HSST GANDHIAN STUDIES - KHSE Question Paper and Answer Key

 1. Who is the author of the book titled “The Story of Civilisation” ?
 A) Will Durant
 B) John Ruskin
 C) leo Tolstoy
 D) H. d. Thoreau

2. Raja Ram mohan Roy, the founder of the Brahma Samaj was born in the year
 A) 1752
 B) 1762
 C) 1772
 D) 1782

3. Who was the Honorary Secretary of Natal Indian Congress formed in 1894 ?
 A) M. K. Gandhi
 B) Abdulla Haji Adam
 C) mohammed Casam Jeeva
 D) Parsi Rustomji

4. Who translated Gandhiji’s autobiography “The Story of my Experiments with Truth” originally written in Gujarati into English ?
 A) Mahadev Desai
 B) Magan Lal Gandhi
 C) Pandit Nehru
 D) Acharya Vinoba Bhave

5. In which year mahatma Gandhi was not nominated for Nobel Prize for peace ?
 A) 1937
 B) 1938
 C) 1939
 D) 1940

6. Allan Octavian Hume “Father of the Indian National Congress” joined the Bengal Civil Service in the year
 A) 1829
 B) 1839
 C) 1849
 D) 1859

7. mother of mahatma Gandhi, Putali Bai’s parents belonged to an eclectic religious sect that aims at combining the best elements of Islam and Hinduism known as
 A) Satpranami
 B) Quiyamatnama
 C) Prannath
 D) din Ilahi

8. The result of the matriculation examination of Gandhiji was published in 1890 and he had got ploughed in
 A) Hebrew
 B) French
 C) Latin
 D) Greek

9. Who is known as English Thoreau ?
 A) Edward Carpenter
 B) H. S. Salt
 C) Edward maithland
 D) Jim Joynes

10. “A Short History of the Theosophical Society” was written by
 A) Josephine Ransom
 B) Annie Besant
 C) Dr. Oldfield
 D) E. A. Manning

11. Which Gujarati Poet described the businessman as a saint ?
 A) Shrimad Rajchandra
 B) Shamal Bhatt
 C) dr. P. J. mehtha
 D) Revashankar J. Jhaveri

12. Who had been first appointed agent for the London Vegetarian Society in South Africa ?
 A) Dr. Oldfield
 B) Dr. A. E. J. Krause
 C) Sir Joseph Benjamin Robinson
 D) michael Coats

13. Bal Gangadhara Tilak started his Home Rule league in the year
 A) 1914
 B) 1915
 C) 1916
 D) 1917

14. ‘montagu-Chelmsford’ Scheme was announced in the year
 A) 1915
 B) 1916
 C) 1917
 D) 1918

15. Who sought Gandhiji’s intervention in Champaran Satyagraha ?
 A) Rajkumar Shukla
 B) Saraladevi Chudhurani
 C) mahadev desai
 D) madan mohan malaviya

16. When was Satyagraha Ashram at Sabarmati founded by mahatma Gandhi ?
 A) 1914
 B) 1915
 C) 1916
 D) 1917

17. Which of the following is not included in the ashram wows of Gandhiji
 A) Satya
 B) Brahmacharya
 C) Aparigraha
 D) Achanchala

18. In the beginning mahatma Gandhi used the word instead of Satyagraha
 A) Active Resistance
 B) Passive Resistance
 C) Continues Resistance
 D) Confident Resistance

19. Which are not the different forms of Satyagraha ?
 A) Non-co-operation
 B) Civil disobedience
 C) Fasting
 D) Self-denial

20. Gandhiji considered child marriage as
 A) moral Evil
 B) Social Evil
 C) Communal Evil
 D) National Evil

21. Which Ashram was not founded by mahatma Gandhi ?
 A) Phoenix Settlement
 B) Tolstoy Farm
 C) Sabarmati Ashram
 D) Goghale Hut

22. The book Unto this last is written by
 A) H. d. Thoreau
 B) Tolstoy
 C) John Ruskin
 D) Charles Napier

23. Who wrote the book Gandhi the years that changed the world ?
 A) V. S. Naipal
 B) d. G. Tendulkar
 C) Ramachandra Guha
 D) Subrata mukherjee

24. Who was first called Gandhi a Mahatma ?
 A) Pranjivan mehta
 B) Rabindra Nath Tagore
 C) mahadev desai
 D) Raihana Tyabji

25. Who was the author of the book “Gandhi : The Traditional Roots of Charisma” ?
 A) J. C. Trada
 B) Pyarelal
 C) Rudolph
 D) Napier

26. The term Harijan had first been used by medieval poet-saint
 A) Narasimha mehta
 B) Nama deva
 C) Chaithanya
 D) Narasi

27. According to Gandhi, “The sacrifice offered on the altar of vegetarianism was ” ______
 A) Intentional
 B) Necessity
 C) Expected
 D) Prayer to the self

28. In which Chapter of Hind Swaraj Gandhi gave the idea of modern India ?
 A) Tenth
 B) Eleventh
 C) Twelve
 D) Thirteen

29. Who was the first person to meet Gandhi in London while he went there for study ?
 A) majumdar
 B) mavaji dave
 C) Swami Thracher
 D) dr. Pran Jivan mehta

30. When was Phoenix farm established ?
 A) 1902
 B) 1903
 C) 1904
 D) 1905

31. From where Phoenix settlement was started by Gandhi ?
 A) Transwal
 B) Johannesburg
 C) durban
 D) Pretoria

32. Gandhi had written first letter from England to whom ?
 A) mother
 B) mavji dabe
 C) Father
 D) Elder Brother

33. Gandhi came to India from South Africa for the first time by ‘Pongola Steamer’ in the year
 A) 1895
 B) 1894
 C) 1896
 D) 1897

34. miss dick belongs to which country ?
 A) England
 B) Netherland
 C) Holland
 D) Scotland

35. On which day Gandhi was allowed to travel from durban to Natal ?
 A) 27th dec. 1896
 B) 2nd January 1897
 C) 9 th January 1897
 D) 13th January 1897

36. How many chapters are under Gandhi “Constructive Programme” ?
 A) 17
 B) 18
 C) 19
 D) 20

37. Which of the following is not part of Gandhi “Constructive Programme” ?
 A) Khadi
 B) Women
 C) Machine
 D) Cleanliness of villages

38. In which book Gandhi was much more concerned about tribal figure prominently ?
 A) Rachnatmak Karyakaram
 B) mangal Prabhat
 C) Hind Swaraj
 D) None of these

39. Gandhi had translated his book ‘Hind Swaraj’ in English from
 A) lord lothian
 B) Churchill
 C) For English Edition
 D) Kallenbach

40. The Philosophy of Civilization is the chapter of which composition of Gandhi ?
 A) Nai Talim
 B) mangal Prabhat
 C) Rachnatmak Karyakaram
 D) Hind Swaraj

 41. Who is considered fifth son of Gandhi ?
 A) Rajendra Prasad
 B) J. l. Nehru
 C) K. Kamraj
 D) Sardar Patel

 42. When did Gandhi first leave for London ?
 A) 4th Sep. 1888
 B) 5 th Sep. 1888
 C) 3rd Sep. 1888
 D) 2nd Sep. 1888

 43. Gandhi was registered in Britain High Court on
 A) 9 th June 1891
 B) 10 th June 1891
 C) 12th June 1891
 D) 11 th June 1891

 44. Who was the writer of “my Childhood with Gandhiji” ?
 A) manu Gandhi
 B) Raj mohan Gandhi
 C) Gopal Gandhi
 D) Prabhudas Gandhi

 45. Who wrote the Untold story of Kasturba : Wife of mahatma Gandhi ?
 A) Arun and Sunanda Gandhi
 B) Prabhudas Gandhi
 C) Gopal and Rajmohan Gandhi
 D) Kanu Gandhi

 46. Gandhi’s associates who was affectionately called “mamaji” ?
 A) Narhari Pariksh
 B) K. l. mashrubala
 C) Shaikh mehtab
 D) G. Ramchandran

 47. Who was forcing Gandhi to eat meat in london ?
 A) Pran Jivan mehta
 B) Alibandhu
 C) Shaikh mehtab
 D) Belcar

 48. Who wrote “Power of Peace” ?
 A) Thouro
 B) Ruskin
 C) lio Tolostay
 D) Topras Pen

 49. Who had requested Gandhi to not return back to South Africa ?
 A) Firoj Shah
 B) mavaji dave
 C) Parsi Rustam
 D) Pestan Ji

 50. Gandhi first time went to Chhattisgarh in
 A) 1919
 B) 1920
 C) 1921
 D) 1922

51. Gandhi removed his hair and started living very simply from
 A) 1920
 B) 1921
 C) 1922
 D) 1923

52. Phoenix Farm was established
 A) To fight with British
 B) To gather Indian
 C) To talk with current Government
 D) For the printing of Indian opinion

53. Gandhi was called ‘Bhangi Shiromani’ first time in
 A) South Africa
 B) Champaran
 C) Britain
 D) Kheda movement

54. Gandhi got imprisonment first time in India for how many year ?
 A) 4
 B) 5
 C) 6
 D) 7

55. Who was the first Editor of “Indian Opinion” ?
 A) m. K. Gandhi
 B) madan lal
 C) mahadev desai
 D) mansukhlal Najar

56. Who told Gandhi about the apartheid and discrimination in Transwall ?
 A) Abdul Gani Seth
 B) Ali Brothers
 C) Abdulla Brothers
 D) Shaikh mehtab Ali

57. How long did Gandhi travelled in dandi yatra ?
 A) 385 km
 B) 375 km
 C) 365 km
 D) 395 km

58. Who was against “Non Co-operation movement” and left Congress Party ?
 A) Chotu Ram
 B) Bal Gangadhar Tilak
 C) Arvind Ghosh
 D) lala lajpat Rai

59. Who said “The light has gone out of our lives” when Gandhi died ?
 A) Jawaharlal Nehru
 B) Rajendra Prasad
 C) Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
 D) C. Gopalachari

60. Gandhi had declared hartal against Rowlatt Act from 30th march 1919 but it was postponed and date shifted to
 A) 7th April 1919
 B) 6th April 1919
 C) 5th April 1919
 D) 4th April 1919

61. Gandhi had started “Tour to India” from
 A) Ahmedabad
 B) Pune
 C) Surat
 D) Bombay

62. Who have told Gandhi “Half-naked Fakir” ?
 A) mountbatten
 B) Churchill
 C) Truman
 D) Rippan

63. The Wardha Scheme of Education is popularly known as
 A) Basic Education
 B) New Education
 C) Bright Education
 D) None

64. Seville Statement (1986) is associated with which of the following ?
 A) Violence
 B) development
 C) Education
 D) Nuclear weapon

65. Which of the following is/are form(s) of structural violence ?
 i. Casteism
 ii. Killing
 iii. Patriarchy
 iv. Racism
 v. Feudalism.
 A) Only i, ii, iii
 B) Only ii, iii, iv
 C) Only i, iii, iv, v
 D) All of the above

66. Which of the following statement is not correct regarding Johan Galtung’s idea of cultural violence ?
 A) Any aspect of culture that can be used to legitimize violence
 B) Cultural violence makes direct and structural violence look, even feel right
 C) Changes moral colour of acts from wrong to right
 D) language and arts are not the domains of cultural violence

67. Consider the following statements :
 i. Peace is the absence of violence.
 ii. Peace refers to condition in which social and economic justice and well-being is ensured.
Which of the above statement(s) explain the idea of negative peace ?
 A) Only i
 B) Only ii
 C) Both i and ii
 D) Neither i nor ii

68. Which of the following statement is not the correct explanation of Gandhi’s views on violence ?
 A) Gandhi said that root of violence is anger, lust and selfishness.
 B) He believed that violence is inferior to nonviolence.
 C) He argued that violence is the law of the brute.
 D) Gandhi argued that violence can be defended on principle.

69. Which of the following is/are the feature(s) of Gandhi’s idea of non-violence ?
 i. Those who practice non-violence should not listen to the opponent.
 ii. Non-violence precludes us from hating anyone however bad they are.
 iii. Non-violence implies love, compassion and forgiveness.
 A) Only ii
 B) Only ii and iii
 C) Only i and ii
 D) All of the above

70. Which of the following statement is not correct about ‘Gandhi Peace Prize’ ?
 A) Gandhi Peace Prize is instituted by Government of India since 1995, the 125th Birth Anniversary commemoration year of mahatma Gandhi
 B) The jury for peace prize is chaired by Prime minister.
 C) It can be given to Indian citizens only.
 D) It can be given to individuals, associations, institutions or organizations.

71. Which organisation won Nobel Peace Prize, 2020 ?
 A) Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)
 B) International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
 C) Gandhi Peace Foundation
 D) World Food Programme (WFP)

72. Which of the following statement is incorrect about UN Peace Building Commission ?
 A) It is an intergovernmental advisory body that supports peace efforts.
 B) It is composed by 31 member States, elected from the General Assembly, the Security Council and the Economic and Social Council.
 C) The top financial contributing countries and the top troop contributing countries to the United Nations System are also members.
 D) Presently India is not a member in the UN Peace Building Commission.

73. Consider the following statements.
 i. Institutions for village administration is not a colonial contribution to India.
 ii. Assemblies like Sabha, Samiti and Vidata existed during Vedic period.
Which of the above statements are correct ?
 A) Only i
 B) Only ii
 C) Both i and ii
 D) Neither i nor ii

74. Which of the following statement is/are correct explanation(s) of Panchayati Raj System in India ?
 i. Article 40 of the Constitution which enshrines one of the directive Principles of State Policy lays down that the State shall take steps to organise village Panchayats.
 ii. 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act inserted Part IX to the Constitution of India.
 iii. An election to Constitute Panchayat shall be completed after the expiry of duration of existing Panchayat.
 iv. 73rd Constitutional Amendment Act, 1992 made Panchayats in India statutory institutions.
 A) Only i and ii
 B) Only i and iv
 C) Only i, ii and iii
 D) Only iii and iv

75. Which of the following Article in the Constitution is not associated with Panchayat Raj Institutions of India ?
 A) Article 40
 B) Article 243 A
 C) Article 243 K
 D) Article 45

76. Which of the following statements are correct explanation of Rashtriya Grama Swaraj Abhiyan ?
 i. It is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme (CSS).
 ii. It was launched in 2018 on the occasion of National Panchayat Raj day.
 iii. Its primary aim was strengthening PRIs for achieving Sustainable development Goals with main thrust on convergence with mission Antyodaya emphasis on strengthening PRIs in the 117 Aspirational districts.
 A) Only i and ii
 B) Only i and iii
 C) Only ii and iii
 D) All of the above

77. Which of the following statement is not correct regarding Gandhi’s views on village Swaraj ?
 A) Gandhi advocated village Swaraj as independent and complete republic.
 B) Village is not allowed to maintain theatre, and public hall.
 C) The government of the village will be conducted by the Panchayat of five persons, annually elected by the adult villagers, male and female, possessing minimum prescribed qualifications.
 D) Every village’s first concern will be to grow its own food crops and cotton for its cloth.

78. Which of the following is the correct statement on Kudumbashree ?
 A) It is implemented by the State Poverty Eradication mission (SPEm) of the Government of Karnataka.
 B) It has a two tier structure consists of Area development Society (AdS) and Community development Society (CdS).
 C) decentralisation of powers to PRIs was an obstacle to the growth of Kudumbashree.
 D) Poverty eradication was the one of the aims of Kudumbashree.

79. Which of the following statement on Khadi and Village Industries Commission is Incorrect ?
 A) It is a statutory body.
 B) Khadi and Village Industries Commission authorized All India Khadi and Village Industries Board to carry forward its economic objectives.
 C) Providing employment is the social objective of the Commission.
 D) It is an organization under ministry, micro, Small and medium Enterprises.

80. Which among the following is not a Rural development Programme or Scheme of Government of India ?
 C) Swachh Gram
 D) FAmE India Scheme

81. Considering the following statements on NABARd.
 i. NABARd came into existence on 12 July 1982 by transferring the agricultural credit functions of RBI and refinance functions of the then Agricultural Refinance and development Corporation (ARdC).
 ii. Its mission is to promote sustainable and equitable agriculture and rural development through participative financial and non-financial interventions, innovations, technology and institutional development for securing prosperity.
 iii. NABARd today is fully owned by Government of India.
Which among the above statement(s) is/are true ?
 A) Only iii
 B) Only ii
 C) Only i and ii
 D) All of the above

82. Consider the following statements on Hind Swaraj :
 i. It was written in 1908 during Gandhi’s return voyage from london to South-Africa in answer to the Indian school of violence and its prototype in South-Africa.
 ii. It was first published in the columns of the Indian Opinion of South-Africa.
 iii. The Bombay Government prohibited its circulation.
 iv. It was originally written in Hindi.

Which of the above is/are true statement(s) ?
 A) Only ii
 B) Only i, ii and iii
 C) Only i, ii and iv
 D) All of the above

83. Which of the following issues are discussed in Hind Swaraj by Gandhi ?
 i. modern civilization
 ii. Partition of Bengal
 iii. Railways
 iv. Education
 v. machinery
 A) Only i, iii, iv and v
 B) Only i, iii and iv
 C) Only i and iii
 D) All of the above

84. Which of the following statement explain Gandhi’s idea of Swaraj ?
 A) It is the transfer of power from Britain to India without changing its fundamental nature.
 B) It is Swaraj when we learn to rule ourselves.
 C) Even if the English become Indianized Indians cannot accommodate them.
 D) India should emulate British Parliament after attaining Swaraj.

85. Consider the following statements.
 i. Government of England is not worth copying in India.
 ii. The British Parliament is like sterile woman and a prostitute.
 iii. Without outside pressure Parliament can do nothing.
 iv. There is no party discipline among members of British Parliament.
 v. English Parliament is a costly toy.
Which of the above is/are true statement(s) made by Gandhi on British Parliament or Government ?
 A) Only i, ii, iii and v
 B) Only i, iii, iv and v
 C) Only i
 D) All of the above

86. Consider the following statements.
 i. Those are intoxicated by modern civilization not likely to write against it.
 ii. modern civilization take note neither of morality nor of religion.
 iii. modern civilization is successful in increasing bodily comforts.
 iv. modern civilization successfully teaches morality to the world.
Which of the above are Gandhi’s view(s) on modern civilization ?
 A) Only ii
 B) Only i, ii and iii
 C) Only i and ii
 D) All of the above

87. Which of the following environmental movement(s) resorted to Gandhian methods ?
 A) Chipko movement
 B) Silent Valley movement
 C) Plachimada Agitation
 D) All of the above
88. Which of the following statement is not explaining Gandhi’s view on machinery in Hind Swaraj ?
 A) machinery has impoverished India.
 B) machinery is the chief symbol of modernization.
 C) machinery made workers slaves.
 D) machinery improved the condition of women.

89. Consider the following statements.
 i. The term ‘deep ecology’ was coined by Norwegian philosopher Arne Naess.
 ii. deep ecology mirror Gandhi’s environmental philosophy though he did not use the term.
 iii. Gandhi’s views on ecology contributed to the intellectual development of Naess’s philosophy of deep ecology.
Which of the above statement(s) is/are true ?
 A) Only i and ii
 B) Only i
 C) Only i and iii
 D) All of the above

90. Which of the following is a concept associated with Gandhi’s idea of decentralization ?
 A) Oceanic circle
 B) Total revolution
 C) Swadeshi
 D) Ahimsa

91. Survey based interviews tend to rely more on
 A) Open ended question
 B) Closed ended questions
 C) Scaling questions
 D) Pictorial questions

92. Content analysis is a qualitative method which uses for what ?
 A) Studying field data
 B) Studying archival data
 C) Studying textual data
 D) Studying pictorial data

93. Research ethics requires
 A) Informed consent
 B) Procedural acceptance
 C) Subjectivity
 D) Recurrence

94. Snowball sampling is a form of
 A) Systematic sample
 B) Purposive sample
 C) Quota sample
 D) Convenience sample

95. Reliability is fundamentally concerned with what ?
 A) The issues of inconsistency of measures
 B) The issues of consistency of measures
 C) High internal inconsistency
 D) Predict of behavior

96. leading teaching is a classroom activity of the teacher
 A) To arouse the interest of the pupil
 B) To evaluate the interest of pupil
 C) To assess the social background of student
 D) To complete the syllabus

97. What is the activity given below which allow students to work together with others to achieve a common goal ?
 A) Collaborative learning activities
 B) Problem-based learning
 C) Technology-based learning
 D) Project-based learning

98. Which of the following techniques is used as individualised training in training institutions ?
 A) micro teaching
 B) Stimulating teaching
 C) Both of these
 D) None of these

99. NAAC was established in the year of
 A) 1999
 B) 1994
 C) 1995
 d) 2001

100. Teacher behavior can be improved and modified by using which device among the below ?
 A) Pointing out the mistakes of teacher
 B) Informing the management of the school
 C) Feedback
 D) Informal interaction

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