Junior Instructor (Secretarial Practice- English) Question and Answers ( Cat.No: 297/2018)



Question Code: 081/2021 

Medium of Question- English

Name of Post: Junior Instructor (Secretarial Practice- English) (SR from among SC/ST)

 Department: Industrial Training

 Cat.No: 297/2018

 1. What is the chief aim of ‘Secretarial Practice’ trade ?

 A) Welcoming visitors to Office

 B) Making and Receiving calls

 C) Typing Letters and taking notes in Shorthand

 D) Training in office processes and procedures

 2. Why are coalescents so called ?

 A) Because they are represented by upstrokes

 B) Because they have initial hooks

 C) Because they unite with consonants

 D) Because they unite with vowels

 3. Which is the position where logograms are written ?

 A) Written on the line

 B) Written through the line

 C) Written above the line

 D) Written either above, on, or through the line

 4. What is the most important asset for a shorthand writer ?

 A) Ability to write legible outlines

 B) Writing mechanically

 C) Inserting vowels

 D) Writing heavy strokes heavier

 5. When is a vowel produced ?

 A) When the mouth passage is closed

 B) When there is audible friction in the mouth passage

 C) When the mouth passage is open

 D) When the mouth passage is half open

 6. What is a preceding vowel ?

 A) Vowel occurring before upstroke/downstroke or above horizontal stroke

 B) Vowel occurring after an upstroke

 C) Vowel occurring after a downstroke

 D) Vowel occurring below a horizontal stroke

 7. What are the signs used to represent logograms ?

 A) Angular signs, dots and dashes

 B) Circles, loops and angular signs

 C) Strokes, circles, loops, dots, dashes and angular signs

 D) Strokes, angular signs and dots

 8. Which stroke represents grammalogue ‘and’ ?

 A) 1/3rd of ‘Ray’ written on the line

 B) 1/3rd of ‘Jay’ written above the line

 C) 1/3rd of ‘Ray’ written above the line

 D) 1/3rd of ‘Chay’ written on the line

 9. Can you represent capitals in shorthand, if so, when and how ?

 A) By two short slanting ticks before a word

 B) By two short slanting ticks beneath a word

 C) At the beginning of every sentence

 D) Not necessary to represent the capitals

 10. Which is correct ?

 A) Diphthongs have three vowel places

 B) Diphthongs are represented by dashes

 C) Diphthongs can be joined to strokes

 D) Diphthongs are written thick

 11. Where are intervening third place vowels indicated ?

 A) After the first stroke at the end

 B) After the second stroke at the end

 C) Before the second stroke at the end

 D) Before the first stroke at the end

 12. Which is correct ?

 A) Logograms save time

 B) Logogram have more than one character

 C) Logograms are represented by thin strokes

 D) Logograms represent uncommon words

 13. What are the uses of shorthand ?

 A) Helping in recording our thoughts quickly

 B) Helps in recording our thoughts accurately

 C) Helps in translating our thoughts

 D) Helps in quick and accurate recording of spoken words

 14. How is tick ‘the’ written ?

 A) It is a heavy tick written upward

 B) It is a light tick written upward or downward

 C) It is a heavy tick written downward

 D) It is a light tick written upward

 15. What is the name of the component of a computer which is not physically accessible,

 but can be realized through its working ?

 A) Hardware

 B) Software


 D) Port

 16. Who created the first programmable computer ?

 A) Charles Babbage

 B) German Konrad Zuse

 C) Albert Einstein

 D) Benjamin Franklin

 17. Which type of computers are used in banks to store and retrieve core banking

 transactions ?

 A) Mobile phones

 B) Centralized Server Computers

 C) Tablet – Computers

 D) Micro – Computers

 18. Which computer application allows sending and receiving information ?

 A) Robotics

 B) News

 C) Internet

 D) Telecommunications

 19. Which software application allows us to send messages, audio and video through

 mobile phones ?

 A) Robotics

 B) Telecommunications

 C) Internet

 D) Digital video or audio composition

 20. What is the name of all physical components of a computer collectively called ?

 A) Software

 B) Hardware

 C) Malware

 D) Junkware

 21. While copying data from the computer hard disc to a CD, a message flushes on the

 screen no space to store more data. How much data has been stored in the CD ?

 A) 4.7 GB

 B) 1.44 MB

 C) 700 MB

 D) 700 GB

 22. Which component contains slots for fixing and connecting processor, main memory(RAM) hard disc, CD/DVD drive etc. ?

 A) Motherboard

 B) Control panel

 C) Keyboard

 D) Dashboard

 23. Which computer supports concurrent login for thousands of users ?

 A) Mainframe Computer

 B) Micro-Computer

 C) Cloud Computer

 D) Laptop

 24. Where to find programs currently running in the desktop environment is displayed ?

 A) Menu bar

 B) Task bar

 C) Status bar

 D) Title bar

 25. What is the name of a series of keys placed at the top of the keyboard (F1 to F12) ?

 A) Number Keys

 B) Navigation Keys

 C) Scroll Key

 D) Function Keys

 26. Which is the software for preparations of banners, ID cards, brochure and page

 based professional publications ?

 A) MS Access

 B) MS Publisher

 C) MS Outlook

 D) MS One Note

 27. Which program helps to create an icon in the system ?

 A) MS Word

 B) MS Paint

 C) MS Publisher

 D) MS Excel

 28. Who developed Internet Explorer ?

 A) Microsoft

 B) Google

 C) IBM 

 D) Apple

 29. Which operating systems are commonly used for mobile phones ?

 A) Android and Unix

 B) Windows alone

 C) Android and Linux

 D) Android and Windows

 30. What allows you to make changes to the current settings on the computer ?

 A) My Computer

 B) Help and support

 C) Recent places

 D) Control panel

 31. Where to find the deleted items of the computer ?

 A) Documents

 B) My Computer

 C) Recycle Bin

 D) Not seen anywhere

 32. Which component provides an organised view of all hardware installed on a system ?

 A) Control panel

 B) Device manager

 C) Default programs

 D) Hardware and sound

 33. Which software tools are required for various types of productive works like

 preparations of documents, spreadsheets, playing audio/video etc. ?

 A) System software

 B) Application software

 C) Malware

 D) Junkware

 34. Which is the software for preparation of documents in MS Office suits ?

 A) MS Access

 B) MS Word

 C) MS Excel

 D) MS PowerPoint

 35. What is the name of an electronic file that we create using a word program ?

 A) Documents

 B) Spreadsheet

 C) Email

 D) Internet

 36. What is called moving around the document ?

 A) Editing

 B) Exploring

 C) Navigation

 D) Orientation

 37. Where can you find the Undo, Redo commands ?

 A) In the ribbon

 B) Quick access toolbar

 C) View button

 D) Home button

 38. Where can you find the document in print layout, full screen reading, web layout,

 outline or draft view ?

 A) View button in menu bar

 B) Home button

 C) View button on the status bar

 D) Review tab

 39. Where is print-preview option available ?

 A) Start-menu

 B) Home tab

 C) File tab

 D) Device and Pointers

 40. What is the error admissible for Gross Word (GW) of 400 ?

 A) 20 Words

 B) 5 Words

 C) 15 Words

 D) 10 Words

 41. Which is a Formal Letter ?

 A) Application

 B) Invitation

 C) Thanks giving letter

 D) Condolence letter

 42. What do you know of P.S. found in some letters ?

 A) It is written at the top left of the letter

 B) It is written at the right bottom of the letter

 C) It means Post Subscription

 D) It means Post Script

 43. What is the features of Banking Correspondence ?

 A) Banks protect their interest at the Client’s cost

 B) Banks call a client a bad debtor hastily

 C) Banks judge a situation from the client’s point of view

 D) Banking correspondence need not be confidential in nature

 44. It is not a necessary part of a letter

 A) Salutation

 B) Ref. no. and date

 C) Subscription

 D) None of these

 45. A person on whom the responsibility of the office work is entrusted is called

 A) Office Secretary

 B) Office Manager

 C) Accountant

 D) Personal Secretary

 46. Planning of office layout is essential to use the ______ most economically.

 A) Space

 B) Lighting

 C) Office flow

 D) Office system

 47. The open office arrangement suffers from the following disadvantage

 A) Lack of Concentration

 B) Noise

 C) Lack of Secrecy

 D) All of these

 48. The written record of informations and instructions regarding rules, regulations and

 policies is known as

 A) Office Diary

 B) Office Manual

 C) Office Forms

 D) Office Decorum

 49. The process of office planning begins with

 A) Forecasting

 B) Setting planning

 C) Setting objectives

 D) None of these

 50. Controlling office activities is

 A) An important managerial function

 B) Not to measure the actual performance

 C) Not to evaluate the performance of staff

 D) Not to bother cost consciousness

 51. Recruitment of manpower for an office is the major duty of which Department ?

 A) Personnel Department

 B) Accounts Department

 C) Finance Department

 D) Production Department

 52. The office function which determines future course of action is called

 A) Controlling

 B) Organizing

 C) Planning 

 D) None of these

 53. All inward mail of small organization may be received through

 A) Post box is compulsory to collect the mail

 B) The postman or peon or courier

 C) Special staff deputed for the purpose

 D) Officer concerned

 54. Which machine prints postal stamps ?

 A) Franking

 B) Fax

 C) Addressing

 D) Scanning

 55. Which of the following is an important merit of using office machines ?

 A) High cost

 B) Saving of labour

 C) Requirement of additional space

 D) Requirement of special skills for operation

 56. Internet works on

 A) Packet switching

 B) Circuit switching

 C) Both A) and B)

 D) None of these

 57. ‘WAN’ stands for

 A) World Area Network

 B) Wide Area Network

 C) World Arrow Network

 D) None of these

 58. Incoming mails are recorded in the

 A) Despatch Register

 B) Visitor’s Book

 C) Diary Register

 D) All of these

 59. ‘VPP’ stands for

 A) Value Payable Post

 B) Value Payable Parcel

 C) Volume Payable Post

 D) Volume Payable Parcel

 60. How many Pin Zones in India ?

 A) 7

 B) 6

 C) 10 

 D) 9

 61. Which of the following is not the quality of a good secretary ?

 A) Good Education

 B) General Knowledge

 C) Command Over Language

 D) None of these

 62. The word ‘Secretary’ is derived from

 A) Latin 

 B) Greek

 C) French

 D) Roman

 63. Which of the following is a component of the file ?

 A) Cat eye almirah

 B) Pigeon-hole cupboard

 C) Stamp pads

 D) Flags

 64. When the name of the file is ‘Delhi’, what is the basis of classification ?

 A) Alphabetical

 B) Subject

 C) Geographical

 D) Chronological

 65. This filing system is generally used for keeping receipts of Newspaper bills, Electricity

 bills, etc.

 A) Guard file 

 B) Spike file

 C) Box file

 D) Lever file

 66. A union of two vowel sounds occurring consecutively and pronounced simultaneously is known as

 A) Diphone

 B) Displace

 C) Diphthong

 D) None of these

 67. When the sound of R and L blends with any consonant, it makes a _________ consonant.

 A) Double

 B) Compound

 C) Complicated

 D) None of these

 68. A right semi circle is used initially before strokes K, G, M and two forms of R to give the sound of

 A) WL

 B) W


 D) None of these

 69. Prefix-Intro is represented by double length stroke

 A) N

 B) T

 C) R

 D) None of these

 70. The method of writing one stroke through another is called

 A) Contraction

 B) Termination

 C) Intersection 

 D) None of these

 71. When half length ‘H’ stands alone, which ‘H’ is written ?

 A) Always downward ‘H’

 B) Always upward ‘H’

 C) Either upward or downward ‘H’

 D) None of these

 72. What is indicated when ‘MP’ is doubled in length ?

 A) The addition of ‘Tr’

 B) The addition of ‘Dr’

 C) The addition of ‘Er’ 

 D) The addition of ‘Ture’

 73. An open sound as distinguished from a consonant is called a

 A) Consonant

 B) Grammalogue

 C) Vowel 

 D) Phrase

 74. All double length down strokes are written

 A) On the line

 B) Above the line

 C) Through the line

 D) Double length down strokes are not written

 75. A suffix is a common syllabus occurring at the __________ of the word.

 A) Beginning

 B) Middle

 C) End

 D) Beginning of ING

 76. Can the ‘SW’ circle be used with stroke ‘W’ ?

 A) Yes

 B) No

 C) Something

 D) Yes with ‘STR’ loop

 77. The stroke ‘SH’ when hooked for ‘L’ is written

 A) Upward

 B) Downward

 C) Through 

 D) None of these

 78. Which side shun hook is written to t, d and j without initial attachment ?

 A) On the left side

 B) After

 C) On the right side

 D) Before

 79. Two short line underneath an outline indicate

 A) Initial Capital

 B) Wrong Word

 C) Full Capital

 D) Full Small Letter

 80. Contracted outlines are generally written

 A) Above the line

 B) Through the line

 C) On the line

 D) Anywhere

 81. Which year did Sir Issac Pitman invent shorthand ?

 A) 1840

 B) 1842

 C) 1860

 D) 1837

 82. What are the vowel places for Triphones ?

 A) First and second place

 B) First, second and third place

 C) First and third place

 D) Second and third place

 83. ‘OI’ diphthong is employed at the beginning of which strokes ?

 A) Stroke L

 B) Stroke M

 C) Stroke K

 D) Stroke R

 84. It is used to give Slide Presentation consistent and stylish appearance

 A) Format

 B) Slide

 C) Themes

 D) Clip art

 85. It is an interconnection of various computer systems located at different places

 A) Internet

 B) Network

 C) None of these

 D) All of these

 86. IPTV stands for

 A) Internet Protocol Television

 B) Internal Protocol Television

 C) International Protocol Television

 D) None of these

 87. The PIN code system introduced on

 A) 1972

 B) 1962

 C) 1970

 D) 1950

 88. A Stapler is one of the type of

 A) Franking Equipment

 B) Mailing Equipment

 C) Punching Equipment

 D) Communication Equipment

 89. One of the service provided by the post office is

 A) Locker

 B) Post book

 C) Post bag

 D) Post ledger

 90. From which machine one can send a letter instantly ?


 B) Franking machine



 91. The prime factors for any shorthand systems are

 A) Speed and Fluency

 B) Speed and Accuracy

 C) Fluency and Accuracy

 D) All of these

 92. Writing of two or more words without lifting the pen is called

 A) Phraseography

 B) Contraction

 C) Grammalogues

 D) Logograms

 93. Final syllable ‘OUS’ immediately preceded by a diphthong, the ‘S’ is written

 A) Circle S

 B) Large Circle

 C) Stroke S

 D) None of these

 94. The compound consonants ‘kw’ is represented by ___________ to k.

 A) A large initial hook

 B) A small initial hook

 C) A large final hook

 D) A small final hook

 95. ‘M’ Stroke is thickened for the addition of

 A) T/D

 B) K /G

 C) P/B

 D) CH/J

 96. Halving Principle is used in shorthand for the addition of

 A) T/D

 B) K/G

 C) P/B

 D) CH/J

 97. When standing alone, the stroke L is doubled for the addition of __________ only.

 A) Thr

 B) Dr

 C) Tr

 D) Chr

 98. In shorthand, suffix ‘SHIP’ is represented by

 A) Joined SH

 B) Disjoined SH

 C) Joined P

 D) Both A) and B)

 99. The stroke ‘T’ intersected, represent the word

 A) Attention

 B) Attraction

 C) Tension

 D) Party

 100. After figures stroke ‘N’ represents

 A) Nine

 B) Ninety

 C) Hundred

 D) Thousand

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