Agrostology - The Study of Grasses.

Arboriculture - Cultivation of trees and Vegetables.

Astronomy - The Study of heavenly bodies.

Bionomy - The Science of laws of life.

Bionomics - The Study of the relation of an organism to its environment.

Carpology - The Study of fruits and Seeds

Cetology - Dealing with the study of aquatic mammals.

Cherology - Study of Geographical areas and distribution of plants/animals.

Craniology - The Study of Skulls.

Dactylogy - The Study of finger prints.

Dandrology - Science dealing with study of trees.

Entomology - Study of insects.

Epigraphy - The Study of inscriptions.

Ethology - The Study of Animal behaviour.

Eugenics - The Study of the production of better offspring by the careful selection of parents.

Genesiology - The science of generation.

Geriatrics - Branch of Medicine relating to diagnosis and treatment of diseases afflicting the elderly.

Histology - The Study of tissues.

Ichthyology - The Study of fishes.

Mycology - Study of fungi and the diseases caused by them.

Odontology - Scientific Study of teeth.

Olfactology - Dealing with the sense of smell.

Oralogy - Study of Mountains.

Pedology - Science of nature, properties, formation and function of soils.

Sitology - Study of food, nutrition & diet.

Theology - Study of religions.

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