Drugs Inspector Question Paper and Answer Key

Question Code: 026/2024
Medium of Question- English
Name of Post: Drugs Inspector
Department: Drugs Control
Cat. Number: 086/2023
Date of Test : 21.02.2024

1. The total amount of water present in body cavities in a 70 kg adult male is –––––––––– L.
(A) 1 L
(B) 14 L
(C) 42 L
(D) 60 L

2. Among the following, choose the FALSE statement about G protein :
(A) Can act as a receptor
(B) Can activate second messengers
(C) Dissociates reversibly into two on activation
(D) GTP binds to alpha subunit

3. Which is TRUE about gastrin?
(A) Stimulates growth of gastric mucosa
(B) Secretion is blocked by atropine
(C) Acid in stomach increases gastrin secretion
(D) Inhibits insulin & glucagon secretion

4. Amount of oxygen carried by one gram of heamoglobin when fully saturated is :
(A) 3.46 ml
(B) 2.35 ml
(C) 1.34 ml
(D) 0.96 ml

5. Among the following which is not an action of GH?
(A) ? Gluconeogenesis
(B) ? Glycolysis
(C) ? Lipolysis
(D) ? Glycogenolysis

6. First heart sound is heard at :
(A) At the beginning of IVC phase
(B) At the end of IVC phase
(C) At the beginning of IVR phase
(D) At the end of IVR phase

7. Which among the following is not a Peptide hormone?
(A) Insulin
(B) Calcitonin
(C) Oestrogen
(D) Growth Hormone

8. False statement about sertoli cells is :
(A) Seen in the walls of seminiferous tubules
(B) Secretes inhibin which inhibits FSH
(C) Secretes androgen binding proteins
(D) Secretes androgens for spermatogenesis

9. Examples of accelerants used in topically applied drugs include :
(D) All of the above

10. For a satisfactory plain tablet the minimum hardness should be :
(A) 5 Kg
(B) 2 Kg
(C) 4 Kg
(D) None of the above

11. The invitro dissolution testing of tablet is to :
(A) Correlate with invivo bioavailability
(B) Relates drug solubility and permeability
(C) To predict IVIVC correlation
(D) All of the above

12. Promulgens are composed of :
(A) Mixture of fatty acid and their ethoxylates
(B) Lactic acid with fatty acids
(C) Non ionic emulsifiers
(D) (A) and (C)

13. Phase inversion temperature is also called as :
(A) Transition temperature
(B) Coalescence temperature
(C) HLB temperature
(D) None of the above

14. Weathering of glass containers can be avoided by which of the following?
(A) Sulphur treatment
(B) Dealkalizing process
(C) (A) and (B)
(D) None of the above

15. LAL test is how many times more sensitive than rabbit pyrogen test :
(A) 2-3 times
(B) 5-10 times
(C) 15-30 times
(D) None of the above

16. Sunscreen products include which of the following :
(A) Titanium Dioxide
(B) Avobenzone
(C) Zinc Oxide
(D) All of the above

17. Equipment used for mixing sticky solids :
(A) Double cone mixer
(B) Planetary mixer
(C) Ribbon blender
(D) V cone blender
Question Cancelled

18. In fluids at critical velocity the flow changes from Viscous to :
(A) Turbulent
(B) Psedoplastic
(C) Laminar
(D) Dilatant

19. Retrovirus mediated gene transfer is
(A) In vivo method
(B) Ex vivo method
(C) Both (A) and (B)
(D) None of the above

20. Type I-hypersensitivity reactions are mediated predominantly by :
(A) Ig M antibodies
(B) Ig G antibodies
(C) Ig E antibodies
(D) T lymphocytes

21. Therapeutic index is :
(A) Maximum non toxic dose/Maximum effective dose
(B) Maximum toxic dose/Minimum effective dose
(C) Maximum effective/Minimum non toxic dose
(D) Maximum effective dose/Maximum non toxic dose
Question Cancelled

22. Myocardial contractility mainly depends on :
(A) Intracellular Calcium
(B) Extracellular Calcium
(C) Both (A) and (B)
(D) Independent of Calcium

23. Terbutaline is a :
(A) a 2 selective adrenergic agonist
(B) ß 2 selective adrenergic agonist
(C) a1 selective adrenergic agonist
(D) ß 1 selective adrenergic agonist

24. An example for ultra short acting barbiturates :
(A) Secobarbitone
(B) Phenobarbitone
(C) Pentobarbitone
(D) Thiopentone

25. Abrupt onset of unpaired consciousness associated with staring and cessation of ongoing activities typically lasting 30 seconds :
(A) Myoclonic seizure
(B) Tonic clonic seizure
(C) Absence seizure
(D) Simple partial seizure

26. Reye ‘s syndrome in children seen with administration of :
(A) Paracetamol
(B) Aspirin
(C) Ibuprofen
(D) Indomethacin

27. All are carbonic anhydrase inhibitors except :
(A) Acetazolamide
(B) Methazolamide
(C) Dichlorphenamide
(D) Furosemide

28. A vitamin that work in reducing bad cholesterol :
(A) Vitamin B6
(B) Vitamin B3
(C) Vitamin B12
(D) Vitamin B2

29. A mitotic spindle poison is :
(A) Paclitaxel
(B) Flurouracil
(C) Mitomycin
(D) Methotrexate

30. A 3rd generation Cepholorosporin used as antimicrobial agent is :
(A) Ceforamide
(B) Cefotaxime
(C) Cephalothin
(D) Cefoxitin

31. The species source for long acting insulins :
(A) Humans
(B) Monkeys
(C) Rats
(D) All of the above

32. An example for anti retroviral agent :
(A) Acyclovir
(B) Zidovudine
(C) Ribavirin
(D) Trifluridine

33. Ototoxicity is caused due to :
(A) Phenytoin
(B) Doxorubicin
(C) Chloroquine
(D) Rifamicin

34. The orphan drug used for orphan disease paracetamol overdose toxicity :
(A) Erythropoietin
(B) Fomepizole
(C) Atovaquone
(D) Acetyl cysteine

35. The amino acid that does not undergoes transamination :
(A) Alanine
(B) Leucine
(C) Lysine
(D) Methionine

36. Which of the following is a Selective ß1 blocker?
(A) Nadolol
(B) Pindolol
(C) Metoprolol
(D) Timolol

37. The following is the structure of :

(A) Mefenemic acid
(B) Meclofenamic acid
(C) Tolfenamic acid
(D) Furosemide

38. All of the following are substrates for gluconeogenesis except :
(A) Palmitic acid
(B) Lactic acid
(C) Aspartic acid
(D) Glutamic acid

39. Globar used as a radiation source in IR spectroscopy is composed of :
(A) Polystrene
(B) Polysiloxane
(C) Silicon carbide
(D) Silicon dioxide

40. The most widely used HPLC detector suitable for gradient elution is :
(A) Refractive index detector
(B) Ultraviolet detectors
(C) Electrochemical detectors
(D) Fluorescence detectors

41. Mc Ardle’s syndrome is due to deficiency of :
(A) Glucose-6-phosphatase
(B) Branching enzyme
(C) Debranching enzyme
(D) Muscle glycogen phosphorylase

42. The heterocyclic ring present in the structure of Fentanyl is :
(A) Piperidine
(B) Imidazole
(C) Indole
(D) Pyrrole

43. An unsuitable carrier gas in gas chromatography is :
(A) Helium
(B) Oxygen
(C) Hydrogen
(D) Nitrogen

44. The component of electron transport chain that possess isoprenoid units :
(A) Cytochrome oxidase
(B) Coenzyme Q
(C) Cytochrome b
(D) Iron sulphur protein

45. The National Malaria Control Programme (NMCP) became a part of National vector Borne disease control programme in :
(A) 1953
(B) 1958
(C) 2002
(D) 2005

46. The number of pharmacists required for a 100-bed hospital :
(A) 2
(B) 3
(C) 5
(D) 8

47. The Secretary of Pharmacy and therapeutics Committee is the :
(A) Physician
(B) Chief Pharmacist
(C) Nursing Head
(D) Hospital Administrator

48. The ISO 9000 standards were first published in :
(A) 1975
(B) 1978
(C) 1985
(D) 1987

49. The ‘Father of Quality circles’ who introduced the seven tools of quality control :
(A) Kaoru Ishikawa
(B) Genichi Taguchi
(C) Frederick W Taylor
(D) Armand V Feigenbaum

50. The rVSV-ZEBOV vaccine is approved to prevent :
(B) Ebola
(C) Influenza
(D) Covid-19

51. Coconut oil has a very low iodine value and a high saponification value. This is due to the presence of the :
(A) Triglyceride of mainly lauric acid
(B) Triglyceride of mainly myristic acid
(C) Triglycerides of smaller quantities of caproic, caprylic, oleic, palmitic and stearic acids
(D) All of the above

52. Agar is used :
(A) In the preparation of culture media
(B) As an emulsifying agent
(C) In the treatment of chronic constipation
(D) All of the above

53. Fenugreek contains the alkaloid, trigonelline, which is a :
(A) Pyridine type
(B) Isoquinoline type
(C) Indole type
(D) None of the above

54. Starch granules undergo gelatinization when treated with :
(A) caustic potash
(B) concentrated solutions of calcium or zinc chlorides
(C) concentrated solution of chloral hydrate
(D) all of the above

55. ‘‘Like are cured by likes’’ is the basic principle involved in :
(A) Ayurveda
(B) Siddha
(C) Homeopathy
(D) Unani

56. Which of the following is the application of plant tissue culture?
(A) Biochemical conversions
(B) Clonal propagation
(C) Production of useful phytoconstituents
(D) All of the above

57. All are optically active alkaloids except :
(A) Coniine
(B) Papaverine
(C) Quinine
(D) Ephedrine

58. Leaf constants are determined by using :
(A) Stomatal index
(B) Vein-islet number
(C) Palisade ratio
(D) All of the above

59. Shikimic acid pathway is employed by :
(A) Microorganisms only
(B) Plants only
(C) Both microorganisms and plants
(D) Animals

60. Ginseng contains :
(A) Cardiac glycosides
(B) Saponin glycosides
(C) Anthraquinone glycosides
(D) None of the above

61. Both the corm and the seeds of colchicum are used for treating :
(A) Arthritis
(B) Rheumatism
(C) Gout
(D) All of the above

62. Urokinase is non antigenic because it is :
(A) Obtained from plants
(B) An endogenous enzyme
(C) Obtained from microorganisms
(D) None of the above

63. A marine anticancer agent :
(A) Manoalide
(B) Anthopleurin - A
(C) Bryostatin - 1
(D) a - Conotoxin

64. Turmeric contains :
(A) Turmerone
(B) a , ß - Atlantone
(C) Zingiberene
(D) All of the above

65. Chlorinated lime is regarded as consisting of :
(A) Calcium chloride
(B) Calcium hypochlorite
(C) Calcium chloro-hypochlorite
(D) Calcium chlorate

66. The reaction by which Indole is converted into 3-dimethylamino-methylindole (Gramine) by :
(A) Reissert synthesis
(B) Mannich reaction
(C) Reimer-Tiemann reaction
(D) Friedlander’s synthesis

67. DDT is chemically :
(A) Dichloro Diphenyl Trichlorohexane
(B) Dichloro Dimethyl Trichloroethane
(C) Dichloro Diethyl Trichloropropane
(D) Dichloro Diphenyl Trichloroethane

68. In which heterocyclic ring, the numbering of ring atoms does not start on the hetero atom :
(A) Indole
(B) Acridine
(C) Quinoline
(D) Thiophene

69. Naphthalene undergoes electrophilic substitution reactions primarily at :
(A) C-1
(B) C-5
(C) C-4
(D) C-3

70. Dying oils undergo, which among the following reaction to form a thin water proof film :
(A) Halogenation
(B) Hydrolysis-Oxidation
(C) Oxidation-Polymerization
(D) Hydrogenation

71. Meso compounds are achiral due to the presence of :
(A) Plane of symmetry
(B) Centre of symmetry
(C) Alternative axis of symmetry
(D) None of the above

72. Which of the following reaction employs amalgamated zinc and concentrated hydrochloric acid as the reducing agent?
(A) Wolff-Kishner reduction
(B) Clemmensen reduction
(C) Brich reduction
(D) Dakin reaction

73. Imidazole is isomeric with :
(A) Oxazole
(B) Thiazole
(C) Pyrazole
(D) Pyrrole

74. Phenolphthalein is colourless in :
(A) Acid solution only
(B) Neutral solution only
(C) Both acid and neutral solutions
(D) Slightly alkaline solution

75. Role of concentrated sulphuric acid in the nitration of benzene :
(A) To increase the acidity of con. nitric acid
(B) To avoid the formation of di and trinitrobenzene
(C) To generate the electrophile-nitronium ion
(D) None of the above

76. Assay of calcium gluconate is done by :
(A) Gravimetry
(B) Alkalimetry
(C) Fajans method
(D) Complexometry

77. Coca derivatives means any mixture of coca containing more than the following amount of cocaine?
(A) 0.2%
(B) 0.5%
(C) 0.02%
(D) 0.10%

78. The import of drugs for personal use contains average dose in mg up to?
(A) 10
(B) 100
(C) 50
(D) 500
Question Cancelled

79. All finished alcoholic preparations in a bonded laboratory should be stored in jars or bottles, each containing not less than?
(A) 1 Litre
(B) 1.5 Litre
(C) 2.25 Litre
(D) 5 Litre

80. Manufacturer of cosmetics to conform to the latest Bureau of Indian Standards requirements is specified in :
(A) Schedule-A
(B) Schedule-S
(C) Schedule-F
(D) Schedule-T

81. The application to import drugs as part of bonafide laggage is made to the licensing authority in :
(A) Form 12A
(B) Form 12
(C) Form 12B
(D) Form 26

82. The following points should be considered by a pharmacist while dealing with his profession except?
(A) Professional vigilance
(B) Limitation of professional activity
(C) Relationship with professional organisation
(D) Law abiding citizens

83. Narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances act was enacted in the year :
(A) 1895
(B) 1857
(C) 1985
(D) 1980

84. The number of registered pharmacists nominated by respective state government in a state council is :
(A) 6
(B) 5
(C) 7
(D) 8
Question Cancelled

85. Whoever contravenes any of the provisions of the Drugs and Magic Remedies (objectionable advertisements) Act, 1954 is punishable up to the maximum imprisonment of :
(A) One year
(B) Two years
(C) Five years
(D) Three years

86. Good manufacturing practices for ayurvedic, siddha and unani medicines is specified in :
(A) Schedule-S
(B) Schedule-T
(C) Schedule-B
(D) Schedule-U

87. As per the Drugs and Magic Remedies act-1954, which of the disease, disorder or condition cannot be claimed to be cured?
(A) Goitre
(B) Gangrene
(C) Glaucoma
(D) All the above

88. Good laboratory practices and requirements of premises and equipments is specified in :
(A) Schedule M
(B) Schedule N
(C) Schedule L-1
(D) Schedule M-1

89. The principle fungus for commercial citric acid production by fermentation is :
(A) Aspergillus aculeatus
(B) Aspergillus foetidus
(C) Aspergillus niger
(D) Aspergillus wentii

90. The certificate of pharmaceutical product is issued in the format recommended by :


91. The rule for permission to import new drug under schedule Y is :
(A) Rule 122A
(B) Rule 122B
(C) Rule 122DA
(D) Rule 122E

92. Which among the following is a non-erodible ophthalmic insert?
(A) Lacrisert
(B) Ocusert
(C) Soluble Ocular Drug Insert
(D) Minidisc

93. The headquarters of Small Industrial Development Bank of India (SIDBI) is located at :
(A) New Delhi
(B) Indore
(C) Mumbai
(D) Lucknow

94. The parameters for quality Risk management is mentioned in :
(A) ICH guideline Q7
(B) ICH guideline Q8
(C) ICH guideline Q9
(D) ICH guideline Q10

95. Dose-dependant kinetics is observed in :
(A) Zero order kinetics
(B) First order kinetics
(C) Second order kinetics
(D) Mixed order kinetics

96. The type of drug administration shown by the following compartment model?

(A) Oral administration
(B) Intrathecal administration
(C) Intravenous administration
(D) Sublingual administration

97. The most frequently occurring value in a data set is called the :
(A) Mean
(B) Mode
(C) Median
(D) Average

98. Coefficient of variation was developed by :
(A) Karl Pearson
(B) Fanas Gatton
(C) Horace Secrists
(D) Charles Edward

99. Fractional sterilization is also known as :
(A) Pasteurization
(B) Tyndallization
(C) Lyophilization
(D) Ionization

100. The biological indicator for radiation sterilization are the spores of :
(A) Bacillus stearothermophilus
(B) Bacillus subtilis
(C) Bacillus nigrificans
(D) Bacillus pumilis

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