High School Teacher English Question Paper and Answer Key

 Question Code: 069/2022 (A)

 Name of Post: High School Teacher English    

 Department: Education

Date of Test: 15.06.2022



1. What is the correct chronological order of the following events ?
 (1) Paliyam Sathyagraha
 (2) Guruvayur Sathyagraha
 (3) Kuttamkulam Sathyagraha
 (4) Malayalee memorial
 Codes :
  (A) (4), (3), (2), (1)
 (B) (4), (2), (3), (1)
 (C) (4), (2), (1), (3)
 (D) (2), (4), (1), (3)

2. Which of the following historic novels are not written by Sardar K.M. Panicker ?
 (A) Keralasimham, Kalyanamal
 (B) Punarkottuswarupam, Parankipadayali
 (C) Kalyanamal, Punarkottuswarupam
 (D) Ramaraja Bahadur, Marthandavarma

3. ‘The Path of the father’ belief is associated with
 (A) Brahmananda Sivayogi
 (B) Swami Vagbhatananda
 (C) Vaikunta Swamikal
 (D) Swami Ananda Theertha

4. Which of the following statement regarding Swadesabhimani Ramakrishnapillai is/are correct ?
 (1) Ramakrishnapillai become the editor of Kerala panjhika newspaper in 1901.
 (2) Ramakrishnapillai was arrested and exiled from Travancore in 1910.
 (3) Ramakrishnapillai was the founder and publisher of the newspaper Swadesabhimani in 1906.
 (4) Ramakrishnapillai was elected to Sreemoolam Assembly from Neyyattinkara in 1908.
 (A) (1) and (3)
 (B) (2) and (3)
 (C) (1) and (2)
 (D) (2) and (4)

5. Consider the following pairs of authors and their works :
 (1) Parvathy Nenmenimangalam – Punarjanmam
 (2) Annachandi – Kalapakarchakal
 (3) Akkamma Cherian – 1114 nte Katha
 (4) Lalithambika Antharjanam – Agnisakshi
 Which of the following pairs are incorrect ?
 (A) (1) and (2)
 (B) (2) and (4)
 (C) (1) and (3)
 (D) (3) and (4)

6. Which one of the following is NOT a part of the Preamble of the Indian Constitution ?
 (A) Socialism
 (B) Secularism
 (C) Democracy
 (D) Federalism

7. Employment Guarantee Scheme was first introduced in which of the following states ?
 (A) Madhya Pradesh
 (B) Maharashtra
 (C) Uttar Pradesh
 (D) Rajasthan

8. Parliament cannot amend the provisions which form the ‘basic structure’ of the Constitution. This was ruled by the Supreme Court in ?
 (A) Minerva Mills Case
 (B) Golaknath Case
 (C) Shah Bano Case
 (D) Kesavananda Bharati Case

9. The first protocol to ban the emissions of Chloro Fluoro Carbons in the atmosphere was made in ?
 (A) Geneva
 (B) Paris
 (C) Montreal
 (D) Florida

10. PARAKH, which was seen in the news recently, is a portal associated with which field ?
 (A) Investment Advice
 (B) Student Learning Assessment
 (C) Customs Clearance
 (D) Defence Acquisition

11. The concept of Fundamental Duties in the Constitution of India was taken from which country ?
 (B) USA
 (C) Germany
 (D) UK

12. Who can remove the President and members of Public Service Commission from the Post ?
 (A) President
 (B) Governor
 (C) Chief Minister
 (D) Speaker

13. In which year the Protection of Women From Domestic Violence Act came into force ?
 (A) 2006
 (B) 2003
 (C) 2009
 (D) 2008

14. The first country which legally allows its consumers to use Crypto Currency ?
 (A) Morocco
 (B) Tunisia
 (C) El Salvador
 (D) Algeria

15. Which of the following Constitutional Amendments provided for the Right to Education ?
 (A) 86th Amendment
 (B) 87th Amendment
 (C) 88th Amendment
 (D) 89th Amendment

16. Which of the skills can be called as productive skills ?
 (A) Listening and Speaking
 (B) Speaking and Writing
 (C) Reading and Writing
 (D) Listening and Reading

17. Which of the following cannot be considered as an aim of CCE ?
 (A) Emphasizing continuity and regularity of assessment.
 (B) Making evaluation an integral part of learning through diagnostic and remedial teaching.
 (C) Ensuring all round development of students including cognitive, affective and psychomotor domains.
 (D) Recording the scores obtained by learners in their annual examination.

18. Some of the famous learning theories and its propounders are given below. Match them appropriately




 (A) (a)- (i),      (b)- (ii),       (c)- (iii),         (d)- (iv)
 (B) (a)- (ii),      (b)- (i),       (c)- (iv),         (d)- (ii)
 (C) (a)- (iii),     (b)- (v),       (c)- (iv),         (d)- (i)
 (D) (a)- (iv),     (b)- (v),       (c)- (iii),         (d)- (ii)

19. Combination of both face to face and traditional classroom methods with e-learning is used to create a hybrid approach to learning. Which type of learning is referred here ?
 (A) Blended learning
 (B) Synchronous learning
 (C) Asynchronous learning
 (D) Distance learning

20. Which of the statement is not correct about pedagogic analysis ?
 (A) The sole objective of pedagogical analysis is to make teaching-learning process more scientific, effective and impressive.
 (B) Evaluation is not a part of pedagogic analysis.
 (C) It is the analysis done by the teacher.
 (D) Content analysis is the main aspect of pedagogic analysis.

21. Name the Shakespearean critic who argues that Macbeth begins “by unleashing the terrible threat of destructive maternal power and demonstrates the helplessness of its central male figure before that power”.
 (A) Marilyn French
 (B) Caroline Spurgeon
 (C) Karin Thomson
 (D) Janet Adelman

22. The School for Scandal was first performed in London at ____ on 8th May, 1777.
 (A) Covent Garden
 (B) London Coliseum
 (C) Drury Lane
 (D) Barbican

23. Upon his return to Hertfordshire, whose death does Jack announce to Miss Prism and Dr. Chasuble ?
 (A) Algernon’s
 (B) Cecily’s brother’s
 (C) Cecily’s sister’s
 (D) Ernest’s

24. Higgins claims that English is the language of:
 (A) The Queen
 (B) The noblest race
 (C) Shakespeare, Milton and the Bible
 (D) The elite class

25. What does Nora bring into the cottage at the beginning ?
 (A) Turf
 (B) Plain white boards
 (C) The bundle of clothes
 (D) Bread

26. Which is not one of Estragon’s characteristics ?
 (A) Weakness
 (B) Poor memory
 (C) Egotistical
 (D) Sadistic

27. What is the name of the restaurant where Happy and Biff take Willy ?
 (A) The Carnage Deli
 (B) Seafood
 (C) Frank’s Chop House
 (D) Sam’s Hoagie Shop

28. For what does Tom pay membership dues with the money earmarked for the electricity bill ?
 (A) The Society of Poets and Writers
 (B) The Union of Merchant Seamen
 (C) The Union of Industrial Shipping Clerks and Stockmen
 (D) The United Brotherhood of Seamen

29. Nagamandala is based on two folk stories which Karnad heard from his guru _____.
 (A) U. R. Ananthamurthy
 (B) A. K. Ramanujan
 (C) Lankesh
 (D) Vijay Tendulkar

30. Elaine Showalter’s prime area of research was _____.
 (A) Electra complex and Nymphomania
 (B) Hysteria and hormones in women
 (C) Hysteria and madness in women
 (D) Madness and menopause in women

31. According to Bharata, rasa is the result of Vibhava, Anubhava and Vyabicharibhava combining to form ______.
 (A) Karunabhava
 (B) Shringarabhava
 (C) Sthayibhava
 (D) Vibhatsabhava

32. Where does most of the action in the novel The Bluest Eye take place ?
 (A) Princeton, Kentucky
 (B) Macon, Georgia
 (C) Crossville, Tennessee
 (D) Lorain, Ohio

33. What do Baby Kochamma and Kochu Maria have in common ?
 (A) They both hate the twins
 (B) They both live sedentary lives and watch television
 (C) They have both stolen jewels from the family safe
 (D) They are both Mammachi’s daughters

34. By profession, the protagonist of Roots and Shadows, Indu, is a/an ________
 (A) Doctor
 (B) Advocate
 (C) Journalist
 (D) Teacher

35. Who is Santiago’s hero ?
 (A) Fidel Castro
 (B) Dick Sisler
 (C) Harry Truman
 (D) Joe DiMaggio

36. With whom does Napoleon play cards at the end of the novel Animal Farm ?
 (A) Mr. Frederick
 (B) Mr. Pilkington
 (C) Mr. Jones
 (D) Mr. Wiltshire

37. What is the name of the village near Wuthering Heights ?
 (A) Loch
 (B) Gimmerton
 (C) Heatherton
 (D) Purvey

38. Forester says that when the love ends, ___ starts.
 (A) Fight
 (B) Hate
 (C) Tolerance
 (D) Care


Question deleted

39. The essay “On the Rule of the Road” by A. G. Gardiner is taken from the anthology _________.
 (A) Pebbles on the Shore
 (B) Leaves in the Wind
 (C) Windfalls
 (D) Pillars of Society

40. “The Trumpet Club” was published in ___.
 (A) February 9 (1710)
 (B) February 10 (1711)
 (C) February 11(1710)
 (D) February 11 (1711)

41. Bacon says that to spend too much of time for studies is _______.
 (A) Affectation
 (B) Affection
 (C) Sloth
 (D) Studious

42. What is ‘Yirrakalas’ ?
 (A) Australian reptile
 (B) Australian tribe
 (C) Australian ritual
 (D) Australian language

43. The poem “Africa” is _______.
 (A) An ode
 (B) A dramatic monologue
 (C) A sonnet
 (D) An elegy

44. The most important literary device employed in the poem “This is a Photograph of Me” is _______.
 (A) Personification
 (B) Hyperbole
 (C) Enjambment
 (D) Synecdoche

45. The sills in the “House of a Thousand Doors” are cut in _______.
 (A) Iron
 (B) Wood
 (C) Bronze
 (D) Red Earth

46. Some of the idioms of the poem “Telephone Conversation” point out the general geography of ____.
 (A) Mosco
 (B) Washington
 (C) London
 (D) Paris

47. How many stanzas does the poem “Because I Could Not Stop for Death” have ?
 (A) 5
 (B) 6
 (C) 7
 (D) 8

48. How many speakers are there in the poem “Home Burial” ?
 (A) 1
 (B) 2
 (C) 3
 (D) 4

49. When was the poem “Obituary” published ?
 (A) 1970
 (B) 1971
 (C) 1972
 (D) 1973

50. In which collection was “Night of the Scorpion” published ?
 (A) The Unfinished Man
 (B) The Exact Name
 (C) The Time to Change
 (D) Hymns in Darkness

51. In the poem “Where the Mind is Without Fear” reason is compared to a ____.
 (A) Clear stream
 (B) Clear cascade
 (C) Heavenly shower
 (D) Lake

52. The poem “Daddy” was written on October 12, ________ .
 (A) 1961
 (B) 1962
 (C) 1963
 (D) 1964

53. The poem, ‘A Prayer for My Daughter’ by Yeats is addressed to ___, his daughter.
 (A) Anne
 (B) Jenny
 (C) Laura
 (D) Amanda

54. According to Bertrand Russel, ____ is essential to the proper fulfilment of the teacher’s functions.
 (A) Advance education
 (B) Knowledge
 (C) Intellectual independence
 (D) Critical acumen

55. According to Dr. Radhakrishnan, the humanity is important because, it teaches us about our own ____.
 (A) Secrets
 (B) Nature
 (C) Intricacies
 (D) Self

56. _____ is the turning point of incidents.
 (A) Peripeteia
 (B) Catastrophe
 (C) Hubris
 (D) Denouement

57. According to Wordsworth, ____ is not essential to poetry.
 (A) Talent
 (B) Metre
 (C) Rhyme
 (D) Imagination

58. The Touchstone method is a modified method of ____.
 (A) Coleridge
 (B) Addison
 (C) Steele
 (D) Richard

59. Which cantos of Dante’s Inferno are referred to in the essay “Tradition and the Individual Talent” ?
 (A) Canto IX and XV
 (B) Canto X and XX
 (C) Canto XV and XVI
 (D) Canto XX and XVI

Question deleted

60. Ode to a Skylark consists of _______ stanzas.
 (A) 19
 (B) 20
 (C) 21
 (D) 22

61. Read the sentence to find if there is any grammatical error in it. If there is any error, it will be only in one part of the sentence. The alphabet of that part is your answer.
It’s raining, / so we’re not going out.  / We’d get wet   \ if we went out.
(A)                            (B)                                 (C)                        (D)

Question deleted

62. Which of the following words means ‘about to happen, threatening’ ?
 (A) Eminent
 (B) Imminent
 (C) Immanent
 (D) Endemic

63. Choose the most effective word that is nearly same in meaning to the word  ‘benevolent’.
 (A) Malevolent
 (B) Benighted
 (C) Benign
 (D) Benumbed

64. Choose the most effective word that is nearly opposite in meaning to the word  ‘sodden’.
 (A) Saturated
 (B) Arid
 (C) Soggy
 (D) Marshy

 65. Out of the given alternatives, choose the one which means –
 “a qualified medical doctor who specialises in the treatment of diseases of the eye”.
 (A) Optometrist
 (B) Optician
 (C) Occultist
 (D) Oculist

66. Pick out the right word from the given words to fill in the blanks :
 Ritu made the _______ error of asking for more.
 (A) Fateful
 (B) Feasible
 (C) Fatal
 (D) Fatidic

67. Which of the following sentences follows the right word order ?
 (A) I like the little pedlar who has a crooked nose.
 (B) He visited the battlefield where Napoleon was defeated in his holidays.
 (C) There will be a meeting of all boys who play cricket and football in the long room at 4 o’clock.
 (D) He killed the sparrow which was eating some crumbs with a gun.

68. Produce the correct sentence :
 P. from hate to a realm of love and peace
 Q. for aesthetic appreciation of nature
 R. a good teacher will take the child away
 S. through creative work and experimental learning

69. Choose the exact meaning of the idiom ‘to make stock of’______.
 (A) to feel one’s courage revive
 (B) to be scrupulous about
 (C) to prevent
 (D) to draw profit from


Question deleted

70. Complete the following sentence by filling in ‘a’ or ‘an’ or ‘the’ as may be suitable : Sarang stays in _________bed till nine every morning.
 (A) a
 (B) an
 (C) the
 (D) No article

71. Fill in the blank with an appropriate preposition :
 Salini boasted ________ her accomplishments.
 (A) off
 (B) about
 (C) of
 (D) on

72. Point out the noun clause in the sentence
 ‘That Kathryn will succeed is certain’ :
 (A) is certain
 (B) That Kathryn will succeed
 (C) Kathryn
 (D) certain

73. Insert the correct tense of verbs in the following sentence :
 Joanne is/ has been in France at the moment. She is/ has been there for the last three days.
 (A) has been, has been
 (B) has been, is
 (C) is, has been
 (D) is, is

74. Choose the most appropriate phrasal verb :
 Rose is always busy, she is always ______.
 (A) by the run
 (B) on the run
 (C) running over
 (D) running down

75. Fill in the blank with appropriate conjunction :
 Give me to drink, __________ I shall die of thirst.
 (A) lest
 (B) yet
 (C) unless
 (D) else

Question deleted

 76. Turn the following into indirect speech :
 The young sparrow said, “Mother, what is that queer object ?”
 (A) The young sparrow said to its mother what that queer object is.
 (B) The young sparrow asked its mother what that queer object was.
 (C) The young sparrow asked whether the object was queer.
 (D) The young sparrow asks its mother what is that queer object.

77. Rewrite the following sentence so that the verbs will be in the Active Voice :
 Rose was struck by his singular appearance.
 (A) His singular appearance struck Rose.
 (B) His singular appearance strikes Rose.
 (C) His singular appearance has stricken Rose.
 (D) His singular appearance is striking Rose.

78. Choose appropriate question tag for the sentence –
 ‘Please open the window’ :
 (A) Shall we ?
 (B) Will you ?
 (C) Won’t he ?
 (D) Do we ?

79. Change the following sentence into positive degree,
 “It is easier to preach than to practice.”
 (A) It is not so easy to practice as to preach.
 (B) Do you find easier to preach than to practice ?
 (C) To practise is not so good as to preach.
 (D) To preach is as good as to practice.

80. Which expression ensures the customer that he is satisfied with the solution the company/ brand has offered ?
 (A) We are checking to see when the new stock will arrive.
 (B) Right now, we were working on your item.
 (C) I have an update for you regarding your purchase.
 (D) I want to check if you have received the help you needed.

81. The phonetic transcription of the word, ‘question’ is ______.

Correct  Answer : B

82. Two letter graphemes are called _________.
 (A) Phonemes
 (B) Digraphs
 (C) Allomorphs
 (D) Dysgraphia

83. What are the functional morphemes in the following sentence ?
 “The old man sat on a chair and told them tales of woe”.
 (A) the, on, a, and, them, of
 (B) old, man, chair, tales, woe
 (C) sat, told
 (D) old man, them

84. What is the basic lexical relation between the following pair of words ?  table furniture
 (A) Homophony
 (B) Hyponymy
 (C) Antonyms
 (D) Synonymy

85. Which of the following sentences describes polysemy in the best way ?
 (A) The pen is mightier than the sword.
 (B) Yes, I love those. I ate a whole box on Sunday.
 (C) Computer chips are an important new technology.
 (D) The bookstore has some new titles in linguistics.

86. A word of one type (usually a noun) is reduced to form another word of a different type (usually a verb) is called _______ .
 (A) Conversion
 (B) Backformation
 (C) Blending
 (D) Derivation

87. How do you group the following languages into pairs which are closely related from a historical point of view: Romanian, Czech, Dutch, French, Gaelic, German, Russian,Welsh ?
 (A) Romanian and French; Czech and Russian; Dutch and German; Gaelic and Welsh
 (B) German and French; Romanian and Dutch; Czech and Gaelic; Russian and Welsh
 (C) Russian and German; Welsh and French; Romanian and Gaelic; Czech and Dutch
 (D) Czech and Russian; German and Romanian; Welsh and French; Gaelic and Dutch

88. The final sounds of ‘laugh’ and ‘cough’ and the initial sound of ‘photo’ are examples of__________ .
 (A) Dentals
 (B) Alveo- palatals
 (C) Velars
 (D) Labiodentals

89. The terms related to titular rankings of the nobility like Duke, Marquis, Viscount, Baron are direct borrowings from _____.
 (A) French
 (B) Latin
 (C) Greek
 (D) Scandinavia

90. Many of the common English words have two or more forms of pronunciation, one strong form and one or more weak forms. This phenomenon is termed as ______.
 (A) Gradation
 (B) Transition
 (C) Calibration
 (D) Syncopation

91. Which of the following aspects points to the direct method of teaching ?
 (A) word is the teaching unit, not sentence
 (B) mother tongue dominates, not the target language
 (C) It makes direct bond between thought and expression
 (D) It enriches the learner’s vocabulary easily

92. Which method emphasises linguistic competence and performance ?
 (A) Structural Approach
 (B) Communicative Approach
 (C) Natural Approach
 (D) Grammar Translation Method

93. A console refers to _________
 (A) Instructor’s room in a language lab
 (B) The control room of a language lab
 (C) Intercom switch in a language lab
 (D) Distribution switch in a language lab

94. Which of the following belongs to the category of Function words ?
 (A) Prepositions
 (B) Personal pronouns
 (C) Adjectives
 (D) Adverbial words

Question deleted

95. Which of the following words is a reciprocal pronoun ?
 (A) Which
 (B) Anyone
 (C) Ourselves
 (D) Each other

96. Which among the following is a Trisyllabic word ?
 (A) available
 (B) economy
 (C) impatient
 (D) measure

97. Fill in the blank with appropriate form of verb. I ______ (read) a novel when I heard a knock at the door.
 (A) has been reading
 (B) had been reading
 (C) have been read
 (D) have been reading

98. Which is the term introduced by Noam Chomsky to describe ‘the actual use of language in concrete situations’ ?
 (A) Langue
 (B) Parole
 (C) Performance
 (D) Competence

99. ________ refers to a set of sounds in which the articulation of each is strongly influenced by the following vowel sound.
 (A) Approximants
 (B) Affricates
 (C) Glottal
 (D) Fricatives

100. Who is the major exponent of the ‘The Silent Way’, one of the constituents of Humanistic Approaches to learning ?
 (A) Georgi Lazamov
 (B) Caleb Gattegno
 (C) James Asher
 (D) Stephen Krashen

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