Kerala Renaissance Previous Questions - 1

>>Who assumed the title as “the Father of Political Movement in Modern Travancore” ?
Ans: G. Parameswara Pillai

>>Who started the newspaper called “Sujananandini” ?
Ans: Kesavan Asan

>>The S. N. D. P. Yogam came into existence on
Ans: May 15, 1903

>>Ayyavazhi theology related to :
Ans: Ayya Vaikundar

>>Editor of Mitavadi journal :
Ans: C. Krishnan

>>Savarna Jatha organized by the Caste Hindus under the leadership of
Ans: Mannath Padmanabhan

>>Prathyaksha Raksha Daiva Sabha was a religious protest movement founded in 1909 by :
Ans: Poikayil Yohannan

>>Vakkam Abdul Khader Moulavi was the Founder of
Ans: Islam Dharma Paripalana Sangham

>>Misrabhojanam (Mixed Feast for all castes) was organised by
Ans: K. Ayyappan

>>The social reformer of Kerala who opened his family temple for everyone ?
Ans: Mannathu Padmanabhan

>>The date of Temple Entry Proclamation in Travancore ?
Ans: 12 November, 1936

>>Who published the Arabic-Malayalam monthly called 'Al-lslam' ?
Ans: Abdul Khadir Maulavi

>>Which one is not related with swadeshabhimani K Ramakrishnapillai ?
Ans: Deshabhimani

>>Which one is the first important programme of "Sahodara Sangam" ?
Ans: Misrabhojanam

>>Who started the Malayalam newspaper "Paschima Tharaka" ?
Ans: Devji Bheemji

>>Which social reformer founded the Chirayankeezhu Taluk Muslim Samajam ?
Ans: Vakkam Abdul Khader Moulavi

>>Poikayil Yohannan founded the Dalit Religious Protest Movement “Prathyaksha Raksha Dhaiva Sabha” at ___________
Ans: Pathanamthitta

>>Name the leader of Yachana Yathra.
Ans: V. T. Bhattathirippadu

>>To whom the work Dharmam is associated ?
Ans: Sreenarayana Guru

>>Keralan was the pen name of
Ans: Swedeshabhimani Ramakrishna Pillai

>>Which of the following social reformer of Kerala founded the “Sadhu Jana Sangam” ?
Ans: Ayyankali

>>Which social reformer of Kerala started the weekly “Prabhodakam” ?
Ans: M.K Mohammad Ali

>>Who is called the “Lincoln of Kerala” ?
Ans: Pandit Karuppan

>>“Panmana Asramam” is related to :
Ans: Chattambi Swamikal

>>Who was called the ‘‘Lincoln’’ of Kerala for steering socio-economically and educationally backward communities to the forefront ?
Ans: Pandit Karuppan

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