Facts About India - Previous Questions Part 7

>>First Martyr of the Revolt of 1857 is
Ans: Mangal Pandey

>>The first President of Indian National Congress is
Ans: W.C. Bannerjee

>>Which of the following strike is NOT led by Mahatma Gandhi ?
Ans: Home Rule Movement

>>Who among the following thinkers influenced Gandhiji to evolve his ideologies?
Ans: Tolstoy

>>The establishment of Jamia Millia Islamia in Delhi in 1920 was initiated by :
Ans: Dr. Sakeer Hussain

>>Who is known as ‘Frontier Gandhi’?
Ans: Khan Abdul Gafar Khan

>>Surya Sen is related with :
Ans: Chittagong Armoury Raid

>>Who was the Prime Minister of United Kingdom during the time of India’s independence?
Ans: Clement Attlee

>>Mahatma Gandhi was elected as the President of Indian National Congress in :
Ans: 1924

>>‘Anushilam’ was an organisation during British rule in India, based on :
Ans: Revolutionary terrorism

>>The Chauri Chaura incident happened during the Non-cooperation Movement was held on :
Ans: 5 February, 1922

>>The first Muslim President of Indian National Congress (INC) was
Ans: Badruddin Taiyabji

>>Kizhariyoor Bomb case is related with
Ans: Quit India Movement

>>Who was called as Lokmanya ?
Ans: Bala Gangadhara Tilak

>>____ was criticised as "post dated cheque on a crushing bank"
Ans: Cripps Mission

>>An important centre of 1857 revolt was Barout in Uttar Pradesh. Who led the Revolt at Barout ?
Ans: Shah Mal

>>Who founded "Paris India Society" ?
Ans: Madam Cama

>>On 14th April 2016 U. N. observed the birth anniversary of which social reformist ?
Ans: Dr. B. R. Ambedkar

>>The Argumentative Indian' is a documentary on renowned economist Amartya Sen, directed by
Ans: Suman Ghosh

>>The Paliyam Satyagraha began on
Ans: December 4, 1947

>>The chipko movement was launched by
Ans: Sunderlal Bahuguna

>>Rajyasamacharam' is associated with
Ans: Dr. Herman Gundert

>>The Grand old man of Indian Journalism
Ans: Thushar Gandhi Ghosh

>>Who described Gandhiji as 'half naked Fakir'?
Ans: Winston Churchill

>>The Manjeri Political Conference of Congress in 1920 was presided over by
Ans: Kasthuri Ranga Iyengar

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