Auxiliary Nurse Midwife - Insurance Medical Services - Question Paper and Answer Key

Question Code: 006/2021

Medium of Question- ENGLISH

Name of Post: Auxiliary Nurse Midwife

Department: Insurance Medical Services

Cat. No: 070/2020

Date of Test: 06/01/2021


1. Local Self Government at block level is
 (A) Zilla Parishad
 (B) Grama Sabha
 (C) Municipality
 (D) Panchayath Samithy

2. First Contact Point between the Community and the Medical Officer :
 (A) Community Health Centre
 (B) Primary Health Centre
 (C) Anganvady
 (D) Thaluk Hospital

3. The web of social relationship
 (A) Family
 (B) Community
 (C) Society
 (D) Culture

4. A process that motivates people to adopt and sustain healthy behaviour and life style
 (A) Behaviour change communication
 (B) Counselling
 (C) Interview
 (D) Symposium

5. The focal point for delivery of ICDS services
 (A) PHC
 (B) CHC
 (C) Primary School
 (D) Anganvady

6. Indian Redcross Society was established in
 (A) 1920
 (B) 1910
 (C) 1930
 (D) 1950

7. Which of the following concept of health is recognised by WHO ?
 (A) Biomedical concept
 (B) Ecological concept
 (C) Psychological concept
 (D) Holistic concept

8. A series of speech on selected subject by expert
 (A) Work shop
 (B) Symposium
 (C) Group discussion
 (D) Panel discussion

9. The Backbone of Public Health Nursing is
 (A) Home Visit
 (B) Immunisation
 (C) Health Education
 (D) Bag Technique

10. An example for total community
 (A) Family
 (B) Town
 (C) Convent
 (D) City

11. The Kingpin for the delivery of Health care at the level of the sub-centre
 (A) Female Health Worker
 (B) Anganvady Worker
 (C) The Medical Officer

12. The International Organisation dealing with labour
 (A) WHO
 (B) FRU
 (C) ILO

13. The combined and co-ordinated use of the medical, social, educational and vocational measures for training and retraining the individual to the highest possible level of functional activity
 (A) Rehabilitation
 (B) Holistic Approach
 (C) Comprehensive Approach
 (D) Disaster Management

14. Louis Pasteur is the father of
 (A) Super Natural Theory
 (B) Germ Theory
 (C) Epidemiological Theory
 (D) Multi Factor Theory

15. A mutual relationship between two people in which a trained person help the other to make effective adjustment with himselves and situations
 (A) Rehabilitation
 (B) Health education
 (C) Counselling
 (D) Physiotherapy

16. An International effort to defeat hunger
 (A) FAO
 (B) ILO
 (C) WHO

17. A Female Health Assistant is expected to cover a population of
 (A) 2000
 (B) 1000
 (C) 5000
 (D) 20000

18. Which among the following is an Essential Amino Acid (EAA) ?
 (A) Tyrosine
 (B) Alanine
 (C) Glycine
 (D) Lucine

19. ICMR recommended daily requirement of protein for an infant is
 (A) 4g/kg
 (B) 1g/kg
 (C) 1.16g/kg
 (D) 3.4g/kg

20. Which among the following is NOT a rich source of dietary fibers ?
 (A) Citrus fruits
 (B) Carrot
 (C) Red meat
 (D) Whole wheat flour

21. Pallegra is caused by deficiency of
 (A) Pyrodoxine
 (B) Niacin
 (C) Folate
 (D) Thiamine

22. Which among the following is/are the nutritional index ?
 i. Weight for Height
 ii. MUAC for age
 iii. Height for age
 iv. Weight for age
 (A) only i
 (B) iii and iv
 (C) i, ii and iv
 (D) i, ii, iii and iv

23. Process of addition or subtraction of anything from the food which affect its nutritional value for unfair economic gain is called
 (A) Adulteration
 (B) Fortification
 (C) Additives
 (D) Preservation

24. As per bacteriological indicator, drinking water should be free from
 (A) Klebsiella aerogens
 (B) Faecal streptococci
 (C) E. coli
 (D) All of the above

25. Order in the filter box of slow sand filter, from top to bottom is
 (A) Raw water > Sand bed > Coarse sand > Filter bed
 (B) Raw water > Filter bed > Sand bed > Coarse sand
 (C) Filter bed > Coarse sand > Sand bed > Raw water
 (D) Filter bed > Raw water > Sand bed > Coarse sand

26. Which among the following is NOT a parameter of National Air Quality Index ?
 (A) Particulate Matter (PM10)
 (B) Ozone
 (C) Carbone dioxide
 (D) Lead

27. Organic substances settle down, during the process of sewage treatment, as sediment is called
 (A) Sludge
 (B) Scum
 (C) Sullage
 (D) Sewerage

28. National Programme to provide specialized and comprehensive healthcare to the senior citizen, at various health care delivery system is

29. Taking out the stress of office on family members, is an example of ______ type of defense mechanism.
 (A) Projection
 (B) Displacement
 (C) Denial
 (D) Compensation

30. Athlete’s foot (Tinea pedis) is infection between toes of foot caused by
 (A) Fungus
 (B) Virus
 (C) Bacteria
 (D) Parasite

31. Example for anaerobic exercise is
 (A) Running
 (B) Swimming
 (C) Yoga
 (D) Weight lifting

32. Total volume of blood in a normal adult human being is
 (A) 3 – 4 L
 (B) 5 – 6 L
 (C) 8 – 10 L
 (D) 11 – 12 L

33. Which gland in the human body is called as master gland ?
 (A) Pancreas
 (B) Thyroid
 (C) Pituitary
 (D) Liver

34. Pyorrhoea is the disease of
 (A) Nose
 (B) Gum
 (C) Heart
 (D) Lung

35. Substance that stimulate the production of antibody
 (A) Antigen
 (B) Chemicals
 (C) Plants
 (D) Vitamins

36. BCG vaccination is giving against
 (A) Measles
 (B) Yellow fever
 (C) Tuberculosis
 (D) Polio

37. BCG vaccination should be given
 (A) Intra-muscular
 (B) Intra-dermal
 (C) Sub-cutaneous
 (D) Intra-venous

38. Most effective essential method of sterilization in hospital
 (A) Boiling
 (B) Dry heat
 (C) Chemicals
 (D) Autoclaving

39. Sputum collection is mainly to test
 (A) Tuberculosis
 (B) Polio
 (C) Chickenpox
 (D) Asthma

40. Typical symptom of cholera is
 (A) Bloody stool
 (B) Green coloured stool
 (C) Pea soup stool
 (D) Rice water stool

41. The best method of disposal of hospital waste
 (A) Incineration
 (B) Dumping
 (C) Biogas
 (D) Pope compost

42. The causative organism of Chikengunya
 (A) Malarial parasite
 (B) Salmonella typhi
 (C) Shigella
 (D) Aedes eygypti

43. The incubation period of mumps is
 (A) 14-21 days
 (B) 0-6 days
 (C) 25-30 days
 (D) 6-12 days

44. Malaria is treated by
 (A) Paracetamol
 (B) Chloroquine
 (C) Ampicillin
 (D) Aspirin

45. Zidowudin is one of drug of choice for
 (A) Asthma
 (B) Diabetes
 (C) Fever

46. Wounds caused by moist heat
 (A) Burns
 (B) Blistors
 (C) Scalds
 (D) Sun burn

47. Anaphylatic shock is caused by
 (A) Allergic reaction
 (B) Heart problem
 (C) Infection
 (D) Severe bleeding

48. Bluish discolouration of lips and fingers
 (A) Erythema
 (B) Cynosis
 (C) Convulsion
 (D) Clubbing

49. The drugs used to control high blood pressure
 (A) Antacids
 (B) Antibiotics
 (C) Analgesics
 (D) Antihypertensive

50. The abbreviation q1D means
 (A) 4 times daily
 (B) 3 times daily
 (C) 2 times daily
 (D) 1 time daily

51. One ml is equal to
 (A) 15 drops
 (B) 30 drops
 (C) 20 drops
 (D) 50 drops

52. Drugs that destroy growth of micro-organism
 (A) Analgesics
 (B) Antiemetics
 (C) Antibiotics
 (D) Antipyretic

53. The angle of insertion of subcutaneous injection is
 (A) 45°
 (B) 25°
 (C) 15°
 (D) 90°

54. One pint is equal to
 (A) 100 ml
 (B) 250 ml
 (C) 500 ml
 (D) 1000 ml

55. Progressive increase in skill and capacity to function
 (A) growth
 (B) development
 (C) maturation
 (D) progression

56. BFHI was launched by WHO and UNICEF in
 (A) 1990
 (B) 1996
 (C) 1988
 (D) 1992

57. Child achieve the ability to sit alone at the age of
 (A) 4 months
 (B) 8 months
 (C) 6 months
 (D) 10 months

58. System for maintaining vaccines at the recommended temperature
 (A) Vaccine storage
 (B) Store in a refrigerator
 (C) Cold chain
 (D) Ice chain

59. Calorie requirement for infants for 24 hours
 (A) 100 to 120 kilo cal/kg
 (B) 80 to 100 kilo cal/kg
 (C) 90 to 110 kilo cal/kg
 (D) 80 to 90 kilo cal/kg

60. Malnutrition caused by deficiency of dietary protein
 (A) Marasmus
 (B) Kwashiorkor
 (C) Marasmic Kwashiorkor
 (D) Growth failure

61. Incubation period of poliomyelitis
 (A) 10-14 days
 (B) 10-20 days
 (C) 15-45 days
 (D) 5-35 days

62. Inflammation of lower respiratory passages with severe obstruction at the level of bronchioles
 (A) Bronchitis
 (B) Asthma
 (C) Bronchiolitis
 (D) Pneumonia

63. Lateral curvature of the spine from midline
 (A) Kyphosis
 (B) Scoliosis

 (C) Lordosis
 (D) Talipes

64. Deficiency of antidiuretic hormone
 (A) Diabetes mellitus
 (B) Diabetes insipidus
 (C) Cushing syndrome
 (D) Pheochromocytoma

65. Which of the following is not a child right ?
 (A) Right to Education
 (B) Right to Live
 (C) Right to do Hazardous work
 (D) Right to Health

66. The hormone causing puberty in adolescent male
 (A) Testosterone
 (B) Serotonin
 (C) Estrogen
 (D) Progesterone

67. One of the following is not an adolescent girls welfare program
 (A) KSY

68. Onset of menstrual cycle is
 (A) Menorrhagia
 (B) Menarche
 (C) Menopause
 (D) Metrorrhagia

69. Classic female pelvis is
 (A) Anthropoid
 (B) Gynaecoid
 (C) Android
 (D) Plattypelloid

70. The largest diameter of the fetal skull is
 (A) Mentovertical
 (B) Occipito frontal
 (C) Sub-occipitobregmatic
 (D) Sub-occipitofrontal

71. From 2 weeks to 8 weeks the fertilized ovum is known as
 (A) Embryo
 (B) Zygote
 (C) Morula
 (D) Foetus

72. Mask of pregnancy otherwise known as
 (A) Chloasma
 (B) Linea Nigra
 (C) Pica
 (D) Bandle’s ring

73. Violet blue discolouration of the vaginal mucous membrane during pregnancy known as
 (A) Jacquemier’s sign
 (B) Hegar’s sign
 (C) Osidander’s sign
 (D) Uterine Souffle

74. Connecting link between fetus and placenta
 (A) Amniotic fluid
 (B) Implantation
 (C) Umblical cord
 (D) Amnion

75. Relation of the fetal head and limbs to it trunk is known as
 (A) Presentation
 (B) Lie
 (C) Denominator
 (D) Attitude

76. Sinking of fetus into lower pole of the uterus is known as
 (A) Parturition
 (B) Dystocia
 (C) Lightening
 (D) Quickening

77. Level of uterus at 24th week of pregnancy
 (A) Level of umblicus
 (B) Level of xyphisternum
 (C) Level of symphysis pubis
 (D) Midway between symphysis pubis and umblicus

78. Spontaneous abortion in 3 or more successive pregnancies is known as
 (A) Inevitable abortion
 (B) Missed abortion
 (C) Habitual abortion
 (D) Threatened abortion

79. Absence of spermatozoa in the semen is
 (A) Oligospermic
 (B) Spermatocele
 (C) Spermatozoan
 (D) Azoospermia

80. Causative organism of syphilis
 (A) Triponima pallida
 (B) Salmonella
 (C) Triponima coratum
 (D) Triponima pertenue

81. Vaginal discharge of immediate puerperium is
 (A) Lochia alba
 (B) Lochia serosa
 (C) Lochia Rubra
 (D) Leucorrhoea

82. Permanent sterilization method in males
 (A) PPS
 (C) LNG
 (D) NSV

83. Bilirubin toxicity in new born is known as
 (A) Keratosis
 (B) Kerning sign
 (C) Kernictorus
 (D) Sclerosis

84. Which among the following is not an indication of caesarean section ?
 (A) Cephalopelvic disproportion
 (B) Progressive fetal descent
 (C) Breech presentation
 (D) Prolapsed cord

85. Fine hair that covers the body of the fetus and new born
 (A) Vernix
 (B) Milia
 (C) Lanugo
 (D) Mangolian spot

86. Magnesium sulfate is the drug of choice for an antenatal mother with
 (A) Pre-eclampsia
 (B) Eclampsia
 (C) Hyperemesis
 (D) Gestational diabetic

87. Exclusive breast feeding means feeding only breast milk
 (A) up to one month
 (B) up to 3 months
 (C) up to 6 months
 (D) up to one year

88. Shortening and thinning of the cervix during first stage of labour
 (A) Engagement
 (B) Effacement
 (C) Endometriosis
 (D) Engorgement

89. Manual removal of placenta is indicated in
 (A) Abruptio placenta
 (B) Placenta Praecia
 (C) Retained placenta
 (D) Bipartate placenta

90. Procidentia means
 (A) Prolapse of uterus
 (B) Inversion of uterus
 (C) Uterine inertia
 (D) Rupture of uterus

91. Which among the following is not a mode of transmission of HIV ?
 (A) Transplacental
 (B) Sexual contact
 (C) Kissing
 (D) Breast milk

92. Pelvic measurement from lower border of symphysis pubis to sacral promontory is 12 to 13 cm. Which measurement is this ?
 (A) True conjugate
 (B) Diagonal conjugate
 (C) Obstetric conjugate
 (D) Intertuberous diameter

93. Umbilical cord is inserted into the membranes same distance from the edge of placenta, is known as
 (A) Velamentous insertion
 (B) Battledene insertion
 (C) Tripartite placenta
 (D) Funic Souffle

94. Rating system to assess suitability of cervix for induction of labour
 (A) Apgar score
 (B) Braden scale
 (C) Bishop’s score
 (D) Neumerical scale

95. National AIDS Control Programme was launched in India in the year
 (A) 1987
 (B) 1980
 (C) 1992
 (D) 1990

96. The key to effective communication
 (A) Planning
 (B) Listening
 (C) Talking
 (D) Problem solving

97. Census taken in India at the interval
 (A) 20 years
 (B) 2 years
 (C) 5 years
 (D) 10 years

98. The backbone of public health nursing
 (A) Health education
 (B) Home visiting
 (C) Primary healthcare
 (D) Immunization

99. Each sub-centre caters a population
 (A) 5000
 (B) 3000
 (C) 2000
 (D) 10000

100. Vitamin-A deficiency causes
 (A) Rickets
 (B) Pellagra
 (C) Night-blindness
 (D) Scurvy

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