Junior Instructor (Machinist)-Industrial Training Question Paper and Answer Key

Junior Instructor (Machinist)-Industrial Training
Exam Date:  15/10/2018

1. The borderline between India and China is
 (A) Radcliffe Line
 (B) McMahon Line
 (C) Durand Line
 (D) Palk Strait

2. The largest Union Territory of India is
 (A) Puducherry
 (B) The Lakshadweep
 (C) The Andaman & Nicobar Islands
 (D) Daman & Diu

3. The National River of India is
 (A) The Ganga
 (B) The Sindhu
 (C) The Yamuna
 (D) The Brahmaputra

4. First Chairman of the Planning Board in India is
 (A) Dadabhai Naoroji
 (B) V.K.R.V. Rao
 (C) Jawaharlal Nehru
 (D) M.N. Roy

5. Which of the following Indian Prime Minister introduced the Twenty Point Programme ?
 (A) Indira Gandhi
 (B) Manmohan Sing
 (C) Narasimha Rao
 (D) Jawaharlal Nehru

6. Who introduced the Subsidiary Alliance System in India ?
 (A) Lord Dalhousie
 (B) Lord Wellesley
 (C) Lord Canning
 (D) Lord Cornwallis

7. First Martyr of the Revolt of 1857 is
 (A) Nana Saheb
 (B) Jhansi Rani
 (C) Mangal Pandey
 (D) Tantia Tope

8. The first President of Indian National Congress is
 (A) A.O. Hume
 (B) Dadabhai Naoroji
 (C) W.C. Bannerjee
 (D) C. Sankaran Nair

9. Which of the following strike is NOT led by Mahatma Gandhi ?
 (A) Non-Co-operation Movement
 (B) Civil Disobedience Movement
 (C) Quit India Movement
 (D) Home Rule Movement

10. Who composed the ‘Mushakavamsakavya’ ?
 (A) Banabhatta
 (B) Atula
 (C) Kautilya
 (D) Kalhana

11. The social reformer of Kerala, who is known as ‘Vidyadhiraja’
 (A) Vaikunda Swamikal
 (B) K.P. Kesava Menon
 (C) Chattampi Swamikal
 (D) Mannath Padmanabhan

12. Which of the following person translated the autobiography of Karl Marx into Malayalam ?
 (A) Swadeshabhimani Ramakrishna Pillai
 (B) E.M.S. Namboodiripad
 (C) A.K. Gopalan
 (D) E.K. Nayanar

13. The social reformer who is known as ‘Bharatha Kesari’ is
 (A) T.K. Madhavan
 (B) Mannath Padmanabhan
 (C) K. Kelappan
 (D) P. Krishnapillai

14. After, which of the following consecration of Lord Shiva, Sree Narayana Guru replied, “I
consecrated the Ezhava Shiva and not the Brahmin Shiva” ?
 (A) Sivagiri
 (B) Aruvippuram
 (C) Thalassery
 (D) Aluva

15. The Sadhujana Paripalana Sangham was founded under the leadership of
 (A) Ayyankali
 (B) Dr. Palpu
 (C) Vagbhadananda Gurukkal
 (D) Sahodaran Ayyappan

16. The present Chief Election Commissioner of India is
 (A) Umesh Sinha
 (B) Ashok Lavosa
 (C) Om Prakash Rawat
 (D) Sunil Arora

17. The Head Quarters of I.S.R.O. is at
 (A) Bangalore
 (B) Mumbai
 (C) Delhi
 (D) Sriharikotta

18. The Australian cricketer who lost captaincy due to ball tampering scandal recently
 (A) David Warner
 (B) Steve Smith
 (C) Cameron Bancroft
 (D) Mitchel Starc

19. The first Nigerian actor to play a leading role in an Indian Film is
 (A) Samuel Abiola Robinson
 (B) Femi Adebayo
 (C) Yemi Ajibade
 (D) Ken Erics

20. The popular Science book on cosmology ‘A Brief History of Time’ is the work of
 (A) Issac Newton
 (B) Charles Darwin
 (C) Stephen Hawking
 (D) Albert Einstein

21. V-blocks are available in grades of
 (A) 0 and 1
 (B) 1 and 2
 (C) A1 and A2
 (D) A and B

22. Where is pin hook spanner used ?
 (A) Circular nut having slot
 (B) Hexagonal nut
 (C) Square nut
 (D) None of the above

23. The best way of avoiding accident is by
 (A) Doing work in ancient way
 (B) Observing safety rules related to job, machine and work piece
 (C) Doing work in one’s own way
 (D) Using safety equipment

24. A 6H7 holes is to be reamed in a steel work piece. What size of drill will be required ?
 (A) 5.5 mm
 (B) 5.8 mm
 (C) 6.0 mm
 (D) 6.2 mm

25. Gun metal is an alloy of
 (A) copper, tin and zinc
 (B) copper, lead and zinc
 (C) iron, zinc and nickel
 (D) aluminum, lead and nickel

26. An oily floor should be cleaned by
 (A) Cotton waste
 (B) Putting water
 (C) Putting saw dust
 (D) Spraying carbon dioxide or sand

27. The point angle of twist drill depends upon the
 (A) cutting speed
 (B) type of drilling machine
 (C) size of drill
 (D) material to be drilled

28. Carbon content in cold chisel is
 (A) 0.6 to 0.7%
 (B) 1.2 to 1.4%
 (C) 0.3 to 0.5%
 (D) 0.9 to 1.1%

29. The movable jaw of a bench vice is not moving even through the spindle is turned
 (A) fixed and movable jaw are over tight
 (B) spindle pin is broken
 (C) spring is not functioning
 (D) threads on spindle are slightly worn out

30. Drill chucks are hold on the machine spindle by means of
 (A) chuck nut
 (B) drift
 (C) draw in bar
 (D) arbor

31. For machining a job on the shaper the length of the stroke should be
 (A) equal to that job length
. (B) more than job length.
 (C) less than the job length.
 (D) maximum length of stroke.

32. In a crank type shaping machine the length of the stroke can be increased or decreased by rotating
 (A) Vertical lead screw
 (B) Horizontal lead screw
 (C) Radial lead screw
 (D) Connecting rod

33. Quick return mechanism is used in
 (A) milling machine
 (B) shaper
 (C) welding machine
 (D) grinding machine

34. The type of file used for wood work is
 (A) single cut file
 (B) double cut file
 (C) rasp cut file
 (D) None of the above

35. The feed of shaper takes place
 (A) at the middle of cutting stroke
 (B) at the middle of return stroke
 (C) at the start of return stroke
 (D) at the start of cutting stroke

36. A carbon steel piece is heated just above 730 °C, maintained at that temperature for a few hours
and then slowly cooled. What heat treatment process is carried out ?
 (A) Normalizing
 (B) Case hardening
 (C) Hardening
 (D) Annealing

37. Which among the following locators is best suitable for location of a round shaped job ?
 (A) Pin type locator
 (B) Wedge type locator
 (C) Vee locator
 (D) Adjustable stop locator

38. The root of ISO metric thread is
 (A) flat
 (B) round
 (C) sharp corner
 (D) None of the above

39. Grade-00 slip gauge are used in
 (A) Work shop by operator
 (B) Inspection room
 (C) Calibration
 (D) Neither (A) nor (B)

40. Metric outside micrometer has a threaded spindle with a pitch is
 (A) 0.5 mm
 (B) 0.25 mm
 (C) 0.02 mm
 (D) 0.01 mm

41. What is the hardening temperature for HSS tool ?
 (A) 1250 °C
 (B) 950 °C
 (C) 850 °C
 (D) 750 °C

42. Mass-produced component should be interchangeable, one of the following is the most important
factor required to achieve the interchangeability in mass production :
 (A) Dimensional accuracy
 (B) Geometrical accuracy
 (C) Standardization
 (D) Surface finish

43. The symbol ∇ indicates the value of surface finish
 (A) 40 to 80 microns
 (B) 16 to 40 microns
 (C) below 16 microns
 (D) None of the above

44. Reciprocating movement of the table in planer is obtained by
 (A) Loose and fast pulleys
 (B) Worm and worm wheel
 (C) Rack and gear
 (D) Cam drive

45. The top and sides of the table of shaper usually have
 (A) L-types slots
 (B) T-types slots
 (C) U-types slots
 (D) I-types slots

46. Which one of the planning machine has only one column ?
 (A) Pit planning machine
 (B) Plate planning machine
 (C) Hydraulic planning machine
 (D) Open side planning machine 

47. Which of the following washer is used where the loosening of bolts due to vibrations or shock are
more likely to be ?
 (A) Plain washer
 (B) Spring washer
 (C) Tap washer
 (D) Fibre washer

48. Nut is a
 (A) temporary fastener
 (B) semi-permanent fastener
 (C) permanent fastener
 (D) None of the above

49. Which of the following instrument is used to check the hills and valley for the surface of the job ?
 (A) By ammeter
 (B) By dial gauge
 (C) By barometer
 (D) By Taly-surf

50. Jobs are placed in ash or _____ for annealing.
 (A) lime stone
 (B) coke
 (C) pig iron
 (D) All of these

51. The included angle of acme thread is _____ degree.
 (A) 30
 (B) 29
 (C) 47½
 (D) 60

52. The percentage of carbon in grey cast iron is _____
 (A) more than 6.67%
 (B) less than 2.1%
 (C) more than 2.1%
 (D) None of these

53. Clearance between the mating parts is measured by which of the following gauge ?
 (A) Dial gauge
 (B) Plug gauge
 (C) Feeler gauge
 (D) Caliper gauge

54. The nut used to fix blade in hacksaw frame is _____
 (A) Dome nut
 (B) Thumb nut
 (C) Wing nut
 (D) Castle nut

55. Which drilling machine is used in mass production ?
 (A) Bench type drilling machine
 (B) Pillar type drill press
 (C) Portable drilling machine
 (D) Gang type drilling machine

56. In normalizing process, hot steel is made to cool by
 (A) immersing it in oil
 (B) keeping it in still air at room temperature
 (C) leaving it in cold air
 (D) immersing it in water

57. _____ marking media takes too much time to get dry and it makes clear lines.
 (A) Prussian blue
 (B) Chalk
 (C) Copper sulphate
 (D) None of the above

58. With the help of vernier bevel protractor any angle can be measure up to the accuracy of the
_____ of 1 degree.
 (A) 10th parts
 (B) 12th parts
 (C) 9th parts
 (D) 4th parts

59. The standard range of sizes covered in the BIS system of limit and fits are
 (A) 0 to 10 mm
 (B) 0 to 100 mm
 (C) 25 to 400 mm
 (D) 0 to 500 mm

60. It is used for aligning the vice with shaping machine table in position.
 (A) Steel rule
 (B) Straight edge
 (C) Dial test indicator
 (D) Tee bolt

61. The tolerance of a hole is the difference between the
 (A) maximum hole and minimum shaft
 (B) minimum hole and maximum shaft
 (C) maximum hole and the maximum shaft
 (D) maximum hole and the minimum hole

62. Zero error of a 50-75 mm outside micrometer can be checked with
 (A) dial test indicator
 (B) vernier height gauge
 (C) feeler gauge
 (D) test piece 

63. In abrasive jet machining, the nozzle mounted in the fixture is made up of
 (A) High Speed Steel
 (B) Aluminium Oxide
 (C) Silicon Carbide
 (D) Tungsten Carbide

64. Which thread is used in lead screw of lathe ?
 (A) Acme thread
 (B) Butters thread
 (C) Square thread
 (D) Knuckle thread

65. Which type head stock have back gear mechanism ?
 (A) All geared head stock
 (B) Stepped cone pulley head stock
 (C) All of the above
 (D) None of the above

66. What is the purpose of clearance angle of lathe cutting tool ?
 (A) To guide the chip away
 (B) To avoid over heating
 (C) To prevent the tool rubbing with the work
 (D) To break the lengthy chips

67. For turning the work between centers, both faces of the work piece are drilled with
 (A) Twist drill
 (B) Counter sunk
 (C) Counter bore
 (D) Centre drill

68. In lathe the follower rest is fixed on
 (A) Lathe bed
 (B) Saddle
 (C) Tail stock
 (D) Carriage

69. Which mechanism is used to connect carriage to lead screw ?
 (A) Rack and pinion
 (B) Screw cutting mechanism
 (C) Half nut mechanism
 (D) Back gear mechanism

70. In a screw thread lead is equal to _____
 (A) Pitch
 (B) Pitch X No. of start
 (C) Pitch X Major diameter
 (D) Pitch X Minor diameter

71. Length of sine bar is
 (A) Length of face
 (B) Length between outside of two rollers
 (C) Length between Centre of two rollers
 (D) Length between inside of two rollers

72. Which of the following is not a good quality cutting fluid ?
 (A) High heat absorption
 (B) High flash point
 (C) Good lubricating quality
 (D) High viscosity

73. Which one of the following is an example of gravity feed lubricating system ?
 (A) Stauffer screw down greaser
 (B) Wick feed lubricator
 (C) Oil can
 (D) Grease gun

74. In CNC programming, code represent feed in mm/rev. is
 (A) G70
 (B) G71
 (C) G95
 (D) G96

75. In CNC machine, which control system have the facility to feed back information to the control ?
 (A) Open loop control system
 (B) Closed loop control system
 (C) Both (A) and (B)
 (D) None of the above

76. The rotary movement in z-axis of a CNC machine is called _____
 (A) A-axis
 (B) B-axis
 (C) C-axis
 (D) D-axis

77. In horizontal milling machine cutters are mounted on
 (A) Spindle
 (B) Draw bar
 (C) Arbor
 (D) Saddle

78. The radial distance between pitch circle and outside circle of a spur gear is known as _____
 (A) Chordal addendum
 (B) Dedendum
 (C) Circular pitch
 (D) Addendum

79. What is the maximum table tilting angle of a universal milling machine ?
 (A) 45°
 (B) 55°
 (C) 60°
 (D) 75°

80. The ratio between pitch circle diameter in millimetres to number teeth of a spur gear is known as
 (A) Circular pitch
 (B) Diametrical pitch
 (C) Addendum
 (D) Module

81. If ______ is not tightened properly, the draw bolt will get loosened.
 (A) Arbor
 (B) Lock nut
 (C) Key
 (D) Arbor support

82. While using the long arbor, the arbor will sag if _____ is not used.
 (A) Coller
 (B) Front brace
 (C) Arbor support
 (D) Draw bar

83. Which number involute gear cutter is used to cut rack ?
 (A) 1
 (B) 2
 (C) 3
 (D) 4

84. Which type of slots is provided on the milling machine table for clamping work piece or work
holding devices ?
 (A) J-slot
 (B) T-slot
 (C) C-slot
 (D) E-slot

85. In milling process the work is feeding against the direction of rotation of the cutter, the method is
known as
 (A) Straight milling
 (B) Opposite direction milling
 (C) Up milling
 (D) Down milling

86. What is the cutting speed of a side and face milling cutter having outer dia. 125 mm and running
at an rpm of 80 ?
 (A) 31.4 M/min.
 (B) 62.8 M/min.
 (C) 31.4 mm/min.
 (D) 62.8 mm/min.

87. Formula of simple indexing is
 (A) N/40
 (B) 40/N
 (C) 30/N
 (D) N × 30

88. What is the pitch circle diameter of a spur gear of two module 47 teeth ?
 (A) 94 mm
 (B) 98 mm
 (C) 102 mm
 (D) 90 mm

89. Pitch of the table lead screw of milling machine is 5 mm, while linear indexing to get 1 mm
movement how many times the crank of indexing head will turn ?
 (A) 8
 (B) 5
 (C) 11
 (D) 6

90. Which mechanism used in indexing head ?
 (A) Nut and bolt
 (B) Worm and worm gear
 (C) Indexing plate
 (D) Rack and pinion

91. A grinding wheel is specified as 32 A 46 H 8 V. In this, the letter ‘V’ represented for
 (A) Grade
 (B) Grid size
 (C) Structure
 (D) Bond

92. In center less grinding the longitudinal feed rate can be varied by changing _______
 (A) Angle of inclination of control wheel
 (B) Angle of inclination of grinding wheel
 (C) Angle of inclination of work rest
 (D) Movement of work rest

93. Which bond is used for heavy duty, large diameter wheels, a fine finish is required ?
 (A) Shellac bond
 (B) Silicate bond
 (C) Rubber bond
 (D) Resinoid bond

94. The grain size of grinding wheel is 24, it is a _____ grain wheel.
 (A) Coarse
 (B) Medium
 (C) Fine
 (D) Very Fine

95. In the marking system of grinding wheel, silicon carbide wheel is denoted by which letter ?
 (A) O
 (B) A
 (C) S
 (D) C

96. While grinding soft metals, the chips are get clogged between the abrasive particle of the wheel.
This condition is known as
 (A) Clogging
 (B) Glazing
 (C) Loading
 (D) Pinning

97. Tool used to dressing the grinding wheel is
 (A) File card
 (B) Wire brush
 (C) Wheel balancer
 (D) Wheel dresser

98. The process of shaping of the grinding wheel to make it run concentric with axis is known as
 (A) Dressing
 (B) Glazing
 (C) Loading
 (D) Truing

99. In centre less grinder, for longitudinal feed the control wheel inclined at an angle of
 (A) 1° – 7°
 (B) 9° – 15°
 (C) 10° – 13°
 (D) 7° – 10°

100. When new carbide tipped tools required re-sharpening it is first ground to rough form with
 (A) Diamond wheel
 (B) Silicon carbide
 (C) Sand stone
 (D) Green grit silicon carbide 

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