Confidential Assistant Gr.II- ( SR for SC/ST)- Various Department - Question Paper and Answer Key

Confidential Assistant Gr.II- ( SR for SC/ST)- Various Department

Exam Date: 31/07/2018

Alpha Code: A

1. ‘Habeebinte Dinakkurippukal’ is a Malayalam book written by
 (A) Kureepuzha Sreekumar
 (B) Kamala Surayya
 (C) K.P. Ummer
 (D) P.K. Parakkadavu

2. The first E-State in India
 (A) Kerala
 (B) Goa
 (C) Punjab
 (D) Gujarat

3. To achieve complete digital literacy in Kerala, the government announced
 (A) Digital Kerala
 (B) Vision 2020
 (D) None of these

4. “Parrot Lady” is a
 (A) Pappaya seed
 (B) Coconut seed
 (C) Lady finger seed
 (D) Khajuraho sculpture

5. The official fruit of Kerala
 (A) Mango
 (B) Coconut
 (C) Jackfruit
 (D) All of the above

6. The country did not qualify for FIFA World Cup 2018
 (A) Italy
 (B) Poland
 (C) Egypt
 (D) Panama

7. The Nobel Prize for Literature 2017 won by
 (A) Kisimi Shykkaro
 (B) Kazuo Ishiguro
 (C) Nakamura
 (D) None of these

8. The Ezhuthachan Puraskaram 2017 won by
 (A) C. Radhakrishnan
 (B) U.K. Kumaran
 (C) Prabha Varma
 (D) K. Sachidanandan

9. The Chancellor of Viswa Bharathi University in West Bengal
 (A) Prime Minister
 (B) Governer of Bengal
 (C) C.M. of Bengal
 (D) None of these

10. Who won the Wimbledon Tennis Men’s Singles title in 2017 ?
 (A) Andy Murray
 (B) Nadal
 (C) Roger Federer
 (D) Djokovic

11. Which language got The Classical Status first time in India ?
 (A) Sanskrit
 (B) Tamil
 (C) Hindi
 (D) Indus Script

12. The country sharing longest frontier with India
 (A) Pakistan
 (B) China
 (C) Nepal
 (D) Bangladesh

13. The fastest river in India
 (A) Brahmaputra
 (B) Kosi
 (C) Tista
 (D) Mandovi

14. Dal Lake situated in
 (A) Jammu
 (B) Srinagar
 (C) Shimla
 (D) Hyderabad

15. Most important soil type in India
 (A) Alluvial Soil
 (B) Black Soil
 (C) Red Soil
 (D) Laterite Soil

16. East India Association founded by
 (A) W.C. Banerjee
 (B) Phirozsha Mehta
 (C) K.T. Telang
 (D) Naoroji 

17. The movement organized on November 1913 at San Francisco in USA :
 (A) Ghadar
 (B) Akali Dal
 (C) Azad-hind-fauj

18. The first Five Year Plan in India inaugurated in
 (A) 1952
 (B) 1951
 (C) 1950
 (D) 1948

19. “If a God were to tolerate untouchability I would not recognize him as God at all.” Who said it ?
 (A) Gandhiji
 (B) Nehru
 (C) Tilak
 (D) Vivekananda

20. “Deepawali Declaration” was made by :
 (A) Lord Curzon
 (B) Lord Wavell
 (C) Lord Linlithgow
 (D) Lord Irwin

21. Who gave leadership to Perinad Lahala ?
 (A) Sahodaran Ayyappan
 (B) Ayyankali
 (C) Vaikunda Swamikal
 (D) None of these

22. Akalees from Punjab came and gave their support to
 (A) Vaikkom Sathyagraham
 (B) Guruvayur Sathyagraham
 (C) Paliyam Sathyagraham
 (D) Malabar Rebellion

23. A monthly named “Al-Islam” was published by ;
 (A) Abdu Rahiman
 (B) E. Moidu Moulavi
 (C) Vakkam Moulavi
 (D) Ramakrishna Pillai

24. Slavery abolished in Travancore in
 (A) 1800
 (B) 1815
 (C) 1820
 (D) 1812

25. “Sultan Aurangazib” is a Malayalam book written by
 (A) E. Moidu Maulavi
 (B) Vakkam Maulavi
 (C) Abdu Rahiman
 (D) Dr. KKN Kuruppu

26. Hajur Inscription is associated with :
 (A) Ayyan Atikal
 (B) Karunanthadakkan
 (C) Marthnda Varma
 (D) Tippu Sultan

27. The second highest peak in Kerala :
 (A) Anamudi
 (B) Ezhimla
 (C) Anamala
 (D) Agastya Kudam

28. Kudumbasree, the Women Empowerment programme in Kerala, inaugurated in :
 (A) 1995
 (B) 1997
 (C) 1998
 (D) 2000

29. How many districts in Kerala have sea coast ?
 (A) Nine
 (B) Eight
 (C) Ten
 (D) Seven

30. “Atmanuthapam” is an anthology of poem written by :
 (A) Narayana guru
 (B) Ayyankali
 (C) Father Kuriakose Eliyas
 (D) None of these

31. Kerala Police Academy is situated in
 (A) Thiruvananthapuram
 (B) Thrissur
 (C) Malappuram
 (D) Kollam

32. “Indra Dhanush” is a project related to :
 (A) Militory Reforms
 (B) Educational Reforms
 (C) Agricultural Reforms
 (D) Banking Reforms

33. The Oldest Public Sector Bank in India
 (A) Vijaya Bank
 (B) SBI
 (C) Allahabad Bank
 (D) Nedungadi Bank

34. According to the Constitution of India, maximum number of members in a State Legislative Assembly :
 (A) 500
 (B) 402
 (C) 742
 (D) 792

35. The authority to appoint Supreme Court Judges in India
 (A) Prime Minister
 (B) Law Minister
 (C) Chief Justice-Supreme Court
 (D) President

36. In which High Court in India started “Green Bench” for the first time ?
 (A) Kerala
 (B) Kolkata
 (C) Delhi
 (D) Bhubaneshwar

37. The Headquarters of Kerala Human Rights Commission :
 (A) Trivandrum
 (B) Cochin
 (C) Ernakulam
 (D) Nedumbaseri

38. Indian Parliament passed the Right to Education Act on :
 (A) August 4, 2010
 (B) August 4, 2009
 (C) April 4, 2010
 (D) None of these

39. The Headquarters of National S.T. Commission in India
 (A) Lucknow
 (B) Ranchi
 (C) New Delhi
 (D) Ahmedabad

40. Prime Minister Gram Sadak Yojana aims to develop
 (A) Anganwadis
 (B) Health Centres
 (C) Primary Schools
 (D) Village Roads

41. ‘Opah’ is a variety of :
 (A) Goat
 (B) Frog
 (C) Fish
 (D) Cow

42. pH value of Sea Water
 (A) 8.0
 (B) 12.0
 (C) 4.2
 (D) 9.6

43. The content of ‘Blue Gas’ is
 (A) Carbon Monoxide
 (B) Hydrogen
 (C) Both (A) & (B)
 (D) None of these

44. Boudoun Test check the purity of
 (A) Honey
 (B) Ghee
 (C) Blood
 (D) All of the above

45. Quantum Theory initiated by
 (A) Max Plank
 (B) Einstein
 (C) Christian Bernard
 (D) C.V. Raman

46. Cells discovered by
 (A) Griger Mendal
 (B) Rutherford
 (C) Robert Hook
 (D) John Dalton

47. The first satellite developed for defence purpose in India
 (A) G Sat 3
 (B) G Sat 7
 (C) G Sat 12
 (D) None of these

48. Antrix Corporation Ltd. established in
 (A) 1990
 (B) 1991
 (C) 1993
 (D) 1992

49. Which one of the following is true about JUGNU ?
 (A) It is developed in Kanpur IIT.
 (B) It is a remote sensing satellite.
 (C) It is first nano satellite India.
 (D) All of the above

50. Which is the sixth taste form identified by scientist in 2015 ?
 (A) Umami
 (B) Oleogustus
 (C) Umami Sweet
 (D) None of these

51. One of the following menu items is not seen in Menu Bar of the MS-Word 2007 :
 (A) Page Layout
 (B) References
 (C) Window
 (D) Review

52. “Header and Footer” command is available in __________ Menu of the MS-Word 2003.
 (A) Insert
 (B) View
 (C) Table
 (D) Format

53. Which bar contains the title of the Document presently using ?
 (A) Task Bar
 (B) Status Bar
 (C) Tool Bar
 (D) Title Bar

54. Which is the short cut key to ‘Undo’ the last action ?
 (A) Ctrl + Z
 (B) Ctrl + Y
 (C) Ctrl + I
 (D) Ctrl + E

55. How many rows in the work sheet of MS-Excel 2007 ?
 (A) 1048756
 (B) 1084576
 (C) 1084657
 (D) 1048576

56. What is the use of the function ‘CONCATENATE’ in MS-Excel ?
 (A) Joins several pages
 (B) Joins several Text Strings in to one text string
 (C) Joins several images
 (D) None of these

57. Which one of the following is the correct method for selecting a sentence ?
 (A) Click anywhere in the sentence
 (B) Hold shift key and click anywhere in the sentence
 (C) Hold ‘Ctrl’ key and click anywhere in the sentence
 (D) None of these

58. MS-Excel is a/an ___________ software.
 (A) System
 (B) Operating
 (C) Data Processing
 (D) Application

59. One of the following is not an output device :
 (A) Plotters
 (B) Voice response system
 (C) Joystick
 (D) None of these

60. 1 PB = __________.
 (A) 1024 TB
 (B) 1024 GB
 (C) 1042 TB
 (D) None of these

61. Print preview in Word 2007 is taken by clicking
 (A) File Æ Print Preview
 (B) Home Æ Print Preview
 (C) Office Button Æ Print Æ Print Preview
 (D) None of these

62. One of the following is not a web browsing software :
 (A) Google Chrome
 (B) Mozilla Firefox
 (C) Internet explorer
 (D) Yahoo

63. What will happen when we press ‘Shift + Tab’ ?
 (A) Move one cell left
 (B) Move one cell right
 (C) Move one cell up
 (D) None of these

64. Number of maximum columns can we select from columns dialogue box in the MS Word 2007.
 (A) 10
 (B) 11
 (C) 12
 (D) 13

65. ‘Super Script’ Tool is available in _________ tool bar.
 (A) Formatting
 (B) Drawing
 (C) Standard
 (D) None of these

66. Maximum number of columns can be selected by using ‘Insert Table’ dialogue box in MS Word
 (A) 53
 (B) 58
 (C) 63
 (D) None of these

67. One of the following ‘Chart Type’ option is not available in MS Excel.
 (A) Bubble
 (B) Pyramid
 (C) Cylinder
 (D) Triangle

68. Which is the default font in MS-Excel 2007 ?
 (A) Calibri
 (B) Arial
 (C) Times New Roman
 (D) None of these

69. Maximum Zoom option available in the ‘Zoom’ dialogue window of MS-Excel
 (A) 100
 (B) 200
 (C) 300
 (D) 500

70. One of the Margin Option is not available in MS-Word 2007.
 (A) Large
 (B) Mirrored
 (C) Narrow
 (D) Moderate

71. The carriage does not move from right to left when we operate one of the below.
 (A) Tabulator Bar
 (B) Carriage Release Lever
 (C) Space Bar
 (D) Back Spacer

72. Carriage rack travels on the
 (A) Pinion Wheel
 (B) Escapement Wheel
 (C) Lose Dog
 (D) Rigid Dog

73. One of the following is not correct with the length of carriage :
 (A) 100
 (B) 120
 (C) 140
 (D) 160

74. If the line space lever is broken while typing the paper can be taken to the next line by the use of
 (A) Space Bar
 (B) Thumb Wheel
 (C) Escapement Wheel
 (D) None of these

75. ___________ helps the paper from fluttering in the air.
 (A) Paper Guide
 (B) Marginal Stops
 (C) Paper Bail
 (D) None of these

76. How many marginal stops are in a typewriter ?
 (A) 1
 (B) 2
 (C) 3
 (D) None of these

77. __________ helps the proper feeding of the paper.
 (A) Marginal Guides
 (B) Feed Rollers
 (C) Paper Bail
 (D) None of these

78. What is used to give uniform margin to all sheets ?
 (A) Paper Guide
 (B) Marginal Stops
 (C) Tab keys
 (D) Scales

79. Pick out the guide keys from the following :
 (A) N
 (B) asdf;lkj
 (C) a;
 (D) h

80. What will happen when we press dead keys ?
 (A) Carriage will move half space left.
 (B) Carriage will move one space left.
 (C) Carriage will not move.
 (D) Nothing will happen.

81. Normal width of a typewriter ribbon is
 (A) 10 mm
 (B) 11 mm
 (C) 12 mm
 (D) 13 mm

82. Red portion of the bicolour ribbon normally be at the
 (A) Top
 (B) Bottom
 (C) Middle
 (D) None of these

 83. Which is the correct salutation when a letter addressed to an Ambassador ?
 (A) Sir
 (B) My Lord
 (C) Dear Ambassador
 (D) Your Excellency

84. If the writer wants to add something more to the letter after it has been completed, it may be given in the form of a
 (A) Paragraph
 (B) Complimentary close
 (C) Post-Script
 (D) None of these

85. Where should we type inside address in a business letter ?
 (A) Above the heading
 (B) Below the heading
 (C) Below the subscription
 (D) It will not be typed in the letter.

86. One of the following is not a part of typewriter :
 (A) Segment
 (B) Buffer spring
 (C) Platen
 (D) Printing Screw

87. How many types of typewriters ?
 (A) 1
 (B) 2
 (C) 3
 (D) 4

88. One of the following is not used as typeface :
 (A) Delite
 (B) Roman
 (C) Script
 (D) Gothic

89. Pick out the tension which is not seen in a typewriter.
 (A) Carriage tension
 (B) Rack tension
 (C) Key tension
 (D) Ribbon tension

90. What is the use of carriage scale ?
 (A) To find out ribbon point
 (B) To find out printing point
 (C) To find out paper point
 (D) No usage

91. Which is the following capital letter is used to denote the number 1000 ?
 (A) M
 (B) D
 (C) C
 (D) L

92. How many line space is used while typing a ‘commercial work’ ?
 (A) Single
 (B) Double
 (C) Triple
 (D) None of these

93. How many space will leave after colon (:) ?
 (A) Half
 (B) One
 (C) Two
 (D) No space

94. Where we will type the words ‘ON INDIA GOVERNMENT SERVICE’ on the cover ?
 (A) Top left side of the cover
 (B) Top right side of the cover
 (C) Top middle of the cover
 (D) Anywhere in the cover

95. How much left side margin will leave in a business letter ?
 (A) 5
 (B) 10
 (C) 15
 (D) None of these

96. What is the expansion of E. & O.E. ?
 (A) Errors and Omission Accepted
 (B) Errors & Commissions Accepted
 (C) Errors and Omissions Excepted
 (D) Errors & Omissions Expected

97. The paper guide is found on the __________ side of the paper table.
 (A) Left
 (B) Right
 (C) Middle
 (D) None of these

98. The line space lever can also be called
 (A) Carriage release lever
 (B) Carriage removing lever
 (C) Carriage returning lever
 (D) None of these

99. All type bars are rest in the
 (A) Segment
 (B) Type Bucket
 (C) Type Socket
 (D) Type Basket

100. Ribbon carrier is fixed behind the
 (A) Carriage
 (B) Type Guide
 (C) Spool
 (D) None of these 

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