Pharmacist Gr II Health Services/IMS - Question Paper and Answer Key

Pharmacist Gr II - Health Services/IMS

Question Code : 45/2019

Medium of Question : English

Date  06/09/2019

1. Number of Neutrons in  56Fe26 is :
(A) 30 
(B) 56
(C) 26
(D) 82

2. Which of the following radiation have least penetrablity?
(A) X-ray
(B) Beta particles
(C) Gamma particles
(D) Alpha particles

3. Phytomenadione is :
(A) Niacin
(B) Vitamin K
(C) Pyridoxin
(D) Lipoic acid

4. The rate limiting step in glycolysis is catalyzed by the enzyme :
(A) Phosphofructokinase 
(B) Aldolase
(C) Enolase
(D) Hexokinase

5. What is spirit of salt?
(A) MgSO4
(B) Na 2B4O7
(C) CaOCl2
(D) HCl

6. Which of the following is useful in Cyanide poisoning?
(A) Sodium bi sulphite
(B) Sodium metabisulphite
(C) Sodium sulfosuccinate
(D) Sodium thiosulphate

7. Nitrous Oxide is stored in :
(A) Blue colored cylinder 
(B) Grey colored cylinders
(C) White cylinder with Black neck
(D) Orange colored cylinders

8. True antagonist of morphine :
(A) Nalorphine
(B) Naloxone
(C) Nalbuphine
(D) Methadone

9. Ma-Huang is another name of :
(A) Ephedra 
(B) Artemesia
(C) Rhubarb
(D) Cascara

10. An adulterant of digitalis leaves :
(A) Verbascum thapses 
(B) Cayratia pedata
(C) Crotalaria striata
(D) Cymbopogon flexuosus

11. Which of the following is anti-oestrogen?
(A) Tibolone
(B) Clomiphene
(C) Letrozole
(D) Mifepristone

12. Uterine relaxants are also known as :
(A) Ecbolics
 (B) Tocolytics
(C) Abortifacients
(D) Analeptics

13. Through which route Ipratropium bromide is administered?
(A) Subcutaneous
(B) Topical application
(C) Oral
(D) Inhalation

14. Which of the following is fourth generation cephalosporin?
(A) Cephalothin
(B) Cephamandole
(C) Cefepime 
(D) Ceftriaxone

15. Example for atypical antipsychotic :
(A) Haloperidol
(B) Penfluridol
(C) Olanzapine 
(D) Thioridazine

16. Fluoxetine is an example for :
(A) Atypical antidepressant
(B) Serotonin and Noradrenaline Re-uptake Inhibitor
(C) Tricyclic anti depressant
(D) Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitor

17. Digoxin act on by inhibiting :
(A) Na+K + ATP ase 
(B) Myosine light chain kinase
(C) Na+ Cl- antiport
(D) Glut-4

18. Ankle oedema is a frequent adverse effect of :
(A) Propranolol
(B) Nifedipine
(C) Captopril
(D) Nicorandil

19. Which of the following is potassium sparing diuretic?
(A) Eplerenone 
(B) Ethacrynic acid
(C) Acetazolamide
(D) Hydrochlorothiazide

20. Which vitamine is given along with INH to reduce risk of neurotoxicity?
(A) Niacin
(B) Pyridoxine
(C) Pantothenic acid
(D) Thiamine

21. The first Pharmacy council of India was started functioning in :
(A) 1952
(B) 1950
(C) 1949
(D) 1955

22. For the constitution of State Pharmacy Council, the respective State Government have to
nominate —————— Government analyst(s).
(A) Two
(B) One
(C) Five
(D) Three

23. Which of the defect in an emulsion make most unstable?
(A) Creaming
(B) Flocculation
(C) Cracking 
(D) Sedimentation

24. Approximate chemical formula of bleaching powder is :
(A) Ca2OC12
(B) (CaO)2 Cl
(C) Ca (OC1) C1
(D) Ca(OH)C12

25. Which antiviral drug is found to be useful in parkinsonism?
(A) Abacavir
(B) Oseltamivir
(C) Zanamivir
(D) Amantadine 

26. Who is responsible for preparation and maintenance of first register?
(A) Pharmacy Council of India
(C) State Pharmacy Councils

27. Which of the following drug shows immune-suppressant activity?
(A) Levamizole
(B) Miconazole
(C) Clotrimazole
(D) Itraconazole

28. Neuroleptic agents are also known as :
(A) Psycho-analeptics
(B) Major tranquilizers
(C) Anti-maniac agents
(D) Mood elevators

29. Extrapyramidal side effects are common with :
(A) Chloramphenicol
(B) Chlorpheneramine
(C) Chlorothiazide
(D) Chlorpromazine

30. Which of the opium alkaloid is benzyl isoquinoline derivative?
(A) Morphine
(B) Codeine
(C) Thebaine
(D) Papaverine

31. Weakly acidic drugs are better absorbed from :
(A) Alkaline pH
(B) Neutral pH
(C) Acidic pH 
(D) Very high pH

32. Pick out the Choline esterase re-activator :
(A) Atropine
(B) Flumazenil
(C) Pralidoxime
(D) Donepezil

33. Ondansetron act by antagonism of :
(A) 5HT-3 receptor 
(B) H2 receptor
(C) 5HT-1 receptor
(D) D2 receptor

34. Which one is an important drug in paracetamol poisoning?
(A) N-acetyl p-benzoquinoneimine
(B) N-acetyl muramic acid
(C) N-acetyl glycine
(D) N- Acetyl cysteine

35. Which of the following is a good uricosuric agent:
(A) Sulfamethoxazole
(B) Sulfanilamide
(C) Sulfinpyrazone 
(D) Sulphacetamide

36. Example for ultra short acting barbiturate :
(A) Secobarbitone
(B) Methohexitone
(C) Butobarbitone
(D) Amylobarbitone

37. Oto and nephro toxicity is common with which class of antibiotics?
(A) Macrolides
(B) Carbepenams
(C) Aminoglycosides 
(D) Polyenes

38. Which of the following is selective MAO-B inhibitor :
(A) Selegiline
(B) Clorgyline
(C) Moclobemide
(D) Iproniazid

39. Which of the following is heparin antagonist?
(A) Potassium sulphate
(B) Protamine sulfate
(C) Lepirudin
(D) Alteplase

40. Grey baby syndrome is associated with :
(A) Chlorpromazine
(B) Chlorcyclizine
(C) Chloroquine
(D) Chloramphenicol

41. The chemical group of Glycyrrhizin is :
(A) Alkaloid
(B) Glycoside
(C) Saponin 
(D) Sesquiterpene

42. World diabetes day :
(A) 14th of November 
(B) 4th of November
(C) 4th of March
(D) 14th of July

43. BCG vaccination gives protection against :
(A) Mumps
(B) Rubella
(C) Measles
(D) TB

44. Curved, warty trichomes are present in :
(A) Datura
(B) Senna
(C) Eucalyptus
(D) Digitalis

45. Aretemisinin is used as :
(A) Antelminthic
(B) Antimalarial
(C) Diaphoretic
(D) Aperient

46. Which of the following is a peripherally actingmuscle relaxant?
(A) Baclofen
(B) Methocarbamol
(C) Dantrolene 
(D) Tizanidine

47. Example for Alpha Glucosidase Inhibitor :
(A) Miglitol 
(B) Nateglinide
(C) Gliclazide
(D) Glyburide

48. Which of the following is called Indian Gum?
(A) Colophony
(B) Tragacanth
(C) Guar gum
(D) Acacia

49. Which of the following emulsifiers have highest HLB value?
(A) PEG 400
(B) Cetrimide
(C) Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 
(D) Span 80

50. Example for aromatase inhibitor :
(A) Letrozole 
(B) Fosfestrol
(C) Flutamide
(D) Tamoxifen

51. Chance of Ototoxicity is more with :
(A) Acetazolamide
(B) Spironolactone
(C) Mannitol
(D) Frusemide

52. Which of the following is an essential amino acid?
(A) Alanine
(B) Valine
(C) Tyrosine
(D) Arginine

53. Which of the following schedule deals with regulations and requirements for establishing
and running a pharmacy?
(A) Schedule M
(B) Schedule N
(C) Schedule K
(D) Schedule F

54. License in Form 10 is issued for the import of :
(A) Drugs for test or analysis
(B) All new drugs
(C) Biological preparations 
(D) Cosmetics

55. Which class of drugs can be manufactured under loan license in Form 25A?
(A) Drugs specified in Schedule X
(B) Drugs specified in Schedule C and C1
(C) Drugs other than those specified in Schedule X
(D) Drugs other than those specified in schedule C, C1 and X

56. Ideal temperature for storage of freeze -dried BCG vaccine is :
(A) Between 2 and 8°C
(B) Below minus 2°C
(C) Between 2 and 4°C
(D) Below 0°C

57. Which of the following is a first line anti-tubercular drug ?
(B) Pyrazinamide
(C) Ethionamide
(D) Thiacetazone

58. Equivalent weight of Potassium permanganate in alkaline medium is :
(A) 316
(B) 31.6
(C) 52.7 
(D) 5.27

59. Which of the following is an inhalation anesthetic?
(A) N2O 
(B) NO2
(C) NO
(D) HNO2

60. Fomepizole acts by inhibiting :
(A) Choline esterase
(B) Lactate dehydrogenase
(C) Xanthine oxidase
(D) Alcohol dehydrogenase

61. Universal antidote contains :
(A) Activated charcoal, Tannic acid and Magnesium Oxide
(B) Activated charcoal, Tartaric and Magnesium Oxide
(C) Activated charcoal, Tartaric and Magnesium hydroxide
(D) Activated charcoal, Tannic and Magnesium Trisilicate

62. Molecular formula of Green vitriol is :
(A) CuSO4..5H2 O
(B)  FeSO4 .7H2 O
(C) Fe2 (SO4)3.7H2O
(D) Na2B4O7

63. Two important uses of Apomorphine are :
(A) Analgesic and anti-tussive
(B) Anti-spasmodic and anti-emetic
(C) Analgesic and anti-emetic
(D) As an emetic and in Parkinsonism

64. At isoelectric pH, an amino acid will exist as :
(A) Anion
(B) Cation
(C) Zwitter ion
(D) None of the above

65. The safety of a drug is more, if the therapeutic index is :
(A) Less than one
(B) One
(C) Greater than one 
(D) None of the above

66. Which is called British anti-Lewisite?
(A) Mechlorethamine
(B) Sarin
(C) Dyflos
(D) Dimercaprol 

67. Example for selective a - 2 adrenergic blocker :
(A) Phentolmine
(B) Yohimbine
(C) Chlorpromazine
(D) Prazosin

68. Example for cardio-selective beta blocker :
(A) Atenolol 
(B) Timolol
(C) Sotalol
(D) Pindolol

69. Which of the following sulfonamide is applied topically?
(A) Sulfamethoxy pyridazine
(B) Sulfacetamide Sodium
(C) Sulfaguanidine
(D) Succinyl sulfathiazole

70. Example for benzodiazepine antagonist :
(A) Flumazenil 
(B) Zopiclone
(C) Flucytosine
(D) Zolpidem

71. Allopurinol act by inhibiting the enzyme :
(A) Monoamine oxidase
(B) Aldehyde dehydrogenase
(C) Xanthine oxidase 
(D) Superoxide dismutase

72. How much of 10% KCl solution is required to prepare one Liter of 4% solution ?
(A) 40 ml
(B) 50 ml
(C) 200 ml
(D) 400 ml

73. Eugenol is a chief constituent in :
(A) Fennel
(B) Clove
(C) Nutmeg
(D) Coriander

74. Which test is best suited for the identification of Anthraquinone C-glycosides?
(A) Borntrager’s test
(B) Keller Killiani test
(C) Foam test
(D) Modified Borntrager’s test

75. When Klunge’s test was conducted with a sample of aloes, a wine red color was obtained. The
sample may be :
(A) Socotrine aloes
(B) Zanzibar aloes
(C) Curacao aloes
(D) Cape aloes

76. Which of the following drug prevent mast cell degranulation?
(A) Sodium cromoglycate 
(B) Di sodium EDTA
(C) Sodium sulfosuccinate
(D) Sodium Pentothal

77. Which of the following is an analeptic drug?
(A) Nicotinic acid
(B) Nicorandil
(C) Niclosamide
(D) Nikethamide

78. Gum hyperplasia is associated with long term use of :
(A) Phenylbutazone
(B) Phenytoin
(C) Phenenteramine
(D) Phenobarbitone

79. Which class of drugs is associated with ‘cheese reaction’?
(A) ACE inhibitors
(B) COX inhibitors
(C) MAO inhibitors
(D) COMT inhibitors

80. Which of the following drug is used to reduce the risk of cyclophosphamide induced
hemorrhagic cystitis?
(A) Mesna 
(C) Thio-TEPA
(D) 5-FU

81. Which of the following local anesthetic is long acting?
(A) Tetracaine 
(B) Procaine
(C) Lignocaine
(D) Chloroprocine

82. Example for peripheral decarboxylase inhibitor
(A) Probenecid
(B) Benserazide
(C) Iproniazid
(D) Zotepine

83. Example for atypical antidepressant :
(A) Fluoxetine
(B) Amoxapine
(C) Sertline
(D) Trazodone

84. Which family cinnamon belongs to?
(A) Leguminosae
(B) Lauraceae
(C) Imarubaceae
(D) Rubiaceae

85. Which of the following is not an aminoglycoside antibiotic?
(A) Streptomycin
(B) Gentamicin
(C) Amikacin
(D) Mithramycin

86. The alkaloid colchicine is an :
(A) Anti cancer drug
(B) Anthelmintic drug
(C) Anti-gout drug 
(D) Anti Parkinsonian drug

87. Barbiturates acts through :
(A) Glutamate receptors
(B) Nicotinic receptors
(C) NMDA receptors
(D) GABA receptors

88. Ondansetron act by antagonizing :
(A) D2 receptor
(B) H2 receptors
(C) 5HT3 receptors
(D) H1 receptors

89. The new WHO formula for ORS does not contain
(A) Sodium chloride
(B) Potassium chloride
(C) Sodium citrate
(D) Calcium chloride

90. Composition of Cotrimoxazole is :
(A) Trimethoprim : Sulphamethoxazole = 1 : 2
(B) Trimethoprim : Sulphamethoxazole = 5 : 1
(C) Sulphamethoxazole : Trimethoprim= 5 : 1
(D) Trimethoprim : Sulphadiazine = 1 : 5

91. Which is a selective estrogen receptor down regulator?
(A) Flutamide
(B) Letrozole
(C) Fulvestrant 
(D) Finasteride

92. Vincristine is a ––––––––– type of alkaloid.
(A) Indole 
(B) Phenanthrene
(C) Benzyl isoquinoline
(D) Triterpenoid

93. Formula for primary emulsion of castor emulsion is :
(A) Oil : water: gum = 4 : 3 : 1
(B) Oil : water: gum = 3 : 2 : 1
(C) Oil : water: gum = 2 : 2 : 1
(D) Oil : water: gum = 4 : 2 :1

94. Ideal temperature to store insulin is :
(A) 0°C -2°C
(B) 0°C
(C) 2°C -8°C 
(D) 20°C -40°C

95. Omeprazole has to be taken :
(A) Along with food
(B) One hour before food
(C) One hour after food
(D) With milk

96. Example for HMG COA reductase inhibitor :
(A) Fluvastatin 
(B) Fluoxetine
(C) Fluoxamine
(D) Flucinolone

97. Which of the following disease is waterborne?
(A) Yellow fever
(B) Cholera
(C) West Nile fever
(D) Influenza

98. Calorific value of carbohydrate is approximately equal to :
(A) 4 Kcal/g 
(B) 0.4 Kcal/g
(C) 0.04 Kcal/g
(D) 9 Kcal/g

99. Which of the following is a non viral disease?
(A) Rabies
(B) Leprosy
(C) Small pox
(D) Poliomyelitis

100. A drug combined with cyclophosphamide to reduce the risk of haemorrhagic cystitis is:
(A) Mesna 
(B) 5–FU
(C) 2–PAM
(D) Pyridoxine

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