Nurse Gr.II (Homoeo)-Homoeopathy/ Staff Nurse (Allopathy) Question Paper and Answer Key

Question Code : 44/2019

Nurse Gr.II (Homoeo)-Homoeopathy/ Staff Nurse (Allopathy) - Govt Ayurveda College

Medium of Question : English

Date of Test : 28/09/2019


1. The quantity of blood pumped by each ventricle into the aorta per minute is called :
(A) Stroke volume
(B) Cardiac output
(C) Tidal volume
(D) Blood volume

2. Majority of water reabsorption takes place in which segment of a nephron?
(A) Proximal tubule
(B) Loop of Henle
(C) Distal tubule
(D) Collecting tubule

3. Which among the following artery is not involved in the formation of Circle of Willis?
(A) Anterior cerebral artery
(B) Posterior communicating artery
(C) Anterior communicating artery
(D) Posterior cerebellar artery

4. Acetabulam is present in which bone?
(A) Scapula
(B) Sacrum
(C) Tibia
(D) Hip bone

5. Folds present in the mucosa of empty stomach is called :
(A) Papillae
(B) Rugae
(C) Villi
(D) Flagella

6. Ziehl-Neelsen method of staining is used for the detection of which micro organism?
(A) Clostridia
(B) Coryne bacteria
(C) Mycobacteria
(D) None of these

7. Causative organism of Weil's disease is :
(A) Treponema
(B) Borrelia
(C) Leptospira
(D) Varicella

8. The mental mechanism in which the person is justifying his ideas or behaviour is :
(A) Projection
(B) Compensation
(C) Identification
(D) Rationalisation

9. The inborn all-round mental efficiency is called :
(A) Intelligence 
(B) Personality
(C) Aptitude
(D) Learning

10. The process by which the individual learns to confirm to the norms of group is :
(A) Social stratification
(B) Socialisation
(C) Social control
(D) Social change

11. Marriage practice within the group is called :
(A) Exogamy
(B) Polygamy
(C) Endogamy 
(D) Monogamy

12. Which among the following is an organised clinical instruction in the presence of a patient?
(A) Role play
(B) Nursing care study
(C) Bedside clinic 
(D) None of these

13. Selecting a portion of the population to represent the entire population in research activity is
called :
(A) Sampling 
(B) Variable
(C) Probability
(D) Statistics

14. A failure in professional duty, skill or practice that leads to injury or harm to the client is :
(A) Crime
(B) Torture
(C) Malpractice 
(D) Assault

15. –––––––––– is the broad statement of the purposes, duties and responsibilities of a particular
(A) Job description 
(B) Job analysis
(C) Job specification
(D) Job statement

16. A cut Caused by Sharp Uneven instrument is :
(A) Punctured wound
(B) Incised Wound
(C) Lacerated Wound 
(D) Perforating Wound

17. The angle of insertion for intradermal injection is :
(A) 19
(B) 25
(C) 45
(D) 15

18. An example of topical administration of medication :
(A) Instilling ear drops 
(B) Giving intramuscular injection
(C) Giving through mouth
(D) Giving nebulisation

19. Syru; Ampicillin 100 mg is ordered for a child, it is supplied in syrup form containing 250 mg
in 5 ml. What is the dosage?
(A) 1 ml
(B) 5 ml
(C) 5 mld
(D) 2 ml

20. Which Part of the nursing process includes the statements of the clients actual or potential
(A) Assessment 
(B) Implementation
(C) Nursing diagnosis
(D) Planning

21. For a healthy adult which vital sing indicates an abnormal finding :
(A) Blood pressure 120/80 mg.Hg
(B) Pulse –60 bpm.
(C) Respiration –14/minute 
(D) Temperature –38C

22. Inflammation of the stomach is called :
(A) Stomatitis
(B) Gastritis
(C) Cheilosis
(D) Enteritis

23. This type of enema is given to destroy and expel the worms from the intestine :
(A) Stimulant Enema
(B) Emollient Enema
(C) Anthelmintic Enema 
(D) Oil Enema

24. Florence Nightingale was born on :
(A) May 12 – 1920
(B) May 12 – 1820
(C) May 12 – 1810
(D) May 12 – 1830

25. A Cardiac patient suffer from dyspnoea, which bed is more comfortable for relieving
dyspnoea :
(A) Bed rest
(B) Cardiac Bed
(C) Stump Bed 
(D) Occupied Bed

26. For intramuscular injections, the angle of insertion is :
(A) 90 degree 
(B) 45 degree
(C) 30 degree
(D) 80 degree

27. The act of striking the body surface to elicit sounds that can be heard or vibrations that can
be felt is :
(A) Inspection
(B) Palpation
(C) Percussion 
(D) Auscultation

28. The most reliable site for checking body temperature is :
(A) Mouth
(B) Axilla
(C) Rectum 
(D) Groin

29. A clinical judgement about individual, family or community responses to actual or potential
health problems or life processes is :
(A) Nursing diagnosis 
(B) Assessment
(C) Implementation
(D) Evaluation

30. The process of sorting casualties according to priority of care and transport is :
(A) Intensive care
(B) Triage
(C) First aid
(D) Rehabilitation

31. The position in which patient lies on his back, head of the bed lowered and the foot raised in
a straight incline is :
(A) Fowler’s position
(B) Sim’s position
(C) Llithotomy
(D) Trendelenburg

32. While applying suction to air passages, a suction attempt should not exceed more than :
(A) 10 minutes
(B) 10–15 seconds
(C) 15–20 seconds
(D) 5 minutes

33. Mr. Rajan, 50 years is ordered intravenous Dextrose Saline 2400 ml in 24 hours. Calculate
the rate of flow :
(A) 25 drops 
(B) 20 drops
(C) 23 drops
(D) 18 drops

34. The temperature of ear irrigation solution should be between :
(A) 40–41C
(B) 37–38C
(C) 33–34C
(D) 35–36C

35. First aid treatment for snake bite includes the following except :
(A) Help the person to lay down with head and shoulder raised
(B) Instruct not to move the bitten part
(C) Immobilize the bitten limb
(D) Slash the wound with a knife

36. A disease spreads very widely in a community or specific geographic area are called :
(A) Endemic
(B) Epidemic
(C) Sporadic
(D) Pandamic

37. BCG vaccine should be kept between temperature :
(A) 0C to 2C
(B) 8C to 10C
(C) 2C to 8C 
(D) 10C to 12C

38. Prevention of food adulteration act came into force in :
(A) 1996 January
(B) 1955 June
(C) 1997 December
(D) 2000 January

39. Organic substance settle down during the process of seawage treatment as sediment called :
(A) Sludge 
(B) Scum
(C) Sullage
(D) Sea wage

40. Backbone of maternal and community health services is :
(A) Home visit 
(B) Under five clinic
(C) Maternal clinics
(D) Child health services

41. Calciferole deficiency results to:
(A) Night blindness
(B) Angular stomatitis
(C) Rickets 
(D) Scurvy

42. World Health Day is celebrated on :
(A) April 10
(B) April 9
(C) April 2
(D) April 7

43. Incubation period of Chicken pox is :
(A) 10 to 21 days 
(B) 1 to 7 days
(C) 8 to 14 days
(D) 14 to 21 days

44. What is used to find out the amount of residual chlorine in water?
(A) Ozonation
(B) Ultra violet irradiation test
(C) Horrock’s apparatus test
(D) Orthotolidine test

45. National Health Policy has been formulated and accepted by Central Government in :
(A) September 2000
(B) September 2007
(C) September 2002 
(D) September 2010

46. Immunity level exhibited by a group of individual or a community towards a particular
disease is called as :
(A) Acquired immunity
(B) Natural immunity
(C) Herd immunity 
(D) Passive immunity

47. The first contact point of community with Medical Officer :
(A) Home
(B) Primary health centre
(C) Community health centre
(D) District hospital

48. An observation that written like a short story is :
(A) Daily diary
(B) Cumulative record
(C) Family record
(D) Anecdotal record

49. The effectiveness duration of Cu-380A from the day of insertion is –––––––––– years.
(A) 5 years
(B) 10 years
(C) 7 years
(D) 15 years

50. The intensity of light is measured in :
(A) Lux 
(B) Poun
(C) Lumen
(D) Hertz

51. Report is a form of –––––––––– communication.
(A) Downward
(B) Upward
(C) Horizontal
(D) Informal

52. How many doses of vitamin A is given to children below 6 years as per National vitamin A
prophylaxis programme :
(A) 7 Doses
(B) 8 Doses
(C) 9 Doses 
(D) 12 Doses

53. Multipurpose health worker programme was started on the recommendation of ––––––––––
(A) Kartharsingh committee
(B) Mukherji committee
(C) Mudaliar committee
(D) Bhore committee

54. Head quarters of UNICEF is at :
(A) Geneva
(B) New Delhi
(C) Paris
(D) New York

55. Population coverage of community health centre in hilly areas :
(A) 1,00,000
(B) 80,000
(C) 1,20,000
(D) 30,000

56. A client’s electrolyte report shows that serum potassium level is 2.9 mEq/L. Which among the
following is an ECG changes that can be expected?
(A) Absent P waves
(B) Elevated T waves
(C) Prominent U waves 
(D) Elevated ST segment

57. Trousseaus sign of latent tetany is a clinical test for which electrolyte abnormality :
(A) Hyperkalemia
(B) Hypocalcemia
(C) Hypercalcemia
(D) Hyponatremia

58. What type of acid-base imbalance is most likely to experience in patients with Chronic
Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)?
(A) Metabolic Alkalosis
(B) Metabolic Acidosis
(C) Respiratory Alkalosis
(D) Respiratory Acidosis

59. What is the normal serum albumin value?
(A) 3.4 to 5.4 g/dl 
(B) 6 to 8 g/dl
(C) 2.5 to 6.2 mg/dl
(D) 4.5 to 8 mg/dl

60. HbA1C is a test for :
(A) Anaemia
(B) Average Blood glucose level for past three months
(C) Hepatitis B antigen
(D) Hepatitis C antibody

61. Which among the following intravenous solution is a hypertonic solution?
(A) 5% dextrose in water
(B) Ringer lactate
(C) 0.9% sodium chloride
(D) 3% sodium chloride

62. Which maneuver is used to open airway during CPR, in patients with suspecting spinal cord
(A) Neck flexed position
(B) Head tilt chin lift maneuver
(C) Jaw thrust maneuver 
(D) Heimlich maneuver

63. Beck’s triad is a collection of three medical signs associated with cardiac tamponade. It
include all except one of the following :
(A) Decreased systolic BP
(B) Distended jugular vein
(C) Widened pulse pressure 
(D) Muffled heart sound

64. PUVA therapy is used for the treatment of :
(A) Psoriasis 
(B) Furuncle
(C) Squamous cell carcinoma of skin
(D) Impetigo

65. In Lovett’s scale of muscle strength assessment, grade 3 (Fair) indicate:
(A) Active movement against full resistance
(B) Active movement on flat surface
(C) Flicker or trace of contraction
(D) Active movement against gravity

66. Which hormone deficiency causes anemia among patients with renal failure?
(A) Erythropoetin 
(B) Aldosterone
(C) Renin

67. Desmopressin acetate (DDAVP) is prescribed for the treatment of diabetes insipidus. Which
among the following indicate client’s therapeutic response to treatment?
(A) Decreased Blood pressure
(B) Urine out put reduces
(C) Normal blood glucose level
(D) Decreased peripheral edema

68. What is the other name for whipple’s procedure?
(A) Gastrojejunostomy
(B) Gastroduodenostomy
(C) Pancreatoduodenectomy 
(D) Cholangiopancreatography

69. Which among the following is the most reliable cardiac isoenzyme used to diagnosis of
myocardial infarction?
(B) Troponin T and I
(C) Myoglobin

70. In a patient on mechanical prosthetic mitral heart valve, the recommended INR for
anticoagulation therapy with warfarin is :
(A) 1
(B) 2
(C) 3 
(D) 4

71. The most preferred site for intra muscular injection in children is :
(A) Ventro Gluteal
(B) Vastus Lateralis
(C) Deltoid
(D) Dorso Gluteal

72. Down syndrome is characterized by :
(A) Trisomy 18
(B) Trisomy 13
(C) Trisomy 21 
(D) Trisomy 81

73. The stage which is also known as “ugly duckling stage” is :
(A) School age 
(B) Toddler
(C) Infancy
(D) Preschool age

74. Wasted appearance with “old man look” is typical in :
(A) Kwashiorkar
(B) Anaemia
(C) Nephritis
(D) Marasmus 

75. A child is prescribed with oral paracetamol 550mg. The drug is available as a syrup
containing 250 mg in 5 ml. calculate the required amount :
(A) 13 ml
(B) 11 ml
(C) 10.5 ml
(D) 9 ml

76. The voluntary blocking of distressing thoughts or feelings from one’s awareness is :
(A) Repression
(B) Regression
(C) Suppression 
(D) Sublimation

77. National Mental Health Programme was launched by Government of India in :
(A) 1981
(B) 1985
(C) 1990
(D) 1982

78. The inability to recognize or describe one’s emotion or mood is :
(A) Alexithymia 
(B) Anhedonia
(C) Apathy
(D) Autism

79. Exaggerated concern over his bodily health is known as :
(A) Obsession
(B) Delusion
(C) Hypo chondriasis 
(D) Conversion

80. Writing or Pictorial art, whose sole aim is to arouse the sexual passions of the reader or
viewer is called :
(A) Pornography 
(B) Incest
(C) Seduction
(D) Promiscuity

81. Milleu Therapy was developed by :
(A) Sigmond Frued
(B) Erickson
(C) Jean Piaget
(D) Maxwell Jones

82. An illusion of recognition in which a new situation is incorrectly regarded as a repetition of a
previous memory is called :
(A) Amnesia
(B) Dejavu
(C) Paramnesia
(D) Dementia

83. Fear of stranger is :
(A) Xenophobia 
(B) Zoophobia
(C) Algophobia
(D) Acrophobia

84. In India Mental health care act was passed on :
(A) May 2014
(B) August 2013
(C) April 2013 
(D) October 2014

85. Normal serum lithium level is :
(A) 0.8 to 1.2 mEq/l 
(B) 0.4 to 2.0 mEq/l
(C) 0.2 to 2.0 mEq/l
(D) 2.0 to 2.5 mEq/l

86. Posterior fontanelle closed by :
(A) 18 weeks
(B) 10 weeks
(C) 6 weeks 
(D) 8 weeks

87. Violet blue discoloration of the vaginal membrane is called :
(A) Probable sign
(B) Hegar’s sign
(C) Osiander’s sign
(D) Jacquemier’s sign

88. The vitamin present in human colostrum that prevent haemolytic anaemia is :
(A) Vitamin A
(B) Vitamin C
(C) Vitamin D
(D) Vitamin E

89. Inflammation of the breast tissue is known as :
(A) Mastitis 
(B) Engorgement
(C) Breast abscess
(D) Mastoditis

90. Lanugo appears on –––––––––– weeks :
(A) 20 
(B) 24
(C) 12
(D) 16

91. Failure to achieve orgasm resulting from complete absence of sexual desire is known as :
(A) Vaginismus
(B) Impotence
(C) Frigidity 
(D) Ejaculatory

92. In face presentation the denominator is :
(A) Mentum 
(B) Occiput
(C) Acromion process
(D) No denominator

93. Suture present between two parietal bones :
(A) Coronal suture
(B) Lambdoid suture
(C) Sagittal suture 
(D) Frontal suture

94. Number of arteries present in umbilical cord :
(A) One
(B) Two
(C) Four
(D) Three

95. Primary PPH starts within :
(A) First 24 hours 
(B) First 12 hours
(C) First 48 hours
(D) First 10 hours

96. Assessment of Apgar score is done within :
(A) 1 minute & 3 minute
(B) 1 minute & 5 minute
(C) 1 minute & 10 minute
(D) 1 minute & 7 minute

97. Placenta having two complete and separate lobes each with umbilical vessels called :
(A) Circum vallate placenta
(B) Succentariate lobe of placenta
(C) Tripartite placenta
(D) Bipartite placenta

98. Using Nagele’s rule for a client whose last menstrual period began on January 7th the nurse
determine that the client estimated date of child birth is :
(A) October 7th
(B) September 7th
(C) September 14th
(D) October 14th

99. While performing abdominal palpation which action would the nurse ask the client to
perform to ensure optimal comfort and accuracy :
(A) Breathe deeply for one minute
(B) Empty her bladder
(C) Drink a full glass of water
(D) Lie on her left side

100. One of the following is not a sign of placental separation :
(A) Gush of blood
(B) Lengthening of umbilical cord
(C) Change in the shape of the uterus
(D) Increase in uterine size

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