Offset Machine Operator / Reader - Kerala Legislature Secretariat - Question Paper and Answer Key

Question Code : 020/2020

Name Of Post : Offset Machine Operator / Reader - Kerala Legislature Secretariat

 Cat No : 161/2016/ 552/2017

Date Of Test : 08/09/2020 

1. The First Five Year Plan was launched in:
(A) 1949
(B) 1950
(C) 1951
(D) 1952

2. The constitutional amendment which introduced Goods and Service Tax (GST):
(A) 100
(B) 101
(C) 102
(D) 103

3. Sariska Wild Life Sanctuary is a tiger reserve in:
(A) Rajasthan
(B) Assam
(C) Uttarakhant
(D) West Bengal

4. River Tungabhadra is a tributary of:
(A) Kaveri
(B) Godavari
(C) Krishna
(D) Narmada

5. Ajanta caves belongs to the state of:
(A) Gujarat
(B) Rajastan
(C) Madhya Pradesh
(D) Maharashtra

6. The largest bauxite producing state in India:
(A) Odisha
(B) Madhya Pradesh
(C) Chhattisgarh
(D) Rajastan

7. National Rural Employment Guarantee Act was passed in:
(A) 2000
(B) 2005
(C) 2007
(D) 2010

8. The emperor known as ‘Indian Napoleon’:
(A) Chandragupta
(B) Ashoka
(C) Kanishka
(D) Samudragupta

9. The ‘father of local self-government in India’:
(A) Lord Lytton
(B) Lord Ripon
(C) Lord Curzon
(D) Lord Mayo

10. ‘Savarna Jatha’ was an event related to:
(A) Vaikkom Satyagraha
(B) Guruvayur Satyagraha
(C) Paliyam Satyagraha
(D) Kallumala Agitation

11. ‘Christumatha Nirupanam’ is a work written by:
(A) Poykayil Yohannan
(B) Sree Narayana Guru
(C) Chattampi Swamikal
(D) Kumaran Asan

12. In Kerala inter-dining was popularized by:
(A) Dr. Palpu
(B) Ayyankali
(C) T. K Madhavan
(D) K. Ayyappan

13. Who hailed Temple Entry Proclamation as a ‘miracle of modern times’ ?
(A) Ambedkar
(B) Jawaharlal Nehru
(C) Gandhiji
(D) E.M.S

14. Swadeshabhimani news paper was owned by:
(A) K. Ramakrishna Pillai
(B) Vakkom Moulavi
(C) Vagbhatananda
(D) C. Kesavan

15. ‘Kanneerum Kinavum’ is the autobiography of:
(A) V.T Bhattathirippad
(B) M.R Bhattathirippad
(C) K.P Kesava Menon
(D) E. Moidu Moulavi

16. Cricket World Cup 2019 is hosted by:
(A) South Africa
(B) Australia
(C) England
(D) New Zealand

17. Nobel Prize for Peace 2018 was awarded to Denis Mukwege and Nadia Murad for their efforts to end:
(A) Child labour
(B) Sexual violence
(C) Human trafficking
(D) Women illiteracy

18. The youngest among the Indian Union ministers who took office on 30 May 2019:
(A) Anurag Singh Thakur
(B) Mansukh Mandaviya
(C) Sanjeev Kumar Balayan
(D) Smriti Irani

19. ‘The Kerala State Film Award 2019’ for Best Actress was awarded to:
(A) Parvathi
(B) Rajisha Vijayan
(C) Nazriya Nazim
(D) Nimisha Sajayan

20. Among the weather warnings the least dangerous one is:
(A) Yellow alert
(B) Orange alert
(C) Red alert
(D) None of these

21. Find the term that describes the distance pages need to move from the spine to accommodate paper thickness and folding:
(A) Creep
(B) Swell
(C) Depth
(D) Page sheer

22. In which of these printing process use molten metal inside the machine?
(A) Photoengraving
(B) Linotype
(D) Magnetography

23. Which of these colors are less efficiently scattered by atmosphere?
(A) Violet
(B) Indigo
(C) Yellow
(D) Orange

24. The direction of arrangement of cellulose fibres in paper is called?
(A) Grange
(B) Gairn
(C) Fiber-long
(D) Grain

25. Which of these may not be a reason for slurring?
(A) Tacky ink
(B) Slippage of paper
(C) Loose blanket
(D) More plate to blanket pressure

26. Which of these terms gives us the complete flexibility to arrange the text, images and all other elements in a page to give it a pleasing appeal?
(A) Document
(B) Dialogue box
(C) Page layout
(D) Sculptor

27. In case binding, identify the process which is not part of forwarding operations?
(A) Sewing
(B) Rounding
(C) Gilding
(D) Gluing

28. Identify the ink problem characterized by particles of pigment becoming undispersed and gather together in clumps?
(A) Piling
(B) Flocculation
(C) Tinting
(D) Minting

29. Recall the earlier name for flexography, based on the use of the special inks that were initially used:
(A) Flexography
(B) Orthography
(C) Spectrography
(D) Tomography

30. An automatic exposure mode that lets the photographer select the aperture while the camera's meter sets the shutter speed for the proper exposure?
(A) Aperture priority
(B) Auto exposure
(C) Shutter priority
(D) Manual Mode

31. Identify the name similar to Screen printing?
(A) Ferigraphy
(B) Dropigraphy
(C) Serigraphy
(D) Printography

32. A high amount of a chemical reduces the permanence of paper. Identify the chemical?
(A) Maltotoxin
(B) Lignin
(C) Digoxin
(D) Foxglove

33. The paper sheet is printed on one side and then turned from front to rear or to print the opposite side. Identify the imposition?
(A) Work and tumble
(B) Work and tremble
(C) Work and twirl
(D) Work and turn

34. Which is the term that describes any color generated by a non-standard offset ink?
(A) Spot color
(B) Gamut
(C) Key color

35. Which of these terms refers to the placement of images in the correct position on the printing plate so they will be positioned in a desired location on the final printed sheet?
(A) Orientation
(B) Deposition
(C) Allocation
(D) Imposition

36. Splicer is a part of one of these. Name it?
(A) Creasing machine
(B) Web offset
(C) Backing machine
(D) Mini offset

37. A printed product containing eight to forty eight pages, single or folded sheets joined together, enclosed by board cover by pasting or stitching is called?
(A) Magazine
(B) Brochure
(C) Paper back
(D) Book

38. Discover the term that refers to the thickness or boldness of the letters and characters of a typeface?
(A) Fillet
(B) Weight
(C) Serif
(D) Stroke

39. Identify the printing processes that require no permanent printing master and are therefore able to generate a different image with every print?
(A) Non–Impact printing (NIP)
(B) Analogue Impact Printing (AIP)
(D) Flexography

40. The range of difference between the lightest areas (highlights) and the darkest areas (shadows) of an image?
(A) Luminescence
(B) Contrast
(C) Vivid Color
(D) Brightness

41. Piezoelectric is a term associated with one of these processes?
(A) Digital laser printing
(B) Monographic printing
(C) Inkjet printing
(D) Fax machines

42. Identify the neutral color?
(A) Purple
(B) Green
(C) Gray
(D) Blue

43. Find the term in prepress that refers to how much overprinting colors overlap to eliminate white lines between colors in printing?
(A) Pointing
(B) Venting
(C) Trapping
(D) Color Wrap

44. Offset inks are generally?
(A) Not opaque but translucent
(B) Opaque and nontransparent
(C) Purely opaque
(D) None of these

45. In composition, the types style used for text and captions is called?
(A) Body type
(B) Font type
(C) Display type
(D) Title

46. Spot the data format that enables a platform and program-independent exchange of documents?
(A) Pdf
(B) docx
(C) Psd
(D) Distiller

47. A website that contains discrete pieces of information posted by different users?
(A) Web-logic
(B) E-learning
(C) Blog
(D) Mediated communication

48. Fixed programs and data that internally control various electronic devices?
(A) Firmware
(B) Firewire
(C) Malwire

49. Identify the powder that forms the images in photocopying and laser printing. It can also be the powder or liquid forming the images in some color proofing systems?
(A) Ink reservoir
(B) Toner
(C) Ink Tank
(D) Cartridge

50. Which of these is a page description language developed by Adobe Systems for text and image information?
(A) ProScript
(B) PostScript
(C) PostDoc
(D) Dreamweaver

51. In which of these printing processes a solid pigment becomes gas?
(A) Magnetograph printing
(B) Ionography
(C) Vacuum statography
(D) Dye sublimation

52. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are a way of transmitting information without cables that is reasonably fast. Which type of waves is used for these wireless communications?
(A) Microwaves
(B) Low frequency waves
(C) Audible waves
(D) Radio Waves

53. "Shore A" is the measurement of hardness of which of these materials?
(A) Bimetal plate
(B) Soft rubber
(D) Hard plastic

54. Which of these refers to a color sample in image manipulation software?
(A) Match
(B) Color space
(C) Swatch
(D) Gammet

55. Name the process which inspect a file for the description and definition of a print job to ensure that all the image and text information present and complete?
(A) Pro-flight Check
(B) PreCheck
(C) Preflight Check
(D) FileCheck

56. Variable data printing is related to one of these?
(A) Digital printing
(B) Roto Gravure
(C) Thermal Ablation Printing
(D) Offset printing

57. Which of these is the expansion of CMOS?
(A) Cross Media On Separation
(B) Color Management Of System
(C) Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
(D) Cross Media Optic Sensor

58. Identify the data storage schemes that can divide and replicate data across multiple hard disk drives in order to increase reliability, allow faster access or both?

59. Identify a non-impact printing process?
(A) Ink jet printing
(B) Dot Matrix printer
(C) Dye hodgepodge printing
(D) CtCP

60. Which of these colors tend to excite us?
(A) Orange
(B) Beige
(C) Ivory
(D) Taupe

61. Name the term that describes the width of a column of type containing justified type?
(A) Block
(B) Text width
(C) Purge
(D) Measure

62. Which of these elements conducts electricity only in the presence of light?
(A) Molybdenum
(B) Nickel
(C) Strontium
(D) Selenium

63. Which of these methods is not an offset ink drying methods?
(A) Precipitation
(B) Penetration
(C) Oxidation
(D) Agglomeration

64. Identify the image file type that contains minimally processed data from the image sensor of a digital camera:

65. Which of these types of chips integrates almost all of these components (graphics, radio, ram, etc) into a single silicon chip?
(C) SoC

66. The weight of a ream of paper cut to the basic size of same kind of sheet?
(A) Poundage
(B) Ream weight
(D) Basis weight

67. Which of these printing processes is not cost effective on long run works?
(A) Screen printing
(B) Digital printing
(C) Gravure printing
(D) Offset printing

68. Which of these is a stage in book binding process?
(A) Graping
(B) Swapping
(C) Nipping
(D) Engraving

69. Which is the first fold that is usually done in web press?
(A) Former folder
(B) Jaw folder
(C) Foundry folder
(D) Knife folder

70. A description or commentary of an author or book content positioned on the book jacket?
(A) Blurb
(B) Blam
(C) Kennel
(D) Shot

71. Find out the indirect printing process?
(A) Porous printing
(B) Offset
(C) Flexography
(D) Gravure

72. Identify the material which is used to make plates in flexography printing?
(A) Melamine
(B) Nonporous bromide
(C) Photopolymer
(D) Earthern Polymer

73. Photocopiers employ one of these printing processes. Identify?
(A) Mamography
(B) Dactylography
(C) Metamorphic Printing
(D) Xerography

74. Which of the characteristic of a paper that describes how much light passes through it?
(A) Opacity
(B) Back up
(C) Density
(D) One sidedness

75. Identify the material that has similar use as that of parchment in olden days?
(A) Tusche
(B) Quacking Aspong
(C) Fraxiniuas
(D) Vellum

76. Which of these are present in Half–title page of a book?
(A) List of contributors
(B) Title of the book
(C) Name of Author and editor
(D) Publishers information

77. The brightest area or an image?
(A) Tonal areas
(B) Highlights
(C) Tint
(D) Un-sharp areas

78. Which of these pulping methods almost completely removes lignin?
(A) Chemical pulping
(B) Mechanical pulping
(C) Hydro-pulping
(D) Semi–Mechanical pulping

79. Identify the file format used for drawings?
(A) Gif
(B) Eps
(C) Psd
(D) Jpeg

80. Hot Shoe is a term associated with one on these. Identify?
(A) Fax machine
(B) Scanner
(C) Camera

81. When a printed sheet is folded three times, which contains eight leaves or sixteen pages is called?
(A) Sixteenmo
(B) Heptavo
(C) Signature
(D) Octavo

82. Identify the brand name of page description language developed by Adobe Systems which is widely supported by both hardware and software vendors?
(A) Pdf
(B) AcroDist
(C) AdobeScript
(D) Postscript

83. Complex geometrical, interwoven, fine, continuous line patterns printed on security papers and documents that make them more difficult to counterfeit is called?
(A) Interweave
(B) Nadging
(C) Guilloches
(D) Woven

84. Identify the paper size 210  297 mm?
(A) C3
(B) B5
(C) A5
(D) A4

85. Name the printing process opposite to relief printing?
(A) Plano
(B) Intaglio
(C) Non-Relief
(D) De-Relief

86. Which of these graphic image formats is commonly used on the Web?

87. A quire contains how many sheets?
(A) 16
(B) 28
(C) 24
(D) 25

88. Below given is the diameter of aperture of a digital camera. Find out the fastest lens out of these?
(A) f/2.0
(B) f/1.8
(C) f/4.1
(D) f/12

89. A printing defect in offset printing products that produce two or multiple (shadow-like) image elements due to mechanical vibration and register deviations during the printing process?
(A) Doubling
(B) Mottling
(C) Chalking
(D) Un-sharpening

90. Name the color proofs taken at each stage of printing, showing each color printed singly and then superimposed on the preceding color?
(A) SI proof
(B) Progressive proof
(C) Color proof
(D) Scatter proof

91. Corona charger is something associated with one of these?
(A) Electrostatic printing
(B) Whirler
(C) Dye-sublimation printing
(D) Inkjet printing

92. Which of these proofing processes is environment friendly?
(A) Press proof
(B) Hard proof
(C) Progressive press proof
(D) Soft proof

93. In binding and finishing, identify the process by which an image is pressed into paper so it lies below the surface?
(A) Emboss
(B) Backing
(C) Deboss
(D) Stamping

94. The term used for the production of text portion of a print product?
(A) Arrangement
(B) Page Layout
(C) Copy Editing
(D) Composition

95. What did Ira Washington Rubel discover?
(A) Three cylinder offset press configuration
(B) Oil and water repel each other
(C) Planography printing
(D) Thermography

96. A proof reader's note that cancels a previous correction which is taken from the Latin for let it stand is called:
(A) Undo
(B) Stet
(C) Leave as is
(D) Liso

97. What is the alternative of substance weight?
(A) Basis weight
(B) Gram weight
(C) Deck weight

98. The visual effect that is caused by the spectral composition of the light emitted, transmitted, or reflected by Objects is called?
(A) Spectrum
(B) Color
(C) Tint
(D) Saturation

99. Phenomenon of halftone dots printing larger on paper than they are on films or plates, reducing detail and lowering contrast?
(A) Dot gain
(B) Matrix
(C) Dot trouncing
(D) None of these

100. Which of these colors are used in a television or computer monitor?
(A) Subtractive primary
(B) Hexachrome
(C) Additive primary

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