Clinical Psychologist Question Paper and Answer Key

Question Paper Code: 43/2022/OL
Category Code: 136/2020
Exam: Clinical Psychologist
Date of Test 13-07-2022
Department Health Services
Alphacode A

Question1:-Objective observations of a patient's physical or mental disorder by a diagnostician.
Answer:- Option-C

Question2:-The style of parenting in which the parents are both very warm and very careful to set clear limits and restrictions regarding certain kinds of behaviours, but also allow considerable freedom within certain limits.
Answer:- Option-A

Question3:-Who held the view that parental deprivation might interfere with the development of basic trust ?
Answer:- Option-B

Question4:-The behavioral perspective focuses on the role of ______ in human behavior.
 Answer:- Option-C

Question5:-Long-standing, low-intensity and often permanent disorders such as Alzheimer's dementia comes under the category of
Answer:- Option-B

Question6:-The number of new cases of a mental disorder that occur over a given period of time refers to
B:-Point prevalence
C:-Lifetime prevalence
Answer:- Option-D

Question7:-In which personality disorder does the persons display a pattern of instability of interpersonal relationships, self image, affects and marked impulsivity that begins by early adulthood and is present in a variety of contexts ?
Answer:- Option-C

Question8:-The type of delusion that involve the conviction that a major catastrophe will occur
 Answer:- Option-C

Question9:-Functional neurological symptom disorder is also known as
A:-Conversion disorder
B:-Somatic symptom disorder
C:-Illness anxiety disorder
 Answer:- Option-A

Question10:-The distress that may accompany the incongruence between one's experienced or expressed gender and one's assigned gender.
A:-Gender assignment
B:-Gender reassignment
C:-Gender identity
D:-Gender dysphoria
 Answer:- Option-D

Question11:-Cluster A personality disorders are
A. Paranoid, Schizoid and Schizotypal
B. Paranoid, Schizoid and Borderline
C. Schizoid, Dependent and Avoidant
D. Schizoid, Schizotypal and Borderline
Answer:- Option-A

Question12:-The type of amnesia in which the individual loses memory for a specific category of information
Answer:- Option-B

Question13:-If a child has not learned appropriate toileting for bowel movements after age four, he is said to have
Answer:- Option-D

Question14:-Which negative symptom of schizophrenia is characterized by a decrease in motivated self-initiated purposeful activities ?
Answer:- Option-C

Question15:-Mimicking another person's movements.
D:-Waxy flexibility
Answer:- Option-B

Question16:-Situational phobia does not include the fear of
C:-Enclosed places
Answer:- Option-D

Question17:-Disorder characterized by recurrent pulling out of one's hair resulting in hair loss and repeated attempts to decrease or stop hair pulling.
C:-Body dysmorphic disorder
D:-Hoarding disorder
Answer:- Option-A

Question18:-Which among the following is characterized by an inability to recall autobiographical information ?
A:-Dissociative identity disorder
B:-Dissociative amnesia
C:-Dissociative fugue
D:-Depersonalized disorder
Answer:- Option-B

Question19:-When the erectile disorder occurs only with certain types of stimulation, situations or partners it is called
Answer:- Option-B

Question20:-Deliberate and purposeful fire setting on more than one occasion is termed as
D:-Cerebellar ataxia
Answer:- Option-A

Question21:-Irregularly fast heart rate is named as
Answer:- Option-B

Question22:-Which among the following is not another name for Antisocial personality disorder ?
C:-Dyssocial personality disorder
D:-Conduct disorder
Answer:- Option-D

Question23:-The predominant feature of frotteuristic disorder is
A:-Spying on others in private activities
B:-Exposing the genitals
C:-Touching or rubbing against a non consenting individual
D:-Engaging in sexually arousing cross-dressing
Answer:- Option-C

Question24:-If a person believes that certain gestures, comments, environmental cues and so forth are directed at himself, he can be said to have this particular delusion
A:-Persecutory delusions
C:-Referential delusions
D:-Nihilistic delusions
Answer:- Option-C

Question25:-The personality disorder in which the person displays a pattern of detachment from social relationships and a restricted range of emotional expression.
Answer:- Option-A

Question26:-________ disorder is a state in which the persons perception or experience of the self is disconcertingly and disrceptively altered.
Answer:- Option-D

Question27:-Progressive motor disorder of middle and old age and is associated with severe dementia. This condition is known as
A:-Huntington's disease
B:-Parkinson's disease
C:-Generalized seizures
D:-Alzheimer disease
Answer:- Option-A

Question28:-Opiate is a
B:- Stimulant
Answer:- Option-A
Question Deleted    

Question29:-Dyslexia causes by brain damage in individuals who were already capable of reading is known as
A:-Developmental Dyslexia
B:-Environmental Deprivation
C:-Acquired Dyslexia
D:-Slow Learner
 Answer:- Option-C

Question30:-Incapacity of patients to recognize familiar faces where as they can describe the unrecognized face or recognize a person by his/her voice or cloths. This condition is known as
A:-Apprepceptive Agnosia
Answer:- Option-B

Question31:-Providing enough information to the participants is an experiment do enable people to judge whether they want to accept any risks inherent in being a participant is known as
A:-Privileged communication
B:-Informed consent
D:-Demographic data sheet with instructions
 Answer:- Option-B

Question32:-When the level of alcohol in the blood drops suddenly, it is known as
A:-Withdrawal symptom
C:-Delirium tremers
D:-Substance dependence
 Answer:- Option-C

Question33:-The practice of beginning one's therapeutic efforts with the least expensive and least intrusive intervention possible and moving on to more expensive or more intrusive interventions only if necessary. This is referred to as
A:-Stepped care
B:-Replase prevention
C:-Environmental modification
D:-After care
Answer:- Option-A

Question34:-Dopamine is a
A:-Monoamine neurotransmitter
B:-Amino acid neurotransmitter
C:-Soluble gas neurotransmitter
D:-None of the above
Answer:- Option-A

Question35:-_______ is where one generates and store our cognitive map of our environment.
Answer:- Option-C

Question36:-Electrical synapses is also called as
A:-Synaptic transmission
B:-Gap junctions
C:-Terminal buttons
D:-Refractory period
 Answer:- Option-B

Question37:-________ is a method that assists subjects to control their brain waves consciously.
Answer:- Option-A

Question38:-_______ is implicated in perception of danger and triggering of flight or flight response.
C:-Basal ganglia
Answer:- Option-D

Question39:-Patterns of extreme disobedience in youngsters, including theft, vandalism, lying and early use of drugs is known as
A:-Juvenile Deliquence
B:-Conduct disorder
C:-Antisocial personality
Answer:- Option-B

Question40:-The 10tℎ Cranial nerve is called
D:-Spinal Accessary
Answer:- Option-B

Question41:-Irrational fear of disease is
Answer:- Option-C

Question42:-Social therapy of mental illness is required for
A:-Treatment of psychoses
B:-Maintenance of community health
C:-Rehabilitation of mentally ill people
D:-Prevention of addiction
 Answer:- Option-C

Question43:-The three phases of Selye's GAS includes
A:-Alarm and mobilization, resistance, exhaustion
B:-Alarm, exhaustion, resistance and mobilization
C:-Alarm and resistance, mobilization, exhaustion
D:-None of the above
 Answer:- Option-A

Question44:-A persistent and disproportionate fear of some specific object or situation that presents little or no actual danger and yet leads to a great deal of avoidance of these feared situations. This condition is referred to as
A:-Generalized anxiety disorder
C:-Obessive compulsive personality disorder
 Answer:- Option-B

Question45:-The temporal lobes are implicated in
A:-Hearing and memory functions
B:-Thinking and emotion functions
C:-Thinking and decision making functions
D:-None of the above
Answer:- Option-A

Question46:-When the action potential reaches the end of the axon terminals, it causes the release of
A:-An electric spark that sets off the next neuron
B:-Positively charged ions that excite the next cell
C:-Negatively charged ions that inhibit the next cell
D:-Neurotransmitters that excite or inhibit the next cell
 Answer:- Option-D

Question47:-Which of the following has not been classified as a sexual disorder ?
C:-Permature ejaculation
Answer:- Option-D

Question48:-Dysthymia appears to be a milder form of
A:-Bipolar disorder
B:-Clinical depression
D:-Munchausen syndrome
 Answer:- Option-B

Question49:-A person suffering from hypoactive sexual desire disorder has
A:-Too little interest in sex
B:-Too much interest in sex
C:-An obsessive need to expose their genitals in public
D:-A desire to witness suffering in other people
 Answer:- Option-A

Question50:-Which of the following would be classified as a socio-cultural influence in the bio-psycho-social model of illness ?
C:-Patterns of negative thinking
D:-Genetic make up of the individual
Answer:- Option-B

Question51:-A researcher wanted to study the blood oxygen levels of people from Indian villages. Considering that the study population is extremely large, and to ensure that the sample will be truly random, the researcher categorized all the villages she intended to study into four groups according to which region of India it belonged to - i.e. North, South, East, and West. Equal number of villages were randomly selected from each of these categories to be included in  the study. Which sampling method did she use ?
A:-Simple Random Sampling
B:-Stratified Random Sampling
C:-Systematic Random Sampling
D:-Cluster Random Sampling
 Answer:- Option-D

Question52:-This Eastern perspective of personality focuses on four noble truths
A. Existence of dissatisfaction is inevitable;
B. Dissatisfaction is a result of desire;
C. Elimination of desire can end suffering;
D. Desire can be eliminated through the eight-fold path of right speech, right action, right thought, etc. Which school of thought did this originate from ?
A:-Yoga tradition
 Answer:- Option-C

Question53:-Projective techniques - although widely used - have been criticized as a diagnostic tool. Which of the following is a major criticism against projective techniques ?
A:-Inter-rater reliability
B:-Clinical validity
C:-Reliability of responses
D:-All of the above
 Answer:- Option-D

Question54:-Which of the following situations is an example of a neuropsychological tests ?
A:-A stuntman that suffered from a fall from a height is asked to take a CT scan.
B:-A researcher has recruited participants suffering from depression to undergo fMRI while watching vidoes.
C:-An older adult that fell down from the stairs and hit his head is asked to take Halstead-Reitan Test Battery.
D:-A young adult suffering from smoking and nicotine addiction undergoes hypnosis.
 Answer:- Option-C

Question55:-A researcher has discovered a previously unknown tribal community that has never come into contact with the rest of civilization. This community has their own unique culture and customs that the researcher wants to understand better. The researcher wishes to create the most authentic record of this community, before any involvements with therest of the world changing them in any manner. Which of the following data collection methods is most suitable for this goal ?
A:-Case study
B:-Unstructured interview
D:-Focus groups
 Answer:- Option-C

Question56:-According to this school of psychology, it is incorrect to use the terms - dignity, freedom, creativity, or autonomy - to explain human behavior. Which school is it ?
A:-Psychoanalytic Perspective
B:-Socio-Cognitive Psychology
C:-Existential Psychology
D:-Behaviorist Perspective
 Answer:- Option-D

Question57:-A young working professional is suffering from extreme rigidity in his behavior, making it impossible for him to work in a team. His superiors usually have a high opinion of him due to his punctuality, diligence, cleanliness, and the extreme care and perfection he puts into his works. However, he makes such meticulous demands from his teammates affect their group projects. According to Freud, which of the following issues is the individual suffering from ?
A:-Oral Fixation
B:-Anal Fixation
C:-Phallic Fixation
D:-Latency Fixation
Answer:- Option-B

Question58:-Carl Jung proposed that there are three personality traits in all individuals, each trait forming a dichotomy. While most individuals have both sides of each dichotomy present to some degree, one side tends to dominate more. The dimensions measure
A. external/internal social orientation,
B. using objective/abstract information, and
C. using logic/personal values. A fourth dimension was added later.
Which popular personality test uses this personality theory ?
A:-Cattle's 16 Personality Factors (16PF)
B:-Eysenk Personality Questionnaire
C:-Myers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI)
D:-NEO-Five Factor Inventory (NEO-FFI)
 Answer:- Option-C

Question59:-Which of the following is the correct sequence of titles in a research report prepared according to APA format ?
A:-Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, References
B:-Introduction, Participants, Tools, Procedure, Results, Discussion, References
C:-Introduction, Methods, Data Collection, Data Analysis, Bibliography
D:-Introduction, Methods, Data Collection, Data Analysis, Table and Figures, Bibliography
Answer:- Option-A

Question60:-A researcher wanted to study the effect of three health drinks available in the market on child development. He categorized the children into three groups according to their developmental stage - Early group (ages 3 to 6), middle group (ages 7 to 10), late group (ages 11 to 14). Children from each group were randomly selected to drink one of the health drinks 5 days a week for one year. Their developmental milestones (physical changes in height, weight, etc. and performance in cognitive tasks) were recorded before and after the experimental period. What experimental design was used in the study ?
A:-Large scale survey design
B:-Longitudinal design
C:-Factorial design
D:-Correlational design
Answer:- Option-C

Question61:-Which of the following is an example of prospective studies ?
A:-Study estimating the future career prospects of high school students according to their grades
B:-Study assessing the life outcomes of at-risk teenagers over the next two decades of their life
C:-Study investigating the trauma of war by interviewing veteran soldiers
D:-Study investigating the effect of war by interviewing inhabitants of a war-affected region
 Answer:- Option-B

Question62:-A research study on the effect of screen addiction and covid-19 infection found the following result :
r (49) = -0.64, p = 0.32
Which of the following is an accurate interpretation of this result ?
A:-The experimental study had 49 participants. The result indicates a significant relationship between the screen addiction and covid-19 infection.
B:-The study had 49 participants. The result indicates that higher levels of screen addiction leads to more chances of covid-19 infection. However the relationship is non-significant.
C:-The study had 50 participants. The results show a significant negative relationship between the two variables, screen addiction and covid-19 infection.
D:-The study had 51 participants. The result indicates that higher levels of screen addiction leads to lower chances of covid-19 infection. However the relationship is non-significant.
 Answer:- Option-D

Question63:-Cinderella was an orphaned young girl. She lost both her parents in her infancy. She had to grow up with her disciplinarian stepmother and cruel stepsisters. They enforced strict rules in the house that Cinderella had to obey, or she had to suffer harsh punishments. Even though they were always cruel to her, Cinderella was kind and loving to them, never disobeying their demands. When Cinderella grew up, she found love in Prince Charming. They got married and moved to the palace, away from her wicked family. According to Object Relations Theory, what kind of relationship would Cinderella have with her husband ?
A:-After suffering from years of abuse from her family, Cinderella would enjoy the love and care she receives from her husband.
B:-After witnessing how her own family abused her all her life, she will recreate the same by being abusive towards her husband.
C:-After witnessing how her own family abused her all her life, she would expect her new husband to behave in the same abusive manner towards her.
D:-After suffering from years of abuse from her family, Cinderella would be emotionally distraught and unable to enjoy the love and care she receives from her husband.
Answer:- Option-C

Question64:-A teenager is brought to a clinical psychologist with complaints of aggressive behavior. The teenagers regularly creates fights with other students in school and bullies them physically and psychologically. After many such complaints, she was expelled from the school; she was then recommended to the psychologist. A psychologist that followed the Humanistic school would use which of the following approaches ?
A:-Encourage the teenager to try meditation and yoga to manage her aggressive tendencies
B:-Provide a supportive therapeutic environment that allows the teenager to express herself and grow her positive qualities
C:-Investigate the causes of why the teenager behaves the way she does
D:-Explain to the teenager why her actions can hurt others and why she should change her ways
 Answer:- Option-B

Question65:-A psychologist asked one of her clients' to complete the Developmental Psychopathology Checklist. Whom among the following is her client ?
A:-A 10 year old child displaying autistic symptoms and excessive hyperactivity
B:-A 26 years old young adult going through a divorce
C:-A 4 year old child having difficulty coping with parents' divorce
D:-A 21 year old young adult displaying anxiety and depressive symptoms
 Answer:- Option-A

Question66:-What is the Bender Gestalt Test ?
A:-A diagnostic tool used by therapists in Gestalt therapy
B:-A standardized intelligence test for school children over the age of 14
C:-A neurological test measuring visual-motor functioning in children ages 3 or older
D:-A projective test where clients have to describe abstract geometric shapes, used as an icebreaking tool in therapy to encouraging clients to talk
Answer:- Option-C

Question67:-The police has brought a schizophrenia patient to the hospital. The police has not managed to identify the patient nor locate his family. The patient is suffering from severe positive symptoms of schizophrenia and is no longer able to communicate with others. How would a psychologist create a case file for this patient ?
A:-Clinical Interview
B:-Psychological Test
C:-Case History
D:-None of the above
 Answer:- Option-D

Question68:-Case History
• 22 year old female. Middle child.
• Disciplined ; academically excelled
• Generally pleasant and gets along with others - friends and family
• Difficult relationship with grandmother, the matriarch of the joint family
• Occasionally as sudden moments of outburst with the grandmother, escalating to shouting  and screaming
What would this individual's NEO-Five Factor Inventory results look like ?
A:-High Conscientiousness, High Agreeableness
B:-High Extraversion, Low Conscientiousness
C:-High Neuroticism, Low Agreeableness
D:-Low Conscientiousness, High Openness
Answer:- Option-A

Question69:-Superman is an individual with superhuman powers ; he used his powers to help others. His entire personality surrounds around his need to help humanity and strive for the greater good. Every decision he makes, every action he takes, is determined by his compassion for everyone on earth, even if that means he has to make sacrifices. Which of the following dispositional theories can best explain Superman's personality ?
A:-Eysenck's Two Dimensional Theory
B:-Allport's Three Trait's Theory
C:-Cattel's 16 Personality Factors Theory
D:-None of the above
Answer:- Option-B

Question70:-A misinformed caretaker nanny uses behavior modification to make the children eat food. Every time they don't finish eating their food, the nanny scares them by saying monsters/ghosts/thieves would attack them. Scared, the children cries. The nanny does not stop scaring them until they finish their food completely. Now the children eat everything in their plate really fast - even if they are not hungry - just to avoid her scary stories. What kind of behavior modification is she using ?
A:-Positive Reinforcement
B:-Negative Punishment
C:-Positive Punishment
D:-Negative Reinforcement
 Answer:- Option-B

Question71:-An older adult approaches the psychologist with complaints of age related cognitive decline. Which of the following tests would the psychologist first give to this client ?
A:-Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE)
B:-Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI)
C:-Quality of Life Scale (QoL)
D:-Brief Psychiatric Rating Scale (BPRS)
 Answer:- Option-A

Question72:-Wechsler adult intelligence scale - Indian adaption and Thematic Apperception Test by Murray and Chaudhary were created for what specific purpose ?
A:-To test intelligence and personality of Indian population
B:-To avoid cultural biases in testing
C:-To establish norms inclusive of all cultures
D:-All of the above
Answer:- Option-D

Question73:-A school student has been brought to a psychologist with complaints regarding academic performance. The student is physically handicapped (visually challenged). Which of the following tests would be most suitable for this child ?
A:-Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL)
B:-Draw a person test
C:-Raven's Colored Progressive Matrices
D:-Kaufman's Assessment Battery
 Answer:- Option-D

Question74:-In Social Cognitive Theory (SCT), Reciprocal Determinism is the principle that behavior is determined by the dynamic interaction between the individual and the environment. Which psychologist proposed this theory ?
A:-Julian B. Rotter
B:-Albert Bandura
C:-George Kelley
D:-Henry Murray and Christiana Morgan
 Answer:- Option-B

Question75:-The famous case of Phineas Gage shows that personality could have biological determinants. Which of the following factors could be related to neuroticism levels of an individual ?
A:-Limbic system
B:-Prefrontal lobe
C:-Estrogen Hormone
 Answer:- Option-A

Question76:-Cognitive theorists have found that people with psychological disorders often make the kinds of assumption and errors in thinking. Popularity of this model is the impressive performance of cognitive therapies, which are effective for teaching
A:-Depression, Panic disorder and sexual dysfunction
B:-Panic disorder, phobias and depression
C:-Sleep disorders, depression and sexual dysfunction
D:-Panic dysfunction, depression and sleep disorders
 Answer:- Option-B

Question77:-In 1981 researcher discover that Ritalin helps person's with
D:-Sexual sadism
Answer:- Option-A

Question78:-First edition of DSM published by the American Psychological Association in the year
Answer:- Option-B

Question79:-Relative strength of correlation research method is
A:-Provide general information
B:-Statistical analysis is possible
D:-All the above
Answer:- Option-D

Question80:-People with these disorders are chronically unable to resist impulses, drives, or temptation to perform certain acts that are harmful to themselves or to others
A:-Sexual disorders
B:-substance related disorder
C:-Impulse-control disorder
D:-Adjustment disorders
Answer:- Option-C

Question81:-In an experiment, a variable other than the independent variable is also acting on the dependent variable is
Answer:- Option-D

Question82:-Sphere-shaped deposits of a small molecule known as the beta-amyloid protein that often form in the spaces between cells in hippocampus, cerebral cortex, and certainother brain region are referred as
A:-Neurofibrillary tangles
B:-Senile plaques
C:-Beta-amyloid precursor protein
 Answer:- Option-B

Question83:-Clinicians often using observations systematically for testing people which are
i.  Naturalist observation,
ii. Analog observation,
iii. Self-monitoring,
iv. Clinical observation
A:-i, ii and iii
B:-iii and ii
C:-i and iii
D:-iv only
Answer:- Option-A

Question84:-An effort to identify a set of common strategies that run through the work of all effective therapists is termed
A:-An effectiveness of treatment
B:-A rapprochement movement
C:-the politics of labeling
D:-An evidence-based treatment
Answer:- Option-B

Question85:-People with generalized anxiety disorder experience
i.   Excessive or on-going anxiety and worry,
ii.  Difficulty in controlling worry,
iii. At least 3 of these-restlessness, easy fatigue, irritability, mussel tension, sleep disturbance,
iv. Significant distress or impairment.
A:-i and ii
B:-i and iii
C:-i and iv
D:-i, ii, iii and iv
Answer:- Option-D

Question86:-Mental health volunteers often use a four-stage approach for disaster victims, which consists of an order of presentation like
i.  Provide referrals,
ii. Encourage expressions of anxiety, anger, and frustration,
iii. Normalize people response to the disaster,
iv. Teach self-helping skills.
A:-ii, i, iii and iv
B:-iii, ii, iv and i
C:-i, ii, iii, iv
D:-ii, i, iv and iii
Answer:- Option-B

Question87:-The clinical innovator Donald Meichenbaum has developed a cognitive technique for coping with the stress, is known as
i.  Rational-Emotive therapy,
ii. Clinical orientation therapy,
iii. Stress inoculation training,
iv. Self-instruction training.
A:-i and ii
B:-ii and iii
C:-iii and iv
D:-ii and iv
Answer:- Option-C

Question88:-The most effective and widely used new Antipsychotic drugs on schizophrenia
i.  Clozapine,
ii.  Risperidone,
iii.  Olanzcpine,
iv.  Ziprasidence
A:-i and ii
B:-i and iii
C:-ii, iii and iv
D:-i,ii, iii and iv
Answer:- Option-D

Question89:-A cognitive behavioral approach to treating alcohol abuse and dependence in which clients are taught to keep track of their drinking behavior and to apply coping strategies in situation that typically trigger excessive drinking is termed
A:-Aversion therapy
B:-Behavioral self-control training
C:-Relapse-preventing training
Answer:- Option-B

Question90:-Anxious personality disorders are
i.  Avoidant personality disorder,
ii.  Dependent personality disorder,
iii. Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder,
iv. Boderline personality disorder
A:-i and iv
B:-ii and iv
C:-ii, iii and iv
D:-i, ii and iii
Answer:- Option-D

Question91:-The general adaption syndrome has three stages by
A:-Holmas and Rahe
B:-Hans Syle
C:-Franz Alexander
D:-Cohen and Williamson
Answer:- Option-B

Question92:-DSM-III handles psychosomatic disorders by suggesting that the label psychological factors affecting medical condition be used whenever psychological factor act in any of the following ways:
i.  Coinciding in time with the beginning or worsening of a physical illness,
ii. Interfering with the treatment of a medical condition,
iii. Creating additional health risks,
iv. Eliciting physiological responses that precipitate or exacerbate a medical condition.
A:-iv only
B:-ii and iii
C:-i, iv and iii
D:-i, ii, iii and iv
 Answer:- Option-D

Question93:-Psychoneuroimmunology, which explicitly recognizes the mutual influence among :
i. Psychological factors
ii. Immunological factors
iii. Neurological factors
iv. Physiological factors
A:-iv, iii and i
B:-ii, iii and i
C:-iv, ii and iii
D:-i, iv and iii
Answer:- Option-B

Question94:-Social support includes such things as :
i.  Emotional reassurance
ii. Tangible resources such as money or shelter
iii. Advice about tackling problems
iv. Perspective-telling a person how he or she might see things
A:-ii, iii and iv
B:-iv, iii, ii and i
C:-i, iii and iv
D:-i, ii and iii
Answer:- Option-B

Question95:-The diagnostic criteria of Irritable Bowel Syndrome include :
i. Abdominal pain, usually relieved by defecation
ii. disturbed defecation
iii. Bloating or feelings of a distended abdomen
iv. No evidence of organic disease
A:-iv, iii and ii
B:-iv, ii and i
C:-i, iii and ii
D:-i, ii, iii and iv
 Answer:- Option-D

Question96:-Coronary-prone behavior pattern usually characterized by :
i. Strong competitiveness
ii. Time urgency
iii. Hostility in the face of frustration
iv. Reductions in cholesterol
A:-i, ii and iv
B:-iv, ii and i
C:-i, iii and ii
D:-i, ii, iii and iv
 Answer:- Option-B

Question97:-A complex set of characteristics seen among children born to alcoholics mothers-small size, heart and limb distinctive facial features, mental retardation and various learning disabilities-referred as
A:-Down syndrome
B:-Crack babies
C:-Fetal alcohol syndrome
D:-Organic retardation
Answer:- Option-C

Question98:-In 1982 Crawford and Siegel have designed a cognitive intervention technique on the specific information deficits among those with mental retardation, it includes :
i. Strategies for improving attention
ii. Strategies for problem solving
iii. Strategies for short-term memory
iv. Strategies for social skill and self-care
A:-i, ii and iii
B:-ii, iii and iv
C:-iii, iv and i
D:-iv, i and ii
 Answer:- Option-A

Question99:-Children may experience the same fear and anxiety disorders encountered among adults, but DSM-III additionally specifies a problem unique to children
B:-Conduct disorder
C:-Crack baby
D:-Separation anxiety disorder
 Answer:- Option-D

Question100:-Kanner's characterization of Autism is elaborated by DSM IV. To warrant a diagnosis, a child must show symptoms
i. Impaired social interaction with others
ii. Problems with language can show up as delayed language acquisition or stereotyped use of language
iii. Restricted as adherence to specific non-functional routine or rituals
A:-ii only
B:-i and ii
C:-ii and iii
D:-i, ii and iii
Answer:- Option-D

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