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Kudumbashree is the poverty eradication and women empowerment programme implemented by the State Poverty Eradication Mission (SPEM) of the Government of Kerala.
The name Kudumbashree in the Malayalam language means ‘prosperity of the family’.
Kudumbashree was set up in 1997 following the recommendations of a three-member Task Force appointed by the State government.
Kudumbashree has a three-tier structure for its women community network
Neighbourhood Groups (NHGs) at the lowest level
Area Development Societies (ADS) at the middle level
Community Development Societies (CDS) at the local government level
The Kudumbashree network by 15th March 2017 had 2,77,175 NHGs affiliated to 19,854 ADSs and 1073 CDSs with a total membership of 43,06,976 women.
Kudumbashree membership is open to all adult women, limited to one membership per family.
In 2011, the Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD), Government of India recognised Kudumbashree as the State Rural Livelihoods Mission (SRLM) under the National Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM).
The NHG general body includes all its members. NHG elects a five members Executive Committee consisting of the following positions.
Volunteer (Income generation)
Volunteer (Health and Education)
Volunteer (Infrastructure)
Members of the Governing Body

Kudumbasree was launched in? - 17 May 1998
Kudumbasree Programme was inaugurated by? - A.B. Vajpayee
Kudumbasree was launched in? - Kottakkunnu (Malappuram)
Local Administration Minister of Kerala? - Paloli Mohammed Kutty
Kudumbasree means? - The prosperity of the family
Kudumbasree was started functioning on? - 1 April 1999
The kudumbasree project was formally registered as ?- SPEM (State Poverty Eradication Mission)
What is the main aim of Kudumbasree? - Eradication of poverty and Women Empowerment
The three critical components of Kudumbasree is ?- Microcredit, Empowerment and Entrepreneurship 
The Chairman of the governing body of Kudumbashree? - Local Self Government Minister (State)
The largest women movement in Asia? – Kudumbasree
Present Local Self Government Minister of Kerala ?- K.T. Jaleel
Kudumbasree has got a ____ tier system ?- Three
Which is the grassroots of Kudumbasree Project (The lowest tier) ?- Neighborhood Groups (NHGs)
Which is the Ward level organ of Kudumbasree Project (Second tier)? - Area Development Society (ADS)
Which is the Gram Panchayath level organ of Kudumbasree Project (Top tier)? - Community Development Society (CDS)
The brand ambassador of Kudumbasree's organic farming project ?- Manju Warrier
The minimum number of members required to form a Kudumbasree is?- 10
 Kudumbasree Radio programme was inaugurated by ?- M.K. Muneer
Full form of "KAASS"?- Kudumbasree Accounts and Audit Service Society
Name of the special school started by Kudumbasree for the mentally challenged persons? – Buds
The apex level agency of "Kudumbasree" project is?- Community Development Society (CDS)
The common brand name of Kudumbasree restaurants are ?- Cafe Kudumbasree
The Micro-housing Loan Project of Kudumbasree is ?- Bhavanashree
The Kudumbasree project to distribute food in vehicles ?- Food on Wheels
 The aim of Santhwanam Project is ?- Identification and monitoring of lifestyle diseases in the community "Thozhilsree Programme" was related to?- Kudumbasree
 Kudumbasree was started Balapanchayath Project with the support of __ ?- UNICEF
Taxi Service of Kudumbasree ?- Kudumbasree Travels
Name of the Kudumbasree project aimed at developing a comprehensive production and marketing network of an agriculture product ?- Samagra project
Name of the district where Marari Mushroom Project is started in ?- Alappuzha
Name of the Samagra project aims to supply puja kadali required for prayer rituals to the Guruvayoor Temple ?- Naivedyam
Name of the Samagra Project started in Pathanamthitta ?- Madhuram Honey Project
Name of the Samagra project started in Ernakulam ?- Thirumadhuram
Name of the Samagra project started in Kasaragod ?- Saphalam Cashew Project
Name of the Kudumbasree project to improve the nutritional status of Children between 6 months and 3 years ?- Amrutham
The name of Kudumbasree's destitute identification and rehabilitation project ?- Ashraya
Which are the 24 hours working Gender Help Desk of Kudumbasree ?- Samhitha
Name of the entrepreneur groups formed under Kudumbasree for the waste management ?- Thelima
Children's Neighbourhood Groups ?- BalaSabha

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