Junior Instructor ( Tool& Die Maker) in Industrial Training

Question Code ; 51/2019
Junior Instructor ( Tool& Die Maker) in Industrial Training
Medium of Question : English

Date of Test : 25/10/2019

1. Least count of vernier micrometer is __________.
(A) 0.01 mm
(B) 0.02 mm
(C) 0.001 mm
(D) None of these

2. In a double cut file, one cut is at an angle of 708. What is the angle of the other cut ?
(A) 458
(B) 658
(C) 758
(D) 518

3. Ra value in microns for Roughness Number N4 is __________.
(A) 0.2 
(B) 0.1
(C) 0.05
(D) 0.25

4. LLL is the Roughness symbol for Roughness grade number __________.
(A) N1
(B) N3
(C) N5 
(D) None of the above

5. In assemblies, the parts are located by using taper pins. What is the taper of such pins ?
(A) 1:100
(B) 1:40
(C) 1:50 
(D) 1:20

6. Vernier micrometer have additional equally spaced vernier graduations given above the
datum line. The no. of such vernier graduations are __________.
(A) 5
(B) 10 
(C) 25
(D) 50

7. Adjustable caliper gauges are used for __________.
(A) Checking the accuracy of vernier calipers
(B) Checking the size of a caliper
(C) Checking internal diameters of parts
(D) Checking external diameters of parts

8. The process of chemical reduction of the iron ore to pig iron is known as __________.
(A) Melting
(B) Refining
(C) Smelting
(D) Purification

9. The furnace used for the manufacturing of steel from pig iron is known as __________.
(A) Puddling furnace
(B) Blast furnace
(C) Bessemer furnace 
(D) None of the above

10. Wringing is the act of joining __________ together.
(A) Ring gauge
(B) Slip gauge
(C) Shaft and bearing
(D) None of the above

11. Angle of counter sinking portion of centre drill is __________.
(A) 308
(B) 458
(C) 608 
(D) 908

12. Shaping of a grinding wheel to make it run concentric with the axis is known as __________.
(A) Dressing
(B) Truing 
(C) Shaping
(D) Balancing

13. Least count of vernier bevel protractor is __________.
(A) 1’
(B) 5’ 
(C) 0.58
(D) 18

14. If ‘d’ is the diameter and ‘n’ is the rpm, then cutting speed is __________.
(A) πdn/1000 m/min 
(B) πdn/1000 cm/min
(C) πdn/100 m/min
(D) πdnt

15. Different types of errors may occur when we take measurements. Cosine error is related to
which measuring instruments ?
(A) Sine bar
(B) Slip gauge
(C) Dial test indicator 
(D) Vernier Caliper

16. The lathe beds are mostly made of __________.
(A) Pig iron
(B) Wrought iron
(C) Grey cast iron 
(D) Carbon steel

17. Which one of the following is not a parts of a lathe ?
(A) Saddle
(B) Cross slide
(C) Apron
(D) Arbor

18. Conicity is __________.
(A) (D−d)/2
(B) (D−d)/2 l
(C) (D−d)/l 
(D) (D−d) L/2 l

19. Bell metal is an alloy of __________.
(A) Zinc and Copper
(B) Zinc and Aluminium
(C) Nickel and Copper
(D) Tin and Copper

20. In Indian Standard system for Limits and Fits, there are __________ grades of Fundamental
(A) 12
(B) 16
(C) 18
(D) 25

21. In a plane or simple index head, one complete rotation of the index crank rotates the spindle
by __________.
(A) One revolution
(B) 40 revolutions
(C) 1/40 of a revolution 
(D) 1/4 of a revolution

22. Cast metal bonding to the die casting surface is known as __________.
(A) Slag
(B) Welding
(C) Soldering 
(D) Flash

23. The amount of die opening at the time the angled pin contacts the core block in die casting
dies is known as __________.
(A) Clearance
(B) Shut height
(C) Dwell 
(D) Day light

24. Which half of the die casting dies is secured to the stationary platen of the machine ?
(A) Cover half 
(B) Ejector half
(C) Hot chamber
(D) None of the above

25. Which grade of grinding wheel is preferred for grinding hard metals ?
(A) Hard grade wheels
(B) Soft grade wheels
(C) Open structure wheels
(D) None of the above

26. In an electric discharge machining process, electrode is connected to __________.
(A) Anode
(B) Cathode 
(C) Bed
(D) Saddle

27. Clapper box are used on shaper to __________.
(A) Move the tool fast in return stroke
(B) To lift the tool in return stroke
(C) To move the tool fast in forward stroke
(D) To lift the tool in forward stroke

28. A 200 mm long cylindrical piece has one end dia. is 100 mm and the second dia. is
80 mm. The amount of Conicity is __________.
(A) 0.1
(B) 0.5
(C) 1.0
(D) 10

29. The heat treatment process for relieving internal stress after cold working in metals is known
as __________.
(A) Annealing
(B) Normalising 
(C) Tempering
(D) Hardening

30. The hardening temperature of HSS is __________.
(A) 7258C
(B) 8508C
(C) 9508C
(D) 12508C

31. M code for coolant ON is __________.
(A) M05
(B) M06
(C) M08 
(D) M30

32. This method of actuation is used when a grater split delay is required __________.
(A) Finger cam actuation
(B) Dog leg cam actuation
(C) Cam track actuation
(D) Spring actuation

33. The space between two mould halves, when the mould is opened is termed as __________.
(A) Shut height
(B) Day light 
(C) Spacing
(D) Opening

34. __________ is the only possible method to encapsulate delicate electronic parts.
(A) Transfer moulding 
(B) Compression moulding
(C) Injection moulding
(D) Insert moulding

35. It is a process of forming hollow articles from a softened plastic tube.
(A) Injection moulding
(B) Compression moulding
(C) Blow moulding 
(D) Extrusion moulding

36. The defects on a die cast component due to cold metal, slow shot, low die temperature is
known as __________.
(A) Sink marks
(B) Cracks
(C) Cold shut 
(D) Wave or lake

37. Lead is produced from its ore __________.
(A) Bauxite
(B) Malachite
(C) Pirates
(D) Galena

38. Melting point of Aluminium is __________.
(A) 3608C
(B) 4208C
(C) 6608C 
(D) 7258C

39. Non selective assembly is __________.
(A) Slow and costly
(B) Rapid and costs are reduced
(C) Not suitable in mass production
(D) None of the above

40. There are __________ Fundamental deviations in the BIS system of Limits and Fits.
(A) 12
(B) 16
(C) 18
(D) 25

41. Which is an interference fit ?
(A) 25H7/p6 
(B) 25H7/g6
(C) 25H7/e6
(D) 25H7/b6

42. The fundamental deviation symbol ‘H’ is chosen for the holes, when the hole basis system is
followed. This is because __________.
(A) ‘H’ is the first letter of Hole
(B) The lower deviation of the Hole ‘H’ is zero
(C) The upper deviation of the Hole ’H’ is zero
(D) The lower and upper deviation of the Hole ‘H’ is zero

43. The aperture of the sprue bush is tapered to facilitate __________.
(A) Easy machining
(B) Easy filling of impression
(C) Easy removal of the sprue 
(D) Easy removal of component

44. In a transfer moulding, excessive flash occurred due to __________.
(A) Diameter of ejector pin too small
(B) Mould not closed satisfactorily
(C) Insufficient draft
(D) Inadequate venting

45. It is used to make continuous shapes such as tube, rods, pipes etc of thermoplastic
is __________.
(A) Rotational moulding
(B) Blow moulding
(C) Compression moulding
(D) Extrusion moulding

46. Moulding shrinkage increases with __________.
(A) Increase of mould temperature 
(B) High injection pressure
(C) Longer injection time
(D) Presence of fillers

47. For ejecting small cylindrical moulding __________ ejector is used.
(A) Pin ejector
(B) Blade ejector
(C) D-Shaped ejector
(D) Sleeve ejector

48. Gate that provided below the parting surface of the mould is __________.
(A) Fan gate
(B) Submarine gate 
(C) Edge gate
(D) Overlap gate

49. Heel blocks in moulds are also called__________.
(A) Rust buttons
(B) Support blocks 
(C) Die block
(D) Ejector plate

50. The __________ aligns the mould to the machine nozzle.
(A) Register ring 
(B) Dowel pin
(C) Guide pillar
(D) Sprue bush

51. Which pilot nose profile is stronger in strength and smoother in action ?
(A) Bullet nose 
(B) 458 conical stub nose
(C) 158 conical stub nose
(D) 308 conical stub nose

52. In press tools, the __________ guide the strips in the tool.
(A) Pushers
(B) Strip support
(C) Stops
(D) Gauges

53. For faster manual feeding, which type of stoppers are preferred ?
(A) Pin stop
(B) Finger stop
(C) Solid stop
(D) Trigger stop

54. Punches that perform cutting and non-cutting operations are called __________.
(A) Floating punches
(B) Hybrid punches
(C) Combination punches
(D) Integrated punches

55. Stock materials which are fed individually into the tool for processing are called __________.
(A) Blanks
(B) Single stock
(C) Component
(D) Unit stock

56. The minimum amount of land in die opening is __________.
(A) 1 mm
(B) 1.5 mm
(C) 3 mm 
(D) Equal to sheet thickness

57. If the cutting clearance is optimum, cut band produced is approximately __________ the
thickness of the stock material.
(A) One half of
(B) One third of 
(C) One fourth of
(D) Same as

58. In blanking, cutting clearance is given on __________.
(A) Punch 
(B) Die
(C) Both punch and die
(D) Pilot

59. __________ may be considered as a series of shearing operations performed one after the
other by the same tool.
(A) Shearing
(B) Broaching 
(C) Trimming
(D) Planishing

60. When any holes require two or more tools to be used __________ bushes are used ?
(A) Slip bushes 
(B) Liner bushes
(C) Renewable bushes
(D) Special bushes

61. The pump used in a hydraulic power pack is __________.
(A) Gear pump 
(B) Centrifugal pump
(C) Piston pump
(D) Vane pump

62. This type of jig allows the part to be machined on every surface without repositioning the
part in the jig.
(A) Sandwitch jig
(B) Angle plate jig
(C) Box jig 
(D) Channel jig

63. __________ clamps are not used when there are chances for strong vibration.
(A) Cam action clamps 
(B) Screw clamps
(C) Strap clamps
(D) Power clamps

64. Minimum angle that can be indexed in a direct indexing is 108. What is the maximum
number of divisions that can be indexed ?
(A) 10
(B) 12
(C) 24
(D) 36

65. The ability of the bond to hold abrasive grains in the grinding wheel is termed as __________.
(A) Grit
(B) Grade
(C) Grain
(D) Structure

66. A 12 mm diameter end mill is to be set for a cutting speed of 14 m/min. The rpm to be set on
the machine should be __________.
(A) 271.7
(B) 183.17
(C) 76
(D) 371.21

67. G code for dimensioning in inch mode is __________.
(A) G20
(B) G22
(C) G70 
(D) G71

68. When cutting and non-cutting operations takes place in a single station, it is called __________.
(A) Combination tool 
(B) Progressive tool
(C) Compound tool
(D) Assembly tool

69. A small edge radius in blanked component is the result of cutting clearance is __________.
(A) Sufficient
(B) Insufficient 
(C) Excessive
(D) Optimum

70. The burr side of a blank is always towards the __________.
(A) Punch side 
(B) Die side
(C) Both (A) and (B)
(D) None of these

71. The cutting clearance for sheet metal with thickness 2 mm and shear strength 360 N/mm2
is __________.
(A) 0.012 mm/side
(B) 1.2 mm/side
(C) 2 mm/side
(D) 0.12 mm/side

72. If the side of a square shaped component is 4 mm and the thickness is 2 mm and the shear
strength is 360 N/mm2
. The cutting force is __________.
(A) 11.52 kN 
(B) 10 kN
(C) 15 kN
(D) 30.6 kN

73. The operation of separating the stock material along a straight line in a double cut is
called __________.
(A) Cutting off
(B) Trimming
(C) Notching
(D) Parting off

74. Screws and dowel holes drilled should be away from the edge and opening of the die by
__________, if the diameter of the screw and dowel is d.
(A) 1.5d 
(B) 2.5d
(C) 0.5d
(D) 0.75d

75. Pantograph die-sinking and engraving machine operates on the principle of __________.
(A) Gang milling
(B) Shaping
(C) Planing
(D) Copy milling

76. Punches located and positioned by punch holders are known as __________.
(A) Integrated punches 
(B) Segregated punches
(C) Hybrid punches
(D) Cutting punches

77. The exact position in which the stock strip must be positioned in order to obtain dimensionally
correct component is __________.
(A) Registry position 
(B) Stop position
(C) Finger stop position
(D) None of the above

78. When it is necessary to clamp the strip in addition to its stopping function __________ is
used ?
(A) Travelling stripper 
(B) Fixed stripper
(C) Box stripper
(D) None of the above

79. Bulge clearance is provided in the __________.
(A) Die plate
(B) Stripper plate
(C) Front gauge
(D) Back gauge

80. Nesting gauges are used whenever __________.
(A) Progressive tool is used
(B) Compound tool is used
(C) Stock strip is fed into the tool
(D) Unit stock is fed into the tool

81. While bending, the neutral plane lies approximately at a distance of __________.
(A) 0.3t to 0.5t from the inner surface
(B) 0.3t to 0.5t from the outer surface
(C) 0.5t to 0.6t from the inner surface
(D) 0.4t from the outer surface

82. All bends are distorted like forming. This distortion is called __________.
(A) Elastic deformation
(B) Plastic deformation
(C) Shearing
(D) Planishing

83. If the blank diameter is ‘D’ and cup or shell diameter is ‘d’, then coefficient of drawing
K = __________.
(A) D−d
(B) D−d/2
(C) d/D
(D) D/d

84. The clearance between the walls of the drawing punch and the die should be __________.
(A) Same as the thickness of the metal
(B) Less than the thickness of the metal
(C) Greater than the thickness of the metal
(D) Double the thickness of the metal

85. A smaller bend radius results __________.
(A) No spring back
(B) Heavier spring back
(C) Weaker spring back 
(D) No change in spring back

86. Why metal rupture or bottom break off in drawing ?
(A) Blank holding pressure is too high
(B) Blank holding pressure is too weak
(C) Clearance is more
(D) Wrong blank dimension

87. Tool makes buttons are in corporate with :
(A) Accurate locating
(B) Precision turning
(C) Precision boring 
(D) Accurate clamping

88. __________ is basically a method of blanking or piercing parts without die break.
(A) Shaving
(B) Broaching
(C) Piercing
(D) Fine blanking

89. Maximum number of dowels used for positioning is __________.
(A) 1
(B) 3
(C) 2 
(D) 4

90. In drawing operation, more than one reduction will be necessary if the ratio of height of cup
‘h’ to the diameter of the cup ‘d’ (h/d) exceeds a value of __________.
(A) 0.75 
(B) 1.0
(C) 2.0
(D) 2.25

91. The maximum number of locating points in one plane should be __________ in order to
prevent rocking.
(A) 2
(B) 3 
(C) 4
(D) 5

92. When the punch does not ‘bottom out’, the bending process are referred to as __________.
(A) V bending
(B) U bending
(C) Air bending 
(D) Wiping

93. Spring back can be prevented in wiping dies by __________.
(A) Over bending the material
(B) Ironing the material
(C) Heating the material
(D) None of the above

94. Bending along a curved axis is termed as :
(A) U bending
(B) Curved bending
(C) Drawing
(D) Forming

95. If the load is heavy and end feeding is required, __________ die set is used.
(A) Diagonal pin type 
(B) Four pillar type
(C) Center pin type
(D) Back pin type

96. __________ causes the metal to begin flowing plastically.
(A) Die radius
(B) Punch radius
(C) Pressure pad
(D) Draw ring

97. A blanked component weights 450 gms and is made from 1.5 mm thick plate material and
whose weight per sq.cm is 1.7 gms. What is the blank diameter ?
(A) 19.54 cm
(B) 18.36 cm 
(C) 16.46 cm
(D) 15 cm

98. __________ is the connecting rod in a crank driven press.
(A) Ram
(B) Clutch
(C) Pitman 
(D) Crank

99. Double action presses are mainly used for __________.
(A) Drawing 
(B) Piercing
(C) Blanking
(D) Lancing

100. The locating system should be such that it would be difficult for the operator to load the
workpiece incorrectly in a fixture. This is known as __________.
(A) Aligning
(B) Locating
(C) Clamping
(D) Fool proofing

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