D

Question30:-Name the village in Kerala where popular struggle against Hindustan coca cola company took place.
D:-Silent Valley
Answer:- Option-B

Question31:-The work which was described as 'the most trustworthy manifestation of people's real thoughts and characteristics'?
B:-Imagery of Bharatmatha
C:-Vande Mataram
D:-The Folklore of Southern India
Answer:- Option-D

Question32:-Arrange the following events in chronological order
1)     Visit of Prince of Wales
2)     Khilafat Conference
3)     Treaty of Sevres
4)     Kheda Satyagraha
A:-4, 2, 1, 3
B:-4, 3, 2, 1
C:-4, 2, 3, 1
D:-2, 4, 1, 3
Answer:- Option-C

Question33:-Pick out the name of the leader who adopted the idea of floating kites with the popular slogan 'Go back Simon' against Simon Commission.
A:-Tej Bahadur Sapru
B:-Lala Lajpat Rai
Answer:- Option-D

Question34:-Which among the following statements related to Quit India Movement is not true?
A:-The Prati Sarakar in Satara organised an armed force called Vidyut Vahini
B:-Parallel government in Ballia was organised by Chittu Pandey
C:-Jatiya Sarkar was organized in Tamluk era
D:-Nani Patel was the most important leader of Prati Sarkar
Answer:- Option-A

Question35:-Find out the option showing the incorrectly matched views on Indian Nationalism:
A:-Valentine Chirol   -   Indian Unrest
B:-Ashish Nandy   -   Print Capitalism
C:-Anil Seal   -   Competition and Collaboration
D:-Ranajit Guha   -   Colonialist and nationalist Elitism
Answer:- Option-B

Question36:-Read the facts about Civil Disobedience Movement of 1930 given below and Choose the correct option:
1)     The Working Committee met at Sabarmathi Ashram, invested Gandhiji with full powers to launch Civil Disobedience Movement
2)     Prior to the commencement of the movement Gandhiji sent an eleven-point demands to Lord Irwin
3)    At the Karachi session of the Congress, Gandhiji was shown black flags.
4)    The movement came to an end when Gandhiji went to England to participate in the Second Round Table Conference.
A:-Only 1 and 2 are correct
B:-Only 1, 2 and 3 are correct
C:-Only 1, 3 and 4 are correct
D:-Only 2, 3 and 4 are correct
Answer:- Option-B

Question37:-'An undated document' which was read at Simla in the summer of 1878 was first mentioned in a biography published in 1913. The biography was of
A:-Alfred Webb
B:-Marquess of Dufferin
C:-William Wedderburn
D:-A O Hume
Answer:- Option-D

Question38:-Two statements are given below as Assertion (A) and Reason (R). Read the statements and choose the most appropriate option.
Assertion (A) : Between September 1920 and December 1920 there was a tussle in the Indian National Congress.
Reason (R) : Some of the Congress members were reluctant to boycott and feared that the movement might lead to popular violence
A:-Both Assertion (A) and Reason (R) are true and Reason (R) is the correct explanation of Assertion (A)
B:-Both Assertion (A) and Reason (R) are true and Reason (R) is not the correct explanation of Assertion (A)
C:-Assertion (A) is true but Reason (R) is false
D:-Assertion (A) is false but Reason (R) is true
Answer:- Option-A

Question39:-Pick up the right option on the objectives of HRA
1)   Abolition of all systems which make the exploitation of man by man possible
2)   To preach social revolutionary and communistic principles
3)   Nationalization of Railways and large industries
4)   Annihilation of all unpopular officials
A:-1, 3 and 4
B:-1, 2 and 4
C:-1, 2 and 3
D:-2, 3 and 4
Answer:- Option-C

Question40:-HMIS Talwar is connected to
A:-Bardoli Satyagraha
B:-Royal Indian Air Force
C:-Hindustan Socialist Republican Association
D:-Royal Indian Naval Mutiny
Answer:- Option-D

Question41:-"There shall be no annexations, no contributions, no punitive damages" was the stand announced during the Treaty of Versailles by
A:-Lloyd George
B:-Georges Clemenceau
C:-Woodrow Wilson
D:-V I Lenin
Answer:- Option-C

Question42:-Which among the following was not a feature of humanism during renaissance period?
A:-It took human nature in all of its various manifestations and achievements as its subject
B:-Political and economic liberation
C:-It stressed the doctrine of Syncretism
D:-It emphasized the dignity of man
Answer:- Option-B

Question43:-Who among the following reached Montezuma in the Sixteenth Century?
A:-Hernan Cortez
B:-Pedro Álvares Cabral
C:-Christopher Columbus
D:-John Cabbot
Answer:- Option-A

Question44:-The exposition of parallel evolution of society and technology is given by V Gordon Childe in his work namely
A:-Man Makes Himself
B:-What Happened in History
C:-The Dawn of European Civilization
D:-The Danube in Pre-history
Answer:- Option-B

Question45:-Who among the following wrote an article entitled as 'On the Brink' just after the Munich Pact?
B:-V I Lenin
C:-Jawaharlal Nehru
D:-Bertrand Russel
Answer:- Option-C

Question46:-'The Schlieffen Plan' is related to which of the following events?
A:-Second World War
B:-Cold War
C:-Foundation of UNO
D:-First World War
Answer:- Option-D

Question47:-The code 'Sea Lion' was coined for which of the following projects during the Second World War?
A:-German invasion on Britain
B:-German invasion on Holland
C:-German invasion on Russia
D:-German invasion on France
Answer:- Option-A

Question48:-Find out the option which indicates the correct matching of events related to Roman Civilisation:
                 List I                                       List II
     (Roman Civilization)                     (Dates of Events)
I)     Julius Caesar turns dictator   1.   73 BCE
II)    Foundation of Rome             2.   27 BCE
III)   Uprising of Spartacus           3.   45 BCE
IV)   Beginning of Roman Empire  4.   753 BCE
A:-I-1, II-2, III-3, IV-4
B:-I-3, II-4, III-1, IV-2
C:-I-2, II-3, III-4, IV-1
D:-I-3, II-1, III-2, IV-4
Answer:- Option-B

Question49:-Which of the following events is considered as 'The first shot' of Cold War?
A:-Potsdam Conference
B:-Declaration of Liberated Europe
C:-Partition of Germany into two zones
D:-The speech of Winston Churchill at Missouri
Answer:- Option-D

Question50:-The Declaration of Indulgences issued by James II in 1687 was all about
A:-Suspending the penal laws against Non conformists and recusants
B:-Generating and popularising seditious materials against the monarch
C:-Declaring all previous anti-Catholic Parliamentary acts as null and void
D:-Suspending the reservation of Protestants in Universities
Answer:- Option-A

Question51:-The period when stone tools were the main tools of production and the copper was of incidental use, is known as
A:-Copper age
B:-Chalcolithic age
C:-Bronze age
D:-Mesolithic period
Answer:- Option-B

Question52:-"It was not possible to record with accuracy the number of cities on account of their multiplicity" was the statement about the material culture in the Gangetic Valley by
Answer:- Option-B

Question53:-During the reign of which of the following dynasties was started the practice of granting tax free land and concessions to the priests and administrators?
C:-Sunga dynasty
Answer:- Option-B

Question54:-The concept of gift exchange with reference to early texts was first formed a length by
A:-Romila Thapar
B:-Marcel Mauss
C:-R S Sharma
D:-J C Heesterman
Answer:- Option-B

Question55:-Who among the following was the first convert of Mahavira to Jainism?
A:-Acharya Vidyanand
D:-Acharya Sushilkumar
Answer:- Option-C

Question56:-Pick out the reason/reasons for Akbar's Deccan invasion.
1)     He claimed suzerainty over the entire country.
2)     He was keen to make the Deccani states acknowledge his power.
3)     Khandesh had denied diplomatic offers of Akbar.
4)     The ruler of Ahmadnagar was rule to Mughal envoy.
A:-1, 2 and 3
B:-1, 3 and 4
C:-1, 2 and 4
D:-2, 3 and 4
Answer:- Option-C

Question57:-A certain South Indian Dynasty sent an embassy of 70 merchants to China in 1077 CE. Name the dynasty.
Answer:- Option-B

Question58:-Two statements are given below as Assertion (A) and Reason (R). Read the statement and choose the most appropriate option.
Assertion (A) : By the end of rule of Muhammad Tuglaq Sultanate Empire began to disintegrate.
Reason (R) : Rebellions in the outlying areas of Sultanate empire led to the disintegration of the Sultanate Empire
A:-Both Assertion (A) and Reason (R) are true and Reason (R) is the correct explanation Assertion (A)
B:-Both Assertion (A) and Reason (R) are true and Reason (R) is the not correct explanation Assertion (A)
C:-Assertion (A) is true but Reason (R) is false
D:-Assertion (A) is false but Reason (R) is true
Answer:- Option-B

Question59:-'These coins were heaped up outside the fort and they remained lying there for many years' was the statement made by
C:-Ziauddin Barani
D:-Amir Khusro
Answer:- Option-C

Question60:-Amaram was the term used during the period of Vjayanagara rulers which stood for
A:-Territory with a fixed revenue to the military leaders
B:-Maintenance of a fixed number of foot soldiers by nayakas
C:-Sum of money paid by the palegar to the central exchequer
D:-Areas given to the subordinate rulers
Answer:- Option-A

Question61:-Two statements are given below as Assertion (A) and Reason (R). Read the statement and choose the most appropriate option.
Assertion (A) : Behind the Five-year Plans lay the concept of National Unity
Reason (R) : Jawaharlal Nehru viewed that India was not a structured nation but a nation in the making an kept in mind the immense diversity and variety of India.
A:-Both Assertion (A) and Reason (R) are true and Reason (R) is the correct explanation of Assertion (A)
B:-Both Assertion (A) and Reason (R) are true and Reason (R) is not the correct explanation of Assertion (A)
C:-Assertion (A) is true but Reason (R) is false
D:-Assertion (A) is false but Reason (R) is true
Answer:- Option-A

Question62:-To which of the following, the name of Gandhian Freedom Fighter Tribhuvandas is associated with?
A:-Green Revolution
B:-Blue Revolution
C:-Pink Revolution
D:-White Revolution
Answer:- Option-D

Question63:-What were the three subjects, according to Sardar Vallabai Patel, which would affect the common interests of the country, that he referred to, while appealing to the princely states to make them accede to Indian Union?
A:-Judicial System, Foreign relations and Communications
B:-Defence, Foreign relations and Communications
C:-Foreign affairs, Defence and Fiscal Policy
D:-Foreign affairs, Communications and Judicial system
 Answer:- Option-B

Question64:-Which of the following commissions was set up on  1st January, 1979?
A:-Rashtriya Barh Ayog
B:-Staff Selection Commission
C:-Socially and Educationally Backward Classes Commission
D:-Sarkaria Commission
Answer:- Option-C

Question65:-Mary C Carras was the biographer of which of the following Prime Ministers of India?
A:-Lal Bahadur Shastri
B:-Mrs. Indira Gandhi
C:-Rajiv Gandhi
D:-Atal Bihari Vajpayee
Answer:- Option-B

Question66:-Match the following:
            List I                                List II
     (Archaeologists)              (Prehistoric sites)
I)   R.E.M Wheeler          1.   Adichanallur
II)  Alexander Rea          2.   Pallavaram
III) R B Foote                 3.   Brahmagiri
IV) H D Sangalia             4.   Kuppakkolli
A:-I-1, II-2, III-3, IV-4
B:-I-4, II-3, III-2, IV-1
C:-I-1, II-3, III-4, IV-2
D:-I-3, II-1, III-2, IV-4
Answer:- Option-D

Question67:-In which of the following prehistoric sites can an animal gallery with Superimposing human figures can be spotted?
Answer:- Option-A

Question68:-Which of the following works of Sangam period gives terms like Suduvor and Iduvor?
Answer:- Option-B

Question69:-Consider the following statements about Roman Trade with South India and Choose the right option.
1)     Gold and Silver coins of the periods of Tiberius and Augustus indicate the prosperity of South India.
2)     Coimbatore and Mysore provided beryl for the Roman Trade.
3)     Periyar and Cauvery were the major rivers of transportation of goods
A:-Only 1 and 2 are correct
B:-Only 2 and 3 are correct
C:-Only 1 and 3 are correct
D:-All statements are correct
 Answer:- Option-A

Question70:-According to Sangam sources, Chola Territory was situated between two rivers namely
A:-Cauvery and Palar
B:-Pennar and Bhavani
C:-Pennar and Velar
D:-Ponnaiyar and Cheyyar river
Answer:- Option-C

Question71:-Which of the following types of reliability is suitable while we need an estimate of internal consistency of a test?
A:-Test retest
B:-Kuder-Richardson 20
D:-Equivalent forms
Answer:- Option-B

Question72:-Which of the following is an essential part of any action research study?
B:-Quantitative data collection
C:-Qualitative content analysis
Answer:- Option-D

Question73:-Match the method of sampling and characteristics. Select the correct answer from the codes given below:
        Method of sampling                              Characteristics
(a) Quota                           (i) Each number has an equal and independent chance of being
(b) Proportionate stratified  (ii) Exact number of individuals who reflect certain characteristics
                                              are selected
(c) Convenience                 (iii) Proportion of each subgroup in the sample is exactly the same
                                               as in the population
(d) Snowball                      (iv) Sample which include the individual who are most accessible
                                         (v) Research participants recruit other participants for a study
A:-(a)-(iv), (b)-(ii), (c)-(v), (d)-(i)
B:-(a)-(ii), (b)-(iii), (c)-(iv), (d)-(v)
C:-(a)-(iv), (b)-(i), (c)-(v), (d)-(ii)
D:-(a)-(iii), (b)-(ii), (c)-(v), (d)-(iv)
Answer:- Option-B

Question74:-While reviewing an article in journal, where would you expect the authors to describe alternative interpretations for their findings?
D:-Review of related literature
Answer:- Option-A

Question75:-In a study about the emotional experiences of children in coastal area whose parents are working in gulf countries, which of the following sampling seems to be appropriate?
A:-Simple random sampling
B:-Systematic sampling
C:-Purposive sampling
D:-Stratified sampling
Answer:- Option-C

Question76:-Arrange the following steps for the construction of a standardized achievement test in sequence and select the correct answer:
i)     Try out
ii)    Planning
iii)   Preparation
iv)   Estimation of reliability
v)    Item analysis
A:-(iii), (ii), (i), (iv), (v)
B:-(v), (iii), (i), (ii), (iv)
C:-(ii), (v), (iii), (iv), (i)
D:-(ii), (iii), (i), (v), (iv)
Answer:- Option-D

Question77:-Which of the following statements are correct about MOODLE?
(i)     The first version was released in the year 2010
(ii)    Originally developed by Mark Zuckerberg
(iii)   Most popular Learning Management System
(iv)   Open Source Learning Platform
A:-Only (i and iii)
B:-Only (i and iv)
C:-Only (iii and iv)
D:-Only (ii and iii)
Answer:- Option-C

Question78:-Which of the following is NOT an active learning technique used by the teacher in classroom?
A:-Buzz session
D:-Think pair share
Answer:- Option-B

Question79:-Match the method of instruction in Column I and its characteristics in Column II and identify appropriate codes from the list below:
                            Column I                         Column II
                     Method of Instruction          Characteristics
a) Project Method                            i) Imparting information in terms of academic
                                                         concepts within the classroom settings
b) Lecture Method                           ii) Exchange of ideas among teacher and students or
                                                         among students
c) Brainstorming Method                 iii) Teaching someone how to make or do something in a
                                                          step-by-step process
d) Discussion Method                      iv) Apply knowledge and skills to define and solve
                                                          realistic problems using extended inquiry
                                                      v) Focus is on generating as many ideas as possible
                                                          without judging them
A:-(iv), (ii), (v), (i)
B:-(a)-(ii), (b)-(iii), (c)-(iv), (d)-(v)
C:-(a)-(iv), (b)-(ii), (c)-(v), (b)-(iii)
D:-(a)-(iv), (b)-(i), (c)-(v), (d)-(ii)
Answer:- Option-D

Question80:-APA format is commonly used for report writing in psychology, education and social sciences. What is APA stands for?
A:-American Psychiatric Association
B:-American Psychological Association
C:-American Planning Association
D:-American Publication Association
Answer:- Option-B

Question81:-Which amendment of Constitution brings about some uniformity in tax rates in case of certain items?
Answer:- Option-C

Question82:-Which of the following statements is/are correct about fundamental rights?
i)   Articles 19(1)(b) and 19(3) guarantee to assemble peaceably and without arms
ii)  Article 30(2) provides all minorities whether based on religion or language shall have the right to establish and administer any educational institutions.
iii) Article 25(1) enacts that all persons are equally entitled to freedom of conscience and the right freely to profess practise and propogate religion
A:-Only (i and ii)
B:-Only (i and iii)
C:-Only (ii and iii)
D:-All the above (i, ii and iii)
Answer:- Option-B

Question83:-Which statement given below about legislative procedure of the Parliament is not correct?
A:-At the second stage the bill may be circulated for the purpose of eliciting public opinion if necessary
B:-At the third stage the bill undergoes substantial changes if necessary
C:-The sixth stage starts with the consideration of the bill by the other House
D:-The last stage is the submission of the bill to the President
Answer:- Option-B

Question84:-Which item of the following include in concurrent list?
B:-Tax on liquor and opium
C:-Estate duty other than the property of agriculture
D:-Trust and Trustees
Answer:- Option-D

Question85:-Which power is given to the Supreme Court by Article 134 of Indian Constitution?
A:-Appellate Jurisdiction
B:-Advisory Jurisdiction
C:-Revision Jurisdiction
D:-Original Jurisdiction
Answer:- Option-A

Question86:-What is the condition of meeting of State Board for Prevention and control of water pollution as per water act of 1974?
A:-At least once in every two months
B:-At least once in every three months
C:-At least once in every four months
D:-At least once in every six months
Answer:- Option-B

Question87:-What is denoting in the section 9 of right to information act 2005?
A:-Exemption from disclosure of information
B:-Disposal of request
C:-Third party information
D:-Grounds for rejection to access in certain cases
 Answer:- Option-D

Question88:-Which salient feature of Food Security Act 2013 given below is not correct?
A:-Provision of food security allowance to entitle benificiaries in case of non-supply of entitled food grains or meals
B:-Pregnant women and lactating mothers and children in the age group of 4 months to 14 years will be entitled to meals as per prescribed nutritional norms
C:-Pregnant women and lactating mothers will also be entitled to receive benefit of not less than Rs. 5000
D:-Corresponding to all India coverage of 75% and 50% in the urban and rural areas state-wise coverage will be determined by central government
Answer:- Option-C     

Question89:-What is the composition of a District Level Authorization Committee (AC) as per Transplant Organ Act 1994?
A:-Chief Medical Officer, two medical practitioners residing in the concerned district, two senior citizens of high integrity and nominee of Health Secretary
B:-Chief Medical Officer, two medical practitioners residing in the concerned district, two senior citizens of high integrity and nominee of Director of Health Secretary
C:-Chief Medical Officer, two medical practitioners residing in the concerned district, two senior citizens of high integrity and nominee of Health Secretary, and nominee of Director of Health Services
D:-Chief Medical Officer, two medical practitioners residing in the concerned district, one senior citizens of high integrity and nominee of Health Secretary, and nominee of Director of Health Services
 Answer:- Option-C

Question90:-In which districts the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme launched first on 02-02-2006 in Tamil Nadu?
A:-Cuddallur, Dindigual, Nagapatanam, Sivagangai, Thiruvannamalai and Villupuram
B:-Cuddallur, Dharmapuri, Nagapatanam, Sivagangai, Thiruvannamalai and Virudunagar
C:-Dindigul, Cuddallur, Nagapatanam, Sivagangai, Thiruvannamalai and Virudhunagar
D:-Cuddallur, Dindigul, Nagapatanam, Namakkal, Thiruvannamalai and Villupuram
 Answer:- Option-A

Question91:-The following statement is/are true about St. Francis Church LP School at Fort Kochi
I.     The school was started in 1817
II.    Rev. Judeson founded the school
III.   It is considered as the first english medium school in India
IV.   The Motto of the school is Age Quod Agis (Do well, whatever you do)
A:-I and III only
B:-II and III only
C:-III and IV only
D:-I and II only
 Answer:- Option-D

Question92:-Which statement is/are incorrect about St Joseph Press Mannanam?
I.     This is the first printing Press of Syrians of Kerala
II.    Fr. Kuriakose Ellias Chavara founded the St. Joseph Press
III.   St. Joseph Press was the first private printing press in Kerala
IV.   St. Joseph Press started in 1846
A:-I only
B:-II only
C:-III and IV only
D:-All the above
Answer:- Option-A

Question93:-Which statement is/are incorrect about Samathwa Samajam?
I.     It was founded by Vaikunda Swamikal
II.    The main objective of the Samajam was to improve the condition of Nadar community
III.   Samajam was founded in 1836
IV.  Thycaud Ayya was the main disciple of Vaikunda Swamikal
A:-I and II ony
B:-III only
C:-IV only
D:-All the above
Answer:- Option-C

Question94:-Identify the correctly matched:
I.     Poikayil Yohannan                        -          Kumara Gurudeva
II.    Prathyaksh Raksha Daiva Sabha    -          1909
III.  Madan Mohan Malawya                 -          Prince of Beggers
IV.  Vidyaposhini Sabha                      -          Sahodaran Ayyappan
A:-I and III only
B:-II and III only
C:-I, III and IV only
D:-All the above
Answer:- Option-D

Question95:-Which statement is/are incorrect about PN Panicker?
I.     PN Panicker death Anniversary is celebrated as Vayanadinam
II.    National Reading Day in India is 19th June
III.   Travancore Library Association was formed in the year 1946
IV.   Read and Grow is the theme of National Reading Day 2021
A:-I and II only
B:-III only
C:-IV only
D:-All the above
Answer:- Option-B

Question96:-Consider the following statements
I.     Manohar Lal Khattar launched the Kousal Rozgar Nigam Portal in Haryana
II.    Prime Minister Narendramodi inaugrated Sawra-Kuddu hydro power project in Himachel Pradesh
III.   IIT madras Ranked First in the ARIIA 2021
IV.   The scheme SMILE is implemented by the Department of Social Justice and Empowermnet
A:-All are incorrect
B:-All are correct
C:-Only II and III are incorrect
D:-Only III and IV are incorrect
Answer:- Option-B

Question97:-Which statement is/are incorrect about Sayyid Mushtaq Ali Tournament?
I.     Tamilnadu beat Karnataka in the final match in 2021
II.    2021-22 Final was played at Arun Jaitly Stadium Delhi
III.   Tamilnadu is the most successful team in the history of Sayyid Mushtaq Ali Tournament
IV.   Sayyid Mushtaq Ali Trophy is associated with Badminton
A:-I and III only
B:-II and III only
C:-III only
D:-IV only
Answer:- Option-D

Question98:-Which statement is/are true about Simhadri Thermal Project?
I.      Simhadri Super Thermal Power Plant is located at Visakhapattanam
II.    The coal for the power plant is sourced from Kalinga Block of Talcher Coal fields in Odisha
III.   The Power Plant Commissioned in 2002
IV.   Simhadri is the first Coastal Coal fired Thermal Power Plant of NTPC
A:-I and III only
B:-I, II and III only
C:-All are correct
D:-All are incorrec
Answer:- Option-C

Question99:-Which of the following statement is/are true about Tennis Tournament?
I.     The Billie Jean King Cup is an International Womens Tennis competition
II.   The Laver Cup is an International indoor hard court men tennis Tournament
III.  The ATP Cup is International outdoor hard court Men's Tennis Tournament
IV.   LES Petits As is an International Veteran Tennis Tournament
A:-I, III and IV only
B:-II, III and IV only
C:-I, II and III only
D:-All the above
Answer:- Option-C

Question100:-Consider the following statements
I.     Mahila E-haat launched for the support of Women entrepreneurs
II.    One stop centre scheme popularly known as Sakthi
III.   Swadhar Greh scheme launched for rehabilitation of women in different circumstances
IV.   STEP scheme provides competative skills for women to become self employed/entrepreneurs
Which of the above statement are true?
A:-I and III only
B:-I, II and III only
C:-I, III and IV only
D:-All the above
Answer:- Option-D

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