Mechanic ( Kerala Agro Machinery Corporation Ltd ) Question Paper and Answer Key

 Question Code: 066/2022 (A)
Name of Post: Mechanic
Department: Kerala Agro Machinery Corporation Ltd
Cat. No: 414/2019
Date of Test: 06.06.2022

 1. Which material is used for making a leg vice ?
 (A) Chilled cast iron
 (B) Mild steel
 (C) Stainless Steel
 (D) Grey cast Iron

2. Which one of the following is not the other name of Jenny Calliper ?
 (A) Bent Leg Calliper
 (B) Odd Leg Calliper
 (C) Hermaphrodite Calliper
 (D) Leg and point calliper

3. Select the right statement/ statements about knife edge file ?
 i. It has the cross section of a sharp triangle
 ii. It is used for filing narrow grooves above 10 degree.
 iii. It is available only in single cut
 (A) i & iii only
 (B) ii & iii only
 (C) i & ii only
 (D) All the above (i, ii & iii)

4. Which of the following is a direct angular measuring instrument ?
 (A) Bevel Gauge
 (B) Universal Bevel Gauge
 (C) Steel Rule
 (D) Bevel Protractor

5. Which one is not a factor in the specification of Hack saw blades ?
 (A) Length
 (B) Pitch
 (C) Type of setting
 (D) Type of material

6. Identify the wrong statement from the following about Hand reamers ?
 (A) They have a long taper lead
 (B) Shank has Morse taper
 (C) Held in tap wrench for reaming
 (D) Most of them have uneven spacing of teeth

7. The natural abrasive used in the manufacture of grinding wheel is _______ ?
 (A) Emery
 (B) Aluminium Oxide
 (C) Silicon Carbide
 (D) Boron Carbide

8. Which drilling machine is used for performing operations such as drilling, reaming ആൻഡ് tapping many holes in a specific unit at one time ?
 (A) Pillar Drilling Machine
 (B) Gang Drilling Machine
 (C) Multi Spindle Head Drilling Machine
 (D) Radial Drilling Machine

9. Identify the correct statement/statements from the following about counter sinking ?
 i. It is used to deburr a hole after drilling.
 ii. It is done to accommodate countersink rivet heads.
 iii. A drilled hole can be enlarged by this process.
 iv. It is helpful in chamfering the ends of a hole for thread cutting.
 (A) i, ii & iii Only
 (B) i, ii & iv Only
 (C) ii, iii & iv Only
 (D) All the above (i, ii, iii & iv)

10. Guide plate is a part of _________ Die ?
 (A) Circular Split Die
 (B) Half die
 (C) Adjustable Screw Plate Die
 (D) Die Nut

11. In an outside micrometer the datum line and graduations are marked on _______ ?
 (A) Thimble
 (B) Barrel
 (C) Spindle
 (D) Frame

12. Which of the following statements are true about a Vernier Calliper ?
 i. It is a precision measuring instrument.
 ii. Fixed jaws of a Vernier Callipers are part of the Vernier slide.
 iii. The main scale graduations are marked on the beam.
 (A) i & ii Only
 (B) ii & iii Only
 (C) i & iii Only
 (D) All the above (i, ii & iii)

13. Which instrument is used with Vernier height gauge to check the location of a hole ?
 (A) Surface gauge
 (B) Inside micrometer
 (C) Dial indicator
 (D) Depth gauge

14. Identify the correct statement/statements from the following about the advantages ഓഫ് using gauges ?
 i. Faster checking of product
 ii. Less dependence on operator skill
 iii. Economical when compared to measuring instruments
 (A) i & ii Only
 (B) ii & iii Only
 (C) i & iii Only
 (D) All the above (i, ii & iii)

15. Which surface finishing operation is done on the opposite measuring faces of slip gauge blocks to make it flat and parallel ?
 (A) Grinding
 (B) Lapping
 (C) Electroplating
 (D) Machining

16. Pick out the wrong statement/statements about the purpose of holes drilled across the body of a sine bar ?
 i. Reduce weight
 ii. Facilitate clamping on angle plate
 iii. Insert round pin for measuring
 (A) i & ii Only
 (B) All the above (i, ii & iii)
 (C) iii Only
 (D) i Only

17. In the tolerance size, ‘20H7’, the number 7 denotes _______.
 (A) Grade of tolerance
 (B) Basic size
 (C) Fundamental deviation
 (D) Actual size

18. Which key positions itself in the key way to accommodate the hub to have an easy  assembling ?
 (A) Feather Key
 (B) Jib Key
 (C) Hollow Saddle Key
 (D) Woodruff Key

19. Name the rivet used in light assembly, where riveting is done by hammering ?
 (A) Countersink head
 (B) Conical head
 (C) Pan head
 (D) Bifurcated

20. _______ fixture is used for parts that require machining on evenly spaced surfaces ?
 (A) Indexing Fixture
 (B) Plate Fixture
 (C) Angle Plate Fixture
 (D) Vice jaw Fixture

21. Identify the wrong statement/ statements about the refractory material “Dinas Bricks” ?
 i. They are made from ground quartz
 ii. They are also called quartz bricks.
 iii. They can withstand sudden temperature changes.
 (A) i Only
 (B) iii Only
 (C) i & ii Only
 (D) All the above (i, ii & iii)

22. Which of the following part of an anvil is used for bending and rounding operations ?
 (A) Beak
 (B) Face
 (C) Hardie Hole
 (D) Round Hole

23. The forging operation in which, the length of a piece of metal is reduced and its cross sectional area is increased is known as _______ ?
 (A) Drawing out
 (B) Bending
 (C) Upsetting
 (D) Twisting

24. The cutting angle of a straight snip is ______ degree.
 (A) 89 Degree
 (B) 67 Degree
 (C) 87 Degree
 (D) 90 Degree

25. Which stake is used for turning up flanges on sheet metal disc ?
 (A) Half moon stake
 (B) Hatchet stake
 (C) Round bottom stake
 (D) Funnel stake

26. Pick out the correct statement/statements about the process of hemming in sheet metal work ?
 i. The edges are folded to 180 degree.
 ii. It will make the edges sharp.
 iii. The stiffness of the edges can be increased.
 (A) i & ii only
 (B) i & iii only
 (C) ii & iii only
 (D) All the above (i, ii & iii)

27. What is the gas storage capacity of oxygen cylinder in oxyacetylene welding ?
 (A) 5 m3
 (B) 10 m3
 (C) 7 m3
 (D) 12 m3

28. Which one of the gas flame combination used in gas welding has the lowest flame temperature ?
 (A) Oxy-acetylene
 (B) Oxy-hydrogen
 (C) Oxy-LPG
 (D) Oxy-coal gas

29. Which of the following welding defect is the result of a very narrow edge preparation ?
 (A) Under cut
 (B) Porosity
 (C) Incomplete penetration
 (D) Slag inclusion

30. Which of the following non destructive testing method for testing welded joints is suitable only for ferrous metals ?
 (A) Visual Test
 (B) Magnetic Test
 (C) Dye Penetrant Test
 (D) Radiographic Test

31. In diesel cycle engine the combustion takes place at
 (A) Constant temperature
 (B) Constant volume
 (C) Constant pressure
 (D) Constant pressure & temperature

32. The dwell angle on a three cylinder engine compared to four-cylinder engine is
 (A) More
 (B) Less
 (C) Same
 (D) May be more or less

33. In a four stroke engine, in which of the following condition its stroke is increased ?
 (A) Connecting rod is lengthened
 (B) Piston is shortened
 (C) Crank throw increased
 (D) Crank throw decreased

34. A four cylinder engine has a capacity of 2.8 Liters and its clearance volume in one cylinder is 100 cm3 , what is its compression ratio ?
 (A) 7:1
 (B) 8:l
 (C) 10:1
 (D) 14:l

35. The fluctuation of engine speed during cycle of operation depends upon
 (A) Power output
 (B) Speed of fly wheel
 (C) Mass of crank shaft
 (D) Mass of fly wheel

36. The distance between axis of the piston pin and the top of the piston crown is called
 (A) Throw height
 (B) Compression height
 (C) Height of piston
 (D) Ring land height

37. Which of the following is NOT a type of piston pin fastening method
 (A) Semi floating
 (B) Fully floating
 (C) Three quarter floating
 (D) Set screw type

38. The piston skirt clearance at room temperature is about
 (A) 0.008 mm
 (B) 0.08 mm
 (C) 0.40 mm
 (D) 0.04 mm

39. The cross sectional area of one cylinder of an engine is multiplied by its stroke is known as
 (A) Stroke volume
 (B) Piston displacement
 (C) Swept volume
 (D) All of these

40. The maximum permissible ovality in an engine cylinder is usually
 (A) 0.001 mm
 (B) 0.01 mm
 (C) 0.10 mm
 (D) 0.05 mm

41. What is the use of bourdon gauge ?
 (A) To measure volume
 (B) To measure pressure
 (C) To measure temperature
 (D) All of these

42. Which of the following chemical substance are added to lubricating oil as anti-forming additives ?
 (A) Polyisobutane
 (B) Polyalyenyl succinimides
 (C) Polyorganosiloxanes
 (D) Thiophosphoric acid

43. The bellows type thermostat valve fitted in cooling system is filled with ______.
 (A) Ethyl alcohol
 (B) Ethylene glycol
 (C) Glycerine
 (D) Ethyl

44. Which of the following is NOT an example of anti freeze agent used in engine coolant ?
 (A) Ethylene glycol
 (B) Chloromethane
 (C) Ethyl alcohol
 (D) Calcium chloride
Question deleted

45. The maximum permissible resistance to flow in an engine oil filter is about _________.
 (A) 0.5 bar
 (B) 1 bar
 (C) 2 bars
 (D) 4 bars

46. The vacuum valve inside the radiator pressure cap is usually set to operate when the vacuum exceeds about
(A) 2 kPa
(B) 3 kPa
(C) 5 kPa
(D) 10 kPa

Question deleted

47. When two metallic surfaces move over each other under direct contact the friction produced is called
(A) Viscous friction
(B) Direct friction
(C) Boundary friction
(D) Solid friction

48. The minimum temperature at which oil gives off sufficient vapour to form combustible mixture with air is known as
 (A) Flash point
 (B) Fire point
 (C) Combustion point
 (D) Pour point

49. Which lubrication system uses a separate oil tank ?
 (A) Wet sump lubrication
 (B) Splash lubrication
 (C) Petroil lubrication
 (D) Dry sump lubrication

50. Which of the following is NOT a component of an air intake system ?
 (A) Turbo charger
 (B) Air Compressor
 (C) Inter cooler
 (D) Intake manifold

51. In emission control technique EGR system controls which emission ?
 (A) Nitrous oxide
 (B) Carbon monoxide
 (C) Hydrocarbon
 (D) All of these

52. The measurement of fuel delivered by each plunger with the control rod in a fixed position and its comparison is called _______.
 (A) Metering
 (B) Calibration
 (C) Phasing
 (D) Governing

53. The opening pressure of hole type nozzles varies from
 (A) 5-10 MPa
 (B) 13-26 MPa
 (C) 17-34 MPa
 (D) 23-46 MPa

54. Which type nozzle has an advantage of preventing deposit of carbon in the spray hole ?
 (A) Single hole type
 (B) Multi hole type
 (C) Long stem nozzle
 (D) Pintle type

55. How much maximum pressure is developed by high pressure diesel pump in CRDI engine ?
 (A) 2000 Kg/cm2
 (B) 1600 Kg/cm2
 (C) 1200 Kg/cm2
 (D) 700 Kg/cm2

56. In a diesel engine the duration between the time of injection and time of ignition is called ________
 (A) Injection lag
 (B) Ignition lag
 (C) Delay period
 (D) Period of injection

57. How many fuel chambers are in HEUI ?
 (A) One
 (B) Two
 (C) Three
 (D) Four

58. Which type of exhaust emission control requires Diesel exhaust fluid ?
 (A) EGR
 (C) DPF
 (D) SCR

59. How do we achieve near zero emission diesel engines ?
 (A) Combo of PCV and EGR
 (B) Combo of EGR and SCR
 (C) Combo of PCV and 3 way catalytic converter
 (D) Combo of DPF and EGR

60. In three way catalytic converter which acts as reduction catalyst for NOx reduction ?
 (A) Palladium
 (B) Platinum
 (C) Rhodium
 (D) Cerium

61. Clutch plate is located in between _______.
 (A) Flywheel and Gearbox
 (B) Engine and Gearbox
 (C) Flywheel and Pressure plate
 (D) Flywheel and Crankshaft

62. On which system the slave cylinder is installed ?
 (A) Hydraulic brake
 (B) Hydraulic power steering
 (C) Clutch operation
 (D) Automatic transmission

63. Which type of synchroniser unit is mostly used to engage the IV gear from III and vice versa ?
 (A) Baulk type
 (B) Baulk ring type
 (C) Multi and double cone type
 (D) Porche type

64. On which device the lock up clutch mechanism is installed ?
 (A) Synchromesh gearbox
 (B) Fluid flywheel
 (C) Torque converter
 (D) Multi plate clutch

65. ______ of dual mass fly wheel isolate the fly wheel mass system of the engine.
 (A) Clutch
 (B) Vibration damper
 (C) Crank shaft
 (D) Primary flywheel

66. In a Hotchkiss drive, the rear end driving torque is taken up by
 (A) Rear shock absorber
 (B) Rear Axle casing
 (C) Rear leaf spring
 (D) Rear Universal joint

67. In a Differential unit, which part does not revolve when the vehicle is in straight drive ?
 (A) Planetery gear
 (B) Crown wheel
 (C) Cage unit
 (D) Pinion gear

68. Which rear axle shaft support makes it possible to take off the axle shaft without removing the wheels ?
 (A) Semi floating axle
 (B) Full floating axle
 (C) Three quarter floating axle
 (D) Quarter floating axle

69. Hooke’s joint uses _______ bearing to support the cross in the yoke.
 (A) Ball
 (B) Roller
 (C) Needle
 (D) Bush

70. In a Torque converter, torque multiplication is achieved by __________.
 (A) Impeller
 (B) Stator
 (C) Freewheel Unit
 (D) Turbine

71. The weight of vehicle components between the suspension and the road surface is called __________
 (A) Unsprung weight
 (B) Sprung weight
 (C) Vehicle weight
 (D) Axle weight

72. The purpose of Shackle in a Suspension system is to __________.
 (A) Control side torque
 (B) Absorb road shock
 (C) Control rear torque
 (D) Allow spring length to change

73. The tilt of the front wheel from the vertical is called __________.
 (A) Castor angle
 (B) Camber angle
 (C) King pin inclination
 (D) Toe - in

74. Which type of steering gear is used in Maruti 800 cars ?
 (A) Worm and Sector type
 (B) Recirculating ball type
 (C) Rack and Pinion type
 (D) Worm and Roller type

75. The ratio of Tyre section height and Tyre section width is known as __________.
 (A) Height ratio
 (B) Width ratio
 (C) Tyre ratio
 (D) Aspect ratio

76. The bead of the tyre rest on the __________.
 (A) Wheel hub
 (B) Wheel Rim
 (C) Disc
 (D) Tyre shoulder

77. On releasing the disc brake, which part act as a return spring and retracts the piston and the friction pads away from the disc ?
 (A) Callipers
 (B) Revolving Disc
 (C) Rubber Sealing ring
 (D) Pedal return spring

78. The purpose of brake proportioning valves in the braking system is __________.
 (A) Increase braking force
 (B) Reduces brake pedal effort
 (C) Prevent leakage of fluid
 (D) Provide balanced braking

79. In Air brake system, the brake pedal is connected to __________.
 (A) Unloader valve
 (B) Brake valve
 (C) System Protection valve
 (D) Brake chamber

80. Which type of wheel cylinder helps to apply different pressure on each brake shoe ?
 (A) Single Piston wheel cylinder
 (B) Double piston with straight bore
 (C) Double Piston with step bore
 (D) Baffle type piston wheel cylinder

81. __________ is the protective device layer over the insulated cable.
 (A) PVC insulation
 (B) Crimping
 (C) Circuit breaker
 (D) Shielding

82. The ability to store energy in the form of electric charge is called __________.
 (A) Capacitance
 (B) Resistance
 (C) Electric Current
 (D) Inductance

83. In fully charged condition, the active material of positive plate in a lead acid battery is __________
 (A) Spongy lead
 (B) Lead sulphate
 (C) Lead peroxide
 (D) Reel lead

84. __________ is a device used to perform a specific gravity test.
 (A) Hygrometer
 (B) Hydrometer
 (C) Ammeter
 (D) Cell tester

85. How many windings are provided in a solenoid switch ?
 (A) 2
 (B) 3
 (C) 4
 (D) 1

86. Which device is used to maintain the constant voltage in an Alternator charging circuit ?
 (A) Rectifier assembly
 (B) Current regulator
 (C) Voltage regulator
 (D) Cut-out Relay

87. Which device is used with slip rings and brushes ?
 (A) Alternator
 (B) Dynamo
 (C) Starting motor |
 (D) Cut out relay

88. Which bearing is mounted on the brush end housing of the Alternator ?
 (A) Ball bearing
 (B) Roller bearing
 (C) Needle bearing
 (D) Bush bearing

Question deleted


89. If starter spins, but does not engage flywheel, what is the reason for this trouble ?
 (A) Loose or poor connection
 (B) Defective starter switch
 (C) Bendix pinion stuck on armature shaft
 (D) Defective brushes

90. Which is the internal short circuit checking device of the Armature ?
 (A) Multimeter
 (B) Voltmeter
 (C) Ohm meter
 (D) Growler

91. The operation performed to open up any land with a view to prepare seed bed for growing crops is known as ________.
 (A) Secondary tillage
 (B) Primary tillage
 (C) Zero tillage
 (D) Conservation tillage

92. Which part of mould board plough invert the furrow slice to cover threshes ?
 (A) Mould board
 (B) Land side
 (C) Cross shaft
 (D) Plough bottom

93. What is the purpose of hammer mill ?
 (A) Digging out ground nut
 (B) Removing the weed
 (C) Cutting straw or hay
 (D) Reduce the size of soiled materials

94. Which of the following agriculture implement used for preparing seed bed in a single pass both in dry and wet land conditions ?
 (A) Harvester
 (B) Ditcher
 (C) Rotavator
 (D) Scraper

95. Which agriculture implement combines stubble mulching and seed drilling into one machine ?
 (A) Hand seed drill
 (B) Happy seeder
 (C) Ditcher
 (D) Post hole digger

96. Which tilling method can be applied to irregular field ?
 (A) Circular travel tilling method
 (B) Alternate tilling method
 (C) Return tilling method
 (D) All of the three

97. The sprayers operated by IC engines or electric motors are called as ______.
 (A) Automizer
 (B) Power sprayer
 (C) Trailed type sprayer
 (D) All the three

98. What are the two adjustments for proper functioning of reaper ?
 (A) Clearance & allowance
 (B) Alignment & clearance
 (C) Registration & allowance
 (D) Registration & alignment

99. In combine harvester, the straw walkers are mounted on ______.
 (A) Camshaft
 (B) Crankshaft

 (C) Clutch shaft
 (D) Cutter bar

100. What is the function of auger in the cutting system of combine harvester ?
 (A) Pull the cut crop to the middle of through
 (B) Carry the empty straw to the floor
 (C) Collect the chaff mixture
 (D) Takes the crop from cutter bar

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