Work Assistant, Assistant Chemist & Analyst - Question Paper and Answer Key


Name of Post: Work Assistant, Assistant Chemist & Analyst

Department: The Kerala Ceramics Ltd, Travancore Titanium Products Ltd & Foam Mattings (India) Ltd

Cat. No: 407/2019, 080/2021 & 199/2019

Date of Test: 06.03.2022

Question Code: 028/2022

1. What is the shortest wavelength line (in nm) in the Lyman series of hydrogen spectrum ?
A) 91.2 nm
B) 22.6 nm
C) 121.5 nm
D) 34.2nm

2. The dipole moment of HCl is 1.03 D and distance between atoms is 127 pm. What is the percentage ionic character of HCI bond ?
A) 6.09 %
B) 60.9%
C) 609.11%
D) 16.9%

3. Calculate the formal charge of S atom in SO2
A) +1
B) -1
C) 0
D) +4

4. Which of the following molecules has highest value of percentage s-character for the central atom ?
A) XeO3
B) SF6
C) BeF2
D) SF4

5. Wave functions of electrons in atoms and molecules are called
A) orbit
B) orbitals
C) probability
D) all the above

8. The set representing correct order of first ionization energy is
A) K>Na>Li
B) Be >Mg>Ca
C) B>C>N
D) Ge>Si>C

10. The number of P-O-P bonds in cyclic metaphosphoric acid is
A) zero
B) two
C) three
D) four

11. Which among the following is an organometallic compound ?
A) Lithium methoxide
B) Lithium acetate
C) Lithium dimethylamide
D) Methy! lithium

14. A compound with molecular mass 112 is transparent in UV spectrum. In infrared spectrum it shows two bands at 2940 and 1464 cm–1. In the NMR it forms a singlet at 8.48δ. Identify the compound.
A) Cyclooctane
B) Octane
C) Heptane
D) Benzene

16. The method of electrolytic refining is not suitable for the extraction of
A) Aluminium
B) Copper
C) Mercury
D) Silver

17. Biological function of carbonic anhydrase and carboxy peptidase A respectively are
A) Interconversion of CO₂, and carbonates and gene regulation
B) Gene regulation and hydrolysis of peptide bond
C) Gene regulation and interconversion of CO₂ and carbonates
D) Interconversion of CO₂ and carbonates and hydrolysis of peptide bond

18. Match the following :
a. Zn       i. peroxidase
b. Cu       ii. carboxypeptidase
c. Fe        iii. haemocyanin
               iv. nitrogenase
     a  b   c
A)  i  i    iii
B) ii  i    ii
C) ii  ii    i
D) iv ii    ii

19. The number of ATP molecules hydrolysed when 3 Na+ ions pumped out of cell and 2 K+ pumped into the cell
A) 1
B) 2
C) 4
D) 3

20. In the active sites of many enzymes, metals are coordinated by the aminoacid histidine, which element in histidine donates the electrons that form the coordinate bond ?
A) Carbon
B) Oxygen
C) Nitrogen
D) Sulfur

21. Which of the following is not refined by zone refining method ?
A) Germanium
B) Silicon
C) Gallium
D) Gold



25. Which of the following is not an organometallic compound ?
A) Ferrocene
B) Cis-platin
C) Zieses salt
D) Grignard reagent

26. A key feature of Fischer-Tropsch process is
A) hydrocarbon formation
B) alkene hydrogenation
C) alkene polymerization
D) hydroformylation

27. Accuracy expresses the
A) correctness of an experiment
B) feasibility of an experiment
C) deviation from experiment
D) reproducibility of an experiment

28. In an experiment values 2.2, 2.3 and 2.4 are obtained while the true value is 4.6. Now if we double each value then
A) Precision is increased but accuracy is decreased
B) Both precision and accuracy are increased
C) Accuracy is increased but precision remains unchanged
D) Both precision and accuracy are decreased

29. The thermogram in differential thermal analysis is a plot of
A) dw/dt Vs Temperature
B) ΔT Vs Temperature

C) ΔH Vs Temperature
D) T Vs Volume

30. The donor atom in EDTA are
A) Two N and two O
B) Two N and four O
C) Four N and two O
D) Three N and two O

31. Limiting current in polarography depends on
A) Residual current
B) Diffusion current
C) Kinetic current
D) All the above

32. The material of cathode in Hollow cathode lamp constructed in AAS
A) Tungsten
B) Quartz
C) Element to be investigated
D) All the above

33. Cell constant is
A) length x area
B) length/area
C) area/length
D) none of the above

35. Free radicals are detected by the
A) Mass spectra
C) UV spectra
D) Mossbauer spectroscopy


37. In E2 reaction the dihedral angle of synperiplanar conformation is
A) 0°
B) 90°
C) 120°
D) 180°

38. Which of the following is not an electrophile ?
A) CH₄
B) SO₃
C) Br+
D) BF₃

39. Homolytic fission for generation of free radical is favoured most in bond
A) C-C
B) O-O
C) C-O
D) C-N


41. For the structure E-1-bromo-1-chloro propene, the correct statement is
A) — CH₃ and — Cl are on same side of double bond
B) — CH₃ and -Cl are on opposite side of double bond
C) —Br and — H are on opposite side of double bond
D) —Cl and — H are on same side of double bond

42. The correct R-S notation for the structure 3-chlorobutane-2-ol is
A) 1R,3S
B) 1R, 4S
C) 2R, 3S
D) 2S, 3R

43. An aqueous solution of 6.3 g oxalic acid dehydrate is made upto 250 ml. The volume of 0.1 N NaOH required to completely neutralize 10 ml of this solution is
A) 10 ml
B) 20 ml
C) 40 ml
D) 4ml

44. Wurtz reaction on a mixture of ethyl iodide and n-propyl iodide does not yield the hydrocarbon
A) n-butane
B) n-propane
C) n-pentane
D) n-hexane

45. Alcoholic solution of KOH is used for
A) Dehydrogenation
B) Dehalogenation
C) Dehydration
D) Dehydrohalogenation

47. Which among the following is not aromatic ?
A) Cyclopentadienyl anion
B) Cycloheptadienyl cation
C) Cyclopentadienyl cation
D) Cyclopentadienyl iron


49. Which of the following reaction cannot be employed to prepare alkyl halides ?
A) Darzen reaction
B) MPV reduction
C) Markonikofs addition of HCI to an unsymmetrical alkene
D) Halogenation of alkenes

50. Aniline reacts with glycerol in presence of sulphuric acid and nitrobenzene as an oxidizing agent. Which among the following statement is more correct ?
A) Bayer Villiger Oxidation and the product is quinoline.
B) Rosenmunds reduction and the product is quinoline.
C) Paal Knoor synthesis and the product is quinoline.
D) Skraup reaction and the product is quinoline.

51. Among the following reactions and the final product, which pair does not match ?
A) Cumene reactions gives phenol and acetone
B) Kolbe-Schmidt reaction gives ortho-hydroxy benzoic acid
C) Fries rearrangement gives methoxybenzoic acid
D) Bischler-Napieralski reaction gives isoquinolines

52. Phenol is dissolved in caustic soda solution along with CO₂ gas at about 398 K and 4-7 bar pressure gives which of the following compound ?
A) Sodium phenoxide
B) Cumene hydroperoxide
C) Phthalic acid
D) None of the above

53. Glycerol on periodic acid oxidation gives

55. Identify the wrong statement regarding carbocation rearrangement.
A) Tertiary alkyl groups generally undergo 1,2-shifts to the electron-deficient centres more readily than primary and secondary alkyl groups do.
B) The bond breaking and making are concerted in the 1, 2-shift of a methyl group in carbocations.
C) The transition structure for a 1,2-shift to an electron-deficient centre is regarded as a cyclic three-centre two-electron system.
D) The configuration of a carbon centre undergoing a 1,2-shift in a carbocation i not retained.

56. Etard reaction in the following is
A) Oxidation of toluene to benzaldehyde by chromyl chloride
B) Oxidation of toluene to benzaldehyde by alkaline KMnO₄
C) Dry distillation of calcium benzoate
D) Reaction of benzene with Cl₂ in the presence of UV light

57. The chlorination of toluene in pressure of ferric chloride gives mostly
A) Meta-chlorotoluene
B) Benzyl chloride
C) Dichlorobenzene
D) o- and p-chlorobenzene

58. In the nitrating mixture, HNO₃ acts as which among the following ?
A) Base
B) Acid
C) Reducing agent
D) Catalyst

59. Which of the following is not a correct statement on aromatic electrophilic substitution reactions ?
A) — CN is deactivating and m-directing
B) — Bris activating and o, p-directing
C) - OCH₃, is activating and o, p-directing
D) — NH₂ is activating and 0, p-directing

60. Identify the wrong statement.
A) The base-catalysed α -halogenation of propanone is first order with respect to base.
B) The rate constant for the base-catalysed a-halogenation of propanone decreases in the order Cl₂, > Br₂, > I₂.
C) The base-catalysed α-halogenation of propanone proceeds easily to give 1, 1, 1-trihalopropanone, an unsymmetric polyhalo ketone.
D) Polyhalogenation of propanone is difficult under acidic conditions, but the products are the same as those obtained under basic conditions.

61. Identify the product of Knoevenagel reaction.
A) Primary and secondary amine
B) Unsaturated acyclic system
C) Beta keto ester
D) Acid anhydride

62. Identify the starting reagents in Dieckman Condensation ?
A) One molecule with an ester towards the end of the molecule
B) Two molecules of ester
C) One molecule of ester and enolate
D) One molecule with two ester towards the end of the molecule

63. Identify the wrong articulation about Claisen condensation.
A) A β-keto ester is formed and the product undergo further deprotonation by the strong base.
B) Claisen condensation involves the condensation of two esters in the presence of strong base.
C) A strong base is required to remove H+ from an α -H position of the starting ester.
D) All the above statements are correct

64. A carbonyl compound reacts with an ylide to form an alkene. Identify the reaction.
A) Aldol reaction
B) Wittig reaction
C) Wolf Kishner reaction
D) Reformatsky reaction

65. Which of the following compounds does not contain an active methylene group ?
A) Ethylacetoacetate
B) Diethylmalonate
C) Diethylfumarate
D) Cyanoacetic ester

66. The approximate total energy of an ideal monoatomic gas in [kJmol–1------- at 27°C is
A) 1.67
B) 16.7
C) 167
D) 1670

67. At what temperature will helium atoms have the same rms velocity as hydrogen molecule at 300K ?
A) 150K
B) 300K
C) 450K
D) 600K

68. Give the correct statement about the viscosity of liquids.
A) increases with rise in temperature and increases with increase in pressure
B) decreases with rise in temperature and increases with increase in pressure
C) decreases with rise in temperature and decreases with increase in pressure
D) increases with rise in temperature and decreases with increase in pressure


70. Number of effective atoms per unit cell in a bec system is
A) 1
B) 2
C) 3
D) 4

71. The rule that relates the molar heat of vaporisation of a liquid with its normal boiling point is
A) Raoult’s
B) Henry’s
C) Trouton’s
D) Kelvin’s

72. Calculate the approximate pOH of 0.03 M solution of HCI at 25°C is
A) 3
B) 7.48
C) 12.48
D) 14

74. A buffer is most effective in the range of pH values between
A) pK -1 and pK +1
B) pK -2 and pK +2
C) pK -3 and pK +3
D) pK -4 and pK +4

75. In the conversion of nitrogen to ammonia at 400°C, what is the standard Gibbs energy in kJmol–1  if the equilibrium constant for the formation of ammonia is 10–4  at 1 bar pressure ?
A) 1
B) 10
C) 20
D) 200


77. Which is not an application of Nernst distribution law ?
A) solvent extraction
B) study of complex ions
C) study of association and dissociation of solute
D) study of partial molar properties

78. 5.2 moles of an ideal gas expand reversibly from a volume of 8 lit to 80 lit at 300K. Calculate the approximate change in entropy in JK–1.
A) 640
B) 100
C) 320
D) 10

79. Work done in a closed system in an adiabatic process is equal to the increase in _______ of the system.
A) Internal energy
B) enthalpy
C) entropy
D) residual entropy

80. The value of Joule Thomson coefficient for an ideal gas is
A) negative
B) positive
C) zero
D) unpredictable

81. Calculate the approximate entropy change in JK~'--------------- moI"’------------  if n-hexane boils at 68.7°C
at 1 bar pressure if the molar enthalpy of vaporisation is 28850 Jmol~----------- .
A) 8.4
B) 84.4
C) 844.4
D) 8444

82. Calculate the approximate amount of work if one mole of an ideal gas at 27°C isothermally expands from a volume of 10 lit to 20 lit against a constant external pressure of 1 atm.
A) 10 kJ
B) 1kJ
C) 0.10 kJ
D) 27 kJ

83. The term for the activity of a gas which serves as a thermodynamic counterpart of gas pressure is
A) ensemble
B) phase space
C) fugacity
D) parachor

84. What percentage of reactant will be left at the end of 25 mins, if the reaction is of first order with a half-life period of 5 mins ?
A) 25
B) 31
C) 3.1
D) 50


87. Which of the following is not an assumption in the derivation of Langmuir adsorption isotherm ?
A) Only a monolayer is developed
B) Adsorbed gas behaves ideally
C) Adsorbed gas molecules are localised
D) There is lateral interaction between absorbate molecules

88. The Michalis — Menton mechanism account for the
A) chain polymerisation reactionB)
B) stepwise polymerisation reaction
C) first order kinetics of gas phase reactions
D) dependence of rate on the concentrations of substrate and enzyme

89. The experimental effect of increase in conductance of a strong electrolyte in aqueous solution to a certain limiting value with increase in potential is called _______ effect.
A) Debye
B) Falkenhagen
C) Walden
D) Wien

90. Calculate the ionic strength of 0.2 molal BaCl₂ solution.
A) 0.2
B) 0.4
C) 0.6
D) 0.8



97. In the vibrational Raman spectrum separation of each line from the centre of the excitation line gives the Raman active _____ vibrational frequency of the molecule.
A) hot band
B) first overtone
C) second overtone
D) fundamental

99. In a 60 MHz instrument a chemical shift value of 2 ppm from TMS is equivalent to ________ Hz.
A) 30
B) 60
C) 120
D) 1200

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