Staff Nurse Grade II, Junior Male Nurse Question Paper and Answer Key

Question Code: 045/2024
Medium of Question- English
Name of Post: Staff Nurse Grade II, Junior Male Nurse
Department: Health Services, Insurance Medical Services
Cat. Number: 273/2023, 302/2023, 437/2023, 462/2023
Date of Test : 29.04.2024

 1. The most potent stimulus for medullary chemoreceptors is
 A) ↓ pO2 in blood
 B) ↑ H+ concentration in blood
 C) ↑ pCO2 in CSF
d) ↑ H+ concentration in CSF

2. Which of the following is not present in pancreatic juice ?
 A) Aminopeptidase
 B) Amylase
 C) lipase
d) Ribonuclease

3. Phase 2 of Cardiac muscle action potential is due to
 A) Na+ influx
 B) K+ efflux
 C) Ca2+ influx
 D) Ca2+ efflux

4. Choose the incorrect statement about blood groups.
 A) landsteiner law is applicable to all blood group systems
 B) Only naturally occurring antibodies are A and B
 C) Rh antibody is found only after sensitisation
d) O negative blood group is universal donor

5. Choose the false statement about Neuromuscular junction in skeletal muscle.
 A) Acetyl Choline is the neurotransmitter
 B) Action potentials are produced at motor end plates
 C) Antibodies are produced against acetyl choline receptors in mysthenia gravis
d) Gallamine is a non depolarising blocker drug

6. The sensation transmitted by lateral spinothalamic pathway is
 A) Vibration
 B) Pain
 C) Fine touch
d) Pressure

7. The concept that Hand washing is the first preventive measure in control of infection was put forward by
 A) Ernst Ruska
 B) louis Pasteur
 C) Ignaz Semmelweis
d) Robert Koch

8. Transduction is one mechanism of genetic transfer resulting in antibiotic resistance by
 A) Plasmid
 B) Bacteriophage
 C) Transposons
d) Insertion sequences

9. Anaerobic Culture methods include all except
 A) Thioglycollate broth
 B) GasPak
 C) macConkey Agar
 d) Anaerobic Blood Agar

10. Sexually transmitted infections include all except
 A) Shigella dysentery
 B) Gonorrhoea
 C) Syphilis
d) Herpes simplex type 2

11. The defence mechanism in which channelling of an unacceptable desires, impulses and behaviours into socially accepted behaviours is called
 A) Repression
 B) Regression
 C) Sublimation
 d) Suppression

12. Which of the following are perceptual disorders ?
 i. delusion
 ii. Illusion
 iii. Hallucination
 iv. dementia
 A) Only ii and iii
 B) Only i and iv
 C) Only i and iii
d) All of the above i, ii, iii, iv

13. What is the theory which says “we feel sad because we cry and we are afraid because we tremble” ?
 A) lazarus’ theory
 B) Schachter and Singer’s theory
 C) Cannon – Bard theory
d) James – lange theory

14. What is a scale on which a pairs of opposite adjectives are presented called ?
 A) Visual analogue scale
 B) Guttman scale
 C) Semantic differential scale
 d) likert scale

15. Which of the following is the correct hierarchical order of maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory ?
 i. Self-esteem needs
 ii. Physiological needs
 iii. Self-actualization needs
 iv. Safety and security needs
 v. love, affection and belongingness needs
 A) i, ii, iii, iv and v
 B) ii, iv, v, i and iii
 C) ii, v, iv, i and iii
 d) iv, ii, v, i and iii

16. Which of the following is an example of an intrinsic motivation ?
 A) Rewards
 B) money
 C) Grades
d) Employee’s feeling of self-worth

17. Which theory analyzes the concepts like personal troubles of milieu and public issues of social structure ?
 A) Sociological imagination
 B) Chicago school
 C) Synthetic school
d) Formalistic school

18. The following question consist of two statements, one labelled as ‘Assertion A’ and the other labelled as ‘Reason R’. you are to examine these two statements carefully and decide if the Assertion A and the Reason R are individually true and if so, whether the Reason is a correct explanation of the Assertion.
 Assertion (A) : Children pick up ways of behaving appropriately as per their culture from their friends, media and various other source.
 reason (r) : Socialization is a complex process that takes place through various formal and informal means.
Choose the correct option :
 A) Both (A) and (R) are true and (R) is the correct explanation of (A)
 B) Both (A) and (R) are true but (R) is not the correct explanation of (A)
 C) (A) is true but (R) is false
d) Both (A) and (R) are false

19. The following question consist of two statements, S1 and S2. Read the statements carefully and select the most appropriate option.
 s1 : divorce is physical separation of a spouses.
 s2 : Separation is legal termination of a marriage.
 A) Both S1 and S2 are true
 B) S1 is true and S2 is false
 C) S1 is false and S2 is true
d) Both S1 and S2 are false

20. Which one of the following statements is true to describe ‘domestic Violence’ ?
 A) In ‘domestic Violence’, the only victims are ‘married Women’
 B) ‘Girl Child’ are only vulnerable to ‘domestic Violence’
 C) ‘domestic Violence’ includes physical, sexual, mental, verbal, emotional and economic abuse of a person in a household setting
d) ‘domestic Violence’ is an indication of progressive society

21. A patient with a history of diabetes mellitus is admitted to the hospital for surgery. The surgeon orders an intravenous (IV) infusion of 5% dextrose in Normal Saline (d5NS) at 100 ml/hour. The nurse assesses the patient’s blood glucose level before starting the IV infusion and obtains a reading of 180 mg/dl. What action should the
nurse take before initiating the IV infusion ?
 A) Begin the IV infusion as ordered; the blood glucose level is within the acceptable range
 B) Administer a bolus of regular insulin before starting the IV infusion
 C) Notify the surgeon and request a change in the IV fluid to normal saline without dextrose
d) Increase the IV infusion rate to 150 ml/hour to help lower the patient’s blood glucose

22. Which of the following substances is known to cause “cherry-red” discoloration of the skin and mucous membranes in cases of acute poisoning ?
 A) Carbon monoxide
 B) Cyanide
 C) lead
d) Arsenic

23. A patient in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) presents with severe sepsis and requires vasopressor support. The physician orders norepinephrine to be administered. Which of the following statements about norepinephrine is correct ?
 A) Norepinephrine primarily stimulates beta-1 adrenergic receptors in the heart
 B) Norepinephrine is a selective alpha-1 adrenergic agonist
 C) Norepinephrine is contraindicated in patients with atrial fibrillation
 D) Norepinephrine is a first-line vasopressor in the treatment of septic shock

24. A patient in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) has been prescribed a continuous infusion of a vasopressor medication to maintain blood pressure. Which pharmacological
properties are most crucial for the nurse to monitor and understand when administering this medication ?
 A) Half-life and elimination kinetics
 B) drug-drug interactions
 C) Receptor affinity and specificity
d) Volume of distribution and protein binding

25. A nurse is caring for a terminally ill patient. The patient expresses fear and anxiety about the future. Which therapeutic communication technique would be most
appropriate ?
 A) Offering reassurance that everything will be fine
 B) Avoiding the topic to prevent distress
 C) Asking open-ended questions to explore feelings
d) Telling the patient to focus on the present, not the future

26. A patient with a history of Chronic Kidney disease (CKd) is admitted to the hospital. The patient’s serum potassium level is critically elevated. Which of the following
interventions is most appropriate for managing hyperkalemia in this patient ?
 A) Administer IV calcium gluconate
 B) Administer intravenous (IV) sodium bicarbonate
 C) Administer oral potassium supplements
d) Administer a loop diuretic such as furosemide

27. In a surgical setting, which of the following actions represents a breach of aseptic technique during the intraoperative phase ?
 A) A surgeon accidentally touches the edge of the sterile surgical drape
 B) A surgical technologist adjusts their mask without touching their face
 C) A circulating nurse reaches across the sterile field with a sterile instrument
d) The anesthesia provider handles non-sterile equipment and then touches the patient’s IV line with sterile gloves

28. Which of the following best describes the concept of “self-care” in holistic nursing ?
 A) It means nurses should prioritize their needs over the patient’s
 B) It emphasizes the importance of nurses caring for their own well-being
 C) It suggests that nurses should not be involved in patient care
d) It focuses on providing care only for the physical aspect of a patient

29. In disaster management, what does the term “Triage” refer to
 A) Providing psychological support to survivors
 B) Sorting and prioritizing patients based on their medical needs
 C) Establishing communication with emergency responders
d) Conducting search and rescue operations

30. during CPR for an adult victim, what is the recommended compression depth ?
 A) 1 inch (2.5 cm)
 B) 1.5 inches (4 cm)
 C) 2 inches (5 cm)
 d) 2.5 inches (6.5 cm)

31. When antibodies produced in one body are transferred to another to induce protection against disease is known as
 A) Passive immunity
 B) Herd immunity
 C) Active immunity
 d) Humoral immunity

32. One gram of protein yields
 A) 8 kcal
 B) 2 kcal
 C) 9 kcal
 d) 4 kcal

33. Reconstituted BCG vaccine may be used
 A) Within 12 hours
 B) Within 10 hours
 C) Within 3 hours
 d) Within 7 hours

34. dengue is transmitted by
 A) Anopheles mosquito
 B) mansonoides
C) Aedes aegypti
 d) Culex mosquito

35. Continuous scrutiny of the factors that determine the occurrence and spread of disease is called
 A) Quarantine
 B) Surveillance
 C) medical survey
 d) Investigation

36. Deficiency of Niacin leads to a disease called
 A) Rickets
 B) Pellagra
 C) Scurvy
 d) Keratomalacia

37. Occupational disease caused by inhalation of coal dust
 A) Bagassosis
 B) Byssinosis
 C) Siderosis
 d) Anthracosis

38. deaths occurring from 28 days of life to under one year are called
 A) Post-neonatal deaths
 B) Infant mortality rate
 C) Neonatal mortality rate
 d) Perinatal mortality rate

39. Unusual occurrence of disease in a community
 A) Epidemic
 B) Endemic
 C) Sporadic
 d) Pandemic

40. Population of a community health centre is
 A) 80,000 to 1.00 lakh
 B) 60,000 to 1.20 lakh
 C) 90,000 to 1.20 lakh
 d) 80,000 to 1.20 lakh

41. Cells that are involved in humoral immunity is
 A) macrophages
 B) T lymphocytes
 C) NK Cells
 d) B lymphocytes

42. ECG characteristic that would be suggestive of atrial fibrillation is
 A) Pathologic Q waves
B) Abnormal and bizarre QRS
 C) No discernible p waves
 d) Elevated ST segment

43. Cause of hyperkalemia is
 A) metabolic acidosis
 B) Insulin therapy
 C) metabolic alkalosis
d) Vomiting

44. Nursing intervention involved in compartment syndrome after fracture is
 A) Elevation of extremity
 B) Regular neurovascular assessment
 C) Application of cold
 d) Provision of tight bandage

45. Which of the following is included in primary survey ?
 A) History and head to toe assessment
 B) Exposure
 C) determine neurological disability
 d) monitoring vital signs

46. Insensitivity to pain is noted in
 A) Superficial burns
 B) Deep partial thickness burns
 C) Superficial partial thickness burns
 D) Full thickness burns

47. Cancer cells grown in tissue culture have no regard for cell boundaries and grow on top of one another. This property is called as
 A) lack of cell differentiation
 B) loss of contact inhibition
 C) lack of cell proliferation
 d) lack of cell division

48. Hearing loss that is caused by impacted cerumen is
 A) Central hearing loss
B) Conductive hearing loss
 C) Functional hearing loss
 d) Sensorineural hearing loss

49. When patient localizes pain, motor response score in GCS is
 A) 03
 B) 04
 C) 05
d) 06

50. Inability to focus on near objects due to less elastic lens that occurs with aging is called as
 A) Presbyopia
 B) Retinopathy
 C) Astigmatism
 d) myopia

51. A woman strongly believes and says that a superstar from film industry is in love with her; and it is termed as
 A) Grandeur’s delusion
 B) Ekbom syndrome
 C) de Clerembault’s syndrome
 d) Ganser syndrome

52. A 12 year old boy has mental age of 8 years. In which type of mental retardation he belongs to ?
 A) mild
 B) moderate
 C) Severe
d) Profound

53. Formication is most commonly encountered in
 A) Schizophrenia
 B) Anxiety disorder
 C) Epilepsy
 d) Cocaine use

54. A client admitted with severe depression is on treatment with Escitalopram-10mg daily, for the past 2 weeks. Which of the following parameter is the most important
one to monitor closely ?
 A) Appetite
 B) Sleep
 C) Suicidal ideation
 d) Energy level

55. Highly disorganized thought process with bizarre behaviour and regressive acts are associated with
 A) delirium
 B) Hebephrenic schizophrenia
 C) Simple schizophrenia
 d) Catatonic schizophrenia

56. Recurrent sexual urges and sexually grousing fantasy with touching and rubbing against a non consenting stranger is known as
 A) Fetishism
 B) Frotteurism
 C) Transvestic fetishism
 d) Necrophilia

57. Catastrophic reaction is a specific clinical feature related to
 A) Conversion disorder
 B) delirium
 C) dementia
d) mania

58. Which of the following is the drug of choice for AdHd ?
 A) Paroxetine
 B) Fluoxetine
 C) Roboxetine
 d) Atomoxetine

59. mini mental status examination of a person is 23. What does it indicate ?
 A) Normal cognition
 B) mild dementia
 C) moderate dementia
 d) Severe dementia

60. Which of the following is not a therapeutic communication technique ?
 A) Accepting
 B) Advising
 C) Exploring
 d) Summarizing

61. According to Weech’s formula, the expected weight of a 5 year old child is
 A) 12 kg
B) 14 kg
C) 16 kg
d) 18 kg

62. The isomerization of bilirubin molecules to harmless forms is best achieved by light having a wave length of
 A) 300 – 360 nm
 B) 350 – 400 nm
C) 400 – 430 nm
d) 430 – 490 nm

63. One gram per decilitre of decrease in albumin in serum can decrease the anion gap by
 A) 1.5 mEq/l
B) 2.5 mEq/l
C) 3.5 mEq/l
d) 4.5 mEq/l

64. An autosomal recessive disorder characterised by partial albinism and recurrent pyogenic infection
 A) Nezel of syndrome
B) Job syndrome
 C) Chediak Higashi syndrome
 d) Wiskoh Aldrich syndrome

65. The fluid volume to be replaced, according to Parkland formula, in the first 8 hours for an 8 year old child having a body weight of 25 kg admitted with 40% total body surface area burned is
 A) 1280 ml
B) 2000 ml
C) 3000 ml
d) 4000 ml

66. The gestational age of a neonate with a new Ballard score of 20 is
 A) 20 weeks
B) 26 weeks
 C) 32 weeks
d) 38 weeks

67. Substitution of glutamic acid by valine in the sixth position in the beta chain results in
 A) Sickle cell anaemia
B) Thalassemia
 C) Aplastic anaemia
d) Haemophilia

68. A shunting created between the superior venacava and the side of pulmonary artery
 A) Blalock Tausig shunt
 B) Glenn shunt
 C) Norwood shunt
d) Gore shunt

69. The dose of prednisolone for a child with Nephrotic syndrome in the absence of hypertension and azotaemia is
 A) 2 mg/kg body weight
 B) 4 mg/kg body weight
 C) 6 mg/kg body weight
d) 8 mg/kg body weight

70. The cognitive development stage of an 8-year-old child according to Jean Piaget is
 A) Pre-operational
B) Formal operational
 C) Concrete operational
 d) Pre-conventional

71. In foetal distress, the amniotic fluid becomes
 A) Golden colour
B) meconium stained
 C) dark brown
d) yellow colour

72. The drug which is not a tocolytic agent
 A) Verapamil
B) Ritrodrine
 C) labetalol
d) Atosiban

73. The thinnest part of fallopian tube is
 A) Infundibulam
B) Isthmus
 C) Ambula
d) Intramural

74. Early amniocentesis has been carried out at
 A) 12 – 14 weeks of gestation
B) 5 – 10 weeks of gestation
 C) 20 – 24 weeks of gestation
d) None of the above

75. most effective in detecting open neural tube defect in pregnancy
 A) Ultra sound
 C) Chorionic villus sampling
d) Cordocentesis

76. When placenta completely covers the opening of cervix
 A) Placenta preavia
B) Placenta accreta
 C) Abruptio placenta
d) Placenta percreta

77. Tetralogy of Fallot is characterized by the combination of defects except
 A) Pulmonarystenosis
B) Ventricular septal defect
 C) Overriding aorta
d) Patent ductus arteriosis

78. In assisted breech delivery principles in conduction include except
 A) Never to rush
 B) Never pull from below
 C) Always keep feotus with back posteriorly
d) Always keep feotus with back anteriorly

79. In occult prolapse
 A) The cord is slipped down below the presenting part
 B) The cord is lying inside the vagina or outside the vulva
 C) The cord is placed by the side of the presenting part
d) None of the above

80. Feotus acardiacus occurs in
 A) monozygotic twins
 B) dizygotic twins
 C) Both monozygotic and dizygotic twins
d) None of the above

81. Formal set speeches and systematic way of presenting various aspects of particular topic by small group of experts is called
 A) lecture method
 B) Panel discussion
 C) Symposium
d) Group discussion

82. All the planned learning experiences which act as a guide to conduct a course by an institution is termed as
 A) lesson plan
B) Unit plan
 C) Curriculum
d) Programmed instruction

83. Integration of diverse philosophy in nursing education for making the education flexible and dynamic is
 A) Idealism
B) Naturalism
 C) Pragmatism
 d) Eclecticism

84. A three dimensional imitation of a real object as audio visual aid used in education is known as
 A) Flash card
B) Flannel board
 C) model
 d) Projector

85. The process of assisting student who shows maladaptive behaviour is
 A) Remedial counselling
 B) Post traumatic stress disorder counselling
 C) Grief counselling
d) milieu counselling

86. The finite number of real values within a given interval which is countable in nature is
 A) Ratio variable
B) discrete variable
 C) Continuous variable
d) Interval variable

87. The written factual statement of relationship between variables is termed as
 A) Objective
B) delimitation
 C) Assumption
d) Hypothesis

88. The research design best suited in the initial phase to study a newly emerging infectious disease is
 A) descriptive study design
 B) Correlational study design
 C) Experimental study design
 d) Case-control study design

89. The element that represent the group of study subjects is called as
 A) Population
 B) Sample

 C) Accessible population
 d) Universe

90. The measure of variability in a data set is
 A) Standard deviation
B) mean
 C) Central tendency
d) Gaussian distribution

91. The development of many admirable soft skills learn through life and work experience of persons over the course of their careers is
 A) Professionalism
B) Bill of rights
 C) Bio-ethics
d) Altruism

92. A premium of Health Insurance is the
 A) Payment of health plan makes for covered care
 B) Payment of each month towards health plan
 C) Payment for health care before health plan begins to pay
d) None of the above

93. A method of comparing the explicit and implicit costs of taking an action versus expected benefits in financing of health care services is known as
 A) Cost benefit analysis
 B) Cost effective analysis
 C) Cost utility analysis
 d) Cost analysis

94. Employees in an organization will be promoted on the basis of seniority is an example of
 A) Rules
B) Procedures
 C) Policy
d) methods

95. Rules, duties and responsibilities of employees are given in writing is in
 A) Formal organization
B) Informal organization
 C) Strategic organization
d) matrix organization

96. In an organization _______ is the time that elapses issuing replenishment order and receiving the material in stores.
 A) Replenishment time
 B) lead time
 C) Idle time
d) Over time

97. The task of buying goods of the right quality, in the right quantities, at the right time and at the right price is
 A) Supplying
B) Purchasing
 C) Scrutinizing
d) Speculative buying

98. A nurse administering wrong medication to a patient is an example of
 A) malpractice
 B) Battery
 C) Slander
d) libel

99. What is the term used in management to refer the process of giving responsibility and authority to the subordinates ?
 A) Span of control
 B) delegation
 C) Centralisation
 d) deception

100. The name of the institute that came into existence in 2015 to replace the planning commission in India
 A) NITI Aayog
 C) NdHA
d) ISm & H

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