Junior Instructor (Instrument Mechanic) Question Paper and Answer Key 65/2019

Junior Instructor (Instrument Mechanic) in Industrial Training Dept

Question Code : 65/2019

Medium of Question: English

Date of Test : 28/11/2019


001. Angle plate is made at an angle of __________
(A) 30°
(B) 45°
(C) 90° 
(D) 60°

002. Vernier calipers are __________ instruments
(A) accurate
(B) semi- precision
(C) non-precision
(D) precision

003. In an open circuit __________
(A) Resistance is zero and current is infinity
(B) Resistance is infinity and current is zero
(C) Resistance and current are zero
(D) Resistance and current are infinity

004. Soft soldering is generally done __________
(A) At 1200°C
(B) Above 450°C
(C) Between 800°C and 1050°C
(D) Below 450°C

005. The reciprocal of resistivity is called
(A) permeability
(B) conductance
(C) permittance
(D) conductivity

006. Capacitance of a capacitor can be measured by using __________
(A) AC Bridge
(B) Analog multimeter
(C) Kelvin Bridge 
(D) Wheatstone Bridge

007. The unit of luminous intensity is
(A) Lux
(B) Lumex
(C) Tesla
(D) Candela

008. Which of the following meters is an integrating type instrument?
(A) Watt meter
(B) Ammeter
(C) Energy meter 
(D) Voltmeter

009. Permanent magnet moving coil instruments can be used for the measurement of
(A) AC only
(B) DC only
(C) Both AC and DC
(D) None of these

010. Load cells are used for the measurement of _________
(A) flow
(B) velocity
(C) weight 
(D) displacement

011. The commonly used gas in Class III filled system is
(A) Oxygen
(B) Helium
(C) Nitrogen
(D) Hydrogen

012. 5.5 kg/cm2 = __________ Psi
(A) 78.27
(B) 80.85
(C) 76.02
(D) 75.45

013. The property of liquid's resistance to flow
(A) Compressibility
(B) Surface tension
(C) Velocity
(D) Viscosity

014. The dimensionless quantity used to identify the type of flow
(A) Beta ratio
(B) Reynold's number
(C) Dielectric constant
(D) Coefficient of discharge

015. The angle of inclination of the inclined manometer is of the order of
(A) 15°
(B) 20°
(C) 10° 
(D) 25°

016. Torr is the unit for the measurement of
(A) Level
(B) Speed
(C) Pressure 
(D) Specific gravity

017. The agreement with true value is called
(A) Sensitivity 
(B) Accuracy
(C) Precision
(D) Span

018. Example of derived unit
(A) metre
(B) second
(C) velocity 
(D) None of these

019. The speed at which an instrument responds to changes in input variable is called
(A) Fidelity
(B) Lag
(C) Speed of response 
(D) Sensitivity

020. Example of primary sensor of differential head flow meter
(A) orifice plate
(B) bellows
(C) manometer 
(D) rotameter

021. Modified form of venturi tube is
(A) pitot tube
(B) rotameter
(C) dall tube 
(D) weirs and notches

022. Density of a fluid decreases with increase in
(A) Pressure
(B) Temperature
(C) Flow
(D) Level

023. Dead weight tester works on the principle of
(A) Conservation of energy
(B) Bernoulli's theorem
(C) Pascal's law 
(D) Hooke's law

024. __________ is used for the measurement of differential pressure
(A) Pitot tube
(B) Pirani gauge
(C) Manometer 
(D) Barometer

025. Non-contact method of level measurement is
(A) sight glass
(B) dall tube
(C) ultrasonic type 
(D) Piezoelectric type

026. Basic principle of LVDT is
(A) magnetic effect
(B) mutual induction
(C) induced emf
(D) Hysteresis effect

027. The nominal voltage of a fully charged lead acid cell is
(A) 1.1 V
(B) 1.5 V
(C) 3.0 V
(D) 2.2 V

028. Extension of ammeter range is obtained by connecting
(A) Low resistance in series
(B) High resistance in parallel
(C) Low resistance in parallel 
(D) High resistance in series

029. PMMC type instruments can be used for measuring in
(A) AC circuits only
(B) DC circuits only
(C) Both AC and DC circuits
(D) Neither AC nor DC circuit

030. The form factor of half wave is
(A) 1
(B) 1.57
(C) 1.11 
(D) 2

031. For stabilizing the gain of an amplifier
(A) Positive feedback is used
(B) No feedback is used
(C) Input voltage is varied
(D) Negative feedback is used

032. 8085 microprocessor has how many pins?
(A) 30
(B) 41
(C) 39
(D) 40

033. SCR is a __________ switch
(A) Unidirectional 
(B) Bidirectional
(C) Three directional
(D) None of these

034. Which semiconductor power device out of the following is not a current triggered device?
(A) Thyristor
(B) Triac

035. Modem is used for
(A) Printing
(B) Video editing
(C) Data display
(D) Dial-up connection

036. A microprocessor performs the functions of CPU of a _________
(A) Control bus
(B) Digital computer
(C) Memory
(D) Data bus

037. Zener diode is used as
(A) Amplifier
(B) Switch
(C) Regulator 
(D) None of these

038. Which of the following is not an advantage of negative feedback?
(A) Reduced noise
(B) Increased gain
(C) Reduced distortion
(D) Increased sound quality

039. The oscillator which generates sine wave oscillations is called
(A) Feedback oscillator
(B) Harmonic oscillator
(C) Damped wave oscillator
(D) Relaxation oscillator

040. The input resistance of an Op–Amp is about
(A) 2 k
(B) 20 m
(C) 2 m
(D) 200 k

041. The most heavily doped region in a transistor is
(A) Collector
(B) Emitter
(C) Base
(D) Both (A) and (C)

042. Which of these is a volatile memory?
(A) RAM 

043. The decimal equivalent of the hexadecimal number AOH is
(A) 100
(B) 256
(C) 80
(D) 160

044. The gates required to build a half adder are
(A) EX-OR and NAND gate
(B) EX-OR and AND gate
(C) EX-OR and NOR gate
(D) Four NAND gates

045. __________ and __________ gates are called universal gates

046. The length of program counter (PC) of 8085 microprocessor is _________
(A) 6 Bits
(B) 12 Bits
(C) 8 Bits
(D) 16 Bits

047. When the source voltage increases in a zener regulator, the __________ current
remains constant approximately
(A) Series
(B) Load
(C) Zener
(D) Total

048. The instrument which is not suitable for the application in automatic control scheme
(A) Pitot static tube
(B) Rotameter
(C) Orifice plate
(D) Rotary piston meter

049. Absolute zero on Kelvin scale is equal to
(A) 273 K
(B) 373 K
(C) 0 K 
(D) None of these

050. Temperature of core of earth is equal to 3727°C. This temperature in Kelvins is equal to
(A) 4000 K 
(B) 3727 K
(C) 3454 K
(D) None of these

051. Dip sticks are used for the
(A) Flow measurement
(B) Pressure measurement
(C) Displacement measurement
(D) Level measurement

052. IPTS stands for
(A) Indian Primary Temperature Scale
(B) International Primary Temperature Scale
(C) International Practical Temperature Scale
(D) International Practical Temperature Standard

053. Output of a Bimetallic element will be
(A) Voltage
(B) Displacement
(C) Strain
(D) Pressure

054. Which device is similar to an RTD but has a negative temperature coefficient?
(A) Thermistor 
(B) Negative-type RTD
(C) Thermocouple
(D) Strain gauge

055. The ionization gauge is an instrument used for the measurement of
(A) Very high pressure
(B) Medium pressure
(C) Very low pressure 
(D) High pressure

056. A capacitive pressure sensor has a typical measurement uncertainty of
(A) ± 0.4%
(B) ± 0.2%
(C) ± 0.1%
(D) ± 0.8%

057. The RS Flip-flop has __________ input/s
(A) One
(B) Three
(C) Four
(D) Two

058. The current gain is highest in _______ amplifiers.
(A) Common collectors 
(B) Common emitters
(C) Common base
(D) All of these

059. In Boolean algebra, A + (A.B) = ________
(A) A.B
(B) B
(C) A 
(D) 1

060. The DIAC is used as a triggering device for

061. To avoid the creeping error in the energy meters, the discs must
(A) Be Laminated
(B) Be thin
(C) Have bar magnet
(D) Have holes

062. Output of an I to P converter is _______ kg/cm2
(A) 0 to 1
(B) 1.5 to 7
(C) 3 to 15
(D) 0.2 to 1

063. Potentiometer is a/an _______ instrument
(A) Recording
(B) Indicating
(C) Comparison
(D) Calibrating

064. A transistor is _______ operated device
(A) Voltage
(B) Current
(C) Both voltage and current
(D) None of the above

065. Reynolds number for turbulent flow is
(A) Less than 1000
(B) More than 4000
(C) Less than 2000
(D) Between 1000 and 2000

066. Well-type manometer is _______ accurate than u-tube manometer
(A) More 
(B) Less
(C) Equal
(D) None of these

067. For flow measurement of highly corrosive and errosive fluid _______ is used
(A) Ventury meter
(B) Rotameter
(C) Elbow tap
(D) Magnetic flow meter

068. _______ is the final control element in most process control systems
(A) Transmitter
(B) Amplifier
(C) Controller
(D) Control valve

069. The 2's complement of the number 1101101 is
(A) 0101110
(B) 0110010
(C) 0010011 
(D) 0111110

070. If proportional band is more, controller response will be
(A) More
(B) Less
(C) Medium
(D) None of the above

071. PLC is used for _______ application
(A) control 
(B) flow
(C) level
(D) counting

072. SCADA stands for
(A) Statutory control for acquisition of Data Analog
(B) Supervisory control and Data acquisition
(C) Standard counting of Analog to digital application
(D) Supervisory control on Analog to digital analysis

073. Thermo couples are arranged in ________ to form a thermopile.
(A) Parallel
(B) Series
(C) Inclined
(D) None of the above

074. Overshoot oscillation will be reduced by _______ action
(A) Integral
(B) Derivative
(C) Proportional
(D) None of the above

075. The range of PH of acidic solution is
(A) 14
(B) between 0 and 7
(C) 16
(D) between 7 and 14

076. Viscosity of air _______ with increase of temperature
(A) Increases
(B) Decreases
(C) No change
(D) None of the above

077. In closed loop control system, the input has control over
(A) Output 
(B) Feedback
(C) Set point
(D) Open Loop

078. The most popular medium for the data highway is
(A) Modem
(B) Internet
(C) Web
(D) Ethernet

079. A Hydraulic controller has _______ power gain
(A) Low
(B) Medium
(C) High 
(D) None of the above

080. 2-wire smart DP transmitter output follows _______ protocol
(B) RS485
(D) RS232

081. Relay is a/an
(A) ordinary switch
(B) passive switch
(C) electro magnetic switch 
(D) All of these

082. With increase in the intensity of light, the resistance of a photo voltaic cell
(A) remains same
(B) decreases
(C) increases
(D) none of these

083. The unit of measurement of pressure is
(A) Kg m–3
(B) m2
(C) ms–2
(D) Nm–2

084. Temperature range of Thermistor is
(A) 60°C to – 15°C 
(B) – 60°C to 15°C
(C) 60°C to 15°C
(D) – 60°C to 20°C

085. The BJT is a __________ controlled device
(A) Voltage
(B) Current
(C) Temperature
(D) None of these

086. The accuracy of a pneumatic controller is about
(A) ± 2%
(B) ± 1%
(C) ± 4%
(D) ± 5%

087. Any externally introduced signal affecting the controlled output is called
(A) Feedback
(B) Stimulus
(C) Signal
(D) Gain control

088. As a result of introduction of negative feedback which of the following will not decrease?
(A) Overall gain
(B) Distortion
(C) Bandwidth 
(D) Instability

089. The bulbs of filled system thermometers are usually made of
(A) Copper
(B) Glass
(C) Plastic
(D) Stainless steel

090. Strip chart recorder is a
(A) Oscillographic recorder
(B) Graphic recorder
(C) Magnetic type tape recorder
(D) None of these

091. Venturi tubes are generally made of
(A) Phosphor bronze
(B) Cast Iron
(C) Nickel
(D) All of these

092. Set point of a system is also called
(A) Disturbance
(B) Desired value
(C) Controlled variable
(D) Manipulated variable

093. Ratio control system is a special type of
(A) Open-Loop system
(B) Feedback system
(C) ON-OFF system
(D) Feed forward system

094. A thermo couple gauge is one type of
(A) McLeod gauge
(B) Ionization gauge
(C) Thermal conductivity gauge 
(D) None of these

095. Which of the following cannot be used for negative pressure?
(A) Piezo meter
(B) Pirani gauge
(C) Bourdon tube gauge 
(D) U-tube manometer

096. A vibrating level sensor consists of
(A) One piezo electric oscillator
(B) Two piezo electric oscillators
(C) Three piezo electric oscillators
(D) Four piezo electric oscillators

097. The Gates required to build a half-adder are
(A) EX-OR and NAND gate
(B) Four NOR gates
(C) EX-OR and AND gate 
(D) Four NAND gates

098. Which of the following instruments is a rate meter?
(A) Current meter
(B) Venturi meter
(C) Hot wire anemometer
(D) None of the above

099. A flow meter that measures flow rates which are independent of density is
(A) Orifice meter
(B) Rotameter
(C) Magnetic flow meter 
(D) Venturi meter

100. A SCADA system will only monitor and never make changes to the operations
(A) True
(B) False
(C) Cannot say
(D) None of these

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